Tomorrow Can Never Be by nina
Story Notes:
This is one of my older stories, a short story that I wrote back in 2001.
Chapter 1 by nina

Tomorrow Can Never Be

©2001 Nina


Author's Note: The story has a special format: text in bold are flashbacks, while text in italics are lyrics.

She walked for a couple minutes before reaching her destination, pushing the stroller along the way, with a beautiful baby girl asleep.

Everybody's got something
They had to leave behind

She kneeled down in front of the grave, holding a single white rose, softly brushing her fingers along the inscription.

One regret from yesterday
That just seems to grow with time

She closed her eyes, letting her mind wander back, back when he was still with her.

"I do," she said, she had never been more nervous in her life, but it had been worth it, just a glance into his deep blue eyes full of love told her so.

He smiled, truly happy, and when it was his turn to repeat his vows, he did, never breaking eye contact, "I do," he replied, both of them smiling.

"You may now kiss the bride," the priest said as the newlyweds had their first kiss as husband and wife.

There's no use looking back or wondering
How it could be now or might have been

She opened her eyes, the unshed tears in her eyes blurring her vision, "I miss you," she whispered to no one, to the wind, to the sky, to him.

All this I know but still
I can't find ways to let you go

"Baby I have something to tell you," she said, her voice both nervous and excited.

"What is it?" he asked, sensing her nervousness.

"I'm pregnant," she said, waiting for his reaction, any reaction. He smiled brightly and hugged her and twirled her around the room.

"We're gonna have a baby!!" he exclaimed, never letting go of her.

I never had a dream come true
Until the day that I found you

"It should have been me," she whispered softly, then looked up at the sky, "I know you can still hear me. I can still sense your presence here with me."

Even though I pretend that I've moved on
You'll always be my baby

"Lizzy needs you," she smiled bitterly; "I wish she could meet you. She's beautiful. She has your eyes."

Her six months old daughter slept peacefully in her stroller, but opened her eyes as a soft breeze was felt.

I never found the words to say
You're the one I think about each day

"I need you," she said softly, the tears finally falling from her eyes. "The house seems so big now, it's so lonely. Your face haunts me, I see you everywhere, but I know you're not there, and it kills me."

And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be with you, yeah

"It seems like only yesterday, you were here with me. Holding me, kissing me, loving me, excited about our child. Little Elizabeth Nikole. I always told you it was a huge name for a baby," she said glancing over at the stroller, "But it fit her beautifully."

Somewhere in my memory
I've lost the sense of time

"Two girls attempted to shoot a 21 year old girl who was....."

"This is MTV News with the latest in the Backstreet World....."

"....the two girls have been identified as Cassidy Taylor and Jamie Smith...."

"....Nick Carter was shot today, in an attempt against his wife's life, Diana Marie..."

And tomorrow can never be
Cause yesterday is all that fills my mind

"...the teenagers have been arrested, and will be tried as adults...."

"Today, a week after the tragic incident, Nick Carter lays in a comma still, the rest of his bandmates and their management, The Firm, haven't told details about his condition. Meanwhile...."

"...allegedly, whom they intended to hurt wasn't Nick Carter, but his wife, Diana Carter..."

"...Diana, who is pregnant, hasn't left the hospital......"

There's no use looking back or wondering
How it should be now or might have been
All this I know but still I can't find ways to let you go

"....Backstreet Boy Nick Carter was born on January 28th, 1980 ...."

"...with only 13 years, he had joined what was to be the biggest pop group in history...."

"...Nick, along with Kevin, Howie, AJ and Brian, touched many people's lives...."

"....the music industry, along with millions of fans around the world, is mourning...."

I never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you

"...Nick Carter died two weeks after the tragic incident...."

"...Carter gave his own life for his wife and unborn child..."

"The Carter family is very thankful for all the condolences received..."

"...Backstreet Boys Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and AJ McLean have been with the Carters...."

Even though I pretend that I've moved on
You'll always be my baby

"Cassidy Taylor and Jamie Smith have been found guilty....."

"This won't bring my baby back, what they did cannot be undone...."

"Diana Carter, widow of Nick Carter, did attend the trial...."

"...they're pleased with the Jury's decision...."

I never found the words to say
You're the one I think about each day

"You have a beautiful baby girl."

"What will you name her?" Brian asked while everybody gathered around Diana.

"Elizabeth Nikole Carter."

And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be with you, yeah

"...six months after Nick Carter's death, his wife, Diana Carter, gave birth to a healthy baby girl..."

"...Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean and Brian Littrell had a meeting with their management..."

"...they announced in yesterday's TRL that they've decided to break up..."

"...the most successful boyband of the world decided to break up...."

"....after the death of the youngest member of the group...."

You'll always be the dream that fills my head
Yes, you will, say you will, you know you will, Oh baby

"Cassidy Taylor and Jamie Smith have been granted....."

"...have been freed in conditional freedom..."

"The responsibles for singer Nick Carter's death, have left with their families earlier today...."

You'll always be the one I know I'll never forget
It's no use looking back or wondering

"...of the former band the Backstreet Boys have gathered...."

"True fans of the late Nick Carter and his bandmates..."

" a protest against the decision...."

"...are against Taylor and Smith leaving the penitentiary..."

Because love is a strange and funny thing
No matter how I try and try, I just can't say goodbye
No, no, no, no

Diana wiped her tears, "Life has been hell without you... I know I have to say goodbye and let you go... but I can't... I just can't..."

"We were so happy together.... we have a daughter together... you were so happy... you never got to be there for her birth..... to hold her... feed her.... What will I tell her when she asks me about you?"

I never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you

Diana stood up, she didn't know she was being watched. Drops of rain started falling, and she made sure Elizabeth was covered. Still holding the white rose, she turned to the grave again, "It's been one year... and no matter how much time passes by, I will never forget you, I will never stop loving you."

Even though I pretend that I've moved on
You'll always be my baby

A gun was fired, the sound made baby Elizabeth start crying. Diana let out a gasp as she felt something tearing her skin and going into her body.

Sirens could be heard, and a girl took off running.

Diana dropped to her knees, wide conscious, gripping the white rose, millions of thoughts going through her mind....

"You may now kiss the bride."

"We're going to have a baby!!!"

"I'm sorry ma'am, he's gone."

"You have a beautiful and healthy baby girl."

"Elizabeth Nikole Carter."

I never found the words to say
You're the one I think about each day

"Stop right there!!!"

A cop finally grabbed the running girl, who was still struggling to get free. He read her the Miranda rights and cuffed her. An ambulance was reaching the scene.

Diana finally fell to the ground, right on top of the grave, the white rose was stained red with her own blood. Diana let out one last breath and closed her eyes, a single tear running down her cheek, while her daughter cried incessantly in the stroller.

The inscription in the grave read:

Nickolas Gene Carter
You truly were my shining and guiding star
Loving husband, brother, bandmate
Never will be forgotten
January 28th, 1980 ~ April 14th, 2002

A part of me will always be

"Diana Marie Carter was fatally shot earlier this evening...."

"...exactly a year after the tragic incident in which her husband, Nick Carter died..."

"...Cassidy Taylor will go through trial once again....."

"....Diana Carter left Elizabeth an orphan..."

".... Nick's mother, Jane Carter, has asked for justice, and will take legal custody of her grandchild, Elizabeth Nikole...."

A part of me will always be with you.......

"Diana Marie Carter, died on April 1 st , 2003 ..."

"...Nick and Diana Carter will forever be remembered with love..."

(Lyrics of S Club 7's Never Had A Dream Come True)



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