The Real House Of Carter by Eleonora
Chapter 1 by Eleonora
Author's Notes:
Hello everybody this is like the very first fiction I've ever wrote in english (I am italian) so bare with me if you found any grammar mistakes... I proof readed this a million times but still... I hope you all like it... if you can please please please leave me a comment aight?? thanx!
Ele looked inside the club and entered straight into the VIP section. She didn’t want to be bothered or something by fans. It wasn’t that fans bothered her; it was just that there were times when she felt she couldn’t be nice with people, especially when she was angry or sad about something. And that day was one of those times. She loved her fans, though, and would do anything to make them happy, this is why she decided to hide in the VIP section waiting for her brother Andrea, the owner of the club, to come and hang with her.
“Hey, what’s the matter?” he asked sitting next to her in the loveseat, noticing her sad expression.
“Hey… I broke up with Josh…”
Andrea couldn’t help but smile. “It was damn time!” he exclaimed.
“I take it you’re happy about it…” she rolled her eyes.
“Well… I wouldn’t be if only he wasn’t the damn asshole he is! He treated you like $hit and cheated on you twice! I really don’t know why you kept coming back!”
“I don’t know… maybe ‘cause deep inside I felt like… maybe I had feelings for him…”
“Please, tell you don’t have ‘em anymore nor you never had ‘em and were only imagining things!?”
She let out a soft laugh. “No, I don’t… But…”
“But what?” he asked noticing how his little sister looked deep in thoughts.
“You know… I love singing, performing and all that stuff, I just… guys don’t see me as a normal girl they could date… they see me as something they can show off to their friends and brag about all the time… I don’t want that…”
“Well, maybe you should start dating someone IN the business…”
“Are you saying I should hook up with a celebrity?”
“Well… there are a lot of guys that would die to have a chance with you… hell, you’re really famous!” he laughed. “But if you feel like they can’t understand you, maybe you should try looking around somewhere else…”
She thought about what her brother had just told her. He was right after all. She never had a celebrity relationship…
“Just think about it, ok?” he told her softly, kissing her cheek and standing up. “I gotta go see if some of my friends are here… don’t go anywhere…”
She nodded smiling a little, all the while watching him go downstairs, near the exit door.
She didn’t know personally any celebrity her age, which was very unfair because her brother, being the owner of one of the hottest club in Los Angeles, knew so many people… no, she could never ask him something like that… she didn’t want to start dating someone and then having the feeling of being with someone that her brother had previously chosen for her. She knew herself so well!
She suddenly felt thirsty, so she headed towards the bar. She didn’t pay much attention to where she was going, and that’s when she realized she had bumped into someone and had fallen to the ground, butt first.
“Oh God, I’m so sorry…” she heard someone say to her. It sounded like a man voice, but with the music being that loud, she couldn’t trust her own ears.
When she lifted her eyes, she was surprised to see Aaron Carter offering his hand to help her get off the floor.
“It’s ok, I… I wasn’t looking where I was going, either…”
“No, it’s my fault; really…” he helped her up. “I’m Aaron, by the way…” he told her.
“I’m sorry, I really need to get going…” she told him seeing her brother coming towards them. “See ya around Aaron…” and with that she ran to the ladies bathroom.
Aaron didn’t have much of time to understand what was going on and could only follow the beautiful girl with his eyes as she ran away from him. Was she scared?
“Hey, buddy, you came!”
Aaron heard his friend Andrea say, so he turned around and smiled at him, trying to forgive what had just happened. “Yeah, I love your place… lot of hot girls…” he said kicking himself mentally.
His friend laughed. “Seen anything interesting yet?”
“Actually, yes… but she ran away, though… maybe she has a boyfriend…” he admitted.
“I don’t believe it, Air… no girl could ever ran away from you…”
Aaron laughed and looked around to see if he could spot her somewhere. “Maybe next time…”
“Well, my little sister’s here…”
“Your sister as in… the singer?”
“Yeah… She’s my only sister, you know?” he said sarcastically. “I was gonna go look for her, wanna come with me? I promised I was gonna hang with her tonight…”
“Yeah, sure…”
Aaron then followed him back to the VIP section. He still kept looking around to see if “his” girl was anywhere in sight. That’s when he heard his friend call “Ele!” and turned around to look where Andrea was looking, too. He couldn’t believe it. “His” girl was Andrea’s little sister? No way! She was… gorgeous! And the only thing he could do was staring at her.
“Hey Ele, this is Aaron Carter…”
Aaron watched her grin and flash him a very beautiful smile, giving him her hand to shake. He accepted it, immediately.
“Nice to meet you, Aaron… I’m Ele…” she added.
“Well, it’s nice to finally know your name…”
“Sorry ‘bout before, I was rude to you…”
“Naw, it’s ok…”
Andrea eyed the couple suspiciously, then exclaimed: “Ok, why do I have the feeling you guys are hiding something from me?”
Aaron and Ele laughed. “We bumped into each other right before you came looking for me,” he explained. “… but I had no clue she was your sister…”
“Oh, so she’s the girl who ran away from ya, buddy?” asked Andrea trying hard not to laugh in his friend’s face. He didn’t succeed though, also because his sister was smirking proudly.
“Yeah…” muttered Aaron, red as a tomato.
“Don’t worry, she does that all the time!”
“Do not!” Ele finally broke into the conversation. “And if you haven’t noticed, I’m still here, ya know?”
“Sorry, E…” her brother told her, kissing her cheek.
“Whatever…” she rolled her eyes.
Just then one of Andrea’s assistant came into the room to tell him something. Andrea excused himself and left Ele alone with Aaron.
“So…” she started. “Again, I’m sorry about before…”
“It’s no biggie, seriously… You should stop apologizing… You’re the one that fell after all…” he grinned.
“You know what? I’m glad I decided to come here tonight…” she told him honestly, smiling.
“You were supposed to be somewhere else?”
“No, I… I just broke up with my ex but hey… who cares about him… I’m not the one who cheated on him twice…”
He looked at her smiling sympathetically, unsure of what was best to tell her under these circumstances: he know exactly how she felt because his last steady girlfriend had cheated on him, and at the time he felt like he couldn’t trust any other girl. But now… now he was just glad he had bumped into her.
Seeing him deep in thoughts and silent, she covered her face with both her hands. “I’m so, so, so sorry! I didn’t want to bother you with my messed up life!”
He gently reached for her and took her hands in his, uncovering her face. “Hey, it’s ok… I don’t mind, really… and you’re not bothering me, that’s for sure!”
She smiled. A genuine smile that made Aaron stare at her mesmerized. “Thanks…” she felt a little embarrassed because of him staring, but she decided to play it cool anyways. “Hey, before we collided I was about to go take a drink… wanna come with me?” she asked sweetly in the best girlie voice she could master.
“Sure thing!”
She stood up, and Aaron knew right away that the only thing he could do was follow her. And he did.

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