The Duvet Chronicles by addiction
It Attacked Me First by addiction
Nick kicked violently at his bed covers; why the hell had he tried to sleep with them on anyway?
'Sometimes Nick; you are SUCH an idiot' he hissed at himself getting out of his bed so that he could push the covers right off the bed. As irony has it, the corner of the duvet caught itself firmly on to the bottom bed-post causing half of the duvet to stay hanging of the end. Nick stared at it blankly, trying to comprehend why the duvet wasn't just going off the bed like he'd wanted it too. He kicked the duvet in annoyance; Stupid duvet. Being short of temper on this warm summer night, rather than unhooking it, Nick took the physical route and grabbed the other end of the duvet and pulled hard at it. The duvet, however, doing exactly what the laws of physics told it too, remained firmly attached to the bed.
'Why you stupid good for nothing piece of cloth' Nick shouted at the duvet, suddenly giving it a sharp tug, only to slip on the soft carpet due to the fact he wasn't wearing socks.
'O NO, Now you are going to pay' Nick said to the duvet, lunging himself into the king-size bed mass of duvet on the floor.
'LET GO OF ME' he screamed as the duvet wrapped its way around his head due to his constant struggling. Nick immediately lost any sense of articulation as he resorted to swearing and randomly shouting at his captor

'WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?' shouted Kevin, opening the door to the hotel room, and stepping in as the other three boys crowded around the door.
Kevin was greeted with a nervous silence, 'Nick?' He heard a light coughing from somewhere near his feet and he stepped back impulsively, walking straight in to Brian in the process.
'Nick is that you?' Brian asked crouching down and prodding the duvet covered form on the floor in front of them. Nick nodded from his prison of thick bed covers. Somewhere he could hear Howie sniggering at him, and he felt a sudden rush of blood, how could they be so inconsiderate? He?d been attacked by his bed sheets and they were now suffocating him and burning him up.
'Well?' said Kevin
'What?' asked Nick sulkily
'Why are you lying there on the floor wrapped up in your bed covers? Don?t you know how HOT it is at the moment?'
'What was that?' asked AJ; 'I appear to have missed the finer points of that?'

A few minutes later, Nick was freed from his attacking duvet and was standing in front of his band-mates with a distinctly humiliated expression on his face 'It attacked me first' he said with an embarrassed shrug

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