Kevin and NIck's Story by trubsbfan79
Kevin and Nick's Story by trubsbfan79
Author's Notes:
A requested short
Kevin and Nick's story.

“KEVIN SCOTT RICHARDSON, GET OUT HERE NOW!” Kristin screams. Kevin came running outside. “Baby what's wrong.” Kevin said slightly winded. “I'm so mad at you right now I could and should strangle you.” “Wh.”Kevin started. “Shut up and listen to me, If you do not fix whatever it is between you and Nick both of you are going to be looking for your balls” she says standing up. “Baby I want nothing more than to fix it but he won't even talk to me about us.” Kevin explains. She grabs Kevin's hand and dragged him inside to the living room. “Sit.” She said. She walked over to the intercom system. “Nick, you're need in the living room.” she says. Nick comes downstairs. “Yeah what's up Kris?” Nick says. She grabs his hand and pulls him over to where Kevin is sitting.”Talk.” She says walking away. “There's nothing to talk about Kris.” Nick says standing up. “Men, can't see the forest for the friggin trees.” She pushes him back on the couch. “Nick, why did you and Kevin break-up?” Kristin asks. “What, why?” Nick stammers. “Answer the question please.” Kristin says placing her hand on Nicks. “Because he doesn't love me anymore.” Nick says sadly. “What I never said I didn't love you.” Kevin says reaching out to Nick. “I heard you! You were talking to Jason.” Nick says pulling away from Kevin.

“I can't stand him he's so fucking fat and he's always touching me.” Kevin says to his friend Jason.
“Yeah but you love the fact that he does such a great job keeping your angel safe right.” Jason.
“No doubt, speaking of my angel I haven't talked to him all day I've gotta go find him see how he's feeling.” Kevin says leaving to go find Nick.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Flash Back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kevin moved to close the space between them. “Baby I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about Todd your old bodyguard “ Kevin says taking Nicks hand. “I didn't then nor do I now think you're fat, I love you just the way you are.” Kevin says moving to kiss Nick. “Really?” Nick says looking away. “Really Angel.” Kevin says finally kissing Nick. As the kiss deepens the clothes start coming off. Kristin walks in the kitchen and get a spray bottle of water, she starts spraying the guys. “No, bad boys get off my couch and go upstairs.” She says smiling They grab their clothes and run upstairs to Nicks room. Soon the unmistakable sounds of sex can be heard. Kristin smiles to herself. Maybe now I'll get my happy, loving Kevin back now that he's back with Nick.

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