Something Beautiful by KaosLover123
Chapter 1 by KaosLover123
Author's Notes:
This is the first Chapter of this story. And there is little about bsb, but in the rest of the chapters there will be okay. I hope you like it. It is not that long right now but i wont be here till Sunday so i will update them okay.
"Okay ashley we will be gone for four weeks okay" my dad said
"Yes dad i know" i said really annoyed cause this is the 20th time today telling me this
"And the people who are watching you are coming in a hour, so i will leave a note on the door for them" My dad said
"Okay god dad geez i am freaking' 15 years old i think i have a brain and i can remember things, geez" i said getting really mad at him.

"Lastly i want to tell you that we will call you when we get there kay ash"
"Okay, so dad can you go now" i said
"Okay bye see ya in four weeks" my family said
"Bye have a good time guys" i said as i closed the door
"And good riddance" i said smiling, so then i ran up to my room, shut the door and put on the CD i made and put on the song Umbrella.

"But wait..." I said as i turned off the stereo
"I should call andreja and tell her the news" so i ran downstairs and i got the phone and dialed andreja's number
"Hey Andreja this is ashley" i said
"Hey ashley what's up?" andreja said
"nothing much, just that my family aren't here" i said
"Really? oh yeah they went on that cruise right"
"Yep, and guess what? my dad had people watch me while they are gone"
"What! Your freaking 15 and you don’t need people to take care of you" she said
"Yeah i know" i said as i heard a car pull in the drive way
"Hey andreja i have to go okay. Oh and really quickly what are you doing?" i said
Oh just looking at some BSB pictures" she said
"I should have known, i was earlier hey i got to go" i said
"okay but wait what if your dad told BSB to watch you" andreja said
"Hey my dad knows them, but i don’t really think that they would come, okay talk with you soon kay bye" i said
"Hey maybe they could and bye" andreja said as i hung up the phone. So i looked out the door window and unlocked the door. I turned around and found phone and my dad
called me, so i just rolled my eyes and walked back to my room, and thinking about what andreja said.

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