Sibling Rivalry by Nightlove
Prologue by Nightlove
Author's Notes:
This story is being co-written with Jen, a fellow fan fiction writer.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I only own the story line and the characters I make up.


Ebony Undomiel, a fourth year from Salem Academy, stood next to her sister Satiana Undomiel, a sixth year. They stood in front of the fireplace in their school waiting for the Head Mistress to come so they could floo to Hogwarts. Ebony wore silver robes with the family crest holding it together. Satiana wore dark green robes with the family crest holding it together. Ebony had dark brown hair, light blue eyes and pointy ears like their Elvin mother. Satiana had light sandy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and rounded ears like their human father. Head Mistress Logan entered the room.
“Are you ready to go to Hogwarts?” the Head Mistress asked the sisters.
“But why are we going?” Ebony asks.
Head Mistress took a seat behind her desk preparing herself for a long discussion.
“You’ll be safer there then here,” replied Head Mistress Logan.
“Well if it’s safer there then here why were we put here in the first place?” Satiana asked coldly.
Head Mistress knew that was coming. The two had resented being placed in the care of the school since day one. She knew how Satiana wanted to go back to middle earth to continue the search for her mother. Neither of the sisters could believe that she was truly gone.
“You know the reason you were placed here,” Head Mistress Logan explained to them.
“What ever you say,” Ebony snapped.
“Do you have your luggage?” Head Mistress Logan asked the two.
Satiana and Ebony point to the trunks by their feet.
“Just step in the fire place and say as clearly as possible Hogwarts,” Head Mistress Logan explained.
Satiana and Ebony took turns stepping into the fireplace and yelling Hogwarts. Ebony was the last one out of the fire place. She saw her sister talking with a tall man who wore purple robes. He had long white hair and a long white beard. His eyes twinkled with joy and Ebony thought she saw him smile brightly behind his beard.
“Welcome to Hogwarts,” Professor Dumbledore said brightly.
Satiana smiled coldly at Dumbledore while Ebony forced on a fake smile.
“In a moment we will go down to dinner so we can sort you into your houses. There are four houses. The houses are Ravenclaw, Hufflepuffs, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Let us go down to the Great Hall,” Dumbledore explained.
Ebony and Satiana followed Dumbledore down a spiral stair case and into a stair case that kept moving.
“Watch out for the stairs. They never seem to stay in the same spot,” Dumbledore explained when he noticed them looking at the staircases curiously.
When they arrived in the Great Hall everyone was there. Dumbledore led the sisters up to the front of the hall. People stared at Ebony and Satiana as the walked behind Dumbledore. When they arrived to the front Dumbledore turned around to face the students.
“Good Evening Students. We have the pleasure of having two new students with us this year. We are about to sort them into their houses,” Dumbledore began.
Professor McGonagall stepped forward and took the hat from Dumbledore.
“Satiana Undomiel,” McGonagall called out.
Satiana stepped forward. As soon as the hat touched the tip of her head it screamed out Gryffindor. The Gryffindor table erupted in applause. Satiana made her way over to the table and sat down.
“Ebony Undomiel,” McGonagall called out.
Ebony stepped forward more cautiously. It took a little bit longer for the hat to decide where to put Ebony. As soon as it had the hat yelled Slytherin out. The Slytherin table erupted in applause. Ebony made her way over to the Slytherin table slowly. She looked over her shoulder at her sister trying to figure out why they had been put into two separate houses. Ebony began to eat her dinner. She had never had any food as delicious as this.
“I’m Draco Malfoy. I would like to extend a welcome on behalf of the Slytherin house,” Draco said.
“What are you the welcoming committee?” snapped Ebony.
Draco smiled.
“I think you’ll do fine in Slytherin,” Draco said.
Meanwhile Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger approached Satiana.
“I’m Hermione Granger and this is Ron Weasley. We want to welcome you to Hogwarts,” Hermione said.
Ron just waves slightly.
“Oh look the welcoming committee,” Satiana said, sarcasm dripping, “What no welcoming gift?”
Hermione is taken aback.
“We had to bring a gift?” Ron asked unaware of the sarcasm.
Hermione sighed at Ron’s stupidity. Satiana glared at Ron. The expression practically screamed you are a moronic idiot. Hermione and Ron left and went back to sit with Neville. After dinner Ebony was walking towards the Slytherin Common room with Draco when she spotted Satiana her sister walking over to the stairs. Satiana saw her and was headed over. Ebony was about to go over to Satiana when Draco stopped her.
“We don’t associate with them,” Draco said coldly.
“Why? She’s my sister.”
“She’s a Gryffindor and we don’t associate with them.”
Ebony stupidly followed Draco down to the dungeons leaving a very pissed off Satiana behind.

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