A Forgotten Nightmare by LenniluvsBrian
Back Home Again by LenniluvsBrian
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Donatello quickly got him, his siblings, and their new friend out of there as fast and un-suspicious as he possibly could. He did not for them to run into even more trouble - they'd definitely had more than enough for one night. Once they were far enough away, he slowed down and dared to take a bit of a longer look in the rearview mirror, smiling at what he saw. Rina was next to Mikey, introducing him and Leo to Rembrandt - her new friend, who'd also more than likely end up as a new family member. While the four of them talked, Marie had managed to weasel her way into Raphael's safe and warm embrace, as she continued to sniffle. He knew they'd have to question the girls about what had happened in their absence, as they both seemed pretty shook up about it.


Soon enough - though it didn't seem like it - they were all once more safely back at home.

The seven of them strolled in - the girls still attached to the same brothers as before - smiling, as they found Master Splinter sitting in his arm chair, awaiting their arrival.


"Hello, my children. You are back, safe and sound at last," he smiled, his eyes showing his relief.


"Sensei!" Rina exclaimed, immediately running for him and hugging him tightly.


Master Splinter hugged the girl tight, extremely relieved that she appeared to be unharmed. "How are you, my daughter?"


"It was just awful, father!" Rina wailed somewhat, burying her face into his soft fur. "They poked me, and prodded me, and stuck me with needles!"


Master Splinter rubbed calming circles on her shell, as he felt her shudder at just the mere mention of the dreaded needles she hated most.


"And they wanted to impregnate me!" Rina exclaimed. "And some dude kept touching the lower half of my plastron and stuff! It was horrible! I thought I was never going to see you again!"


"Shh...." Master Splinter soothed, pulling the young teenage girl into his lap, as he began to rock her.


Marie growled from her spot next to Raphael. "Be a damned cold day in Hell before they impregnate my sister!" She snarled. "Or me!"


"No one is going to do any sort of thing to either of you," Master Splinter said soothingly.


"Well, I dare them to try! I'll freakin' kill 'em!" rumbled Marie, her arms crossed over her chest.


Rina pulled away from Master Splinter, composed yet again. "Yeah, you'd say that," she said, giving her sister a gentle smile.


Master Splinter sighed; he wished that she would just let loose more often and say what she truly felt, like Marie or Raphael. She had too much of Mikey in her; they both believed that plastering a smile over it would make everything better. Leonardo felt his blood boil as his sister told their father what had happened to her. Besides introducing them to Rembrandt, she had been rather quiet and reserved.


Leo took a deep breath, quelling his anger. He obviously wasn't the only one who felt this way. He saw Raphael staring at Rina, fists clenched and eyes hard. Even Mikey looked angry. He hated to think of what would happen if something had gone wrong during that rescue mission.


Rina slipped off Master Splinter's lap and bowed to him. She hated to appear like a cry baby in front of her family.


"I'm glad to be home, Sensei." She then turned to Donatello, "Um, Donnie, could you give me a hand? I sorta need to bandage these up, and I'm not really good with all that First Aid stuff." She showed him her forearms that were speckled with needle pricks.


Donnie sighed and nodded, "Yeah, I'll help you." The two of them went back to his lab.


Master Splinter shook his head and turned his attention to the new turtle in his presence. He had noticed the boy when they had walked in, but he had been too concerned about his own children to worry about him. Now he took in the new turtle. He was taller than the girls but still shorter than his sons. He had thick black hair and soft grey eyes; he wore no distinguishing bandanna.


"Good evening, young one," Master Splinter said, beckoning him forward.


Rembrandt glanced at Leonardo uncertainly. The older turtle nodded at him and he stepped towards the rat. "Hello, sir," he said, "I'm Rembrandt. Catarina named me."


"It is a nice name," said Master Splinter. He turned his head to the side, "Does my appearance not startle you?"


Rembrandt smirked, "Sir, I've seen a lot more startling things than an abnormally large rat."


Master Splinter smiled at him and then looked back at his sons. "You have seen my family. We are ninjas, and we lead a life in the shadows. If you stay here, are you prepared to lead that life?" he asked seriously.


Rembrandt nodded, "I'm ready for anything that doesn't involve going back to the lab. I'm sorry, sir, but I can't go back there."


"And we will not make you," replied Master Splinter, folding his hands in his lap.


Marie glanced up at Raphael, "Does this mean we have another brother?"


"Yeah, ya little punk, it does," he replied, smirking down at her, "Got a problem with it?"


Marietta let out an exaggerated groan, "Not another oooonnee!" She stomped around in aggravation while Rembrandt stared at her.


Mikey clapped him on the back, "Don't worry about her, she gets like that."


"Mikey!" cried Marie, jumping at him. He laughed and caught her, tickling her in the process. She laughed with joy and Rembrandt got to see one of his kind happy for once.


In his lab, Donnie was wrapping clean white bandages around Rina's arms. He hated that she had been injured and practically tortured like this; it wasn't fair to her, she hadn't done anything wrong.


"Donnie, don't look so bummed out," teased Rina, giving him a soft grin.


Don shook his head and stared at her, "How can you possibly be so calm?"


She shrugged her shoulders and fiddled with an extra bandage. "I'm just trying to forget about it. No use to dwell on it, right?" she said, her smile faltering, "Nothing irreparable happened, so it's okay."


"No, it's not okay," Donatello replied. "You'd an injustice done to you - a major one - and there is no need to pretend like it never happened, if you feel like crying and getting all upset about it. There is nothing wrong with being upset, Rina. We're not going to tease you or judge you for it. The only thing we want to do is make it better - hold you close as tight as we can, if it'll help. But don't feel as though you have to be strong all the time. Heck, even Marie and Raph fall apart at times."


"I'm fine, Donnie," Rina insisted, as he finished bandaging her up. "I didn't even hafta tell you guys what happened......but Sensei's got a way of getting it out of you, even if you're only receiving a hug."


Donnie shook his head. "Well, if you ever decide you need to break down, I'm here, alright?"


Rina nodded. "I know, but I'm going to be just fine. I'm home now," she smiled softly. "You should really worry about Rembrandt. He doesn't know the ways of the ninja yet."


Donatello sighed, and kissed her forehead. "You're free to go, Rina," he told her. "Just no leaving the lair anytime soon, please."


Rina rolled her eyes as she hopped down off the table. "Relax, will you? I'd have never gotten caught if I'd stayed with you - next time Marie does something stupid, you guys save her," she replied, heading for the doorway. "Now, goodnight."


"Night," Donnie sighed, shaking his head some.


"Hey Rina! You hungry?" Marie asked. "Mikey found a stash of chocolate for us!"


"You eat it," Rina stated. "I'm not hungry."


"But you haven't eaten since dinner! You hafta be starvin' by now!" Marie exclaimed. "An' it's chocolate! How can you resist that!?!"


"I said I'm not hungry!" Rina snapped, stalking briskly past everyone.


"Well, fine then," Marie responded. "Be that way. Rembrandt can eat yours!" She turned and gave the new male turtle of the family a piece of chocolate, which he eyed momentarily before cautiously taking a bite of, smiling a moment later.


"This is good!!" Rembrandt beamed.


"I told you!" Marie grinned, as she too was trying to forget what had happened - almost, in her case. Who knew she was capable of such rage? She was still shocked she almost killed the evil man, but also shocked that she hadn't - though, she had really wanted too.


"Night, Sensei," Rina said then, kissing the old rat's furry cheek. "Love you."


"Love you, my child," Master Splinter smiled softly. "Sleep well."


Rina nodded, and left the den, heading for the room she shared with Marie. She couldn't wait to be safe and sound in her own bed. She was completely exhausted!


"Hey, where's Rembrandt gonna sleep?" Marie asked, while the two of them munched on the chocolate Mikey had found for them once he'd finished his tickling spree.


"I am sure we will be able to find a good place for him," Master Splinter spoke re-assuringly.


"He can have my room tonight, Sensei," Leonardo offered. "I was going to sleep out here on the couch anyway."


"Suck-up," Raphael muttered, though he wasn't mad with Leo, he was still pissed off with those mad scientists who'd stolen his kid sister and had plans to impregnate her. He growled somewhat, then stormed off down the hallway, to ensure that Rina was still alright.


Rina was sitting on the edge of her bed, gripping the covers with her hands. She had attempted to lay down and fall asleep but every time she closed her eyes, she was back there in that awful room. And man, was she tired! Her eyelids drooped…silver needles, monitors, human faces. She jerked her head back up and gasped. She heard the doorknob jangle and she jumped up, snatching a kaiken from the nightstand.


Raphael stepped into the room. He glanced at the kaiken in her hand and saw the fearful look in her eyes. "Rina…" he started, and she tossed the knife to the side.


"S-s-sorry, Raph, thought you were someone else," she said, trying to smile at him but failing.


Raphael watched as she picked up the kaiken and put it back on the nightstand before sitting down on her bed again.


"Did you need something?" she asked, looking up at him.


Raphael stared at her. He was used to dealing with anger by punching something or yelling. That was how Marie reacted to things, he could deal with that. But Rina's quiet, passive acceptance was abnormal and he was uncertain of what to do.


"Damn…" he said, sitting down on the bed beside her, "They really screwed you over, didn't they?"


Rina looked away from him and for a moment, he thought she wasn't going to say anything. Finally, there was a quiet, "Can we not speak about that, Raph?"


"Look, Rina, no one's gonna say anything if you yell or somethan," he said, "It's not like anyone blames you."


"Yeah, but I should've seen them coming," she said, putting her forehead against her kneecaps, "I mean, I was too focused on Marie, I didn't take enough notice of my surroundings. I'll do better next time."


Raphael didn't know what to say. What was wrong with this kid?! She was more worried about blaming herself than getting angry…it reminded him of Leo. "This ain't your fault, Cat," he said, anger coursing through him, "No one could've seen that comin'."


"I should've though," she mumbled into her knees.


Raphael closed his eyes, burying his own anger. He'd let it out later in the dojo; a dummy or two was going down tonight. He ruffled her hair, "We're here for you, Cat. Don't ignore us."


She looked up and gave him a half-smile, "I won't."


He nodded and left the room.


Meanwhile, the rest of the lair was settling in for the night. Leonardo had taken Rembrandt off to show him where he was sleeping. The new turtle had never slept in an actual bed before. He sunk down onto the mattress and fell asleep almost instantly. Donatello drifted off to his room to crash for the night. Mikey had gone off to his own room while Marie had sat down on the couch. She didn't really feel like going to bed and maybe there was something good on TV. She aimlessly flipped through the channels, wandering past all her favorite TV shows. She didn't actually feel like watching TV either. She flipped off the TV and went off down the hallway. Someone was pounding the punching bag in the dojo, she could hear them as she walked down the hall. She poked her head in and saw Raphael attacking the punching bag, his fists flying. She walked in and sat down on the mat. It was nice to be near one of her brothers; she felt like she needed their support then.


After a while, Raphael came over and sat down beside her. He was sweaty and reeked, but Marie was glad to have him beside her.


"I almost killed him," she finally said, unable to contain it any more.


Raphael glanced at her, "And?"


"And…" Marie said, almost hesitantly, "I wanted to kill him. I didn't think I could, but I wanted to." She looked up at him, her green eyes confused, "Is that bad?"


Raphael sighed and fondled one of his sai. "You were angry, right?" he asked. He was better capable to deal with this sort of rage. She nodded and glanced at the floor in embarrassment. "I can understand your anger, but why'd you wanna kill him?" asked Raphael, watching her reaction.


Her eyes narrowed and grew hard, "He was the man from my nightmares. I remember him from when I was younger." Her hands molded into fists. "I hate him."


"Killing out of hate isn't the way of the ninja," Raphael spoke after a moment of silence, as he thought of how to word what he wanted to say. "Killing to protect the ones you love isn't all that great either, but in our case it's almost necessary, every time we fight an enemy."


"He hurt Rina," Marie argued some. "I was protecting her."


"Marie, who were you really protecting?" Raph demanded somewhat. "Truthfully."


"Me," Marie squeaked softly. "But Rina too! I mean, look what he did to her! He hurt her! I had to get him back for it!"


"Revenge isn't all that much fun either, Kid," Raph told her. "Believe me, I'd know."


"But how do you know when it's okay?"


"It's never okay to kill someone," Raph replied. "But sometimes - like when it comes to The Foot - it's absolutely necessary. When we kill off a Foot Soldier, we're not only protecting ourselves, but the city as well. It's like when the cops kill off a crazed gunman to protect the innocent people who live here. It's our job to protect the city, when the police can't - they can't be everywhere at once."


"But what about all those other turtles we left behind? What's going to happen to them?" Marie wanted to know.


"I honestly can't tell yah, Kid," Raph sighed. "But, I'm sure we'll think of something, to ensure their safety."


Marie sighed then, looking back down at the floor, as she sat there next to her brother. She still really wanted to go back and kill that evil man for all that he had done. Maybe once things cooled down some, she would.....


Rina, meanwhile, still lie awake in their room, unable to close her eyes for a moment's peace. She growled softly, as she opened her eyes once more.


"Go away!" She exclaimed quietly. She rubbed her eyes in annoyance, and moved to sit upon the floor. Maybe if she meditated, the images would leave her be. She closed them, after having gotten into position, only to jump about three feet when she heard the door open.


"Whoa, easy there," Leo spoke, upon seeing Rina immediately jump up into a fighting stance. "I just came to say goodnight."


Rina heaved a huge sigh of relief. "Don't do that!" She told him, somewhat angry. "What is with you guys and sneaking in like that tonight!?!"


"Sorry?" Leo replied, raising his eye ridges a bit. "You alright?"


"I'm fine!" Rina snapped, sitting back down.


"May I ask what you're doing?" Leo countered.


"Meditating; what's it look like?" Rina answered shortly.


"Would you like some company?" Leo inquired, as he sat next to her on the floor.


Rina eyed him warily. "Well, seems I'm getting it anyway," she mumbled, closing her eyes once more.


Leo gently reached out and took hold of her hand, squeezing it after feeling her flinch. He too, then closed his eyes to meditate, though he was really just there to ensure her safety.


Rina calmed herself by breathing slowly and tried to clear her mind of everything, leaving a blank space, but of course, that reminded her of when they had shot her with a tranquilizer. Her hands trembled, and she opened her eyes. Darn it. She tried again. This time she focused on the lamp light, its dull glow…that morphed into the light that hung over the table. Shit, shit, shit… She put both hands up to her eyes and sighed. How was she ever going to go to sleep like this? She glanced over and saw Leo looking at her.


"What?" she asked, putting her chin in her hand as she put her elbow on her knee. "Are you going to tell me that I need to spew everything out to you guys? That I need to get this off my chest before it eats me alive or something?" she demanded, thinking that he was going to tell her off for not telling everyone everything.


Leo sighed and shook his head, "No, I'm not."


Rina blinked, "Oh…" A smile touched her face, "Thanks."


"No problem," he said, shrugging his shoulders, "You'll tell someone if you want to."


They sat there in silence, Rina occasionally nodding off before jerking her head back off.


Eventually Marie came into the room. She cocked an eye ridge when she saw Leonardo. "Are you camping out in here tonight, Leo?" she asked as she jumped up on her bed and curled up under the covers.


"He doesn't need to," said Rina, glancing over at Leo.


Leonardo looked at her and nodded. "No, Marie, I'm out on the couch tonight, remember?" he teased, standing up from Rina's bed. He kissed the top of Rina's head and then tucked Marie in. He left the room, leaving the two girls by themselves.


Marie was about to strike up a conversation, but Rina turned over and mumbled, "Night." Marie sighed and turned off the light, "Night Rina."

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