Fatal Journey by Jamelet and Stephanie
A Destiny To Fulfill by Jamelet and Stephanie
Chapter One: A Destiny To Fulfill

The wet slick road glistened in the after shower of the cold dark night, the damp wind battered the bare wet trees with its touch bringing nothing but its cold hand upon it. The open road left deserted years ago, gleamed in the silver streak moonlight as overgrown trees aligned either side of it. A quiet serene sound seemed almost innocent and peaceful if not for the tragic events that had recently unfolded. The dark black road was covered and streaked in a pool of ever flowing crimson fluids that splattered quickly, splashing around the bare barks and ground.

A last cry of horror breaks into the road as the body of a young light haired woman crashes dead on the road, her throat ripped open, the folds of flesh no longer available at the open gash in the center of her neck. A pool of blood now surrounded the woman corpse as the killer smiles, his light eyes gleaming in joy.

“Not bad.” A dark haired man steps up to him: a grin sliding onto his handsome dark features. “Not bad at all Nicky.” The man grunts out, giving him a ‘thumbs up’ sign for the job well done.

Nick snickers, glancing back down at the nude woman, lying dead on the road, her limbs strewed around in their last defeat. “Thanks. Too bad she was pretty. It would have been easier if she wasn’t.”

His friend nods in agreement, sighing. “I hear ya man, this job gets nastier as time goes on.”

“Alex…” Nick’s voice trails off, his eyes watching the trail of dark red blood spill on the road almost black in the stray visible moonlight.

“Hmmm yeah?” The dark haired man smiles, “What is it?” He reaches for a napkin, handing it to his friend.

“Thanks.” Nick takes the tissue, wiping off the reminiscences of some spilled blood on his lips. “I’m tired. Maybe we should back.”

“Yeah, we’re almost done man. The others are still killing off the rest of the group. Then we can head out.” A.J. grunts out, holding back a yawn as he shuffles back to the other three men surrounding four deceased female teenage bodies.

A sandy haired, bright azure eyed man turns to them and smiles gently. “How was the hunting?”

“Excellent as always. Nick showed off his holds bar on the chick. She died before she could even yell out help.” A.J. grins widely, his dark chocolates eyes scan the forest behind them.

“Oh of course, I wouldn’t doubt Nick pulled that trip off with his other victims.” The man states laughing.

Nick smirks. “Oh come on Brian, you know you like that.”

Brian snickers softly, glancing back at the other two men in their group walking towards them.

A tall raven haired man glances over at Nick with a smile, nodding his head at the dead woman on the road. “We’re just about done then guys. Howie got a sip of the broad before I broke her neck.”

An average tan complexion, handsome man smiles, licking the blood off his lips nodding. “Sure did. She tastes sweet, her blood almost tickled me.”

Kevin smirks. “Alright, guys. We can head back to the house and the faster the better before dawn comes.”

The other four men nod as they begin their way down the road. A few feet away from them, the ground trembles slightly, cracking into various directions. Kevin narrows his eyes to the left side of him to see a broken headstone rising from underneath. Startled, Kevin halts the four men with him and quietly heads over to the plot of land disturbed from the earthquake.

“What is it? What do you see?” One of the guys called out behind him as Kevin inches closer to the tussled dirt before him.

“Not sure.” Kevin whispers out as he gasped, jumping back at the sight of an arm punching out of the dirt, the peach fingers open and grasp the dirt around it as the other arm shoots out from the dirt as well.

A.J. gulps, watching the scene and whispers out, “Dude, let’s go now! Let’s get the hell out of here man!”

Brian nods. “Yeah…I don’t wanna be around when that thing comes out.”

Gulping, Kevin quivers, turning back to the others. “I guess…we’ll head out.”

“I guess…no we’re leaving now.” Howie whispers out, nervously running a hand through his short dark locks.

Kevin nods yet too stun to move as the arms coming from the dirt grip the ground and pulls out a woman, barely dressed as dirt cling and smeared across her body and clothes. Kevin gulps to see a petite woman in about in early twenties with long matted dark brown hair clinging to her back and shoulders as her light brown eyes set on Kevin. Moaning out something incoherent, she extends her open hands out to him.

Howie quivers, looking at the woman and gulps as a broken headstone next to the one the woman came out to see it tremble. All eyes glance to the soft dark dirt besides the partially nude woman that emerged from the ground to see two caramel arms shoot from the dirt, griping the dirt around it as it pulls itself out. Another woman: this one much taller than the first with dark brown hair and blue streaks and striking blue grey eyes gaze at the group before her. She seemed built and equally strong to take on those around her with her toned body, the muscles aching to be used. A small silver glow from her nose drew attention to the others as she fiddles with the silver nose ring and eyebrow ring placed gently in her flesh. She was barely dressed like her counterpart and extends her hands out to them as Howie’s dropped open.

“What…what…what the hell are they?!” Nick yells out distressed as Kevin shivers, backing away.

“I don’t know, but I wanna go now.” Kevin whispers, ready to race down the road away from the strange woman.

Nick gazes at them and noted something odd about them, they seem to sporting a similar gem: a diamond cut gem on a white necklace that glowed faintly in the moonlight. “Guys…that gem…that could only mean one thing.” He whispers out as the others gulp.

“They’re…they’re here!” Brian chokes out, running away in fear down the road as A.J. quickly follows along with Howie.

Nick gasps and grabs Kevin’s arm, tugging on the man to leave and get out before it was too late. But Kevin remained frozen in fear for a minute before he creeps away from them, hearing the women shriek and cry out to come back…that they were needed.

The smaller petite dark haired woman glances over to her tall partner and smiles: “Jade, it looks like we have our work cut out for us.”

Jade simply smiles, letting out a laugh as they trudge through the dirt heading slowly to go after the men. “Dynasty…they are the ones. I can see it.” She smiles as they slowly crawl in the dirt trying to get their leg muscles working before they can begin to seek the chosen ones out.

Dynasty smiles and nods as they stand up and smile; giggling softly under the strange now hazy night.

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