Don't Want To LOOSE You Now by honey
Chapter 1 by honey
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Don’t Want To Loose You Now

We all know Nick can be a little emotional sometimes, but this had to be the worst I’ve ever seen him. AJ found him first after Kelly called crying to him. He called Howie and for backup and then Howie called me.
I was actually sitting in Church with my family at the time and Leighanne nearly killed me when my cell phone rang during the sermon. I never forget to turn my cell phone off at church, but God must have been watching over me that day because my best friend needed me.
When Howie told me that Kelly broke up with Nick for good this time, I left the church and hopped a plane to Los Angeles right away. Ten minutes later I was standing in the warehouse where they first met listening to Nick mindlessly sing one of our songs…

I've got this feeling you're not gonna stay
It's burning within me
The fear of losing
Of slipping away
It keeps getting closer, baby
Whatever reason to live that I've had
My place was always beside you
And I wish that I didn't need you so bad
Your face just won't go away

Don't wanna lose you now
Baby I know we can win this
Don't wanna lose you now
No no, or never again

“Maybe you should try saying that to her, Nick.”
Nick was surprised to see the three of us there and he quickly turned his back to us so that we wouldn’t see him wipe the tears from his face. The tears didn’t surprise me. I knew Nick would be a mess because Kelly is the best thing that’s ever happened to him and he might just die without her.
You know her as the singer named Honey. They met when we were holding auditions for our opening act for the Unbreakable tour. She has the voice of an angel and she’s completely gorgeous. She has the most beautiful red hair I ever seen and her emerald orbs sparkle when she smiles. If I wasn’t completely in love with my wife, I would probably have fallen for her too because she’s darn near perfect.
At first AJ wanted to ask her out, but then when he realized that she and Nick were meant to be together he happily stepped aside because their friendship meant too much to him. It was real nice of him, it’s just too bad he tattooed her name to his arm before she ended up with Nick. Serves him right I guess, the man shouldn’t live in a tattoo parlor.
“You wanna tell me what happened this time?”
Nick just shrugged and began singing again.

Girl if only I knew what I've done
You know, so why don't you tell me
And I, I would bring down the moon and the sun
To show how much I care
Don't wanna lose you now
Baby I know we can win this
Don't wanna lose you now
No no, or never again

I sighed heavily and tried not to use my daddy voice with him, but sometimes Nick can frustrate me. He’s my best friend and I love him like a brother, but that boy is always partying and getting drunk. And when he gets drunk he gets horny. He’s actually cheated on Kelly like three times in the three weeks they’ve been together. That’s why them breaking up seems to be a weekly occurrence, but Kelly is so understanding and she knows how much Nick really loves her so she always forgives him. * sigh * Kelly is so sweet. I wish Nick wouldn’t put her through all this. “Nick are you saying you don’t know why she left this time?”

“She didn’t say, she just said goodbye.”
“Did you end up on the cover of any tabloids with another girl again?”
“I swear Brian, I didn’t. I wasn’t partying last night. I was with Kelly. I packed a picnic and we went to the beach and made love under the stars.” That’s when Nick lost it and started crying again. “I was going to ask her to marry me, but I never got the chance. I told her I love her and she started crying and then said she had to go.”
I didn’t know what to say to him so I just threw my arms around him. We hugged for a minute and then suddenly Howie and AJ were helping to make a Nick sandwich. The bond between us all was so strong that we were all crying and we suddenly felt the need to go write a song about this together.

So I lay awake another hour
Just like the one before
The shadows play a game with my head
I can't take this anymore
I hear the sound
Of my own breathing
It makes me miss you more
Wake me up when it's over
After the ending
When the damage has all been done
I don't wanna be somewhere
Where you can watch me as I bleed
Just leave me here in pieces
In pieces
I can't take the chance
Of running into
You running into me
So lock the door
And close the window
I just wanna see
Until the day
Inside my future
When I'll be on my feet
If you want you can find me
On the dark side of the sun
Babe I don't wanna see what we've become
The damage has all been done
Wake me up when it's over
After the ending
Wake me up when it's over
When the damage has all been done
The damage is done
I don't wanna be somewhere
I don't wanna be somewhere
Where you can watch me as I bleed
Leave me here in pieces
Just leave me in pieces
Just leave me in pieces
Just wake me up when it's over (in pieces)
Just wake me up when it's over

We didn’t finish it on time for it to make the album, but we released it as a bonus track and dedicated it to the woman that broke Nick’s heart.
I guess it was the right thing because when Kelly saw the dedication, she knew it was about her and she showed up at Nicks house. We were all there to see it because we were having a barbeque at the time. Nick was in shock when he saw her and could barely whisper a, “Why?”
“I’m so sorry Nick.” She cried, “But when you said you loved me It felt so good that I got scared. I love you too and I was afraid you would hurt me again, but after hearing that song, and seeing how much I hurt you when I left, I know now that you meant what you said. I know you won’t ever hurt me again. If you can forgive me and take me back, that is. I still love you Nick. I’m so sorry.”
Nick’s ocean blue eyes turned dark with passion and he pulled Kelly into his arms for a long passionate kiss. As AJ Howie and I watched them, we were so happy that we could help bring Kelly back into Nick’s life that we all started crying too and we all fell into another big group hug. Everyone was so happy that we all started laughing and then Kelly smiled at us. “I’m so glad you’re all here, because I have something that I need to tell you since Nick and I are back together.”
“What is it baby?”
“Nick? Do you remember the last night we were together, how we made love on the beach?”
“How could I forget?”
“Well, I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a father!”
Nick’s eyes filled with tears of joy and I could see how much he already loved his child. I was so proud of him and knew that this baby would bring him and Kelly together in a way they didn’t know would happen. It was one of the happiest days of my life because I knew that all of my best friend’s problems were going to be solved and he was finally going to be happy. All thanks to Kelly. * sigh * She really is perfect.

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