Yours and Yours Alone by 2liveis2luv
Story Notes:
I hope that this story touches your heart the way it touched mine. I'm only heartbroken as the sequel is now lost forever as the disc I saved it to has been erased, and the site it was originally posted on has gone from please know that there is so much more to this story, but please enjoy this one.....
Chapter 1 by 2liveis2luv
February 12, 2009

An MTV camera crew has been set up inside one of the private boardrooms at St. Joseph's Hospital in Lexington, KY. Sarah Campbell is so apprehensive and saddened by the topic of the interview she is about to hold. She has been granted the sole rights to the story, but she knows it's not a story that will bring joy to anyone, however it must be told.........

"We are here today at St. Joseph's Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, where we are awaiting the 4 remaining member's of the Backstreet Boys and Cassidy Richardson, wife of Kevin Richardson." camera cuts to table set up with microphones and 5 empty chairs.

"Ok boys, they should be here any minute, let's make sure that we have tissues on the tables along with bottles of water and juice. Hey, Jim!! Make sure that there is plenty of video tape for this, Cassidy said that she would give us all the details and I don't want to miss a thing." Sarah sat down in the chair in front of the long table and closed her eyes. "How do you break this kind of story, I mean, what will all the fans say, what will they do, oh GOD, and those poor kids..." She began to remember the phone call she had received from Cassidy Richardson. Cassidy and Kevin had been married now for 8 years. They seemed liked the perfect couple, everyone wanted to be them. Cassidy adored Kevin; you could see it in her eyes every time she looked at her husband. Kevin had once declared on MTV that he thought the sun rose and set in Cassidy's eyes. They were meant to be together from the very beginning.


"Sarah?" a shaky voice silently spoke thru the phone receiver.

"Yes, may I help you?"

"Sarah, this is Cassidy, Cassidy Richardson. (A long pause), I need to speak with you, do you have a few minutes?"

Sarah and Cassidy had become friends after her and Kevin's wedding; Kevin and Cass had always agreed that if ever they needed the press to know something then Sarah would be the one to break the news for them. They trusted her and she had always held their privacy in the highest regards.

"Sure, Cass, what's up?" "Let me guess, there's a new little Richardson on the way and you need me to make the big announcement?" Sarah heard Cass begin to cry.

"Oh God, Sarah, how I wish that was true, I need your help in releasing a statement, but it's not a happy occasion, Sarah, Kevin's gone." At those words Cass's tears became heavy sobs.

"Oh my God, Cass, please talk to me what do you mean that Kev's gone, gone where? Are you two splitting up? Talk to me what's happening?" The fear in Sarah's voice rising with each new question.

As Cass began to explain to Sarah what was the matter, the tears began to fall from Sarah's eyes. "Oh Honey, I'm so sorry, sure, I'll fly out tomorrow and will meet up with you and the guys at your house, we'll make all the arrangements and get this out. I'm so sorry, is there anything I can do, do you need anything", "Thanks Sarah, no there is nothing anyone can do, I trust you with helping put this out there gently, right now the only thing I need is Kevin...." Sarah heard the phone fall.

"Hey, Sar, it's Brian, look Cass can't talk right, now, but call me and let me what time your flight arrives and we'll pick you up, ok. Hey, Sarah, thanks for everything."

Sarah hung up the phone with Brian and began to race around the room, grabbing her suitcase she began to frantically pack; she called her boss at MTV and made all the arrangements. As she finished she sat down and began to cry. "This can't be happening, oh God, Kevin why? What are we going to do now?" Sleep overtook Sarah, she would never be prepared for what she was about to face, but somehow, she was going to help Cassidy through this, she just had to.

A sound startled Sarah; she looked in time to see AJ heading her way. "Hey Aje, how's it going".

"Hey Sar, well, would rather be anywhere but here. Ya know I thought that when the guys held that press conference for me announcing my rehab that, that would be the worst thing the group would ever have to do." As the tears began to fill his eyes "God, I never thought we would do this." We turned and saw Nick and Howie coming in the room. Hugs and greeting were exchanged and the boys took their spots at the table, now all we were waiting on was Cass and Brian. The door opened and both of them appeared. Cass was leaning on Brian. Sarah new that this was not what Cass wanted, but she knew that if she didn't go ahead and get this out of the way, there would be too many questions to answer for later. Kevin was too centered in the public eye and everyone would wander why Cass felt she had to hide, but Sarah knew that Cass was not as strong as she was trying to be and if she could she would run and hide from it all, but Kevin would want it this way, and she always made sure that what Kevin wanted he got.

"Hey, honey, how are you?" Sarah hugged Cass as she got to the table. The sobs were soft, but Sarah could feel them as they shook Cass's body.

"I'm hanging in there, it's so hard, I never thought it would come to this? I mean Kevin and I had our whole lives planned out, even up until the days when we would be old and gray rocking on the front porch of the Cabin watching the sunset over the river......" her voice trailed off"Hey Sarah.." Brian leaned in for a hug. "She'll be ok, she really wants to tell this story and she says that she's going to tell all, it's a promise she made to Kev. So the guys and I are here to make sure that she has all our support and strength to get through this. Thanks so much for all your help." He turned back to Cass.

"Hey cuz, you ready to take a seat?" Cass just nodded and allowed Brian to lead her to the chair in the middle of the table. They sat in a row, the five of them. Saddness feeling all of their eyes, Howie was on the end to the right of Cass and AJ sat next to her. Brian sat to her left and Nick beside Brian.

"Ok, so Cass, I'm going to ask you to make the announcement and then I will lead with the questions you faxed to me, Ok. Everyone Ready?" Sarah knew they weren't but it couldn't be put off any longer.

"Good Morning, I'm Sarah Campbell, reporting live from St. Joseph's Hospital in Lexington Kentucky. I am here today with 4 member of the Backstreet Boys and wife of Kevin Richardson." The camera panned around showing everyone at the table. "I was contacted late yesterday by Cassidy Richardson asking that she be allowed to make and announcement and answer some questions of us today. Cassidy, if you would."

" Thank you Sarah. Brian?" Cassidy turned to her left where Brian sat; she knew she had to be strong, so many were counting on her. Kevin needed her to do this and she was not going to let him down. She knew how much Kevin loved his fans and this was something that had to be done, they deserved it.

"I will begin with a statement from the Richardson and Backstreet Family." Brian began; tears began to fill Cass's eyes.

"It is with deepest sadness that we are here today to announce the passing of Kevin Scott Richardson. On January 30, 2009 the plane being piloted by Mr. Richardson went down near the Cumberland Mountains, on the Eastern Edges of Kentucky. Mr. Richardson was the only passenger in the plane. Search and rescue crews have searched the area and have found no sign of survival. Mr. Richardson leaves behind a wife Cassidy, a daughter Alexandria and a son William, as well as his mother, brothers and the 4 members of the Backstreet Boys whom he considered his family. We ask that the fans respect the privacy of the family and allow them time to grieve. A memorial website will be set up by Jive Records for anyone wishing to extend their sympathy to the family. Kevin loved all of his fans and will be truly missed. Thank You." Brian folded the piece of paper and placed it in front of him as he took Cass's hand in his. You could see the tears in everyone's eyes as the room became silent.

"Cass, have arrangement's been made".

"Yes, we will be holding a private ceremony in Kentucky on February 14, with the burial to be attended by immediate family members only. This was Kevin's wishes and I will make sure that he get's what he wanted." Cass's hands trembled as she spoke.

"May we advise any fans or well wishers where to send their condolences?" Sarah continued with the list of questions Cass had faxed her.

"As stated in the statement, there will be a memorial website set up, we ask that in lieu of flowers or any remembrances that contributions would be given to the numerous charities that Kevin and the boys have supported over the years. Kevin would want this to help others."

"What is the future of BSB now?" asked Sarah

"BSB will continue on, Kevin would not like it if we let this stop us. This is not what we have worked for and he would want us to go on. In Kevin's own words, " Life goes on as it never ends...." We however do wish to announce that we will not replace Kevin. He will forever be a Backstreet Boy and the 4 of us wish to remember him that way. From now on at every concert there will be one stool left empty to remember Kev by."

"Thank you AJ." Sarah ended the interview with pictures from the past tours and pictures of Kevin and his family.

Cassidy had decided that she wanted the world to know the love story that was behind Kev and Cass and so Sarah had planned to meet with Cass and all the boys the day after the funeral at the cabin.

Sarah set up the camera, this was going to be very candid, they would record everyone talking and hopefully would get a wonderful story out of it all, no questions, just memories.

"Oh Sarah, I'll never forget the first day I saw him." Cassidy was curled up in Kevin's recliner holding her favorite picture of him. "Those eyes, they mesmerized me from the first day. I remember sitting behind the counter in the restaurant and in came 3 of these guys. Kevin, Nick and Brian. They were laughing and cutting up. I had seen them in there before, but I was always busy so I didn't pay them much attention. Stephanie, one of our waitresses had called in sick so I was filling in for her." You could see her drifting off into the memory as she recalled the day they met.

"Hi, Can I get you guys something to drink" I said as I was getting out my order book and pen.

"Yeah, I'll have a glass of sweet tea" that deep southern drawl caught my attention.

"We'll have the same." Brian and Nick chorused. My eyes were drawn to that deep voice that first spoke.

"Sarah, I mean when I looked up and saw those eyes, I swear I didn't think I would be able to speak again, heck I didn't think I would move again. I mean, I don't believe in love at first sight or anything, but they were just beautiful and intense, and a little bit of mischief in there. I knew that I would like to spend time getting to know the owner of them"

"Ok, I'll be right back," I turned and headed back to the bar to get the drinks all the while talking to myself. "Have you ever seen eyes that color, no of course not, oh and that voice, who has a voice like that, I mean. It could just stop me dead in my tracks, could you just imagine waking up to that......stop it.........don't go there." I continued the conversation in my head as I got the drinks and headed back to their table. I kept asking myself " Why haven't I noticed him before? What was I doing all the other times he's come in here? Who did I think I was, he wouldn't notice me anyway...oh well..."

"Here ya go boys, are you ready to order?"

"We want a large pepperoni pizza and side of cheese bread".

"Ok, I'll be right back with that". I turned away. "About ten minuets passed and I took the boys their order. "Here ya go boys, anything I else I can get for you."

"Yeah, how bout another chair so you can sit down and talk to us". Nick was definitely not the shy type.

"Sure," I grabbed a chair from behind us.

"So what's your name." Again Nick with the questions. Cassidy glanced over at Nick sitting on the sofa.

"Cassidy, Cassidy Nicholson, and who might I ask am I pleasuring with my company today?"

"I'm Nick, this hear is b-rok, I mean Brian and that there, that's Kevin." We all exchanged our hellos.

"So Cassidy, what do you do for fun in this town" Kevin asked.

" Well, mostly I'm here. My dad owns this place and after my mom died I started helping out my dad so that we could keep the place open. I keep the books and do the ordering and as you can see fill in when someone's out. I don't get a lot of time to go out, but I like to go to The Hard Rock Cafe at CityWalk. You guys ever been there?" Ok, so call me stupid, I knew they looked familiar but it didn't click right away.

"OH, we know the place" Nick spit his drink out laughing.

"So Cassidy, what types of music are you into" there was that voice again.

"I like all kinds of music, I mean, as long as it has a good beat and a story to tell, I like it. How bout you?"

Nick and Brian were about to roll out of their chairs, I couldn't figure out what was so funny. I mean, I didn't think that it was a stupid question.

"Oh, I'm the same, I like all different types of music." He responded. Right about then a song came on the jukebox. I began to hum along not even caring that they were sitting there. "Quit playing games with my heart...." The three of them just looked at me like I had lost my mind. "What? Is my singing that bad?"

All three of them burst out laughing. God I felt like such an idiot, was I that bad, I mean I never claimed to be Madonna or anything, but I didn't realize.

"Do you know who sings that song?" Brian asked

"Yeah, some new group, I like their music, but I'm not really sure who they are, I mean I love music and songs but I just don't have time to keep up with the people behind them? Why should I know them?"

Again laughter filled the air. His eyes began to sparkle as he laughed, it just intrigued me more.

All at once the three of them started to sing.

"I live my life...the way

To keep you comin' back to me

Everything I for you

So what is it that you can't see?

Sometimes I wish I could...turn back time

Impossible as it may seem

But I wish I bad betta"

Before they could get to the chorus I realized what fool I had been, I knew they were familiar I just didn't put two and two together. I was so embarrassed.

I got up and began to walk away from the table. " I'm sorry, I need to get back to work" I turned my head so they wouldn't see that I was blushing. Kevin reached out and grabbed my hand. The electricity that ran through my body with just his touch, I lost my breath. "Hey, it's cool, it's kinda nice not to be recognized and just be ourselves." His voice was reassuring. "Well, I really need to get back to work. Look I think you guys are great and I have a blast not to mention that I can now go crawl into a dark hole never to be seen again. I love your music, but I don't have time to be obsessed as I have seen some of your fans can be. I hope that you will come back and visit soon."

"Cass," Kevin stood up,

"OMG, how tall is he". I was trying to not visibly shake as I stood in front of him. I'm only 5'6.

"Look, I don't know about these two dorks, but I've had fun. It's so hard for us to go out and just be able to let loose and be ourselves, so thank you. I was just wandering, If you weren't doing anything this evening, maybe you could join us at the Hard Rock. We have to be there for a friend's birthday party and well, I would love a chance to get to know you better?" The look in his eyes told me not to say yes, but my head was saying I better run while I could.

"Ok, that would be great, what time?"

"Can I just pick you up, if you don't mind, I hate walking into places by myself, B-rok here will have his lady love Leighanne on his arm and Nicky boy well, I guess it will be the flavor of the week for him. So what'da ya say?"

"Well, ok, I guess, here's my number, call me later this afternoon and we'll talk about what time you'll pick me up."

"Ok, can't wait"

I watched as they headed out the door, still laughing and having fun. But the memories of looking into those green eyes just consumed my every thought. I sank back into the booth and took the breath I hadn't realized that I had been holding.

I began to clear the table and walked to the bar to start getting ready to shut down for the evening. I was so excited. I wanted to call my best friend Lisa, but I thought it would be best to wait and see how the evening panned out. I mean, what if he decided I was a big dork or I turned out to be just his "Flavor of the Week"

I heard my cell begin to ring; I didn't bother to look at the caller ID.

"Yeah, you got me, what'cha need" I answered.

"Well, I was hoping that I could still have that date tonight" he began to laugh.

OMG I did it again. He really was going to think I was a dork.

"Oh, Kevin, I'm sorry, got my mind on other things. Sorry, Yeah, sure I'm looking forward to it, by the way, I don't want to over or under dress what are you going to be wearing."

"I thought I would wear black slacks, a grey sweater. Just kinda dressy casual. That sound Ok to you?"

Who was he asking? My favorite outfits were blue jeans and a t-shirt. Oh lord, what had I gotten myself into?

"Yeah, that sounds great, I'll see what I have that will match. So what time do you want me to meet you there?"

"Whoa, who said anything about you meeting me there, I want to pick you up. I thought you were going to be my date?"

"Oh, sorry, I didn't know if you wanted to do that or not, I'm not very good at this, I don't date a lot, I'm always so busy. Ok, So what time you wanna pick me up? "

"7:00" sound ok to you, I thought we could go to dinner and then head over to the party, all the fellows won't be there until about 9 or so. Sound Good?"
"Sure, that sound's great, so I'll see ya at 7:00, oh and Kevin, thanks for not making me feel like to big of a dork today, I really do love you guys and I really do own your albums, I guess I should learn to pay more attention to the cover not just the lyrics. Hehehe."

"I like your laugh, that's ok, like I said earlier, it's nice just to be able to relax and be ourselves. I mean everywhere we go there are women and girls throwing themselves at us, and we never know if their just interested in a BSB or not. Don't get me wrong we love the fans, but we need a personal life too, and dating a fan is real hard since we're never sure if their there for us or the show. Anyway it's 6 now so hopefully you can be ready in an hours?"

I gave him directions to my house and headed out the door, what was I going to wear, how do I wear my hair, what was I going to say. "Oh God, please don't let me screw this up!!!"

I heard the doorbell ring and looked at the clock. 7 o'clock on the dot. Well he's precise was my first thought. I had decided to wear black slacks as well with black strappy sandals. I had an emerald green sweater that fell off the shoulder and thought that would be a nice match. My hair was straight down my back and had a silver rhinestone clip loosely holding the sides up with small strands cupping my face.

"Hi, I said opening the door" If I had know what was on the other side I would have taken a deeper breath before opening it. "Hi" he said handing me a single white rose. God was he gorgeous. The black slacks hung to his every curve and accentuated his waist perfectly. The sweater was grey and tight and molded to the muscles on his arms and chest, and accented his eyes to a brighter green. The scent of his cologne was making my whole body tingle.

"Wow, you look great" He smiled.

"Uh, Ya wanna come in for a minute or do we need to leave" I asked.

"Sure I'd love to." He stepped through the door our bodies barley brushing against each other. Oh, there was that tingle again. The one that made my heart stop. He walked over and sat in the recliner.

I sat on the sofa next to him.

"Thanks for the rose, how'd you know that I loved white roses"

"Oh your welcome, I didn't, I just thought it looked perfect and innocent, the way you were today at the restaurant. Just seemed to fit you"

"Thanks, I think" we both laughed.

"So where are we heading for dinner?"

"I have reservations at Emeril's at 7:30 if that's ok with you?"

"Oh, I love that place, I went there last year for my birthday, not somewhere I frequent but I do love it"

"Cool, well we better get moving if we don't want to be late."

"Ok, I said standing, I reached over and turned on the lamp and we walked to the door, he opened the door and let me go first "OH a gentleman, boy I must have done something right" I giggled. He opened the car door and we headed off to the restaurant. He had Boyz II Men on in the CD player and "On Bended Knee" was playing, I quietly sang along. "I love this song", " you have a nice voice" "NO I don't I said, I just like to sing so I do it for my enjoyment, but not like you and the other boys, now those are some voices." We carried on simple conversation until we got to the restaurant.

"Mr. Richardson, right this way, your table is ready" we were ushered back to a table in the back. It was set so nicely with candles and out of the way so we wouldn't be disturbed. We had so much fun just talking and laughing. I couldn't believe how much we had in common or how easy he was to talk to. When he laughed I just melted. It was so relaxing and fun just to get to know him. Even if this was the last time I saw him I knew that I had been blessed, just to have one night with him.

We left for the Hard Rock and got there about 9:15. We made our way upstairs to the private rooms. Nick was the first to see us and he came over and hugged me. "Glad you could make it, Kev hasn't stopped talking about you since we left the restaurant this afternoon" the slap to the back of Nick's head did not go unnoticed; I reached up and hugged him. "Thanks for the info, just so you know I haven't stopped thinking about him either." I whispered in his ear before breaking from the hug. "I knew I liked you for some reason" he said " By the way, this is Susie, she's a friend of mine." Nick said with a wink. About that time Brian and Leighanne had arrived. "Hey, Cuz." He said shaking hands with Kevin. "Hey, Cass, good to see you again" " You too Brian, and this must be Leighanne, what was it Kevin said, your lady love." Brian blushed. "Hi, nice to meet you, I can tell we will get along great" she laughed. I suddenly became aware of Kevin's stong hand placed gently on the small of my back; it was a comforting feeling, like I knew I was safe with him there.

"Sweet D", Brian was looking at someone walking towards us.

"Cass, this is Howie, otherwise known as Sweet D". Brian introduced us.

"Hi, nice to meet you" as I held my hand out for him.

"My pleasure" he said as he took my hand and kissed it.

"Hey, now, there will be none of that" I heard Kevin say with a chuckle in his voice.

"Hands off she's mine" I looked up just in time to catch the grin spreading across Kevin's face.

"Ok, yes sir" said Howie as he saluted Kevin.

"Anyhow, has anyone seen or heard from the birthday boy" Howie began to ask.

"YYAAAAAHAHAHAHA"...We heard the scream coming from across the room.

AJ, I knew. How could you forget that sweet, wild and crazy guy? I mean I knew who the other guys were but something about AJ and that scream at the beginning of LARGER THAN LIFE.

"Hey bone", Kevin was the first to speak. "How's the birthday boy".

"Man, Kevin, Birthday Man, ain't nothing about me a boy" he began to laugh.

"So who's this pretty lady you got with you Train?"

"Train?" I thought to myself, I would definitely have to get to the bottom of that nickname.

"Aje, this is Cass..."

"You don't mind if I call you Cass do you?" he looked at me.

"No, usually I don't but It's ok if you call me that".

"Aje, this is Cass, Cass this is AJ McLean, the "BIRTHDAY MAN". Kevin tried to hide the smile.

"It's nice to meet you AJ. Happy Birthday" as I reached out my hand AJ grabbed me and started pulling me to the dance floor.

"Back in a few, I wanna dance".

I looked back to see Kevin

"Whoa there bone, I said she's mine"

"Yeah, but it's my birthday and their playing my song and I wanna dance. You don't mind Cass, do you?"

Those beautiful brown eyes pleading.

"It's ok Kevin, I don't mind if you don't?"

"Well, ok I guess, but I get the first slow dance, promise?"

"Sure," I was yanked away before I could finish.

AJ was true to his word, one dance and was off to find his next conquest.

"It's my party and I'll dance with everyone here" and he was gone.

"Hey Cass, you want something to drink" Kevin came up beside me and placed his hand on my back.

"That would be great, could you get me a diet coke?"
"Sure, I'll be right back".

"So Nick, what's the deal, is Kevin for real? Or to still his phrase from earlier today, am I his flavor of the week?"

"OH Cass, NO, Kev's not like that at all. Kevin doesn't do the casual thing; if he likes you then he spends time with you to get to know you better. He doesn't believe in love at first sight, but he does believe that there can be an instant connection between two people and if he feels that connection then he will take the time to pursue it and see where it goes. Kevin really liked you today when we first met. He said that there was something different about you and that he really wanted to spend sometime getting to know you."

"Oh, really?" "I mean, I really would like to get a chance to get to know him better as well, he's so nice and I don't know there's something about him to. I just feel like he's someone I could become best friends with, ya know a confidant?"

"Well, just know that Kevin never does anything spur of the moment and he can be a great friend, just relax and have fun, I mean all the guys think your great and we'd all like a chance to get to know you better, but I think Kevin would like to pursue a relationship if all goes well tonight, and yes we are having birthday cake tonight"


"Here's your drink Cass." Kevin had returned

I knew why Nick had changed the subject so fast. I didn't know a lot about the boys, but one thing I did know was that Kevin was a very PERSONAL person and doesn't like his relationships discussed in public.

"Thanks Kev"

"No problem, ya wanna go sit down for a while?"

"Sure" Kevin led me to the booth at the back of the room, never taking his hand from my back until we slid into the booth.

"So, are you having fun?" He asked while taking a sip of his drink.

"Oh yeah, your friends are great, and AJ is just as crazy as I thought he would be. I could see him and I becoming good friends."

"That good, ya know Cass. I really like you, your different, not bad different, good different. Ya know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I like you too." Just then I TURN TO YOU by Christina Aguilera came on.

"You promised me a dance," I said smiling shyly at him.

"Well, then, I never break a promise, let's go darling"

As we made our way to the dance floor, I became very nervous, the thought of being wrapped in his arms was incredible. As I turned to face him his arms encircled my waist and pulled me to his body. I placed my hands around his neck and slowly he began to move us to the rhythm of the music. I could smell his cologne and felt the muscles of his chest pressing against me. We moved so sensually to the music. I could have died right there. God, this man was gorgeous and strong and gentle all at the same time. I laid my head against his chest and inhaled his scent. How can something so new be so comfortable?


"Uh Huh" I asked lost in this daze from being so close to him.

"I really hope that you'll let me see you again after tonight?" he sounded almost scared to hear my response.

"And what Mr. Richardson, would make you think that I wouldn't want that as well?" I giggled.

"Well, with our schedule there will be a lot of times that we don't get to be together, but I want to be able to call or email you when I can. When I'm in town I would like to spend time with you so that I can learn more about you. Would you be ok with that? I mean, no serious commitment or anything, if you'd like to see someone else while I'm gone that's fine, I mean, can we just start as friends and see where that lead's?"

"Oh Kevin, I would love that" I looked up into those green eyes. "And just for the record, there is no one else that I would like to see, so if it's all the same to you, I would just rather spend my time getting to know you. I understand your busy schedule and the restaurant keeps me more than busy enough, I do have a computer at work that we could IM each other on and there's always the old faithful phone." "I don't know if or where this is headed, but I too would like to see more of you." His hand came up so his thumb could stroke my cheek.

"That would be great Cass. I don't do the chick in each town thing, so having someone to talk to would be great." As he finished his sentence the song also ended.

Before I knew what had happened he had bent down and gently brushed his lips to mine. Stars and explosions was all I could see. It was a good thing he had taken my hand to lead me back to the table or lord only knows where I would have ended up.

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