A Forgotten Nightmare by LenniluvsBrian
Medicine Hunt by LenniluvsBrian
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Meanwhile, Donatello and Master Splinter had finally returned, both being as quirt as possible as they weren't sure if Marie was up or not.

"I'm awake," Marie grumbled from the couch, her eyes a little bloodshot from her crying earlier. "Kinda....."

"Good, we didn't want to wake you up," said Donnie, walking over to the couch with Master Splinter by his side. He put his hands on the back of the couch and leaned over to look her up and down. She looked a little worse than she had that morning, which wasn't a good sign. "How are you feeling?" he asked, glancing at Leo who had moved to the end of the couch.

"Fine," replied Marie in a soft voice.

Donnie grinned down at her, "Yeah, I'm sure that's the truth."

"Have you slept any, Marietta?" asked Master Splinter as he placed his hand on her forehead.

"A little," Marie replied, snuggling against her father's touch.

"What did you find?" Leonardo asked, knowing they wouldn't have returned so quickly if they had not found something that they thought would help Marie's illness.

Donatello pulled a half full orange medicine bottle out of his belt. "It's prescription flu medicine," he said, handing it to Leo. "Hopefully, she's not allergic."

There was always the off chance that a human drug wouldn't be compatible with their systems but that had not happened yet. It took all of Donnie and Leo's coaxing abilities and a final order from Master Splinter to persuade Marie to take a couple of the pills with some water. The young turtle in purple and yellow was not happy all. She hunkered down beneath a couple blankets while her brothers and father talked over her head. Her head hurt, her stomach still felt bad, she was dizzy. She groaned in aggravation and cuddled her teddy bear. She dared for someone to call her immature; she'd smack them a good one.

"Mmm, somethan smells good," said Raphael as he walked into the room, his thumbs hooked into his belt as he took a big whiff of the air.

Marie took a tentative sniff. He was right; something smelled delicious.

"Are you hungry?" Leonardo asked. She nodded a little bit and Leonardo left to follow Raphael into the kitchen.

Rina and Mikey had been busy in the kitchen while the others had been trying to force Marie to take her medicine. Rina was sitting on the counter, stirring a bubbling pot of chicken noodle soup while Mikey was actually making bread. He was kneading the dough when Raph walked in.

"Hey, Raph!" said Mikey, pressing his knuckles into the bread. "Whatcha doing?"

"God, you two made that?" asked Raph incredulously.

"Are you implying that the food we cook isn't normally good?" Rina asked, glancing up at her brother curiously.

"Yeah, pretty much," replied Raphael replied, smirking back.

Rina make a face and whacked him with a nearby spatula.

"Is it ready?" asked Leonardo, glancing into the pot.

Rina nodded and motioned for him to get a bowl. "It's ready, but Raphael can't have any. He has insulted me and my cooking skills," Rina said, lifting her chin haughtily into the air.

Raphael poked her in the stomach. "I may've started it, but I also know how to end it, Kid," Raphael reminded her. "So watch it."

Catarina rolled her eyes playfully and stuck her tongue out at her brother.

"Tongue it yer mouth, or I'll rip it out!" Raphael snapped somewhat.

Rina giggled, and handed the ladle to Leonardo, so he could spoon some out into the bowl he'd fetched.

Michaelangelo shook his head at them, smiling. "There's enough for everyone, no need to get cranky Raphie."

"Stuff it, Mikey!" Raphael grunted, jabbing his little brother with a stubby finger.

Mikey yelped and squirmed away. "Trying to make bread here!" He exclaimed.

Leonardo rolled his eyes at the two, as he scooped some soup into the bowl in his hand. "While you two argue over whether Raph gets to eat or not, I'm going to see if Marie can keep this down."

"Here's the crackers, Leo!" Rina chirped, tossing him a bag of animal shaped crackers that April had purchased especially for the girls. “Marie likes them best with soup."

Leonardo shook his head, as he caught the crackers with ease - without spilling the soup or crushing the crackers. "You're lucky we're ninja, or you would've been cleaning up the crumbs and spilled soup," he stated, eyeing his sister warily.

Rina smirked. "Nuh-uh. Klunk could've eaten it, so I wouldn't have to clean it. So, there!" She told him, sticking her tongue out once more, only to have it grabbed by her brother in red. "Ow! Aph! Eggo!" She exclaimed, as he pulled on her tongue a little. "Aph!"

"You were warned," Raphael replied. "Y'all heard me - Leo, Mikey?" Both male turtles nodded their agreement. "See? They agree. You were warned. Yer own fault for not keepin' it where it belongs," Raphael smiled, pulling it just a little bit more.

"OW! THENTHEI!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rina cried, slapping at Raphael's hands in an attempt to free her tongue.

"Raph, just let her go," Leonardo said, as he balanced a bottle of apple juice in the hand that held the crackers. "Sensei doesn't have time to come rescue her right now, and I have to get this food to Marie."

Raph grunted, but finally let her tongue out.

"Ow!" Catarina said finally, after massaging her tongue a little bit. "You big ole Jerk!"

Mikey laughed as he stuck the bread in the oven. "No banging around in here!" He told them. "If you're gonna fight, do it elsewhere. I don't want flat bread!"

Rina glared at her brother in red a moment, before daring to kick him. After kicking him, she quickly hopped down off the counter and made a run for it.

Raphael growled and in turn, high-tailed it out after her. "Get back here Rina, so I c'n pummel yah!"

"Do I look crazy to you!?!?!" Catarina exclaimed, as she flew by Donatello, Master Splinter, and Marie. "No way am I stoppin' so you c'n beat me!"

Raphael stepped on it, cursing the fact she was awful fast as he chased after her. He'd show her! He followed her out into the sewers and ran after her for a while, before realizing where she was going. Upon realizing where she was headed, he took a short cut that he knew of and beat her there, grabbing her as she came flying out of the tunnel she'd been in.

Catarina shrieked when she felt arms grab her, and she immediately began to struggle in an attempt to break free. Oh, boy! This had better not be the Foot, as then she'd be in so much trouble - especially if she couldn't fight her way loose.

"Relax, will yah?" A voice spoke suddenly. "Yeesh!"

Catarina glanced downwards then and spotted three-fingered green hands. "Raph!" She yelled. "You scared me half to death!"

Raphael laughed, as he held her tight beginning to tickle her side.

"Raph!" Catarina shrieked, laughing and squirming about. "That tickles!"

"Good!" Raphael replied, tickling her some more. He smiled as he watched his sister squirm and try to break loose of his grasp - but, he'd a pretty good hold on her, and wasn't through with the tickle torture just yet.

Meanwhile, Leonardo came back out into the den, frowning slightly when he saw that Marie and Master Splinter were no longer there on the couch. He eyed Donatello questioningly.

"Bathroom," Donnie said simply, shrugging his shoulders.

Leonardo sighed and sat the bowl of soup down on the coffee table.

"She's going to throw up those pills she took so she’ll have to take another couple after she eats," Donatello said as he sat down on the arm of the couch. He smiled at Leonardo, "Good luck with getting her to cooperate."

Groaning, Leo flopped back into the arm chair. "What do you think's wrong with her, Donnie?" he asked, looking over at his brother.

"Probably just a virus that she caught in the sewers," Donatello replied, "If treated properly, she should be over it in about a week."

Leo nodded, "Maybe April has some kind of better medicine."

"Perhaps," Donnie said, "It couldn't hurt to call."

Leonardo pulled his shell cell out of his belt and dialed April's number.

"Hello?" asked a female voice.

"April, hey, it's Leo."

"Oh, hey!" said April perkily, "How's my favorite amphibian family?"

"We're all good minus one," he replied, walking around the living room with the phone.

"Oh, are they okay? You didn't run into the Foot, did you? Who was it?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, April," Leo said, smiling at her concern. She was a good friend and she never failed to freak out when she thought one of them was hurt. "Marie's just caught a cold, that's all."

"Oh," said April, sounding quite relieved. Then she erupted again, "How dare you freak me out like that! I thought one of you was really hurt!"

"Sorry, April," Leo said, "Um, you wouldn't happen to have any antibiotics lying around, would you? We're running low down here."

"I could imagine," mumbled April, "Give me a second to check." She laid down the phone to go to her bathroom medicine cabinet.

"What'd she say?" asked Donnie curiously.

Leo shook his head, indicating that he didn't know. April came back on line and he heard something rattling,

"Yeah, I've got a bottle left from the last time I was sick. I don't know if it'll help but you guys can have it."

"Thanks April! We'll send someone to pick it up right now," Leo said, grinning happily.

"Sure, whatever I can do to help," said April.

They hung up and Leo smiled at Donnie, "Got it."

"Got what?" asked Marie as she walked into the room.

"Some really good medicine," said Leo as she stretched back out on the couch.

Marie made a face but then she spotted the soup. It smelled so good and she was sooo hungry. "That looks good, is it homemade?" she asked.

"Duh!" came Mikey's voice from the kitchen, "Only the best!"

Marie smiled and picked up the spoon. At least she could try to eat it.

"Can't-breathe-Raph! Gah! DYING!" yelped Rina, gasping for breath as she laughed.

"Had enough yet?" he asked, digging his fingers into her side.

"Yes, yes! AHH!" she wailed, squirming and kicking as she tried to free herself.

Chuckling, Raphael let her go and she slumped to the ground, exhausted.

"Oh, I hate you," she teased, leaning against the wall.

"Don't complain, you baby," said Raph, nudging her with his foot. "C'mon, I'm hungry," he said, trying to make her get up.

"It's your fault, you could've eaten instead of chasing after me," replied Rina, playing with her bandanna tails.

Raph snorted, "And let you get away with kicking me? Yeah, right, fat chance."

Rina smiled up at him but didn't make any move to get up.

Raph suddenly realized that she didn't want to go back; it was one of those things they had in common, their dislike for being around sick people.

Raphael's shell cell suddenly rang and he grabbed for it. However, Rina was faster and she snatched it out of his belt before he could get it.

"Hello?" she said, winking at her brother. "Oh, hi, Leo! What's up?" She listened to him for a minute then passed the phone over to Raphael. When he raised an eye ridge at her, she shrugged, "He wants us to go to April's."

"That true?" asked Raphael to Leo.

"I wouldn't lie," said Rina while Leo put in an affirmative and explained the situation.

Raphael smiled, "Alright, we'll get right on it." He closed the phone and darted out his hand to grab Rina's bandana knot. "Hehe, guess who gets to go over afternoon practice with you on the way to April's?" he said, grinning at her. Rina let out a groan as Raphael swung his arm around her shoulder, "Haha, at least you're basically not grounded anymore. For today at least."

Catarina smiled a bit at that. "Good, I don't like being grounded....Maybe Sensei's really not all that mad now...." She trailed off. "Since Marie's sick an' all........."

Raphael shrugged. "Who knows with Master Splinter. Jeez, he makes us think even when he's not around."

Catarina laughed a bit at that. "Sometimes too much, right Raph?"

Raphael nodded his agreement, as he did tend to think too much at times - though, usually it was too little. They reached a manhole cover then, and Raphael cautiously peeked out.

"Well, looks clear," he stated. "C'mon."

He lifted the lid aside and climbed out, then turned to wait for his sister, who quickly climbed out after him and replaced the manhole cover. They hurried themselves into the shadows and stealthily made their way to the fire escape and up onto the rooftop.

"C'mon Kid!" Raphael smirked, as he took off running. "Time fer yah practice! Follow the leader!"

Catarina groaned, but hurried after her brother in red, copying him to a tee so as to keep him quiet and satisfied - for now.

The two of them made it to April's in record time, both wearing proud smiles on their faces - though Catarina's smiled was also a tired one.

"Phew! I ain't run like that since Marie an' I were hurrying back home the other night!" Catarina exclaimed.

Raphael laughed. "I can only imagine what you two were up too that night," he said.

Catarina just smiled innocently. "That, you'll never know."

Raphael shook his head, smirking, as he hopped into April's apartment via the open window - she'd left it opened for them. "Hey, Ape! We're here!" He called out, as Catarina came in behind him.

April came out of the kitchen then, carrying the bottle of medicine. "Hey guys," she smiled some. "So, Marie's sick?"

"Yeah," Raphael nodded. "Kid can't keep nothin' down so far - though, she was just eating when we left. Headaches, pale, flushed, dizziness, extremely sore throat, occasional cough.....yanno, the works."

April nodded, looking thoughtful. "Are you guys sure it's just the flue though? I mean, if her throat's as sore as you said, maybe it's her tonsils? Or maybe pneumonia or something else completely."

Raphael shrugged. "We've really no way or knowing....."

Catarina frowned, now feeling a bit more worried than before.

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