Not So Perfect by Scooby_Doo91
Ch.#1 by Scooby_Doo91

Hi I really want to thank you for responding to my letter.That was a really nice thing to do.Well since you asked I'll tell you a bit about myself.

#1 - I live in Las Cruces,NM
#2 - I have mid-back length black hair
#3 - I have green eyes with a bit of silver in them
#4 - My favorite bands are Good Charlotte and DUH the Backstrret Boys ! (hehe)
#5 - My favorite food is shrip or crab(I love seafood)
#6 - I love the color Garnet (I was born in January,on the 17th)
#7 - My favorite flowers are Snowdrops or Irises
#8 - I love the tv show Punk'd (I have a thing for Ashton ! hehe)
#9 - I HATE N*sync !!!!! (I absolutely hate them !)
#10 - I hate smokers ! (but not as much as N*sync)

Well I really hope you write me again I would appreciate it alot.

P.S. - My e-mail address is and so is my chat name.

Nick finished reading the letter that Bianca had wrote him and sat it down on his nightstand then he went over to Howie's room.
"Hey Nick" Howie said as Nick came into his hotel room "Hey Howie" Nick said back."Whats up,what do ya want?"Howie asked him,"Oh I was wondering if I could borrow your laptop mine's kinda screwed up right now" Nick said "Oh ok ,here"
Howie said as he handed his laptop to Nick "Don't break it now ok"Howie told him firmly "Alright , alright" Nick said as he walked out of Howie's room with his laptop.
Nick headed back towards his room and hooked up the laptop then started it up and began his e-mail to Bianca.


Hey Bianca Im glad that you sent me the first letter to tell you the truth I've been fighting with Kevin lately and I needed someone to talk to.
Im glad you told me stuff about yourself I was wondering if you had a picture I can see I'll check your profile if you don't do you think you can send me one? I'd be happy if you could my e-mail address is hope I get an
e-mail from ya !
P.S.- I hate N*sync too!!! (hehe)

Nick finished his e-mail to Bianca the pushed the send button.

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