Wild At Heart : The Beginning by AJsSweety
Chapter 18 by AJsSweety

Katherine entered the foyer and sat down in the large chair that sat near the far wall, the chair had a high back and hand carved arm rests. On either side of her stood Darcy and Bianca, kneeling in front was a group of nearly twenty demons and vampires.
“What is your wish mistress?” One asked looking up toward her.
“My wish is to end the pitiful life of one Nickolas Craven. He will die before the harvest moon.”
“That is several months away milady, are you sure that we will finish this by then?”
“It will be done. Nickolas is a boastful man that feels that my power is to be his own. My power is my own and no one will change that.”
“What of his entrance into this house this very evening?”
“That will be dealt with, a spell of binding will keep him from ever entering our home again. Those of you that wish to remain safe from Nickolas you are welcome to stay within the walls of this very mansion. Nickolas will never enter here again.”
“We will all stay.” They said in unison as they bowed before her. Katherine felt their power surge through her, their will to be there for her by their own free will astounded her. She had never seen such devotion, not even during her human years.
“Bring me the book, the spell will be cast this very night during the high moon.” Katherine stated. Henry walked from the room and reentered with a gold and silver book. Katherine extended her hand to the book and placed it in her lap, she looked upon the cover and ran her fingers over the symbol in the center.
“We are back together old friend.” Katherine said as she opened the book. She began looking through the book, looking for just the right spell to cast. Smiling she placed her fingers on the words that were written on the page.
“With this spell, I bind thee and with this spell I bind thee, your power will never allow you to enter the halls of this place you once called home. Your evil will never allow you entrance within the gates of the property that this house now sits. With this spell I bind thee, and you will soon find that this spell will bring your own death. You will bring your own undoing. With this spell I bind thee.” Katherine repeated over and over, the others chorused in repeating the words as she was saying them, the room began to glow and Katherine’s hands began to shake as she raised them above her head. A scream could be heard off in the distance as Katherine finished the spell.
“It is done. He shall never enter these halls again. The will of my spell is stronger than his will to change what he cannot. From this day forward all those that reside within the halls of this mansion will be protected by my magic and shall share in the destruction of Nickolas Craven. Never will his kind roam the world and cause so much pain. This is my vow, my pledge to all of you.”
“We pledge something ourselves mistress.”
“And what is that?” Katherine asked looking at Darcy.
“We shall all remain at your side, we all know of the power that holds itself deep within your being, the prophecy that has been told of one that was to be a demon that becomes more than that, one that once was feared as a sorceress but will be the one that will save demon and human alike. You are the one that shall bring that prophecy into truth. You shall show those that fear us that we are not to be feared. We are demons and vampires, but we only take what we need to survive and nothing more. From this day forward we will only take what is needed to survive.”
“We are vampires my dears, and because of that we will do what comes naturally to us, but we will do as we can. Our lives will be to protect the humans from what they do not see or understand, but we will not stop being what we were created to be. We are blood thirsty demons that will live as we can.”
“Yes that we shall. We vow this.”

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