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Prologue by frackandbonechick
Disclaimer: This story is the first Backstreet Boys story I have written. I do not know the Backstreet Boys and if I did I wouldn't be writing a fan fiction. In this story you can pretty much tell who are my favourites in the group. But I love each and every one of them. If you hate the idea of a plane crash because of what happened on September 11th this is a word of warning there is a crash in this story. I support each and every one of their girlfriends especially Leighanne and Kristen because they have made Kevin and Brian very happy. Have a good one.



April 15 2001

To Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson

Hi there, My name is Michelle and I am 17 (well nearly) and a big fan of your music. But that's not why I am writing...I am writing because I am sorry about how some fans treat you and your loved ones (especially your girlfriends/wives) and how the PRESS never leaves you alone. I live in New Zealand (the country below Australia) so I don't know everything 'they' say and write about you guys...but I do know they do write hurtful things and I am sorry. Sorry to keep this short but my best friend is bugging me to drop this and leave with her (he, he) Love, Michelle Reed P.s. Congratulations to Kevin and Brian on getting married. I hope your marriages last cuz all you guys deserve to be happy. Oh one more thing, I know you guy get this a lot but if you guys ever need anyone to talk to I am here for you. Laterz...

My address: 158 Blahuni Drive Ranui, AUCKLAND, New Zealand (not real address)

My E-mail:

"Michelle I don't know why you are writing to those guys in that band its not like they are gonna read it, yet write back" Dezerae my best friend said shacking her head. "Ya never know Dez, Ya never know"
Chapter One by frackandbonechick
3 months after I posted the letter

July 10 2001

"Man I am so bored" Nick complained

"Go play your video games then" said an annoyed Kevin

"Nah, I have played them to many times there just plain boring now"

"Did I hear you right? Video games boring?" AJ gasped then laughed.

"Why don't we read fan-mail" Howie suggested

"Why not we don't have anything else to do" Brian said.

Kevin got up and went back to the end of the bus and picked up 6 small bags (One for Howie, One for Brian, One for Nick, One for AJ, One for himself and One that had letters addressed to all of them in it) - this should keep us occupied, Kevin said taking them back.

About 1/2 hour later...

Nick was getting tired of all the "I love you's" and "Marry Me's" so he picked up the bag that was full of the letters addressed to all of them. 'To The Backstreet Boys', 'Backstreet Boys', 'The Backstreet Boys', then he found one addressed to all of them by name. Nick put the others down and opened that letter. Nick read the letter and laughed at the part where Michelle's friend was bugging her.

"What's so funny Frack?" Brian asked

"Oh nothing, hey guys do we have an atlas on the bus?" Nick asked

"Yeah over there somewhere. Why?" Kevin asked while nodding to a pile of books in the corner. "No reason" Nick said. He put down the letter and went to find the atlas.

Brian picked up the letter and smiled when he saw the bit written to him and Kev. Brian handed the letter to Kevin, he read it and then passed it on to the other two.

"This Michelle chick sounds nice" AJ said as Nick came over with the atlas.

"What? What are you doing? Give that back!" screamed Nick with steam coming out of his ears.

"Is that why you wanted an atlas - to find out where New Zealand is?" AJ said with a sly smile on his face.

"Your not thinking of writing to her are you Nick? You know were not allowed!" Kevin said.

Nick knew he wasn't allowed but something drew him to her in this letter, he wanted to know her so he decided to write her a letter without the others knowing. "No, I'm not going to write her a letter, I just wanted to find out where New Zealand was that's all" Nick said.

Nick grabbed the letter off the table and started to read about New Zealand. "Shit did you guys know that there are only 3.9 million people in the whole of New Zealand" Nick said astonished

That night Nick sat in his bus-bed bunk and wrote Michelle a letter.

Dear Michelle,

Hi, this is Nick. I shouldn't be writing to you because it is not allowed but I felt drawn to you in your letter even though you didn't write much but what you did write I loved and thankyou but don't say sorry for other peoples actions that are not your own. Kev and B-Rock got smiles on their faces when they read the part to them congratulating them on getting married. Thankyou for that.

I would really like it if you and I became friends. Since you live so far away why don't we email and talk to eachother on the telephone. But before that happens I would like it if you could answer 3 questions about me and please answer them honestly don't go looking them up just to please me ok.

Q1. What is my shoe size?

Q2. What is my favourtie Basket-Ball team?

Q3. What is my favourtie colour?

Please write back to me and I will email you when I get your letter.

Love Nick Carter

3 weeks later

August 1 2001

"I can not believe Jeff broke up with you? Did he give a reason?" Dezerae asked

"No, he just said it wasn't working out, but I know he was cheating on me, he got real distant really quickly" I replied. I met Jeff while posting my letter to The Backstreet Boys. Dezerae and I talked for a while longer then I hung up and went down stairs of my father's house.

"Michelle, you have mail" Dad said

"Thanks" I picked it up and went threw it - Junk, Junk, Bank statement, Letter from Dion (a friend in Australia) and a letter with no return address. I went back up stairs to my room going threw my mail, curiosity got the better of me and I opened the letter with the no return address on it first.

Dear Michelle,

Hi, this is Nick..."who's Nick?" so I scanned through it and it finally hit me "NICK CARTER wrote to ME!". After the initial shock wore off the whole "Nick Carter wrote me a letter" stardom thing wore off after all Nick was just a normal guy, so I wrote him back.

Dear Nick,

Hey, how are you? Personally I am not to good but I will get into that another time. Ok Nick I will answer your questions even though they are as weird as hell.

Q1. What is your shoe size?

A. I personally don't care plus how would I know how big your feet are. (Mine are 8's if ya wanted to know)

Q2. What is your favourtie Basketball team?

A. Sorry don't know again I don't follow Basketball.

Q3. What is your favourtie colour?

A. I think it is green, I read it in an article some where I think. (Mine is Baby Blue).

Nick why did you ask those questions? If they were to see if I was a dedicated fan, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I know nothing about you, heck I don't even know how old you are. All I know is who is who in your group and that Kev and Brian got married, that's it.

I'd better go, Write Soon



Nick Name in chat room: babey_blu_babe

4 weeks later

September 3 2001

For the past week and a half Nick has been frantically checking the fan-mail for Michelle's letter. Each day he was disappointed, he was starting to think she wasn't going to write back. But today he found her letter.

"YES!" Nick screeched

"What are you yes'sin about?" Brian asked

"Oh nothing" replied Nick.

Brian shook his head and walked off.

Nick went to his hotel room and sat down and read Michelle's letter eagerly.

'Thank god she isn't an obsessed fan' Nick thought, he had tested her on what she knew about him.

Nick walked out of his hotel room and banged on Brian's door.

"Nick what da ya want?"

"Can I borrow you lap-top until I get a new one in a couple of days?"

"Yeah sure..." Brian couldn't say anymore Nick was in and out of there so fast with a grunted "thanks" as he walked back past Brian into his own hotel room.

Nick got his email address and nickname up and running. Email

Nick Name: nintendofreak

He emailed Michelle and explained why he asked those weird questions and then told her a bit about himself and asked her to tell him about her.
Chapter Two by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Two...

Over the next 8 months ( September 11th didn't happen in this story...heck I wish it didn't happen in real life) they emailed eachother every other day and talked on-line and about once-to-twice a month they talked on the phone. They had both fallen for eachother but both believed that they didn't have a chance with one-another so didn't say a thing.
Dezerae (Michelle's best friend) and the other BSB boys were wondering what was going on with their friends. They both always wanted to go on the computer and after they came off they were always happy, neither of them dated. The BSB boys didn't know about Michelle and Dezerae didn't know about Nick. Nick's 'baby-fat' had turned into muscle. He now has a 'wash-board' stomach, a 6-pack of 'abs', toned all over. He looked fantastic.

May 12 2002

Nick was in the gym when Brian walked in.

"Ok Nick I am sick of this, what the hell is going on with you? You are either in the gym, on the computer or rehearsing and performing with us, you never date or even have sex anymore - you never do anything else. Why is that?"

Nick had to tell someone - "Brian, I will tell you what is going on but you have to promise that you won't tell management or get mad at me"

"OH god Nick its not drugs is it?

"God No! I am in love!" said a smiling Nick.

"Well that is fantastic, who is she? And why would I tell management or get mad?"

"Well...Her name is Michelle and she is turning 18 in 2 weeks, I am planning on surprising her for her birthday. Anyway remember last year when we were totally bored and we started reading fan-mail and I found this one letter and I asked where the atlas was so I could find New Zealand?" Brian nodded "Yeah well its her. I wrote to her that night and I know I shouldn't have but I am glad I did. I put her through a little test and asked her 3 questions about my self, and she passed the test, she didn't know a thing about me only that I am part of the BSB and we have been writing to eachother for just over 8 months now. What do you think Bri?"

"WOW - just WOW. So are you guys dating yet?

"Nup, I love her but she doesn't love me that way but that doesn't matter. Friendship is better than nothing. I am going to surprise her for her birthday, I'm just going to show up on her doorstep. (he, he).

"Well go for it, and I would love to meet her sometime cuz a chick who can get you to stay faithful with out even being your girlfriend has gotta be something" laughed Brian.
Chapter Three by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Four...

2 weeks later
26 May 2002

Nick arrived in Auckland New Zealand at 7.30am.

(I had moved out of my father's house and brought one when I won some money at the casino, even though I was under-age but I look older. I moved out 4 months before this day and Dezerae and I are housemates)

9.00am - "Michelle wake-up" Dezerae said shaking me.

"What? Ooh go away" I mumbled

"Nah - you getting up"

"Ok Ok I am up" as I sat up in my bed.

"Happy Birthday Gurl"


I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen only wearing my silk (very fitting) baby-blue nighty.

There was a knock at the front door.

"DEZ- could you get it I haven't had my coffee yet" I yelled

Dezerae laughed "Ok, ok"

Dezerae opened up the door and there stood a gorgeous blonde.

"Well hello there - what can I do for you?" Dezerae said in a seductive voice.

"Yeah hi, Is Michelle home?"

"Yeah hang on. MICHELLE there is a very gorgeous blonde here to see you!" Dez yelled.

I was in the kitchen and heard her. 'huh?' I walked up to the door still not seeing who was there (I am still in my nighty). Dezerae opened up the door wider.

"NICK! Oh My God" I threw myself into his arms. "What are you doing here, come in come in"

"Michelle? Dam girl you're gorgeous" Nick said looking Michelle up and down

"Aww thank you Nicky" "so why are you here? Not that I mind"

"I'm here cuz its your Birthday, and I thought it might me a nice surprise." Nick said smiling.

"It's a fantastic surprise, how long are you here for?" I asked

"3 days then I have to go back"

"Oh ok" I said disappointed

"Ok Michelle who is he?" Dezerae asked. I had totally forgotten about her.

"Oh sorry Dez, Dezerae meet Nick Carter my male best friend, Nick meet Dezerae Smith my female best friend"

"Hey nice to meet you" Nick said

"Yeah same here, Carter, Carter where have I heard that before" Dezerae asked

I laughed, so did Nick "Nick is a member of the Backstreet Boys" I said

"Oh shit, that's why you are so familiar, well welcome to New Zealand, and Michelle why didn't you tell me you knew a Backstreet Boy?"

"Well...truthfully I never thought it was that special, Nick's just as normal as you and me" I said "But where not normal" Dez laughed

"Oh yeah" I laughed and so did Nick.

Nick turned to me and said "by the way I love your outfit"

I looked down and realized I was still wearing my nighty. "Oh shit you should have said something. Nick make yourself at home, Nintendo is in the corner by the tv, coffee in the cubbard and if ya want there is chocy cake in the fridge. Then I ran up stairs to get changed. Before I disappeared I heard Nick laugh "Man she knows me to well". I laughed and carried on.

I came down stairs 20 minutes later with my make-up done perfectly and my favourite outfit on, a Emerald green tummy tank and white short skirt.

"Wow" Nicky said as I walked in.

"Thanks" and I blushed slightly

"Oh, I nearly forgot about this. Happy Birthday" he handed me a gift bag.

"Nick you didn't have to get me anything" I said surprised

"Shut up and just open it"

I laughed and opened up the bag. Inside were 2 parcels. I took the biggest one out first. But before I could open it Nick turned to me and said "And don't you say it is too much, you know I can afford it."

I opened up the box and gasped, inside there was a silver necklace, matching bracelet and matching earrings all of them had my birthstone on them (my birthstone is a Emerald).

"Oh Nick, there gorgeous - you really shouldn't have"

"There's more" Nick smiled

"It better not be to much more Nickolas Gene Carter" I opened up the next box and I was totally confused when I read the piece of paper. The piece of paper said "Go out side". I looked at Nick and he just smiled. I opened up the door and nearly fainted at what I saw. Out side was a brand new HOLDEN HSV - V8 CLUBSPORT (I love Holdens) with a ribbon and bow on it. "Nick I can't take this" I whispered.

"You can and you will, but there is one more but this is for my benefit more than a present for you" Nick handed me an envelope.

I opened it not knowing what to expect. Inside was a plane ticket. "Am I going somewhere?" I asked.

"Hopefully, I want you to come on tour with me and the guys for 5 months - well it's for the whole of the next tour. I know it is a lot to ask but I have met you now and I don't want to let you go yet so please come" Nick pleaded.

"Nicky...(I dragged it out just to annoy him) I would love to" I screeched the last part.

"Really? Great" he said while picking me up and spinning me around.

"Ok, I have 3 days to spend with you then I have to go back and then you come a week later ok?"

Chapter Four by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Four...

At the airport 1 week and 3 days later in Orlando, Nicks home town...

"Ok Nick, what does she look like?" AJ asked. "Nevermind I am going to talk to this very fine looking women that is walking over here" AJ walked off, not waiting for a reply

"Um J that's, oh nevermind to late, I wonder how Michelle is going to handle this" Nick laughed.

"That's Michelle?" asked Brian


"Damn" Brian, Howie and Kevin said together while looking at one very fine looking woman. (So what if Brian and Kevin were married, they were aloud to look aren't they?)


I was walking toward Nicky when AJ came over.

"Hi there, I'm AJ" AJ said

"Hi AJ, I know who you are"

"Really kool so what's your name?"

I looked over at Nick and he was practically laughing, I realised AJ didn't know he was here to meet me so I played along "My name is Michelle"

"Michelle that is a really pretty name for a very pretty girl" AJ flirted

"Why thankyou AJ" I flirted back, we flirted for a few minutes then AJ said: "Would you like to meet the rest of the guys?"

"I would love to thanks"

We walked over to the rest of the guys and I immediately hugged Nick.

"Hey Nicky"

"Hey Michelle how was your flight?"

"Long" I answered. AJ was still standing there wondering what was going on.

Nick turned to the guys "Guys I would like you to meet Michelle, Michelle meet Brian, Kevin, Howie and you have already met AJ" Nick laughed

"Hey guys" and I gave each of them a hug. I got to AJ and smiled, he pulled me into a hug and said "You should of told me" I just laughed "You were to busy flirting with me" AJ just laughed.

"So guys are we just going to stand around here all day or are we going to get my luggage?" I asked

"Sure we'll go, how much luggage do you have?" asked Nick.

"5 suitcases and a small duffel bag"

"5! Suitcases, god I don't even take that much for a tour for the whole year" Nick said.

"It sounds about right to me" AJ said

"It would to you" laughed Kevin and then the rest laughed also.

"Shut up lets just go!" AJ said.

We got to Nick's place and I was stunned. "Shit Nick your place is huge"

"What did you expect I am a mega-star" Nick laughed.

"Oh shut up, we don't want your head getting any bigger" I laughed and so did the other guys.

The guys thought Michelle was great, she didn't take any shit from Nick and she didn't treat them different because they were famous.

We walked into the house and I was shocked at the space, sure my place was big at home but this was HUGE.

"Like it?"

"Well DUH who wouldn't" "You got a pool?"

"Yeah and a hot tub, why?"

"I feel like a swim"

"Ok, your bedroom is 2nd on the left"

"Thanks, be back in a Jiffy"

20 minutes later...

I was walking down stairs and I couldn't help but notice AJ's reaction, his eyes nearly came out of his head. (I was wearing my dark blue string-bikini, I knew I looked good so that's why I wore it).

"My God. Do you always look like that?" AJ asked

"Bone!" Howie scolded and hit his arm

"Its ok Howie, Nah I don't always look like this, usually I would have warn my thong-very skimpy bikini but I don't know you well enough YET" I flirted and laughed. (i'm a flirt cant you tell, i might go over-board sometimes but its all in good fun)

I looked over at Nick. He was blushing.

"Having impure thoughts Nick?" I laughed then walked outside.

Nick turned a brighter shade of Red.

We all were out in the pool playing around, dunking eachother, splashing eachother etc. AJ and I were flirting like crazy but it was natural for me cuz that is what I am 'A Flirt' and it seemed AJ was having fun flirting also.

I was getting all wrinkly cuz I had been in the pool to long so I decided to get out and sunbathe.

I was lying there for about 15 minutes when I felt my skin getting really hot.

"Ohi - Could one of you please put some suntan lotion..." Before I could say anything else AJ was out of the pool and by my side.

"So where did you want it?" AJ asked

"We will discuss that later, right now I would like the suntan lotion on my back please" I said then gave a flirtatious smile.

"Oh really?"

AJ squirted some suntan lotion on his hands and started massaging it into my back. I let out a low moan.

"God AJ you have very talented hands, I feel like I am gonna have an orgasm"

"Thank you, I didn't know I was that good" AJ chuckled. I let out another low moan.

In the pool...

"hehe, look at that AJ is already putting the moves on Michelle" Howie laughed

"Yeah but he better be bloody careful and not go to far or I'll rip his man-hood off" Nick stated

"woow there Nicky boy, you got a thing for her aye?" Kevin said

"Yeah so what if I do?"

"Nothing Nick, from what I can tell she is a great girl"

1 hour later...

AJ was lying next to me, since he helped me with the suntan lotion we started talking and he hadn't left me since.

"Yo Nicky boy you guys wanna play a game?"

"Depends what you have in mind?" Nick yelled back.

"I was thinking 'I Never'"

"Yeah ok"

The guys got out of the pool and we chose our type of alcohol and a shot glass each.

hmmm... i wonder whats going to happen...
Chapter Five by frackandbonechick
..Chapter Five...

AN: hey everyone i just wanna say one thing about this chapter... Some of this chapter is just for fun and far fetched but most of the game "I-Never" is ture, you should be able to tell which is which... I know this chapter isn't the best but the next chapters are better... ok on with the story

"Ok so I will start". I said.

"I never...have been a member of the mile high club" - AJ, Howie, Nick and I took a shot. Then laughed.

Kevin's turn - "I never have had a 3-some with 2 girls" - AJ and I took a shot. AJ raised his eyebrows.

"Ok explain" Nick said

I looked around and saw the curious faces so I decided to tell them. "Ok when I was 15 I liked this guy and so did a friend of mine and he liked the both of us so we made it easy on him, we did everything together and then that lead to sex and I must admit it wasn't a bad experience but he was no good, me and her ended up dumping him and for a year after that we still got together but she moved away but we are still friends."

"So you are gay?" Brian asked

"Oh no definitely not but she was a good lay that's all!"

Nick's turn - "I've never slept with someone more than 10 years my senior" - once again I took a shot.

"Fuck how old were you?" Nick said

"I was 12 going on 13 and he was 23 - he was my first"

"23! Did you DATE him?"

"I will get into that another time ok"

"Yeah ok"

Howie's turn - "I would never sleep with anyone from BSB and if I would take as many shots for people you would sleep with"

I looked at Brian and took a shot, then at Kevin and took a shot, the same with Nick and AJ and there eyes lit up and then I got to Howie, I looked at him and hesitated taking a shot he frowned and I just smiled and downed the last shot.

AJ's turn - "I have never had sex in the back-seat of a car" Everyone but me took a shot.

"Oh come on you have to" Brian said

"Nope. Yeah sure I have had sex in a car but I have never made it to the back seat" I laughed.

"Ok Bri your turn and it's the last question for all of us" I said.

"Ok, um I never have made-love not sex, made-love" Brian, Kevin and Howie took a shot.

"Ok, I totally feel like dancing now" I said then grabbed Howie who was closest and started dancing.

The next thing I know it is morning and I have woken up in my bed with one hell of a hangover. I walked into the kitchen and AJ was there getting coffee.

"Want one?"

"Please" and then handed me a cup

"Mmm thanks" "where is everyone?"

"Still in bed asleep"

"Oh ok, what is the time?"

"10.30, so what you up to tonight? Cuz there is a party us guys have to go to before the tour. Wanna come?"

"Love to, it's a party which you have to dress up aye?"

"Yep, everyone is gonna be there, from us to Mel Gibson. Its sorta a celebrity thing."


"Morn'n y'all. Coffee need coffee" Nick stated coming into the kitchen.

"Hangover?" I asked giving him a cup of coffee.

"Yep, and its one from hell"

"So Nick you looking forward to the party tonight?" AJ asked

"Shit! Is that tonight? I was gonna take you out tonight Michelle"

"Don't worry Nicky, AJ invited me to this party so everything is kool"

"Well since AJ did that, now I don't have to, but you have to save me a dance at the party tonight ok?"

"I'll think about it" I laughed then went up stairs to figure out what the hell I was gonna wear to this party.
Chapter Six by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Six...

At the Party...
I ended up coming with Nick to the party, but I didn't care, who would?.

"Look there's Kevin" I said walking arm 'n' arm with Nick heading towards Kev and the rest of them but I didn't get that far.

"Michelle you are looking very fine this evening" AJ said

"Why thankyou AJ you aren't looking to bad yourself"

"don't I know it" AJ laughs "Wanna dance?"

"Sure, Nick could you do me a favour and put my bag on the table where we are sitting?"

"Sure no prob"

"Thanks" then I kissed his cheek and headed for the dance floor with AJ.

Nick carried on to the table.

"Nice purse Nick" Kev laughed

"Shut up, its Michelle's"

"Where is she?" Bri asked

"On the dance floor with J" Nick spat out

Kevin looked over and saw us grinding into one-another.

"You're a fantastic dancer" I said in AJ ear when I turned to face him

"Have to be in my line of work, and your not bad your self "

I laughed and said "thanks"

Then a slow song came on.

"Mind if we sit this one out, I need a drink" I asked AJ

"Nah, its kool I need a drink myself. What drink do you want?"

"Vodka and coke thanks"

"I'll take it over to the table"

"K thanks"

I walked to where the other guys were sitting.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

"Nothing much but I see you have been having fun on the dance floor with AJ"

"Yep, so far this party has been great"

"Michelle- I would like you to meet my wife Leighanne"

"Hey nice to finally meet you" I said while shaking hands.

"Same here, you're a great dancer, are you AJ's girl?"

"Nah, I'm not, just a friend."

"Oh ok"

"Nicky after AJ comes back with my drink do you wanna dance?"

"Love to"

"Actually I wanna dance now, come on I love this song"

Nick put his beer down and I led him to the dance floor. I put his has on my hips and I started grinding and dirty dancing with him. I was getting so turned on it was not funny.

4 songs later I turned to face Nick "Babe, your really good at this, do you mind if we carry it on later, I need my drink" I laughed

"No prob" Nick replied

We wove through the other couples on the dance floor, hand in hand. We got to the table and everyone was there including another chick.

"Michelle I would like you to meet my wife Kristen, Kristen this is a new friend of ours Michelle" Kev said "Hey nice to meet you, are you dating Nick" Kristen asked

I chuckled "Nice to meet you too, but no I am not dating Nicky" (unfortunately I said in my head)

"What's funny?" AJ asked

"Leighanne asked me if I was your girl AJ and now Kristen asks if I am Nicks girl, I find it funny that's all"

"Oh ok" AJ laughs

"Shit! Dweeb alert" AJ said

"What?" I asked confused

"You'll see" he replied

Just then N*Sync came over

"Hey guys what's up?" Justin asked

"Not much" Howie replied rolling his eyes

I turned around to see 5 guys looking at me.

"Well hello there" Justin said trying to be seductive

"What?" I said already annoyed

"Who are you?" he asked

"I know who I am but who are you?" I asked knowing full well who he was.

"You don't know who I am?" Justin asked bewildered

"No should I?" I said keeping a straight face but it was now getting very hard to accomplish that.

"I'm Justin Timberlake from the band N*Sync"

"nope sorry doesn't ring a bell" I looked at Nick who was also trying to keep a straight face. He knew I knew who they were and I was just taking the piss out of him. Why shouldn't I he was a total sleaze.

"What about if I sing this "Bye Bye Bye"

"Ok see-ya" the turned around, I had to kick Nick so he wouldn't laugh.

Justin and the rest of N*Sync left the table and as soon as they were out of hearing range Nick and I burst out laughing.

"I can not believe you could do all that with a straight face, especially when you saw Justin's face when you didn't know who he was and you kept on dissing him" Nick said

"Well he deserved it, Just because he is apart of N*Sync doesn't mean he can be a total sleaze" I replied

"you know who they are?" Howie asked confused.

"well duh, I don't live under a rock you know"

Everyone clicked and relised what i had just done, then cracked up laughing.
Chapter Seven by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Eight...

I skulled the rest of my drink and looked out onto the dance floor.
"God you people really need to learn how to loosen up when your dancing," "Come on you two, were gonna show them how to really dance" I said dragging Leigh and Kris up with me.

The 3 of us let loose on the dance floor and I literally let my hair down (it was up in a clip but I took the clip out).

Back at the guys table...

"Ya know what? It feels like I have known Michelle for years instead of one day. I am just so comfortable around her and look what she had done to Leigh - I have tried to get her to loosen up since I met her and in what? 10 minutes Michelle has got her up on the dance floor dancing like that". Brian said

"I know how you feel Bri, look at Kristen - she is never like that. Michelle is a wonderful person Nick thankyou for bringing her into our lives" Kev said

"Just think if I would have listened to you guys about writing a letter to her none of this would have happened" Nick laughed

"Thank god you don't listen to us aye" Howie said laughing.

"Oh fuck! Curly is heading in the girls direction" AJ said getting up.

"AJE let Michelle handle it" Nick said with confidence and putting a hand on his shoulder.

On the dance floor...

"Shit Michelle, Timberlake is heading this way" Kristen said

"No problem" I said. I saw Justin's bodyguard. He had been watching me since I got up onto the dance floor. I walked up to him.

"Excuse me?" I said in a seductive/scared tone.

He cleared his throat "yes miss?"

"Do you think you could do me a huge favour?"


"See that guy over there (pointing to Justin who was talking to JC at that moment) Do you think you could keep him away from me and my 2 friends out there. Its just because he has been hassling me and I don't like it. And I asked you because you are bigger than all the other guys here and you look very strong so he shouldn't hurt me" I said in a seductive/scared voice.

"I will make sure he doesn't hurt you miss, I will keep him away"

"Really? Oh thankyou so much" I said kissing him on the cheek.

"Its ok really" he said blushing

"What's your name by the way?" I asked

"Frank - Frank Wellsis"

"I'm Michelle and you Frank Wellsis are the sweetest guy in the world" I kissed his cheek again and walked back to my friends. Leaving a smile plastered on his face.

Boys Table...

"Ok. Why is she talking to Justin's bodyguard? She kissed him and now she is back dancing. Ok what was that all about?" AJ said

"We will find out soon enough/" Nick said

"Ok Curly is here and Big Frank is off his stool..."

Dance Floor...

"So what did you say to that big guy?" Leigh asked

"Lets just say that Timberlakes bodyguard is now my bodyguard against Timberlake" I laughed.

Just then Justin walked up.

"What's you + me + My hotel room bed?" Justin asked

"Nothing in the Past, Present or Future. Now leave me alone" I said

"Come one Justin lets leave" Frank said coming and standing to Justin's right.


"But NOTHING lets go!" Frank said in a firmer voice and grabbing Justin's forearm.

"Ok, Ok, Ok" Justin said trying to shake off Franks grip.

"Later Babe" Justin said.

"Not if I have anything to do with it" Replied Frank and turned to leave with Justin. He took one last look at me to make sure I was ok and I smiled and mouthed "Thankyou" and he smiled and nodded.

"Michelle, Kirsten and I need a drink, you want one?" Leigh asked

"Yeah, I'll have one after this song has finished" I replied and carried on dancing with the person next to me who just happened to be Joshua Jackson.

"Hey guys what's up?" Leigh asked up coming back to the table with her drink.

"You'll find out later" Brian whispered in her ear.

Leigh slapped him and said "I'd better" laughing.

"So what did Michelle say to Big Frank - Justin's bodyguard?" Nick asked

"Dunno what she said but she told us and I quote 'Lets just say that Timberlakes bodyguard is now my bodyguard against Timberlake' She is one amazing women. Where did you ever find her?" Kristen asked

"New Zealand. I found her in New Zealand" Nick smiled.

3 songs later I thanked Joshua for the dance and came back over to the guys' table.

"You make friends with everyone don't you?" Leigh asked pointing to Joshua who winked when I turned around.

"Seems like I do" I laughed "Hey Leigh and Kris - when the guys are at rehearsal tomorrow do you guys wanna do our favourite thing?"

"Love to" they replied

"what you gonna do tomorrow?" Howie asked Me, Kristen, Leighanne, Kevin and Brian answered "SHOPPING" and then all cracked up laughing.


"Did someone say shopping?" AJ asked coming back to the table.

"Yeah, we are going tomorrow while you are at rehearsal. Why do you like shopping?" I asked

"Do I ever, I'll have to take you shopping with me and you'll never wanna shop with anyone else again, but can I go with you guys tomorrow I can miss rehearsal"

"Nope sorry babe, We will go with you another time but tomorrow is just us girls cuz us girls gotta girl talk" I said and all the guys moaned. They don't like girl talk cuz they get talked about (ya know what I mean).

The moaning reminded me of something. "Hand over your credit cards"

Then 5 credit cards were in my hand.

“Um… I meant Kev and Bri’s, not you 3 also”

Aj and Howie took theirs back but Nick wouldn’t.

“Nick I am NOT using your credit card” I protested

“YES you are!”

“No I’m not”

“We will talk about his at home” Nick said in a firm voice

“You can talk all you like – I’m not gonna use your card, plus you know I have my own money - I love you I really do but you don't have to spend your money on me." I said.

The Next Day... - In a coffee shop with the girls...

"I still can't believe that Nick got you to take his card" Kris said

"Well I took it but I never said I was gonna use it" I laughed

"You bad bad girl" Leigh laughed

"I know don't ya love me" I said then laughed

Back at Nicks that afternoon...

"Hey Shell, how was shopping?" Nick asked when I walked in the door.

"I had so much fun. I brought a whole new wardrobe - kidding I got a new skirt and top and underwear"

"So you had fun?"

"Yep - heaps of fun. Leigh and Kris are so nice"

"I know they are aren't they. I have something important to ask you" Nick said

"Ok What is it?"

"Well last night while you were dancing the manager of us was watching and she was wondering if you could be one of our dancers because of them quit last night and she thinks you will be perfect"

"I would love to dance with you guys"

"There is one small problem"

"What is it?"

"Well you have to learn the dances in 1 week but the good thing is, is that you are my dance partner so we can learn it here also and plus you are gonna get paid for dancing as well"

"Well I think I can handle that. I am a very fast learner and dancing with you and getting paid is an extra bonus. When's practice?"

"20 minutes"

"Well I better go change"

20 Minutes later at Rehearsal...

Brian, AJ, Kev and Howie went through the routine so I could see what the dancing initialed. There were a lot of toughing and sexy moves, which I was happy about cuz Nick was my partner.

"I got it" I said.

"Yeah right, she thinks she can do it by just watching us do it once" One of the dancers said. I heard but just smiled.

"Come-on Nicky, lets show these people how its done" I said grabbing his hand and pulling him to his feet.

The music started and we started dancing I got it in one just like I thought.

"Shit Nick, she even makes you look good" AJ said and everyone laughed

"Shut up J" Nick said but I could see the smile playing on his lips.

That practice I learnt 4 of the 9 dances. Afterwards the other 4 girls congratulated me on learning them so quick.

4 days later at Rehearsal...

(Tour starts 13 June...)

We were all having a 10 minute break and I was grabbing a bottle of water out of the vending machine when the other girls came over.

"Hey girls, what's up?" I asked

"Can we ask you a question?"

"Yeah go for it"

"How come the guys are so comfortable around you?"

"Dunno, I've never really thought about it"

"Oh ok, um how long have you known the guys?"

"um... a week, yeah a week"


"Yeah, I've known Nick for 9 months but I have only known the other guys for a week but with Nick and I we only met eachother in person 2 1/2 weeks ago"

The girls look confused.

"I wrote a letter to Nick and he wrote back and then we became friends and emailed and called eachother then he surprised me on my birthday 2 1/2 weeks ago and invited me on the tour then I got this dancing gig 5 days ago and now I'm dancing with you guys"

"Oh so that's why you leave and come here with Nick, I thought you guys were a couple"

"Nah, were not a couple, not that I wouldn't wanna date Nick he's a great guy inside and out, he's just not a pretty blue-eyed blonde he's got a great heart and a fantastic personality to go with his looks he is just a perfect person"

"You really like him don't you?"

"yeah I do, but he doesn't like me that way but I'd rather have his friendship than nothing"

"Well Nick would be lucky to have you"

"Aww thanks you are so sweet"

"After the tour are you gonna go and live with Nick again?"

"Maybe for a week but then I'll go back home"

"Where's home?"

"New Zealand"



"Wow - so that's where the accent comes from"

"Yeah" I laughed.

We practiced for another 2 hours. I had every dance down and I was actually good at it.
Chapter Eight by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Nine...

13 June

Start of tour...

8.30 am - Nick and I walked out front with our luggage.

"Um, why are there 2 busses?" Nick asked confused.

"One is for you and the guys and the other is me and the dancers DUH"

"I thought you were staying with us"

"Nick, I appreciate that really I do but I can't have special treatment because I am a close friend of yours' and the other guys, it just wouldn't be fair. "Well it's just that I'll miss you - I mean I will miss having you around" Nick slapped himself mentally for the slip of the tongue.

"I'll miss having you around to but I'll only be on the next bus and you'll have to get used to it cuz I'll be going back to New Zealand in 5 months"

"Well I don't wanna think about that" Nick said putting my luggage in my bus.

I turned to Nick and hugged him "I will see you at lunch" then pushed him out the bus.

I was first on the buss and it got real annoying everytime we stopped to pick up someone they asked 'Why are you on this bus?" and I answered them everytime 'Cuz I am a dancer and this is the dancers bus so here I am'. God it got annoying!

11.45am - Stopping for lunch at 'Micky D's'...

I had just sat down with my McChicken combo (like I always have) and then I got 2 visitors - Nick and AJ. The first words to come out of their mouths were; "Please, pretty please com on our bus"

"Nope I'm happy where I am"

"Pleaseeeeeeeee" They both pleaded then gave me a puppy dog expression. I looked into Nicks blue eyes and AJ's chocolate brown eyes - he had taken off his glasses for me so I could see them. I melted, I totally and utile caved. (Wouldn't you have?)

"Guys that's low, you know no girl can resist your puppy dog expressions" I said

"So you will?" They practically jumped out of their seats.

"Yeah ok" I grumbled

"Yes!" they screeched and 'high-fived' eachother Brian, Kev and Howie came over

"So she coming?" Kev asked Nick

"Yep" said a smiling Nick

"Good, cuz I don't wanna lug all her stuff back" laughed Kevin

"And cuz we can't stand hearing you two whine any longer" laughed Brian

"SHUT UP!" Nick and AJ said while slapping Brian up side the head.

I just laughed. Inside I was ecstatic. That meant Nick really wanted me with him, but I wasn't gonna make anything of it - YET.

I told the other girls that I was gonna go on the guys bus but they already knew cuz Bri, Kev and D told them what Nick and AJ were up to plus told them which of the luggage was mine. Plus they knew how I feel about Nick and they know no-one including me can resist his eyes or him for that matter.

That night in the guys' bus we just hung out and had a good time. We laughed a lot the Kev, Howie and Brian went to bed around 11pm and left me, Nicky and J up.

"Hey guys do you have any Chocolate ice-cream, syrup and an electric mixer?" I asked out of the blue. "Huh? Yeah it should be all in the kitchen" Nick replied

"Kool do you guys wanna Chocolate Milkshake while I am making myself one?"

"Yeah I'd love one" Nick said

"Yeah me too" AJ said

I had just gotten everything set out when AJ came up behind me.

"Do you mind putting brandy in mine?" AJ asked

"Um AJ can I talk to you about that? I asked " 'bout what?"

"Alcohol" AJ didn't say anything, he just looked away.

(Authors note: Hey everyone sorry for stopping the story, but i had to say this, This next part of the story is extremely personal for me, and 100% true. When i found out Aj was a Alcoholic i wrote him a letter, and told him what i am about to tell you but in more detail, i wrote this part cuz i think its important. Thanks)

"I'm gonna tell you something I have only told 2 people out side my immediate family. When I was 16, well 2 months after my 16th birthday and a week after my brothers 14th birthday my mother died. Her heart just stopped because she was an alcoholic, she had been and alcoholic for as long as I could remember. I remember this one time we - my brother and sister were sitting around the dinner table and she was off her face as usual and I told my sister to shut up because she was annoying me the next minute I know my mother had picked up a knife and told me to come to her, of course I didn't and then she started chasing me with this knife. She was literally going to kill me but luckily my father cam home and pulled her away from me in time and then she clonked out. That was the scariest moment in my life and I was only 13. That was only ONE of the many, many experiences with my ALCOHOLIC mother and what I am asking you is that I know you don't think you're a alcoholic but you are heading that way. I am asking you that if I don't drink any alcohol, can you not to. We will stop together because I don't want to end up like my mother and I don't want you to either.

By the end of my speech to AJ we were both crying.

"Who were the other 2 people who you told that too?"

"Well I never meant to tell you all that but it just kinda came out - you're the only one I have told that part of my life to but I have told Nick and my best friend Dezerae that my mother died and that she was an alcoholic, I have never told anyone what I told you - only my father, brother and sister know. But I am glad I told you though, I really want to keep it between you and I ok?"

"Sure" AJ smiled

"So what do you say?"

"I say that...from this day forward I'm staying sober or shall I say we are staying sober"

I jumped into his arms and hugged him.

"Thankyou" I cried

"No, thankyou"

"AJ it is gonna be tough but we will do it together" AJ kissed my temple and we walked back into the entertainment room with 3 NON ALCOHOLIC milkshakes.

"What took you so long?" Nick asked

"I couldn't get the machine to work" I lied and I passed him is shake

"Oh ok"

We sat down and watched 'Armageddon' and as usual I balled my eyes out.

"Oh that movie always gets to me" I said while wiping my tears away.

"Awww you are such a sook" AJ laughed

"SHUT UP! I just think that the movie is sad, he gave up his life so his daughter could have the love of her life." I said then yawned. "Well goodnight guys, I'm beat" I kissed both of them on the forehead and then went to bed.


Brian was thinking about what he had just heard from Michelle. He didn't mean to ease-drop but his bunk is right by the kitchen and she wasn't exactly whispering. Brian couldn't believe what Michelle had been through but in one way he was glad she had been through it because it sounds like it had gotten through to AJ. Everyone had tried to get through to him but it took Michelle's experience to do it. Brian was in tears by the end of her story. Michelle wanted it to be a secret so he was gonna keep her secret.
Chapter Nine by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Nine...


The Next morning at the hotel...

Michelle's first adjoining room was with AJ. (In the 5 months on tour they got to 8 different cities spending about 2 weeks in each city doing about 5 concerts in each city depending on ticket sales)

(AN:i know tours don't go like that but hey, its my story)

The first thing Michelle and AJ did was empty out the mini-bar's alcoholic beverages down the sink and leaving a note in each mini-bar that they didn't want the Alcoholic beverages to be re-stocked (2 rooms adjoined by a lounge - a mini-bar in each room).

Over the next 2 weeks the 5 concerts were amazing - the adrenaline was running and the crowds were fantastic. Nick and I danced fantastically all the time. It was such a rush. AJ and I both hadn't had a drink in 2 weeks and it has been so hard but we have been there for eachother - and we have grown closer because of it.

Everyone had noticed the change in AJ, like at a bar or club that we went to he would order a coke or orange juice and not a beer. His mum Denese (the Manager) noticed it first was especially proud of him and grateful to the person who got him to stop drinking and the person who was helping him through the tough times. She wanted to thank him/her personally but she didn't know who the person was.

7 July

On the 3rd week of tour I was rehearsing with the guys and the dancers. AJ's partner wasn't feeling to good so I was rotating between him and Nick. At this moment I was dancing with Nick when my Cell-phone rang.

"J, could you get that for me please hun?"

"Sure" "Yello Sweets phone"

On the other end: "Yeah hi, um is my sister Michelle there?"

"Yeah hang on a sec babe"

"Shell its your sis"

I knew something was wrong cuz I told her to only call that number if it was an emergency. I grabbed the phone off AJ.

"Steph what's wrong?"

Nick and AJ's P.O.V...

"Slow down, he did what?" Michelle said


"Ok tell me what happened"


"Well what did I tell you?" "That's right when you have a guy over you LOCK your bedroom door."

Nick and AJ looked at eachother and laughed.

"Ok so you and Kyle were having sex and just as you orgasm'nd dad came in?"

Nick and AJ were very surprised at the conversation Michelle was having with her sister. They never knew how open there relationship was. It looks like they talk about EVERYTING.

"So was it good?" Michelle laughed


"Was it really that good, well now you know why dad came in, if you were a little quieter he wouldn't have" then laughed.


"Well you know you have a big mouth Steph and with how loud you talk I don't wanna know how loud you were moaning and screaming" Then laughed again.


"Ok, Ok I'll shut up"


"So he chucked Kyle out and then what?"


"He called you a WHAT?" Michelle screamed


"No you listen to me STEPHANIE TINA REED you are none of those things you hear me and you know it. You are just sexually active that's all. How many guys have you slept with?"


"4, that's right and that doesn't mean you are a whore, god I had more that that at your age and did that mean I was a whore?"


"That's right, so anyway he kicked you out?"


"Ok so why don't you go to live in my house till I get back?"


"Why can't you stay there?"


"Jeff? Jeff Taylor as in my Ex is staying at my house with Dezerae?" Michelle screamed


"OOOH, that bitch, NOW I know why she didn't wanna come with me, she couldn't wait to have JEFF in MY house. OOOOHHHH"


"NO don't be sorry, its not your fault"


"Ok so where you staying?"


"Ok stay with Anne as long as you can, I'll come back and sort things out ok"


"Who am I with? Some friends - one I talked to on the phone and net and the others I met a month ago"


"Names? Nickalos, Alex, Howard, Kevin, Brian, Amy, Beth, Roxy and Katie. (Dancers)"

Nick and AJ looked at eachother and said "huh?"


"Alex yeah he picked up the phone"


"Nice voice huh? Yeah he's not a bad singer either!" Then winked at AJ

AJ was just confused.


"Good looking? Yeah they all are"


"Yeah I know I am lucky"


"Girlfriends? Two are married and their wives are really nice and the other 3 guys are single"


"Yeah, yeah I know. No I only have one box"


"Hey I should be reminding you about protection not the other way around"

"So anyway"

The guys couldn't believe her sister was telling her about condoms.


"What city am I in? I dunno I'll ask."


"Shut up, you know how blonde I can be sometimes"

Michelle's P.O.V...

"Guys what city are we in?"

"Where in Florida" Nick answered

"Thanks" I could see that the guys were confused

"I will explain later"

Back to the conversation with Stephanie...

"Were in Florida"

"Florida, really last night I checked on the net before Kyle came over and I saw that the Backstreet Boys were having 5 concerts there" ...Steph said

"Really the Backstreet boys are in Florida? I never would have guessed"

"And Nick has a new dance partner suposably, she is supposed to be pretty and the best dancer out of the lot"

"Nick's dance partner, I don't think she is as pretty as you say she is" I said blushing and the guys laughed.

"Oh she is, I haven't seen her personally but chatting to people on the net who have seen their first concert on their tour say that there are gonna be more guys going move her body"

"Really? More guys gong just to see her dance?" I laughed


"Stephy, I gotta go, give me Anne's number so I can ring you back and I'll get there as soon as I can ok, I love you and take care"

Steph gave me her number to me

"Love you too bye" And hung up.

"Ok dish - I take it your sister doesn't know about us?" AJ asked. By the end of my phone call all the guys had gathered around.

"She knows about you guys, she just doesn't know I know you though"


"I dunno, I guess at first if I told her she wouldn't believe me if I said if I was going on tour with her favourite guys in the world, so I just said I was going to tour around America with some friends."

"Um guys don't we have like 5 days off after tomorrows concert?" I asked

"Yeah why?" Kevin asked

"Cuz I have to go back home for a few says to sort out my sister, Dad and Dezerae."

"You are coming back though right?" AJ asked

"To tell you the truth, I dunno guys. It really depends on weather or not I find some place for Steph to live preferably with my father but if that doesn't happen I will have to stay and look after her, cuz she is only 15"

I saw the look on all the guys faces

"Guys I am sorry I really am but this is my little sister I am talking about. I have to take care of her" Then I got up and walked away in tears. It was heartbreaking for me also couldn't they see that.

hmmm.... whats gonna happen next...
Chapter Ten by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Eleven...

I had just walked through the double doors of the practice room in the dance studio when I heard someone running to catch up to me. Then I was spun around and I was face to face with AJ. I just stared at him with tears in my eyes and my tear strained face. I looked into AJ's big beautiful brown eyes that glistened with unshed tears, they were so sad I had to look away.
AJ lifted my head up by my chin, he looked into my eyes

"I understand"

I cleared my throat "You do?"

"Of course, but I'll miss you even if you have to just go for 4 days"

I laughed then hugged him "I'll miss you to AJE"

{I realised something when I was with AJ at that moment. I was INLOVE with him. I loved Nick sure but I loved him like I do the others - as a friend, my bestfriend.}

AJ and I were still embracing eachother when the other 4 bounced through the door.

"Shell we have an idea" Nick said

Kevin cleared his throat loudly

"Ok, Kevin has an idea" Nick corrected

"well...?" I asked

"Steph comes with us on tour"


"It'll be great the two Reed chicks on tour with the BSB"

"You really want me here that much? That you'll put up with my sister for 4 1/2 months?”

“She can’t be that bad” Brian said

“She’s not, she is exactly like me but younger” I laughed

“Kool” they all said

”Are you guys sure?”

“positive” they all said

“Ok I know Steph would love to but I want it to be a surprise IF it happens” I said

“IF it happens?” Aj asked. They all looked confused

“I have to speak to Denese”

“Nope, we all will speak to my mum” Aj said

We all arrived at Denese’s office and knocked on her door


“Hey Mum” Aj said

“Hey baby, what’s up guys?”

“we have come to ask you something” Kevin said

Then I told her the story - I left out the bits that she didn't need to know but I told her the basics. Denese looked at all the guys hopeful faces all except her son's his was pleading.

"Ok let me think about it, ok"

"Thankyou Denese" I said then we good up to leave.

"Michelle honey can I talk to you for a bit?" Denese asked

"Yeah sure, I'll meet you guys outside" Then I walked back into her office and shut the door.

"You have become very special to those 5 wonderful guys out there"

"Yeah and they have become special to me also. I love each and everyone of them"

"And I know they love you, heck they want your sister here so they can keep you here"

I just laughed and said "Yeah"

"So anyway, your sister can come on the tour if you answer something for me"

"Ok shoot"

"Did you get AJ to stop drinking?

"Um... Yeah and if you have noticed I have stopped too."

"No I hadn't noticed but thankyou so much for what you have done for my son."

"Your welcome, but its for his health as well as my own to stop drinking like we were"

"I would like to meet you sister when she gets here"

I smiled at her "She is a lot like me but she is blonde, I will make sure I bring her by"

"Thanks" Denese hugged me and then I left

Outside the guys were waiting...

"So what did mommy-dearest have to say for herself?" AJ asked

"Nothing much, she basically said that Steph could come on the tour that's all" I said

"Really? That's fantastic" AJ said then her picked me up off the ground hugging me.

"Howie, you better be careful - your Steph's favourite" I laughed

A couple of minutes later..."Awww shit" Kevin said


D, Brian and I have to put up with these to moaning and groaning for 4 days"

"Oh Man! Can we come with you or they go with you?" Brian asked

I laughed "Nope, Like I said I want it to be a surprise - you'll have to keep them occupied"

That night I decided to have a girls night and I invited all the dancers (Amy Beth Roxy and Katie) and also Leigh and Kris.

We sat around eating Junk-food and watching chick-flicks. I told the girls about my change of feelings towards Nick - but I didn't tell them my feelings towards AJE.

We were in the middle of watching 'Centre Stage' and my door opened and in came the guys.

"Um, guys don't you know what a 'GIRLS NIGHT' is?" I asked laughing

"Yeah its where you girls sit around eating Junk-food and talking about us guys and watching your chick-flicks and then crying over them" AJ said. I couldn't believe how right he was

"Actually AJ I don't think your name ever came up did it girls - sorry to burst your bubble there babe" I laughed at AJ's mocked hurt expression.

"Anyway what are we watching?" Nick asked sitting down next to me on the sofa

"Well WE WERE watching 'Centre Stage' I said

"Well I found a tape that you would wanna watch instead of that" Nick said waving a tape in-front of me.

"Are you sure I wanna watch that?" I asked mocking him

"Aww shut up but I am positive you wanna watch this" he got up and put it in the VCR and pushed play.

A familiar scene came on and I gasped.

"Nicky where did you find this?" I asked

"I did some hunting and I found it" Nick smiled.

"I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him "Thankyou" I whispered.

"What movie is it?" Katie asked

"Its called 'Cry Baby' Johnny Deep stars in it. Its my favourite movie of all time and I couldn't find it in New Zealand but Nicky found it for me" I smiled.

We all settled down and watched the movie. Nicky on one side of Me and J one the other. It didn't seen to bother anyone that I was only in a singlet and short shorts so I didn't bother to change.

Half was through the movie I laid down on Nicks lap, with my legs on AJ's lap. I couldn't help falling asleep wand Nick stroked my hair and AJ was rubbing his thumb over my calf.

(3-person POV)
By the end of the movie, Michelle, Leigh, and Kristen were asleep. Brian and Kev carried Leigh and Kristen back to their room. Nick carried Michelle to her room. AJ stayed for a while talking to the girls. Everyone finally left except AJ, he turned everything off. Then crept into Michelle's room and watched her sleep for a while.

I was well aware AJ was there.

"Good night sleeping beauty" AJ said then kissed my forehead then left the room.

"Good night AJ" I said then fell asleep again. A very happy and peaceful sleep I might add.
Chapter Eleven by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Twelve...

At the Airport...

8 July 10pm...

We (the guys and I) were sitting around waiting for my boarding call.

"First Class Passengers for flight to New Zealand - boarding Now" Came the call. The guys stood up.

"Why are you guys standing?" I asked

"Your boarding call"

"Um, No, I fly economy "

"You what? Why?"

"Um thats how I fly" I said looking at their shocked faces.

"Ok, Ok, just fly First Class next time cuz no-one in the BSB family fly's economy ok babe" AJ said

"Ok" but I still didn't understand what the big deal was.

My boarding call came and I stood up.

I kissed and hugged each one. And I couldn't stand seeing their sad faces anymore.

"Guys cheer up, I'll be back before you know it" I smiled.

"We'll miss you that's all" Bri said.

"And I'll miss you guys too but I'll only be gone for 4 days" I said.

"Ok call us each day and call my cell phone FIRST when you land ok" AJ said

"Sure" I hugged them again then boarded the plane.

Luckily I got a window seat cuz I hate isle seats. And I had just sat down when a girl about a year older than Stephanie sat down next to me.

"Oh My God" she said as she looked at me.


"You're a Backstreet Boys dancer aren't you?"

"Yeah how did you know?"

"I saw the show tonight, you were fantastic"

"Thanks" I smiled

"Your really good friends with the Backstreet Boys aren't you?"

"Yeah how did you know?"

"AW, I just saw them saying goodbye to you and they didn't look happy about it. I would have come over but they really looked sad."

I laughed "Yeah they are good friends of mine but they are a bunch of saps, I am only gone for like 4 days and they are acting like its forever or something"

"You must be very special then"

"Yeah I am like their little sis"

We talked a lot and this Nikki chick was really kool - so I decided to do something for her - I found out that she liked Howie the most so I was gonna ring him for her.

We got off the plane and I asked her to accompany me away from the crowd to the nearest phone.

"Hey, whats up?" I said into the phone. Nikki didn't know who I was calling.


"Yeah I am fine tired but fine, could you talk to someone for me? I met her on the plane and she is a new friend of mine. Thanks babe"

I turned to Nikki "There is someone named Howard Drough that wants to talk to you" I said and I laughed at her expression.

They talked for a couple of minutes but then we had to go. I asked Howie if he would not tell AJ that I called him first. Howie just laughed and said ok. I told him that I missed him and he said the same thing and I got off the phone.

"So Nikki ya wanna lift home"

"Yeah that would be great, other wise I would have to catch a cab home, by the way thank you so much for doing that for me"

"Nikki, its fine, Howie is a friend of mine and so are you now and if I could do something you would remember that's great"

"Well thank you any how"

We got in my car and left the airport.

"I hope you don't mind but I have to ring AJE or he will think my plane has crashed." I said laughing

I rang AJ's mobile.


"Nick what are you doing with AJ's phone?"

"He is being restrained by Kev and Bri at the moment. Cuz he has been pacing around for the past 6 hours waiting for you to ring."

"Aww how sweet. Nicky give him the phone please and tell Kev and Bri to let him go, you guys are just mean"

"Ello Shell?" An out of breath AJ said into the phone

One sided conversation...

"Hey babe, its me"


"Tired but good"


"At the moment I am driving down the motorway"


"No, the limo is for you guys not me, I am no celebrity" I laughed


"AJ I have only been gone for 1/2 a day and I am not even home yet"


"Ok, Ok 20 hours, god you have been counting haven't you" I laughed


"Yeah I miss you too, I really do"


"Babe could you please put me on speaker?" And then I did the same.


"Guys I would like you to say hello to a new friend of mine Nikki."

Nikki was gob-smacked. We all talked all the way to Nikki's house but then we had to go. I promised the guys I would call them later and everyday and I hung up. Nikki thanked me for every thing I did for her but I reminded her that the guys are just that NORMAL GUYS but they just have fantastic singing voices and not to mention gorgeous.

I said good bye and headed home. Home some where I dreaded at this moment.

Sure enough when I drove up into my drive way Jeff's car was there. I walked inside and found Dezerae and Jeff in one very hot and heavy make-out session.

"Hi, guys" I said calmly

They broke apart immediately and the look on their faces was priceless. I almost laughed.

"Uh, Michelle what are you doing here? I thought you were on tour" Dezerae asked

"Oh I am still on the tour but I had to come back here to sort some things out. Oh which reminds me I want you and your stuff out of my house by the end of the day! Got it?" I said calmly.

Dezerae just stood there in shock and didn't say anything.

"Good" I said and walked up stairs with a smile.

1/2 hour later Dezerae came in my room. I was listening to BSB in my disc-man. It had been only like an hour since I last spoke to hem but I missed them and their voices already - pathetic aren't I. I was listening to my one of my favourtie songs 'INBYH' and I saw Dezerae in my doorway and pulled my ear plugs out.

"Yes?" I asked

"Can we talk please?" Dezerae pleaded

"Sure, have you started packing yet?" I asked Dezerae burst into tears. "Why? Why do you want me out of your house?"

I nearly laughed at her stupidity. "hmmm let me think - um a few reasons come to mind but I'll name 3. You lied to me!! You hurt me!!! And the most important one is that you broke the N# 1 rule with having a best friend or even having a friend. YOU NEVER go after you friends ex or help him cheat on your friend especially with yourself!!!!!

"Michelle you weren't even dating Jeff when you left so why can't I have him, I love him I really do"

"Well I am not mad that you love him, but I am FURIOUS that it was you that he was cheating with when I was dating him. And don't even deny it cuz I know. Now GET OUT OF MY SITE AND OUT OF MY HOUSE AND OUT OF MY LIFE. I do NOT need FRIENDS like YOU!" I said

She just walked out of my room when the phone rang.

"What?" I asked annoyed

"Michelle are you OK?" AJ asked

"Yeah I'm fine I just finished telling Dezerae how I felt"

"Ohhh fun" mocked AJ

I laughed "Oh shut up. AJ how did you get this number?"

"Umm I kinda kept on annoying Nick until he gave it to me"

"Oh ok, but you should have just asked me, I would have gave it to you before I left"

There was silence for a couple of seconds

"Oh AJ I nearly forgot, I promised you that you and I would go shopping together. How about I come home early and you can take me and Steph shopping?" I asked eagerly. I really missed the guys and I wanted to go home.

"Really? You'll come back early? Yeah I'd love to take you and Steph shopping. When you gonna come back? Asked a very happy AJ

"Well I'll try to get a flight for tomorrow so can you and the guys come pick us up?"

"Definitely, call me back with the time and remember FIRST CLASS ok!"

"yeah ok" I said laughing.

"talk to you soon"

"yeah soon, bye"

"Bye" then I hung up

I rang the airlines and arranged to first class tickets to Florida for tomorrow at 2.30am to get into Florida at 8.00pm. (Remember the time difference - Florida is like 12 hours behind New Zealand or something like that). I rang AJ back with the details and set out to find Steph.

Steph was ecstatic that she was gonna tour around America with me and my friends. She still didn't know my friends were 'The Backstreet Boys' and I wanted it to stay that way until I met them at the airport the next night. Its weird New Zealand wasn't home anymore. Anywhere my best friends (All the guys plus Leigh and Kris) were that's where home was. Steph and I had dinner then decided to watch a movie before we left. Half way thruough the movie I drifted off to sleep.

Boys P.O.V...

Nick came to a conclusion when Michelle was away...He loved her but wasn't in love with her not like AJ was - even if he was not going to admit it you could tell by the way he acted and spoke about her.

5.00pm - Kevin turned the TV on to try and calm the eager AJ down. Since it was only a couple of hours before Michelle's plane landed.

"I will repeat hat horrible news again..." said the TV reporter. "Flight 583 from Auckland New Zealand to Florida has crashed, No survivors as of yet" Everyone just stopped at what they just heard. AJ just stood there shaking his head "Nup not possible, Michelle can't be dead she just can't be, NO NO NO NO" The reporter started up again "We have just got word that there were 277 people on board. One of those passengers is connected to the Backstreet Boys, Michelle Reed a Dancer and close friend of the Backstreet boys was on board also her 15-year-old sister Stephanie Reed. We channel 7 news gives our condolences to the Backstreet boys and everyone else who's loved-ones were on board." Kevin turned the TV off and turned around to the other 4. He was as white as a ghost. As the shock wore off and reality set in, one by one they started to break down. As reality set in for AJ he got out of his seat he stood up abruptly and went to his room and slammed the door.
Authors Note by frackandbonechick
I was gonna leave it there for a few days, and i said i would but i have changed my mind...cuz i can't stand it when writers do that to me... so i'm gonna add one more chapter ...
Chapter Twelve by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Twelve...

The next day -


Management pushed the guys into a press conference. AJ just sat there and refused to say anything - there was no point, the one of his best friends was killed in a plane crash and no-one seemed to give a shit. They were half way through the press - conference when the back door opened un-noticed by anyone except one person. Michelle and Stephanie slipped in. Michelle had to tell Stephanie about who her friends were because they wouldn't let her in the building other wise. Michelle was totally pissed off because she had slept in and missed her flight.

Michelle looked over to the guys, they all looked like shit - red eyes, white as ghost, AJ looked the worst out of the lot, I was hoping nothing had happened to Diane and that AJ hadn't been drinking.

AJ was sitting at the end of the table miserable, he was sitting at the end of the table getting irritated by all the mindless questions. Suddenly the backdoor opened and there stood an angel a tired but a beautiful angel. AJ had to rub his eyes to make sure she was really standing there and that he wasn't dreaming. Sure enough she was real. Michelle was alive!

AJ bolted out of his chair and straight to Michelle. He picked her up and spun her around, repeating the same words over and over - thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Nick couldn't see who AJ was hugging. Then he saw Michelle's brown hair.

"It couldn't be?" Nick said

"Nick who is that?"

"My god its Michelle, God Dam She's alive" Nick jumped out of his chair and ran straight to Michelle None of the guys cared about the reporters all they wanted to do is to get to Michelle.

"Guys, guys, GUYS!" I yelled finally getting there attention.

"What the hell is wrong with you, god in a middle of a press-conference you jump out of your seat just to see me, and what are you talking about me being alive - of course I am we just missed our flight that's all."

"Who passed away?" i asked

"We thought you had" Kevin said seriously


"The plane you were supposed to be on crashed with No survivors and you were listed as an on-board passenger"

"Oh god"

Then I remembered Steph

"Guys I would like you to meet my sister. Steph well you already know who is who" I laughed.

The guys had totally forgotten about Steph but one by one they hugged her and Howie even kissed her cheek. Steph was so happy but she played it kool.

I walked into Brian's hotel room where all the girls were. Each of them had been crying - I could tell by there red eyes. The looked up not expecting it to be me and then they all screamed and all hugged me. Then I told them what had happened (how I had slept in).

"Leigh, Kristen, Roxy, Amy, Beth and Katie I would like you to meet my sister Stephanie - Steph this is Bri's wife Leigh, Kev's wife Kris and the rest of the dancers. After the introductions were made we chatted for a bit then the guys came back in.

"AJE you still wanna go shopping tomorrow?"

"Definitely and its my treat"

"Uh uhh, you know how I feel about that"

"So I don't give a rats arse, I am treating you and Steph and that's final!!"

I didn't like the way AJ spoke to me but I could tell in his eyes that he didn't mean it the way it sounded and that he really wanted to do something for me and Steph so I let it go.

"Fine your credit card not mine" I laughed

AJ just smiled

I rang all of my friends and family back in New Zealand to tell them that I was fine and not dead. I rang Nikki also.

I went to bed around 10'oclock. I had just hopped into bed when there was a knock at the door. I realised I hadn't locked it so I just said to "come in".

The door opened and AJ stood there looking very sweet and innocent.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" He didn't need a excuse. I lifted up my covers to invite him. He shut the door, locked it then he took off his top and pants and crawled in only wearing boxes. He wrapped his arms around me, our legs entwined it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

"Night AJE"

"Night Pooh"

Then we well asleep in each other's arms within minutes.
Chapter Thirteen by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Thirteen...

The next morning I woke up to the most wonderful feeling - AJ's arms were around me holding me close. It was the best feeling ever.
"Morn'n Pooh" AJ said with a smile

"Morn'n J" I smiled

"How did you sleep?" I asked

"Like a baby, the best night sleep I have had in a long, long time"

"Yeah me too. It must be the company”

“must be”

We laid in eachothers arms for a while just listening to eachother breathe.

J and I finally untangled from eachother and I walked him to my door.

“Thankyou for last night” Aj said

“Its ok J, if you ever need me again, I’m just a phone-call or a hotel room away”. I opened the door “c-you in a minute or two” then I kissed him on the cheek (but god did I want to kiss those lips) then I shut the door and got dressed in a white singlet and my short denim skirt and put on some sandles, I put my long brown hair up in a clip and went down to the cafe. Everyone was there except AJ.

"Dam girl you are look'n FINE to-day" Nick said

"Why thank you Nicky"

"Steph you still coming shopping with me and J?"

"Nah if you don't mind I would rather hang out here - I still got a bit of Jet-lag"

"Oh ok, So it's just me and AJE then"

"Speaking of AJ, do any of you know where he was last night? I went in his room this morning and he wasn't there and his bed was made" Howie said.

"Yeah he was with me" I said

"Huh? What do you mean he was with you?"

"He slept with me last night"

"WHAT? You and AJ slept together?" Nick said

"Yes, but as in slept not as in I FUCKED his brains out" I answered

"Oh ok, sorry its just the way you said it"

"Its kool Nick" I said then my coffee finally came - thank-god I really needed my caffeine fix.

AJ came out of the elevator and walked towards us. He was wearing baggy jeans and a white 'wife-beater', his shirt was tight enough that I could see his 'abs' and his arm muscles - god I was just getting hot by looking at him.

Stephanie was sitting there looking at her sister watch AJ. "God-dam, she's got at thing for AJ" She thought then smiled. They would be good together.

AJ sat down and ordered breakfast.

"AJE, when do you wanna go shopping? Cuz Stephie doesn't wanna go - so it'll be just you and me"

"Um... How about we go when I finish breakfast, then we have the whole day for shopping. Is that ok with you pooh?"

"Yep, I'll just go to the loo first...back in a few"

I got up and headed for the ladies room, I could feel AJ's eyes on me so I added an extra 'sway' to my walk.

AJ choked on his breakfast when he saw what Michelle was wearing, god she looked hot and he's only seen her from behind.

Howie couldn't believe his eyes or his ears. His friend 'Mr I'll-Never-Have-A-Serious-Relationship-Or-Fall-In-Love' was head-over-heals-arse-backwards in love with Michelle and did he hear AJ right? He called her "POOH" and she responded. What was going on? Both of them were acting like it was the most normal thing in the world. But it wouldn't be bad if they got together - just the oppisite it would be great.

Michelle was on her way back and AJ was watching her every move.

I sat down next to AJ. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'll just pay for breakfast. What did you have?"

"I had a coffee, I didn't feel like anything to eat"

"Oh ok, I'll pay for that while I'm up there"

"Thanks sweetie"

"Your welcome" Then AJ got up to pay the bill

I turned to talk to Kevin.

"Kev, Is there any sort of party on tonight?"

"Yeah there is a celebrity thing on for everyone, it sometimes is a bit boring but everyone is going to be there from SMG (Sarah Michelle Gellar) to Sir Elton John."

"Kool, I wanna go, are you guys going?"

"Might do, but no promises"

"Oh ok"

"Pooh, ready?" AJ said walking up, holding out his hand to help her up.

"Sure, what time does it start Kev?" While taking AJ's hand

"7pm I think"

"Kool, hope to see you there" Then walked off hand in hand with AJ.

Kev turned to the rest of the people at the table "Why aren't they together?"

No-one at the table knew the answer (even if it was rhetorical)
Chapter Fourteen by frackandbonechick
Authors Note: This chapter is kinda out-there, you will know what i mean when you read it

...Chapter Fifteen...

At the party:

Kevin was right, everyone was here but the problem was that no-one was dancing.

"Come-on AJE lets live'n this party up" I said walking towards the party with AJ just behind me. And that is what we did, J and I showed these people how to loosen up and dance, we grinded to the music and moved as if we were one. I was having so much fun until I saw how unhappy Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon-Phillippee were.

"J, I'm gonna go talk to Sarah and Reese for a sec ok, go and get a soda or something and I'll be back soon, I'm gonna go see if I can get them to dance then I am gonna talk to Freddie and Ryan and try to get each couple to dance together cuz they look so miserable, ok babe?"

"Sure pooh, Good luck" he then kissed my cheek and we went on opposite sides of the room.

I walked over to Sarah and Reese.

"Hey Sarah and Reese, I'm Michelle, I'm here with AJ McLean, How are you?"

"Yes I saw you two dancing, you're a great dancer" Sarah said

"Thanks, come-on lets dance"

"I can't dance like that" said Reese

"Me neither" said Sarah

"I'll show you" I held out my hands for them. They looked at eachother "Why not" then took my hands.

I got them moving with-in a couple of minutes, they were naturals. I danced with them for a couple of minutes and set off to find Freddie and Ryan. I know exactly where to find them - the bar.

I walked up to them, "Hello Ryan, Freddie"

"Hey" they both said together.

"Hi I'm Michelle and I would like your beers please"

"Why get your own" Ryan snapped

"I don't want to drink them, I want you to put them down and get on the dance floor and dance with your WIFE and your FIANCEE" I said sternly.

"Who do you think you are talking to me like that? Don't you know who I am?" Ryan said angerly

"Of course I know who you are and frankly I don't care if you were the Queen of fuck'n England you are going to do what I ask"

"And if I don't" he said cockily.

"You will loose her" i said looking into his eyes


"Reese and Sarah, you will loose them. Look they have been miserable all night, I don't know what your problems are at home but go out there and have a good time and then when you get home TALK and I mean REALLY TALK and when you get out on the dance floor tell them that you love them cuz we need to hear it and tell them how good they look, cuz we all know how great they look tonight"

They then handed me their beers "Thanks" then they kissed my cheek and headed towards Sarah and Reese on the dance floor.

I walked over to AJ and took a sip out of his soda.

"You're a good person you know that?"

"Yep" I smiled

"And modest too" AJ laughed.

I sat there for a while just watching the two couples dancing together like they should be - in so much love.

"Would you like to dance?" AJ asked

"I'd love to".

AJ and I danced the rest of the night away.

At about midnight AJ and I came off the dance floor to get a drink when Sarah, Reese, Ryan and Freddie came over.

"We're leaving now and I just wanted to thankyou You're my Angel" Sarah said hugging me.

"Ryan hugged me next "Thankyou for opening up my eyes" I hugged him back "Your welcome, go home talk, and then have the best sex of your life" I laughed. "Will do" he laughed.

Freddie hugged me and said the same thing as Ryan and I told him what I told Ryan.

Reese was the last to hug me "What ever you said to Ryan Thankyou"

"Your welcome"

Then they all left.

AJ and I danced for another hour then left ourselves.

That night AJ slept in my bed. It was the most natural feeling thing, he didn't even have to ask.

The next morning we had to get up early to pack since we were on the road again.

Since there were 8 beds in the guys bus, Steph and I bunked with the guys. This was the worst thing about touring, staying on a bus for days at a time. This time we were only on the bus for 3 days.

It was the second day on the bus and we had stopped for fuel. Nick wanted a paper so he jumped off the bus to get one. But he came back with 3 magazines and 2 papers.

"Jesus Nick, I though you just wanted a paper" I laughed.

"Yeah, but I thought you might want to see this" he said dropping a magazine and paper in front of me. On the front cover of the magazine was a picture of me and the title said: 'Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon-Phillippee say that The Backstreet Boys have a ANGEL among them'. And the paper had 2 pictures of me and AJ - one when we first walked in the door, our arms around eachother and the other photo was of me and AJ dancing. The title said: 'Celebrity party a bore until The Backstreet Angel and AJ McLean'. The first paragraph from the paper went like this: "Our reporter went to the Celebrity party on Thursday night. She told us that no-one was having much fun, that was until AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys and Michelle Reed, also known as the Backstreet Angel (a Backstreet Boys dancer and also a close friend of the BSB) showed up. The first thing they did was hit the dance floor and once they did, everyone slowly followed them."

It then carried on talking about the party, it then ended like this: " In this reporters opinion if you are ever having a party make sure you invite Michelle, and to the Backstreet Boys - Don't let her go"

"Wow" I said truly shocked.

"Wow is right, you certainly made the right impression on people Angel" Kevin laughed

"Where did Angel come from?" Steph asked.

"Well, when the plane that you were supposed to be on crashed and we thought you were both dead, then when you came back, Michelle became our Angel" AJ said.

"Or its because the reporter heard Sarah telling me that I'm her angel"

"Why are you her angel?" Howie asked

"I just helped Sarah and Reese out a bit"

"Doing what?" Nick asked

"Sorry sweetie, can't tell you, that's between them and I"

"That's kool" Nick nodded.
Chapter Fifteen by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Sixteen...

The next 3 months went by so quickly, I know this sounds bad but Stephanie and I forgot about our mothers anniversary we were just so busy and having to much fun. I remembered it 3days later and Steph and I said a Prayer and lit a candle for her.

Its 5 weeks until I go back to New Zealand and personally I don't wanna go. Steph will though, she misses everyone and I talked to dad the other day and he has let her go back home when she leaves me. She may miss everyone back home but to me this is home, Home is where the heart is people say and my heart is here, with 'my' boys, my friends. I have a feeling they might ask me to stay cuz I have been getting little hints, for example the guys have been making plans for after the tour which include me and also AJ, he hasn't sleep in his own bed since I came back from New Zealand. He's always with me, weather its on the bus or at a hotel. Not that I mind, I actually enjoy waking up to him in the mornings.

‘God, I hope they want me to stay, but if not, I'm still not going back to NZ, I'll probably more to California or some thing. Please can they want me here, PLEEEAASSSEEE!!!’ That's it!! I rung a New Zealand realitor and put my house on the market.

That night around 9pm Steph had gone to bed early so I went to find the guys. I finally found them in Kevin's suite. I walked in and found the guys all looking upset.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"We just realized your leaving in 5 weeks" Brian said

"Yeah I know" I said sadly.

"Well we don't want yo to leave" Kevin said


"Duh, Why would we, you are a part of our lives and we all want you here"

I smiled brightly "Well it's a good thing that I put my house on the market this morning then aye" I laughed.

"So you're staying?" AJ asked looking all hopeful

"Where else would I go, home is where you guys are" I smiled

AJ jumped our of his seat and spun me around while hugging me. The other guys also hugged me.

"Celebration Dinner!" Nick yelled

"Yeah, Michelle's choice" AJ said.

AJ looked at me and I could read him like a book, when it came to food

"I don't want anying fancy or expensive so Micky D's, is that ok with everyone?"

"AJ lit up like a light-bulb "Perfect" he said and put an arm around me.

The guys and I where having a great time at Micky D's just joking around. Some fans knew who we were but left us alone. We had been there for about an hour when I got up to go loo. On my way back to the guys I saw Nikki sitting with a bunch of girls.

“Nikki?” I said walking up to her table

“Oh my gosh, Michelle. How are you?” she asked as she got up to hug me

“I’m fantastic, what are you doing here? I thought you were still in New Zealand”

“Nah I only went to visit my dad”

“Oh, ok”

“Michelle, I would like you to meet my friends – Ashley, Sam, Chloe, and Katie, guys I would like you to meet my angel Michelle, now also known as the ‘Backstreet Angel’”

Ashley gasped “Oh my god, so you do know her”

“yep” Nikki smiled

“Do you think I could borrow Nikki for a couple of minutes? I’ll be back for you girls in a minute” I asked

the girls looked confused but nodded anyway.

Nikki was confused also, but i just pulled her towards the guys and my table.

"guys" i said coming up to the table, getting their attention, Nikki went as white as a ghost, but sooln returned to her normal colour. "I would like you to meet a very good friend of mine Nikki, Nikki meet the Backstreet Boys"

Howie remembered that she was the girl who he spoke to on the phone when Michelle was in New Zealand. Then stood up and kissed her hand.
"So i finally get to meet the sweetheard that i talked to on the phone when Michelle was in NZ"

Nikki was in heaven, Not only did she get to meet the BSB but Howie had remembered hger and called her a sweetheart.

After a couple of minutes I disapeared back to Nikki's friends. "Ok come-on, i would like you to meet someone" "But could you so me a favor, don't make a scene"

"Ok" the girls answered but still didn't understand

I took the girls over to the table where Nikki was sitting, she was sitting next to Howie and having the time of her life by the looks of it.

"guys, i would like you to met Nikki's friends and also my new mates Ashley, Sam, Chloe and Katie"

By the girls reactions i could tell who liked how - Ashley liked Brian, Sam liked AJ, Chloe liked Nick, Katie liked Kevin and ofcourse Nikki liked Howie. After the introductions we all sat down and started talking.

"So, Michelle what are you guys doing here at this time of night" Nikki asked

Aj piped up "Were celebrating" and the rest of the guys smiled remembering why we were at MickyD's in the first place.

"what are you celebrating?"

"Michelle's gonna stay here instead of going back to NZ"

"Really thats fantastic"

Just then my cell-phone rang

"excuse me" i said as i answered it

"hello" on the other end was a very angry Dezerae


Excuse me , its MY house and i can sell it if i want to! i said Angryly

*the guys p.o.v*

We all looked at Michelle, we had never heard her speak that way before

Michelle then excused her self from the table and went outside

Aj turned to the others "Do you know who was on the other end?"

haven't got a clue but i hve never heard her talk like that before" Nick said

"I have once, when she was argueing with Dezerae" Aj said

"Oh Shit, DEZERAE!!" Aj exclaimed

"She must be upset that Michelle's selling her house, since she used to live in it" Brian said

Now all the guys understood

"Excuse me i'm going to see how she is" Aj said then left the table


"Whos Dezerae" Nikki asked

"She used to be Michelle's bestfriend"

"Used to be?"

"Yeah, but i won't day anymnore but i'm sure Michelle will tell you, you are one of her good friends now Nikki"Nick said

"Yeah, and i am glad i met her - i was totally devistated when i heard she was supposably on that plane that went down

"Yeah so were we, but i have to say that AJ was the worst he wouldn't even speak to us" Kevin said

"Are AJ and Michelle together?" Sam asked

"Nah, but we reckon they should be" laughed Brian

"why aren't they together, heck even i can see that they love eachother, or close to love anyway" sam said

"You can?"

"Well duh! Just look at the way they look at eachother and the way AJ just went after her, you can totally tell

"So you wouldn't mind if they got together, we can tell he is your favourite" Howie asked

Sam blushed "Nah, i wouldn't care, Michelle is the koolest, look we just met her briefly and she introduced us to you, What she did for Nikki, she is like the nicest person ever, She would be real good for AJ and i know other fans will feel the same, she really is an angel

"That is so nice of you Sam" Nick said

Sam blushed again "Well i'm just telling the truth"

Meanwhile Outside…My P.O.V

“Dezerae, I can sell MY house if I want to!!”

Aj come out side with out my knowledge

“Our? Where the fuck did you get our from? I am the one who paid for the house and I am no longer going to be living in the house, so i’m selling it!!”

“What did you just call my friends”


Just then AJ put his hand on my sholder, and I jumped a mile, I didn’t know he was there. I smiled a unhappy smile then carried on argueing with Dezerae

“Dezerae, there is no point argueing about this with you, it is my house and I can do what I like and I mean it if ou ever call my friends anything like that ever again I will be on the next flight out to kick your arse… got it?”

Then I hung up. I turned to Aj and he opened up his arms and I flew into them and sobbed. After all Dezerae was my bestfriend fjor the past 5 years and I hated fighting with her.

A couple of minutes past and I pulled away from Aj wiping my tears off my face

“Do you wanna tell me what happened

I sat down and told him the while thing about how Dezerae told me I couldn’t sell my house cuz it was hers to, even thoughi had brought it and how she had call them …(AN: think of the worst thing possible cuz my mind is blank) AJ hugged me and told me everything was going to be fine.

We walked back in and sat down with everyone else. AJ put his arm around my waist without anyone knowing (but Kevin did notice and just smiled)

“Are you ok?” Nick asked

“Yeah I’m fine, thanks though” The guys looked at AJ and he just shook his head as to say everything is fine and we would tell them later.

Nikki turned to me “Shell, can I talk to you for a minute”

“Yeah sure” AJ and Howie moved so we could get out.

We went and sat down in another booth

“Ok what’s up?” I asked

“Ok, you are one of my good friends, well I consider you as my good friend to me” I smiled “And I can tell when something is wrong. What did that person do and say to you on the phone, you don’t have to tell me but I would really like to know why this person has upset you so much since you are one of my friends” Nikki said in one breath

“Ok first off – BREATHE, and I’ll tell you but it is in confidence ok” She nodded ‘yes’ and I went on to tell her about everything Dezerae had done and said to me. Nikki then told me that I didn’t deserve a friend like Dezerae and that I had 10 friends right here in MickyD’s that I could always count on. We hugged and went back to the table and then carried on having a great night.
Chapter Sixteen by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Seventeen...

Over the next 4 weeks alot had happened. I sold my house for $550,000 ($150,000 more than i paid for it) All my things were moved into Nick's and i was living there until i found a house i liked. I was invited to and went to 7 parties (Reese and Ryan's, Jennifer Love's, Christina Aguliera, Jannet, Mel Gibson, Meg Ryan and Eminem - he really is quite nice once you get to know him. Every party i went to i brought the guys along and Leigh and Kristen came to Jannets and Mel's party. I met so many people at or these parties, from Brad and Jen (Pit) and David Boreanaz to Mandy Moore and 3LW. Hmmm... what else happened OOH YEAH ... Sarah (Michelle Gellar) asked me to be a Bride's Maid in her wedding and of course i said 'YES'.

It has been two days since the tour has ended and last night i didn't get alot of sleep - maybe it was because i have gotten so used to sleeping next to AJ (his big strong arms around me, pulling me closer just before i drift off to sleep, god i have it bad.)

It was about 11.45pm, Nicky had gone to bed around 10.30 and I was up was up watching a late night movie when there was a knock at the front door. When I opened up the door there stood AJ looking gorgeous as usual.

“Hey” I said opening the door wider so he could come in.

“I didn’t wake you did I?” he asked

“Nah, just watching the late night movie – Jeepers Creepers” (AN: if you haven't seen it i suggest you do, i scared the living daylights out of me)

“Couldn’t sleep?”

“Nah you?”

“Nope, that’s why I was driving around when I saw a light on so I decided to come up”

”That’s kool – do you want anything?” I asked walking into the kitchen

“A soda would be nice” he replied while walking into the lounge

I came back from the kitchen with 2 soda’s and sat down next to AJ and we finished watching the movie together. By the end of the movie it was about 1.15am and I was tired.

“You staying over?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind” Aj responded obviously tired as well

”nah, come-on lets go to bed” I said pulling AJ off the couch.

We walked up the stairs quietly so we couldn’t wake Nick and into my room. I walked into the bathroom and took off my make-up and put on my p.j’s (a singlet and shorts like usual) while AJ just stripped down to his boxes and we climbed into bed.

As I laid my head on AJ’s bare-chest I looked up at him and asked "You wanna come house hunting with me tomorrow”

“love to” he responded

“kool, night J”

“Night Pooh” AJ pulled me closer and we drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning

I woke up with my head on AJ's chest and my body curled tightly against him and my arm on his chest and one arm around my waist, i could tell he was awake cuz his other hand was stroking my hair sofly

"morning pooh"

"mmm...morning, how did you sleep?"

"like a log, what about you?"

"same. I don't wanna move, i am so comfy and warm right now" i said then snuggled closer to him

"me neither"

what time is it?"

"8 o'clock"

"Do you wanna leave around 10.30 to go house hunting?"

"yeah ok, i'll have to go home first to get changed though"


We stayed in bed for another 45 minutes then went down stairs for breakfast. We walked into the kitchen and Nick was already up.

"Morning Shell, AJ.... nick did a double-take AJ?? Did you stay over last night?" Nick asked as we both sat down at the kitchen table

"Yeah i came over last night and ended up staying over" AJ replied

"thats kool"

Aj, Nick and I had breakfast and talked till 9.30 then AJ left to get changed and i went up-stairs to get ready as well.

At about 10.15 Nick knocked and came in my room "AJ's back, are you going out somewhere?"

"Yeah, we're going house hunting, wanna come?"

"Nah, its ok, i'm just gonna hang around here and probably go out on my boat"

"You sure?" Nick nodded "ok bye" I said then i went down stairs and left with AJ.

One week later

Nick's house... Nick, D, Kev and Bri were all hanging out

"So, do you guys know where AJ's been for the past week? i keep ringing him at home but he's never there" Howie asked

"he's been here, AJ's practically moved in, I get up he's here, i go to bed he's here, but whats really funny is that Shell and J have a routine in the morning, J makes coffee and Shell makes breakfast then they sit down and eat together, then Shell washes the dishes and AJ dries them then they go up stairs to get changed... there like a old married couple, it really is hilarious" nick said laughing and the guys join in

"They are like a couple, they sleep together, cuddle, go to movies etc they only thing they don't do is make-out and have sex, I sitll don't see why they aren't together! Has AJ slept on his own since the crash?" Brian said

"Yeah once the first night back from tour and then he has been here since" Nick said then he realised something. "Shit, guys AJ hasn't slept with a chick since Michelle came back from NZ, and we all know what Aj's like"

"I don't think he has even realised it, he must be very content with the way things are and really love her" Kevin said

Meanwhile - AJ and Michelle

"Oh, my gosh - this is the house i want" i gushed

"Yeah its really beautiful" Aj said

The house was a 7 bedroom (5 had ensuits, including the master bedroom), 4 bathroom, spa, pool, dining room, lounge, smaller lounge, game's room and study. It was perfect.

I turned to the realitor, "I'll take this house but i want my other friends to look at it first, is that ok?"

"Thats fine" smiled Mike the realitor.

I burst threw Nick's (AJ behind me, just smiling at how i was acting) door and was glad to see that all they guys were there.

"Guys, glad your here - i found the perfect house but i want our guys opinion before i get it" i said out of breath

"Sure, where is it" Kev asked

"Actually only 5 minutes from here, its like in the middle of here and AJ's" i said smiling

"Can yolu afford it?" Nick asked, knowing the price of the neighbour hood

"Yeah its $650,000 so with the sale of my house in NZ and the money i have left over definately, and i'll still have money to live on"

"Ok lets go look then" D said smiling

At the house...

"WOW" this place is NICE" Brian said and the others nodded.

"Thanks you guys, i really value your oppinions. YAY i have a house" i yelled running up the stairs to figure out which room i wanted. The guys burst into laughter at my antics.

"Guys i reckon we should buy this house for her as a present for putting up with us" AJ said after his laughing fit.

The realitor laughed

"Yeah i think thats a fantastic idea J" Nick said

"Whats a good idea?" i asked coming back down the stairs

"We want to buy you this house"Kev said

I stood shocked for a moment..."What?, Nah Uhh NO WAY, I refuse to let you buy this for me, i can afford it myself - i still have heaps of money left thanks to the lucky lotto ticket and the sale of my appartment, Thankyou for the thought but i cant let you do it for me"

"Oh come-on PLEASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" AJ said with a pleading look in his eye

AGE don't look at me like that, i luv ya for the thought and i really appreciate it, i really do but i want to do this for me ok. Please don't be Mad, upset or hurt i just really want to do this for myself" i said starting to get upset, tears where threating to fall

"Oh Pooh its ok, come here" I went to AJ and he hugged me " I understand, we understand, right guys?" i looked over at the rest of them hopefully

"Of course we do" they all answered and i hugged each of them

"thankyou" i said then went over to the realitor who looked awwe and dumbfounded that i could turn down that kind of offer and i signed the paper work and the house was finally MINE YAY :D

"So what do you want to do now" Kev asked

AJ and i looked at eachother and said "SHOPPING" and the guys laughed

"What do you need to get?" D asked

"Stuff for this place, like a lounge suite, TV, Sterio, Kitchen stuff" i replied

"Don't forget a bed" AJ said

We all laughed

"But seriously i need to get all that stuff and in here before the end of the week"

"why?" Bri asked

"House-warming party"

"Yeah PAR-TAY baby" Nick and AJ yelled

"so we gonna shop?" i asked

"Lets Go" Nick said leading the way out the door...
Chapter Seventeen by frackandbonechick
…Chapter Seventeen…

3 Days later (26 November)

My house is finally furnished and I absolutely love it. It’s now home.

It was late afternoon and I was going through my mail and I had 2 letters and the rest junk. One letter was from Steph, she had written that she was doing well and that her and dad were getting along great, dad had apologised and said that he was shocked that she was having sex and that in his eyes she was still his baby gurl, she told me that she had forgiven him and told him that she would not throw it in his face that she was growing up but she still needed to be treated as an adult. I was so relieved, you can’t believe how much so. The next letter shocked me so much I had to sit down. When I opened the letter there was an invitation to the Award ceremony that was happening in 4 days, Why would they want me there? As I was asking myself that question AJ walked through the door.

“Hey pooh, what’s wrong?”

“Nothings wrong, it’s just that I got an invite to the Award”

“Kool, the guys and I are up for 3 this year”

“Really? That’s fantastic, but I still don’t get my they invited me”

“Well doll, your part of the ‘Hollywood’ crowd now and don’t say your not, I’ll prove it to you. Tell me who is coming to your housewarming party after the awards?”

“Well there is Sarah and Freddie, Reese and Ryan, Kylie and Danni (Minouge – I can’t spell sorry), David Boreanaz, Brad and Jen, George, Josh (Jackson)(remember she had danced with him at the first party she went to), Joshie (Hartnet), Katie (Holmes), Christina, Will and Jada…” AJ cut her off

“See, those are some of the best entertainers in the world and I don’t even know some of them and more people are coming that I don’t know like you do. You just have to get used to it… Oh by the way your in a magazine again” AJ said handing me a magazine he had in his hand.

“Oh god what now?”

I opened to the page it said to in the index and saw the caption “BSB fans love Angel (Michelle) and she also says NO! to her ‘Boys’”

I laughed and read the story…

“We have met 5 fans of the ‘Backstreet Boys’ who have met Michelle and love her - Nikki(16), Samantha(16), Ashley (15), Chloe (15) and Katie (16).
Nikki says “I met Shelley (her nickname) on an aeroplane going to New Zealand and recognised her as one of the BSB dancers. I had just seen one of their shows and thought she was a fantastic dancer. We talked and got to know eachother on the plane. She is the nicest person I know and then she did something I will NEVER forget. We got off the plane and she actually rang Howie – on the plane I had told her that he was my favourite Backstreet Boy and she rung him and I got to speak to him. It was the BEST moment of my life, then Shell offered me a ride home, On the way home she had to ring the rest of the guys to know that she was fine and I got to speak to them as well. It was AWESOME. Then I found out that Michelle was supposed to be on that plane that crashed and I was devastated, I couldn’t believe someone as sweet and nice as Michelle could die like that. Then Michelle ACTUALLY rang me to tell me that she was fine, I was so deliriously happy you have no idea. My friends Ashley, Chloe, Sam and Katie thought I was nuts and didn’t believe me that I knew her until about 6 weeks ago.
My friends and I were sitting in McDonalds and I didn’t realise that Michelle and the Boys were there. Michelle recognised me but I didn’t see here. Michelle came over then introduced me and my friends to the guys. She and the guys let us hang out with them while they were celebrating (Michelle is no longer going back to NZ she is staying here in the states). My friends and I have come to a conclusion – NEW ZEALAND HAS LOST AN ANGEL AND AMERICA HAVE GAINED ONE!!!”

Well it looks like not only do the celebrities love Michelle but the fans do as well. To all those people who think Michelle is only ‘friends’ with the ‘Backstreet Boys’ because of their money well guess again. I spoke to a realtor who just sold Michelle her house a couple of days ago and here is what he has to say…”

“ I have had the privilege of meeting the famous ‘Backstreet Angel’ and she is an absolute delight. Michelle did something I thought no 18 year-old female would to – she turned down the Backstreet Boys. The ‘boys’ wanted to buy the house she brought because I quote “for putting up with us” (Michael Guerin – the realtor chuckles). I couldn’t believe it, personally I could of jumped at the offer but Michelle flat out refused and I was shocked but also proud of her. And then out-of-the-blue she invited me and my family to her house warming party. Personally I think everyone is right, Michelle is an ANGEL”

“Wow” I said once I finished reading the article.

(AN: I am so sorry this chaper is so short, it looked longer in my book, if the others are like this i will add them together, i would do that now its just that i have to get up early tomorrow and its already 12am, really sorry again. and i wanna thank sweet18_2003, Anita and Alyeen for reviewing so often, you don't know what it means to me...THANKS)
Chapter Eighteen and Nineteen by frackandbonechick
…Chapter Eighteen…

4 days later at the Awards…

Leighanne, Kirsten and myself had gone shopping the day before to buy ourselves a dress for the awards. I was now wearing a midnight blue, almost black gown, it was tight against my breasts and stomach but slightly flowed out at the bottom so I could walk and sit properly. Leigh was wearing a dark red spaghetti-strap dress, it had a train that hooked onto her wrist so she wouldn’t trip on it, she looked great. Kirsten was wearing a powder-blue almost white gown, which made her look like a goddess, it was just a straight cut dress that just flowed beautifully off her, god I envied her.

So far the awards had been fantastic, Chris Tucker was the presenter and had made me laugh so hard I nearly wet myself, luckily he hadn’t made fun of the boys but he did crack a joke about Britney and Justin.
The boys had performed INBYH and Perfect fan (I know they probably wouldn’t preform that song but I love it, and ya gotta love Brian for it) . The awards were winding down and the guys had won just “Favourite Group” and “Best New Albumn”, but lost “Best New Single” to Christina Aguleira.

(AN: Ok everyone, this part is really cheesy I don’t know what possesed me to write it put it is part of the story, I can’t take it out, I would if I could, please forgive me)

Christina and Britney, Nick and Jessica and Elton John and *N Sync had just given out the last three awards – or so I thought. Brad Pitt and Josh Hartnet came on stage…
“Well we are very honoured to give out this next and last award, we had to fight everyone else just to present it” Josh said then disappeared off stage into the darkness.
“To tell you the truth…”Brad went on… “If I wasn’t madly in-love with Jen and married to her I would totally go after this next award receiver, even if she is 11 years my junior” Brad laughs… “Michelle Reed get your cute little but up here”

I turned to Leigh and Kirsten (the boys couldn’t return to their seats just yet, cuz it was still on live tv) “WHAT?” the just looked confused, then out of no-where Josh shows up.
“You heard Brad, come on” Josh said as he offered me his hand. I took his hand and he ascorted me to the stage and everyone was clapping. When I got on stage is was still in shock (wouldn’t you be).

“Ok guys what’s going on? This is an award show – so what am I up here for, I haven’t won anything, I haven’t done anything!” I said looking at Brad and Josh
“Well no, your right, you haven’t won anything…”Josh said but I cut him off
“Then why…”Brad cut me off
“We haven’t finished yet…YOU haven’t won anything but we do have an award for you”

Just as Brad had finished his sentence the guys – Kev, D, Bri, Nick and AJ as well as Sarah and Reese came onto the stage and I saw Sarah carrying something…
“The nine of us and everyone that has ever met you would like to present you with this”… Sarah said and handed me an Angel on a stand and there was a plaque, which said (as I was reading it Reese told everyone else what it said) “To Michelle Dawn Reed, who is the kindest, sweetest and most genuine person anyone has ever met, You will be forever known as an Angel, Our Angel”
By the time I had finished reading it I was in tears, I was so shocked and happy and for the first time in a long time I felt loved (but no-offence to my guys I knew they loved me).

“Oh god you guys, this is so sweet, thankyou” I hugged each and everyone of them. I turned to the microphone and to everyone else in the audience I said “Thankyou all so much, you are all very sweet, but I’m no angel, I’m just like everyone else”

Reese came up to me “Now now Michelle, you are the Kindest and most good natured person I know. You put everyone before yourself and treat everyone as an equal, In my book and everyone else’s you are an Angel” Then she hugged me.

“Thankyou everyone” I said then started to walk off stage, then I had a thought and ran back to the Mic.

“Oh a couple more things…” then I laughed, so did everyone else…”Since this is being filmed I want to thank Nikki, Sam, Chloe, Katie, Ashley and Michael for saying those lovely things about me in the magazine the other day and to everyone who can make it to my housewarming party – BRING YOUR SWIMSUIT CUZ I HAVE A POOL” then I laughed and walked off stage, while everyone was still laughing.

(Hey guys I realised that chapter wasn’t long enough so I have but 2 chapters in one)

…Chapter Nineteen…


My party was in full swing, so many people showed up. The doorbell was constantly ringing. I was walking past the door when it rang again, I opened the door and there stood Michael Guerin (the realtor), his wife and his two kids (well they weren’t kids. His son looked about 19, very good-looking I might add and his daughter looked about 18, very pretty too)
“Mikey … hey” I said as I hugged him “Oh I hope you don’t mind me calling you that” I said as a extra thought…

Michael just laughed “nah, don’t worry about it” “Michelle I would like you to meet my family, - this is my wife Madalin and my daughter Jodie and my son Joshua”

“Josh” Joshua corrected

“Hey nice to meet you all” I said hugging them

“Come-in, come-in, they party is in full swing” I laughed

“You have a lovely home” Madalin said

“Thankyou, but thank your husband here, he found if for me”

“Ok guys before you go off and party I just have a few things to say…
*there are 3 bathrooms available, they have a sign on it, just please don’t use the ensuites unless its an emergancy.
*The bedrooms are off limits, I don’t want no Hanky-Panky going on (I laughed so did Madalin and Michael but Jodie and Josh blushed)
*The bar is an open bar so you don’t have to pay for drinks, oh which brings me to my next thing…
*Can if have your car-keys please (Mikey handed them over), Thanks, I just don’t want anyone driving home drunk
*And last of all…HAVE FUN!!!

Madalin and Mikey laughed and walked off, but Jodie and Josh just stood there star-struck.

I linked arms with both of them and headed towards the bar
“lets go get a drink down you, you both need to loosen up, and you have to remember that everyone here are as normal as you and me”

When we got to the bar I greated the bartender “hey Jon Jon”

“Hey shell, what do you want”

“I’ll just have a coke…guys?” I said as I turned to Jodie and Josh…

“Rum and coke” Josh replied
“Lemonade and Vodka” Jodie replied
(ok guys I know there underage in the states but in NZ you have to be 18 to drink, so i'm gonna stick with what i know...)

Jon handed over the drinks…”Thanks Jon-jon for doing this for me”

“Your welcome sweets”

“Seeya later”
I turned to Jodie and Josh who have already ‘downed’ half of their drinks already

“Ok Josh I’m gonna introduce you to 2 guys and I know you will get along cuz you already have something in common” I chuckled to my self and walked them over to Josh Hartnet and Joshua Jackson

“Hey baby gurl” Hartnet said
“Hey angel” Jackson said

“hey” I said and I kissed their cheeks

“Julie and Josh this is Josh and Josh” I laughed

“Hey” they all said and the Josh’s laughed

“Ok this is gonna get confusing for me – ya know how blonde I can get” Hartnet was gonna comment…
“Don’t say a thing…” I said to stop him … “So Josh (Hartnet) I’m just gonna call you by your last mane, and Josh (Jackson) I’m gonna call you JJ ok guys?”

“That’s fine sweetheart” JJ said and Hartnet agreed”
“Well you boys play nice and I’m gonna introduce Julie to some people ok… Laterz” And with a wave me and Julie were gone

“She’s gorgous isn’t she” Josh said once I had walked away
“Who?” Hartnet asked
“yeah, pitty she is pretty much spoken for” JJ said
“By who and what do you mean ‘pretty much’?” Josh asked
“Ya know AJ?” Hartnet asked
“Ya know the Backstreet Boys?”
“Yeah my sis loves them”
“Well AJ is part of the group”
“Which one?”
“The one with all the Tats and always wears glasses”
“Ya mean the scary looking fulla?”
“Yeah but AJ’s a really nice guy, but if ya fuck with Michelle he will be ‘up-your-arse-in-a-second”
“So will all the other BSB guys” JJ laughed
“But don’t think Michelle can’t take care of herself, she can. I heard at the Jive party on her second day here Timberlake was harassing her, I don’t know what did did but Michelle got Big ‘ole scary ‘Don’t-do-nothing-for noone, except-my-job Frank to keep Justin away from her, and look he is even here” Hartnet said nodding in Franks direction.

“why would Timberlake be here?” JJ asked looking around
“He’s not FRANK is here cuz Shell invited him”
“What do you mean by Pretty Much spoken for?”
“Well that’s the thing – Michelle and AJ aren’t dating – their not together BUT they are ‘head-over-heals’ for eachother” “So don’t mess with her ok?” Hartnet said
“Yeah I get the message load and clear” Josh said
“So what sports ya into…”

Mean while with Michelle…

“Ok Jules, I’m gonna introduce youuuuuuuuu…”
Suddenly I was spun around and I was face to face with Ben Affleck… I giggled

“Ben that’s one way to get a gurls attentions” I laughed

“hey sweets you wanna dance?” Ben asked

“Well it looks like I already am (laughs) but I have to introduce my new friend Jules to some people, I’ll be back I promise” I got out of Bens arms and went back to Jules

“Sorry about that, now what was I saying? Oh yeah I’m gonna introduce you to 3 fantastic chicks. Now where are they? Oh there…”

I walked over to Christina (Aguleria), Mandy (Moore) and Jessica (Simpson)

“Hey gurls, I wanna introduce you to Julia, Jules this is Chris, Jess and Mandy”

“Hey Julia whats up?” they all responded

“Nothing much, what no Britney?” Julia laughed as she sat down

All of us laughed “Nah Britney ain’t coming, lets just say she is not the sorta person I like to hang out with” I said

“Oh, I heard that she was a absolute snob who doesn’t care about anyone but herself… so don’t worry I get it” Laughed Jules (No-offence all Britney fans, I do like her latest song with Madonna, if it will get me in your good books, hehehehe jokes but I do like the song)

“Sorry gurls, I have to go and see Ben before he gets all pissy, so I’ll leave Jules in your capible hands, and I’ll see you later”

Over the course of 3 hours I had barely had the time to sit down, I danced with Danny (Glover), Mel (Gibson), my boys, Ben, JJ, Hartnet, Josh, Elton, David (Boreanaz), James (Madison), Kerr (Smith), Will (Smith), Lonnie (AJ’s body guard and I had to remind him that he was OFF DUTY), I also dance with Frank but I mostly danced with AJ, God I love him – WHAT, OH MY GOD DID I JUST SAY I LOVE AJ, OH MY I LOVE ALEXANDER JAMES McLEAN…

an hour later after the realisation that I love AJ I decided to bring all the gurls that I could find out onto the dance floor… I went around and got Kylie, Danni, Jess, Mandy, Jules, Chris, Sarah, Reese, Katie (Holmes) and Michelle (Williams) then I set off to find Kirsten and Leigh, I finally found them on the laps of Kev and Bri.

“Come-on gurls, where dancing” I said pulling them off Kev and Bri

On the way to the dance – floor (which was my living room) I grabbed Jen (Pit) and Meg (Ryan).

All 15 of us gurls were getting down and ‘dirty dancing’ on the dance floor with no guys …
At the moment I was dancing with Kylie…

“God that gurl can move”Josh said (he was surrounded my AJ, Nick, Kev, D, Brian, JJ, Hartnet, Brendon Fehr, Brad Pit, Freddie and Ryan – they all are standing around watching the girls)

“Who?” Ryan asked

“Michelle – look at the way she moves, you’re a lucky man AJ” Josh said
“Huh? Yeah” AJ responded, not really listening, he was to mesmarized by Michelle’s dancing…
“Excuse me guys” AJ said putting his coke down and heading in Michelle’s direction

Michelle’s POV

I was dancing with Kylie ad I felt someone come up behind me and as soon as that person touched me I knew who it was cuz of the electricity that ran through my body, Kylie smiled and I spun round to be face to face with a very sexy looking AJ. AJ and I danced for a bit then we went out side by the pool to get some fresh air, it was kinda cold out so no-one else was around.

AJ sat down on one of those sunbathing chairs and pulled me to sit in-between his legs. And we stayed like that for a while listening to eachother breathe and the music of my party. After a while I broke the silence

“ya know Aje, I love this- being here with you, with out having to fill the silence with conversation, your such a good friend to me”

“BUT ya see that what I don’t want anymore”…

I shot straight up and out of Aj’s arms and turned to face him


“I don’t want to be FRIENDS” I was about to say somethin but AJ interupted me “ I wanna be MORE than friends… MICHELLE DAWN REED I HAVE FALLEN HEAD OVER HEALS IN LOVE WITH YOU” AJ declaired while holding my hands

I smiled “ALEXANDER JAMES McLEAN I have fallen head over heals for you”
“your not just saying that?” AJ asked
“Nope, definatley not”

Then AJ Kissed me and I didn’t hesitate for one second to kiss him back, the kiss was gentle at first then once our tounges met it AJ pulled me on top of him and it became the most heated and passionate kiss I had ever experienced.

Inside before we started kissing…

“Come her guys and look at this” Leigh and Sarah called

“Aww they look so cute” Reese said
“Why aren’t they together yet?” Ryan asked
“Dunno… I don’t think its gonna take long though” Kev said
“Oh shit I think AJ just said something wrong, I have never seen Michelle move so quick” Nick said in surprise
“I don’t think so Nick… Oh My God their KISSING…F I N A L L Y!!!” Sarah said
“Nick it looks like you owe me $50 bucks” Brian laughed, then quickly stopped when Leighanne slapped him.
“You made a bet?” Leigh asked
“Man, couldn’t they have waited 3 weeks” Nick whined, Kirsten and Reese slapped him (Kirsten upside the head and Reese on the arm)
Nick gave an innocent hurt look, then laughed and handed Brian over the $50…

Hey guys i hope you liked that chapter, sorry if there are spelling mistakes its just that it is 4.00am and i'm tired, i hope you enjoyed it... cheers *Michelle* :)
Chapter Twenty by frackandbonechick
…Chapter Twenty…

5 months later…

25 May 2003

Michelle and AJ were still dating, well actually they were engaged AJ proposed on their 4 month anniversary – April 2nd (I know that they haven’t been going out for long but love is love right)

The guys were back on tour, they had been for the past month and a half. Michelle had decided to go back to school and study Early Childhood Education, so the boys got a new dancer, Amanda.

From today onwards Michelle had 2 weeks off so she decided to surprise AJ just before their show tonight and she was gonna spend those 2 weeks on the road with him and as an extra bonus for herself it was her 19th Birthday tomorrow.

I arrived at the arena where the guys were performing at and it took me 15 minutes to get in cuz I got asked a dozen times for autographs “I will NEVER get used to that” I said to myself.

“Hey baby-gurl what ya doing here?” I looked up and there was Lonnie – AJ’s bodyguard with a big smile on his face. (He was watching the backstage area)
“What? Aren’t I welcome anymore Lonnie?” I asked in a mocked-hurt tone “Nah, I’m just here to watch my boys plus its me birthday tomorrow and who better to spend it with than you-lot, so any way where’s the main man in my life?”
“If I don’t see ya tomorrow or don’t get to say it – Happy Birthday”, then he gave me a hug. “And AJ is around here somewhere, if he isn’t in his dressing room, he will be in one of these six room getting quiet time before the show” Lonnie said pointing to the six doors along one wall.
“Thanks Lonnie, I’ll see you later” I kissed his cheek and went to AJ’s dressing room first.

AJ’s dressing room was empty – so I started checking the other rooms through the windows and I wish to god I never looked through the 3rd window because it broke my heart into a million pieces. There was AJ making out heatedly with another woman and by the looks of it that women was not only my replacement dancer but also in AJ’s arms… A single tear rolled down my cheek.

“Michelle… Michelle what’s wrong?” “Sweetie what’s wrong” came the voices of Kev and Lonnie.
I couldn’t say anything, I just kept watching… Kev and Lonnie looked where I was “I’m gonna kill the bastard” they both said. Then they went to pound on the door but I came of my trance and stopped them. “Don’t” was all I said
Once AJ started unbuttoning her shirt I had had enough, so I turned to Kev and Lonnie “Give this to AJ” I said handing Kev my engagement ring “I love you both very much, you’re my big brothers I never had. Don’t hurt AJ ok remember he is your brother and your friend. Tell the others I love them also ok?” I kissed each of them on the cheek then walked out.

I got outside and immediately called Mikey

“Mikey, hey its Michelle”

“Not good but I will get into that later, I need a new home, only 1-2 bedrooms, preferably in California, near a beach and a college”
“You do? Great, do you have pictures? Great I’ll come over now and have a look at them, I’ll see you soon Mike, bye”

I went over to Mikey’s and looked at the house, it was perfect, it was a 3 bedroom but that didn’t matter, I signed the paperwork and handed him a check. I went back to my place and packed all my clothes and I grabbed a picture of the whole ‘gang’, left and note then I left for my new place. I really just needed to get away.

In the Arena…

Kevin kicked the door in as soon as Michelle had left, and lunged at AJ “You son-of-a-bitch, how could you?” then threw a punch at AJ

The other 3 heard the commotion and burst threw the door and saw Lonnie trying to get Kevin off AJ
“KEVIN! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Nick and Brian screamed
It took Lonnie, Brian and Nick to get Kevin off AJ, and Howie helped AJ up.

“Kevin what’s the matter with you?” Howie asked disbelieving at what he just saw
“What’s the matter with me? What’s the matter with him? He was just cheating on Michelle, the best thing that has ever happened to him and my…our sister for fucks sake THAT’S WHAT!”
Kevin lunged at AJ again but Lonnie had a tight grip on him this time.
“Kevin, KEVIN! Calm down – remember what Michelle said, that’s the only reason I’m not killing him at the moment” Lonnie said trying to calm Kevin down

“What are you talking about Lonnie? What did Michelle say?” AJ asked

“That’s right – Michelle was here and she saw everything and here’s your fuck’n Ring” Kevin said as he threw the Ring at AJ “I’m gonna do this fuck’n concert and then find her – don’t come anywhere fuck’n near me ALEX or next time I will KILL YOU!” Kevin said then stormed out of the room

The others were still in shock

“AJ tell me you didn’t” Howie said
“ummm…” AJ said while looking at the ground
“Oh for fucks sake AJ why?” Brian asked
“ I was lonely and she wasn’t here”
“AJ she was here! And her house is only 2 hours drive from here, you could have gone to see her! I can’t believe you!” Nick screamed
“Don’t talk to me or come near me” Nick said and he, Howie Brian and Lonnie walked out of the room

AJ slid down the wall and put his head in his hands and cried, His friends hated him and he lad lost the best thing in his life all because of his dick!


The concert was awful, you could see and sense the tension in the group. Kevin, Brian, Howie and Nick didn’t even bother to change after the concert, they just grabbed Lonnie and hopped into a van that Lonnie had arranged during the concert and drove straight to Michelle’s.

Nick unlocked Michelle’s front door and they walked straight in

“Michelle? Are you here?”


“GUYS HERE'S A NOTE” Bri said and he read it allowed…

I’m sorry I didn’t say Goodbye but its not forever. I just need some time to myself. PLEASE don’t be mad. I don’t know how long I will be gone for it might be Days, Months or even Years, I just don’t know and please don’t try and find me I will come back when I am ready. I will let you know somehow when I get where I am that I am OK.
Nick – Happy 1 year anniversary (for tomorrow) who would have guessed that It has only been One year since we met in person, it feels like an eternity to me. I love you.

Kev Bri and D – Our anniversary isn’t for another week and a half but happy Anniversary also, I love you all very much too.

Lonnie, I know you are there, hehe, thankyou for always taking care of me, I love you too.

You 5 are the big brothers I never had and I wouldn’t trade you for anybody or anything (maybe *N Sync, JOKES) but seriously, I do love you all, I just can’t say it enough. Do me ONE favor though, DON’T be to hard of AJ, it’s not his fault he doesn’t love me anymore. DON’T let
MINE AND HIS problems put a strain on your friendship.

Tell Kris and Leigh I love them.

I really do love you all

All My Love
Michelle – Your Angel Always

P.s. in my room there are some gifts for you all, they are anniversary presents.


All five of the guys were crying when Brian finished reading out the letter

They all wondered up to Michelle’s bedroom and on the bed were 5 wrapped passels. Inside of all of them were a necklace and a T-shirt. On the T-shirts it said Angel’s brother N# 1, 2, 3, 4 and on Lonnies it said Angels brother and protector. On the necklace there was an inscription that said ‘I love you – your angel always.

All the boys sat down and wondered how long Michelle was going to be gone for.

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Chapter Twenty One ~ Last Chapter by frackandbonechick
…Chapter 21…

One Year Later

Michelle was still living in California. None of the guys or anyone else – except Nikki (remember the fan) knew where she was. Michelle had sent gifts on their birthdays and christmas but hadn’t seen or spoken to them in over a year, but that was all about to change because of a phone call from Nikki telling Michelle that Leigh and Kris were pregnant and Leigh was expecting her baby any-day now.

Leighanne and Kirsten were sitting on the couch and the guys were down in Brian’s basement studio when the phone rang.

“Hello” Leighanne said as she answered the phone.
“h-hey Leigh”
“Oh my God – MICHELLE? Is that you?”
“yeah Leigh its me”
“Leigh calm down your pregnant” I said
“OK, hang-on how did you know?”
“ummm… Nikki told me”
“Nikki as in your friend me and Kris bumped into yesterday Nikki?”
“Yeah, she rung me this morning and told me that you and Krissy were preggers, so I rung to congratulate you”
“Hello” Kirsten said on the other phone
“Hey Krissy” I said
“M-M-Michelle? Is that you?”
“Yeah it’s me”
“Kris calm down your preggers as well”

Bri, Kev, Howie, Nick and AJ came running up the stairs

“What’s wrong?” Asked Brian
“Don’t tell them its me” I pleaded but only Kirsten heard.
“its Michelle” Leigh said waving the phone.
“Too Late” Kris said

Brian grabbed the phone

“Shell is that you?”
“Yeah it’s me, don’t scream, I’ve only just got my hearing back thanks to Kris and Leigh”
“Oh My God, How are you? Where are you? Why haven’t you called? You coming home?…”
“wow wow slow down Bri, one question at a time, put me on speaker phone so I don’t have to repeat myself”
“ok, your on speaker phone now” Brian said as he pushed the speakerphone button

“Thanks, Hey everyone…” Then I answered all their questions like Brian’s ones

“So why did you call now after ALL this TIME and not BEFORE?” AJ asked Bitterly

“Well don’t get BITTER at me ALEX but Nikki called this morning and told me that she saw Kris and Leigh and that they were both pregnant, so I called to congratulate them” “Leigh when you due?”

“Next couple of days”
“You mind if I come and see you then – I wanna be there when he or she is born”
“I would love it if could be there when Michelle Gracie is born
“Yeah we wanted to name her after her Angel Godmother”
“You want me to be her godmother?”
“Will you?”
“Of-course, I would be honoured, and I would hug you if I was there”

Then the doorbell rung, “sorry Shell I have to get that” Leigh said

Leigh left and Bri and the others carried on talking to me, Leigh opened the door and I hung up the phone and prepared for Leigh’s reaction

“May I help you?” she said

I just smiled and she screamed and hugged me.

“My god you look so different!” Leigh said.

I was now Blonde and my hair was a lot longer, I was more tanned and I was wearing a black leather skirt, knee-high boots and a white halter-top.

“You look beautiful” I said as she hugged me again.

We walked into her and Bri’s house
“What’s wrong?” Leigh asked the guys
“Michelle just hung up on us” Nick said
Leigh smiled “It doesn’t matter”
“why?” Nick asked
“Cuz of this…” and she pulled me infront of her.

They just looked at her weirdly, they didn’t recognise me.

Then AJ’s jaw hit the floor “My got you’re gorgeous” she said as he recognized me and Nick elbowed him in the side.

It was so funny that they hadn’t recognized me I had to try not to laugh or smile otherwise it would ruin my fun.

I looked over at Krissy and lifted an eyebrow, the ‘lightbulb’ went on but I gave her a look not to say anything.

I whispered something to Leigh and laughed and we went upstairs and Kris followed

“Where you going?” Bri asked
“To get something, you’ll see” Leigh shouted back

I came back downstairs wearing the shirt I gave Brian
Brian ‘clicked’ straight away and twirled me around in a big circle, then Kev and Howie did the same.


I turned and whispered to Bri “he really is blonde isn’t he” Brian laughed “yeah”

I walked up to Nick and said just 4 words


“My god you have changed to much” and he hugged me

I looked over at AJ and I found him more gorgeous than ever. I had forgiven him ages ago and for the life of me I couldn’t stop loving him. I actually think I loved him more, well they do say that absence makes the heart grow stronger.

I released nick and stood infront of AJ, his eyes pleaded me for to let him hug me, in my eyes I gave him the answer and he smiled and hugged me. In his ear I whispered “I forgive you”
He pulled back and smiled
“Yeah I forgave you a long time ago”
“Then why didn’t you come back?”
“I needed time by myself”
“I still love you, I’m still in love with you Pooh”
“And I’m still in love with you, BUT you need to earn my trust back and if we do this at all its gonna have to be very very slowly, and you have to EARN my TRUST back”
“I know, thankyou”

I turned to my friends and smiled, I WAS HOME ONCE AGAIN….


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