Backstreet Angel by frackandbonechick
Prologue by frackandbonechick
Disclaimer: This story is the first Backstreet Boys story I have written. I do not know the Backstreet Boys and if I did I wouldn't be writing a fan fiction. In this story you can pretty much tell who are my favourites in the group. But I love each and every one of them. If you hate the idea of a plane crash because of what happened on September 11th this is a word of warning there is a crash in this story. I support each and every one of their girlfriends especially Leighanne and Kristen because they have made Kevin and Brian very happy. Have a good one.



April 15 2001

To Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson

Hi there, My name is Michelle and I am 17 (well nearly) and a big fan of your music. But that's not why I am writing...I am writing because I am sorry about how some fans treat you and your loved ones (especially your girlfriends/wives) and how the PRESS never leaves you alone. I live in New Zealand (the country below Australia) so I don't know everything 'they' say and write about you guys...but I do know they do write hurtful things and I am sorry. Sorry to keep this short but my best friend is bugging me to drop this and leave with her (he, he) Love, Michelle Reed P.s. Congratulations to Kevin and Brian on getting married. I hope your marriages last cuz all you guys deserve to be happy. Oh one more thing, I know you guy get this a lot but if you guys ever need anyone to talk to I am here for you. Laterz...

My address: 158 Blahuni Drive Ranui, AUCKLAND, New Zealand (not real address)

My E-mail:

"Michelle I don't know why you are writing to those guys in that band its not like they are gonna read it, yet write back" Dezerae my best friend said shacking her head. "Ya never know Dez, Ya never know"

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