Angels and Heroes by backstreet_fanatic
Chapter 1 by backstreet_fanatic
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Touring with the Backstreet Boys for their album, Never Gone, was over and Brian could now fully concentrate on recording and promoting his album. Brian stared at the pages that lay in his hands, the pages that contained all the lyrics to the songs he would be recording in the weeks ahead. He looked through the typed lyrics word by word, stanza by stanza, song by song, until he read through all of the pages. He lay back in his chair, knowing the difficulties he would face even in recording itself. He knew that he would do all the vocals in most of the songs. He also knew that it took a lot of time to mix and master all the recordings. It wouldn’t be easy doing all of this.
He looked up from his sea of thoughts when Nick came into the room. Even though they were officially done with the tour, Nick would drop by occasionally in Brian’s place to ‘hang around’. All of the Backstreet Boys knew that Brian was recording his own album so they would sometimes ask him for updates.
“What ya got there?” Nick asked, sitting beside Brian in the already tight cushion.
“The lyrics to the songs.” Brian replied while standing up, aware that both of them wouldn’t fit on the same cushion.
“Oh, okay. How many songs are you planning to record?” Nick asked Brian curiously.
Brian thought for a moment and finally told him, “Ten.”.
At that moment, Billy Mann entered the room with a mischievous grin.
“Hello. How are you, Brian?” Billy greeted Brian.
“I’m fine. How are you?” he replied shaking his hand.
“We need to talk. It’s business.” Billy whispered in Brian’s ear.
“Do we mind if we go out for a second, Nick?” Billy asked him before going out with Brian.
“Not a chance, I’m going out.” Nick replied as he stood up from the cushion and left the room to get a drink.
“Brian, I’ve made a little changes on ‘Gone Without Goodbye’ and I wanted you to know about them.” Billy told him showing him one of the papers he held.
“Okay.” Brian replied as he got out the lyrics for ‘Gone Without Goodbye’.
After writing out the corrections he asked Billy, “Is there anything more you want from me?”.
“No, that’s all. Though I just wanted to tell you that we’re composing a song.”.
“Haven’t you told that to me already?” Brian asked as he stood up to leave.
“Oh, come on, Brian.” Billy remarked as he stood up and caught him by the shoulder before he had the chance to leave, “I’m serious. You’re going to love the song.”.

Brian saw Nick in the kitchen, drinking a glass of orange juice. Brian joined him, realizing he was thirsty.
“So how did the conversation go?” Nick asked curiously while putting his half-empty glass on the counter.
He always loved prying with the conversations of others. Brian didn’t mind it though, since the conversation wasn’t a big deal to him.
“It went out fine.” Brian replied while taking a sip of his orange juice.
“What did you guys do?”
“We just did some editing with one of the songs.” Brian said briefly not willing to relay in detail the conversation they had.
Fortunately, Nick didn’t consider the conversation interesting and decided to talk about something else.
“So have any of the other boys dropped by yet?” Nick asked referring to the Backstreet Boys.
“Kevin dropped by a few weeks ago, but other than that, none.” Brian replied putting his empty glass on the sink.
He thought intently about a dream he had the night before. He remembered seeing himself crying and crying and everyone turning their back on him, walking away. The dream evoked reality in him. He thought briefly about what happened a few months ago and he wondered if a worser nightmare would follow.
“Brian, are you okay?” Nick asked him putting down his glass in alarm.
“I’m okay.” Brian managed to say while he felt his breath constricting. He held the sink for support but felt himself grow weaker and weaker. Before he managed to fall, he was supported by Nick. The last he heard was Nick shouting for Billy to call an ambulance…

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