Backstreet Angel by frackandbonechick
Chapter Eight by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Nine...

13 June

Start of tour...

8.30 am - Nick and I walked out front with our luggage.

"Um, why are there 2 busses?" Nick asked confused.

"One is for you and the guys and the other is me and the dancers DUH"

"I thought you were staying with us"

"Nick, I appreciate that really I do but I can't have special treatment because I am a close friend of yours' and the other guys, it just wouldn't be fair. "Well it's just that I'll miss you - I mean I will miss having you around" Nick slapped himself mentally for the slip of the tongue.

"I'll miss having you around to but I'll only be on the next bus and you'll have to get used to it cuz I'll be going back to New Zealand in 5 months"

"Well I don't wanna think about that" Nick said putting my luggage in my bus.

I turned to Nick and hugged him "I will see you at lunch" then pushed him out the bus.

I was first on the buss and it got real annoying everytime we stopped to pick up someone they asked 'Why are you on this bus?" and I answered them everytime 'Cuz I am a dancer and this is the dancers bus so here I am'. God it got annoying!

11.45am - Stopping for lunch at 'Micky D's'...

I had just sat down with my McChicken combo (like I always have) and then I got 2 visitors - Nick and AJ. The first words to come out of their mouths were; "Please, pretty please com on our bus"

"Nope I'm happy where I am"

"Pleaseeeeeeeee" They both pleaded then gave me a puppy dog expression. I looked into Nicks blue eyes and AJ's chocolate brown eyes - he had taken off his glasses for me so I could see them. I melted, I totally and utile caved. (Wouldn't you have?)

"Guys that's low, you know no girl can resist your puppy dog expressions" I said

"So you will?" They practically jumped out of their seats.

"Yeah ok" I grumbled

"Yes!" they screeched and 'high-fived' eachother Brian, Kev and Howie came over

"So she coming?" Kev asked Nick

"Yep" said a smiling Nick

"Good, cuz I don't wanna lug all her stuff back" laughed Kevin

"And cuz we can't stand hearing you two whine any longer" laughed Brian

"SHUT UP!" Nick and AJ said while slapping Brian up side the head.

I just laughed. Inside I was ecstatic. That meant Nick really wanted me with him, but I wasn't gonna make anything of it - YET.

I told the other girls that I was gonna go on the guys bus but they already knew cuz Bri, Kev and D told them what Nick and AJ were up to plus told them which of the luggage was mine. Plus they knew how I feel about Nick and they know no-one including me can resist his eyes or him for that matter.

That night in the guys' bus we just hung out and had a good time. We laughed a lot the Kev, Howie and Brian went to bed around 11pm and left me, Nicky and J up.

"Hey guys do you have any Chocolate ice-cream, syrup and an electric mixer?" I asked out of the blue. "Huh? Yeah it should be all in the kitchen" Nick replied

"Kool do you guys wanna Chocolate Milkshake while I am making myself one?"

"Yeah I'd love one" Nick said

"Yeah me too" AJ said

I had just gotten everything set out when AJ came up behind me.

"Do you mind putting brandy in mine?" AJ asked

"Um AJ can I talk to you about that? I asked " 'bout what?"

"Alcohol" AJ didn't say anything, he just looked away.

(Authors note: Hey everyone sorry for stopping the story, but i had to say this, This next part of the story is extremely personal for me, and 100% true. When i found out Aj was a Alcoholic i wrote him a letter, and told him what i am about to tell you but in more detail, i wrote this part cuz i think its important. Thanks)

"I'm gonna tell you something I have only told 2 people out side my immediate family. When I was 16, well 2 months after my 16th birthday and a week after my brothers 14th birthday my mother died. Her heart just stopped because she was an alcoholic, she had been and alcoholic for as long as I could remember. I remember this one time we - my brother and sister were sitting around the dinner table and she was off her face as usual and I told my sister to shut up because she was annoying me the next minute I know my mother had picked up a knife and told me to come to her, of course I didn't and then she started chasing me with this knife. She was literally going to kill me but luckily my father cam home and pulled her away from me in time and then she clonked out. That was the scariest moment in my life and I was only 13. That was only ONE of the many, many experiences with my ALCOHOLIC mother and what I am asking you is that I know you don't think you're a alcoholic but you are heading that way. I am asking you that if I don't drink any alcohol, can you not to. We will stop together because I don't want to end up like my mother and I don't want you to either.

By the end of my speech to AJ we were both crying.

"Who were the other 2 people who you told that too?"

"Well I never meant to tell you all that but it just kinda came out - you're the only one I have told that part of my life to but I have told Nick and my best friend Dezerae that my mother died and that she was an alcoholic, I have never told anyone what I told you - only my father, brother and sister know. But I am glad I told you though, I really want to keep it between you and I ok?"

"Sure" AJ smiled

"So what do you say?"

"I say that...from this day forward I'm staying sober or shall I say we are staying sober"

I jumped into his arms and hugged him.

"Thankyou" I cried

"No, thankyou"

"AJ it is gonna be tough but we will do it together" AJ kissed my temple and we walked back into the entertainment room with 3 NON ALCOHOLIC milkshakes.

"What took you so long?" Nick asked

"I couldn't get the machine to work" I lied and I passed him is shake

"Oh ok"

We sat down and watched 'Armageddon' and as usual I balled my eyes out.

"Oh that movie always gets to me" I said while wiping my tears away.

"Awww you are such a sook" AJ laughed

"SHUT UP! I just think that the movie is sad, he gave up his life so his daughter could have the love of her life." I said then yawned. "Well goodnight guys, I'm beat" I kissed both of them on the forehead and then went to bed.


Brian was thinking about what he had just heard from Michelle. He didn't mean to ease-drop but his bunk is right by the kitchen and she wasn't exactly whispering. Brian couldn't believe what Michelle had been through but in one way he was glad she had been through it because it sounds like it had gotten through to AJ. Everyone had tried to get through to him but it took Michelle's experience to do it. Brian was in tears by the end of her story. Michelle wanted it to be a secret so he was gonna keep her secret.

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