Against Her Will by Daisyrae
The Involuntary Deatheater by Daisyrae
I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters therein...I own the plot and Bree/Dougie...well maybe Dougie owns himself...LOL Please enjoy

Brianna couldn’t believe what had just happened, the Dark Lord had finally branded her. She put her head in her hands and sobbed, she could not believe her misfortune; not only did her father require that she be a Death Eater but he was also making her marry a man that she despised with every fiber of her being. Luckily she was an accomplished Occlumens/Legilimens and her father had no idea how she felt, to tell him would not only leave her alone but it would also mark her for death. These thoughts ran through her mind while she wept. Bree felt as though her life was over, no matter how much she tried she had always been unable to distance herself from her father. She had landed herself in Gryffindor, which displeased him immensely.
She dearly missed her days in Gryffindor, her days trailing behind Hermione, Ron, Harry and Dougie. The five of them had been inseparable, which shamed her father and she had paid dearly for it, which was apparent in the mark she now bore on her left arm. She put her hand in her pocket and lovingly rubbed the smooth Galleon that served as her communication between herself and Dougie. She had to tell them what had happened, she dearly needed a shoulder to cry on, she knew that her best mates would be there for her. They had been the only ones that hadn’t held her family against her.
She set the coin for 8 P.M. and sent the message; they would be expecting her at number 12 Grimmauld Place at that time.

When 8 o’clock rolled around Bree walked out her door and apparated to London, she couldn’t apparate straight to Headquarters because her movements were sure to be tracked by Draco. She arrived three blocks from her actual destination so she just took her time and walked the rest of the way. She was so nervous; she had no idea how her friends would react to her new “tattoo”. She slowly approached the spot where #12 was supposed to be, pulled her wand from her robes, and tapped the empty lot. Seemingly out of nowhere a door appeared. She turned the knob and entered the Foyer to the Black family estate and the Order’s Headquarters.
She closed the door quietly, not quite ready to face her friends and confidants, she felt dirty. She was hoping that she would be able to arrive without a lot of pomp and circumstance but as people began to rush out of the kitchen she knew that would be impossible, they were all too happy to see her. Her absences had been noted; she would have a lot of explaining to do not to mention the fact that she was about to show them why she would be absent a lot more in the future.

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