The Perfect Fan by fussy711
Chapter 1 by fussy711

Chp 1


After six years of being in Veterinary school, today was the day. I was getting my Bachlor's degree. This has always been a life long dream of mine, to become a veterinarian. I had been going to school in Orlando for six years but, I decided to spread my wings and move to West Palm Beach. I had met some friends that were from there and they talked me into it.

Once I got down there it was absolutetly gorgeous. It is true what they say, "The further south you go, the more beautiful it is." It took me a couple of days to find a place and a vet clinic that was looking for a vet. I finally found one called, 'The Veterinary Clinic of West Palm Beach.'

"I see you just graduated with a Bachlor's in Veterinary Medicine," said Dr. Thomas. "Yes sir. I studied it for six years. Not only am I able to care for dogs and cats but, aviary and small animals as well," I said. "Well that's great. Can you start tomorrow? You will work under my instruction until I leave next week," he said. "Yes I can and thank you," I said. At that, we stood up, shook hands and I left and went out that night and celebrated.

The week under Dr. Thomas's intruction flew by. He was leaving tomorrow and moving to Atlanta, GA. Everyone in the clinic treated me like part of the family. That night after I left work I was nervous because it would be the first day of taking care of "paitents" on my own.

The next day was one I would never forget. That afternoon Jaime, the woman at the front desk taking appointments, filing paperwork and kept us all organized got a phone call. "Yes we have 2:00 pm open tomorrow afternoon for Tank and Daisy. Yes, Mr. Mclean see you then," she said talking on the phone.

"Dr. Thompson, we should of all probably told you. You will be seeing two dogs tomorrow. Their owner is a celebrity who lives here. He brings them in for check-ups before and after he comes back from touring. You've probably heard of him. His name is AJ Mclean, he sings with the Backstreet Boys," Jaime said trying to hold back her excitement. "Have I heard of them?!? Hell yea I've heard of them. They are my all time favorite band. I've been a fan for 12 years. Although I've never et any of them before," I said. "Well that's about to change tomorrow at 2:00," Jaime said laughing.

The rest of the day pretty much flew by. I couldn't wait to not only meet AJ but also get to see his dogs. I heard that he has English Bulldogs. They are absolutely the cutest dogs that I had ever seen. That night, I barely got any sleep what so ever.

The next day, I was nervous all day. I looked down at my watch, it was 1:55 pm. I heard the door bell rand and I peered out of my office and seen AJ standing there with his two dogs.

"Good afternoon AJ. How is Tank and Daisy today?" Jaime asked looking over the counter at the two dogs. "They are doing great. Just here to get a check up now that I'm back from touring with the guys. We are all taking a couple of months off before we start our second leg of the tour," AJ said. "Very coo. Can't wait to go to the concert again. Are you guys doing one here in Palm Beach again?" Jaime asked. "Probably don't really know yet," AJ replied. "Very cool. Ok before I let you go in, we have a new vet that just graduated from school with her Bachelor's in Vet Medicine. Her name is Dr. Thomson. She is very good with the animals," Jaime said. "Oh ok. I'm sure she'll do great with these two," AJ said. "I'm sure. Go ahead and go into room 2 and she'll be in there in just a few minutes," Jaimed said letting them through the door.

I knocked on the door to make sure that he had ahold of his dogs before I came in. When I seen Tank and Daisy, I just fell in love. They were the cutest dogs ever shaking their behinds trying to wag what tail that had. "Hi Mr. Mclean, I'm Dr. Thompson. I'll be taking over here for Dr. Thomas since he moved to Atlanta, GA," I said extending my hand for him to shake it. To my surprise though, he didn't shake my hand, he bent down and kissed it. "Nice to meet you Dr. Thompson, you can call me AJ. I see Tank and Daisy have already taken up with you," he said laughing.

Tank and Daisy were still wagging their butts trying to get my attention. "So, we are here today just for a regular check-up?" I asked looking at their file. "Yea. I do this everytime I get bakc from touring for awhile," AJ said smiling at me. "Ah well, who should we look at first? Tank I think you just volunteered yourself," I said as he was jumping one my leg. AJ got up to help me pick him up and put him on the table. When we went to get set him down our eyes met and there was a moment of silence. "Okay lets check those eyes and ears of yours," I said looking into his eyes. After Tank had his check-up it what time for Daisy's. I then checked out Daisy. "Your dogs are very healthy AJ. It was very nice meeting you and your dogs, Tank and Daisy. Maybe we'll see each other around," I said looking into his big brown eyes. "I hope so. It was very nice meeting you too Dr. Thompson," he said smiling. "Please call me Jennifer," I said blushing. "Would you two like a treat for being such good dogs?" I asked bending down to Tank and Daisy. Their behinds were wagging like crazy again. I bent down to give them their treat. "Thanks," AJ said. "Well we better get going guys," he said to his dogs. "I hope to see you around town," he added. "Same here," I said as I opened the door for him. "Bye guys," I said to the dogs. With that, AJ left the clinic with his dogs. The rest of the day flew by.

The next day when I walked in, there were two dozen roses sitting on the counter. "Who's birthday is it?" I asked. "No one's birthday. Those are for you," Jaime said smiling. "Really? Who could've sent me flowers?" I asked curiously. "Who knows but, I think there is a card in them," said Jaime.

To my surprise, there was a card in them and it read 'It was very nice to meet you. Tank and Daisy really enjoyed visiting you too. I would really like to get to know you better. If you would like to go on a date sometime give me a call at 555-2937. AJ'

"Well who are they from?" Jaime asked curiously. "They are from Mr. Mclean. Does he usually send flowers after an appointment?" I asked. "Um not usually. Looks like he might be interested in you," Jaime said nudging me. "Yea I guess so. I'm starting to think I might be interested in him as well," I said looking down at the card.

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