My Backstreet Boys by ktbspa
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This is my second fanfic!
I hope you guys enjoy it :)
Chapter 1 by ktbspa
Author's Notes:
Shannon has just started going to a new school plus her dad is the manager of the Backstreet Boys. How will her life be from this point on?
Chapter 1

I took in a deep breath as I looked at the big building in front of me. So this is it. Riverside High. This was going to be my new school for the next year. I am now a senior, and have to spend the last year of high school HERE. My life was not even close to being perfect now. Oh, I wish dad hadn't taken the job of being the manager of the Backstreet Boys. He didn't even talk to me or Austin about it. He just took it! I wanna go back to Kansas! I stopped my thoughts and glanced at my watch. 8:00. I better get going. I took out my locker combination and looked at the number. B107. What's the B for? Oh yeah, the halls. It's so stupid how they name their halls with letters. Why are there even so many halls in the first place? I sighed as I walked into the building. Kids were hustling around everywhere, trying to get to where they needed to be for their first class. I was sure I wasn't the only new kid here. I looked around. While trying to find the B hall, I saw so many different groups of kids. There were the cheerleaders. I have known to stay away from them. All they do is cause drama. I glanced past them and saw a bunch of nerds sitting at a table with a bunch of calculators surrounding them. I laughed quietly to myself. That is where I'll probably end up. I am a whiz at math. I turned around and saw some kids with soccer balls. I'm guessing that's the soccer team. I looked behind me and saw a bunch of guys and girls huddling around a table full of books. Shouldn't they be with the nerds? Okay, I'm done critisizing for now. I need to find the B hall! I looked up and what do you know, I was standing right where I needed to be.

As I made my way down the hall, I got pushed around alot. There were about 1000 kids crammed into this hallway. I tried to look for the numbers on the lockers, but they were hard to see because they were so small. I finally recognized one that said B110. Oops, I've gone too far. I turned around and accidentally bumped into one of the teachers. "I'm sorry!" I yelled. She must not have heard my apology, all she did was grunt at me. Geez. Am I going to be the only polite person at this school? I finally found my locker right when the bell rang. Oh my god, I can NOT be late! I hurried to open my locker and slammed my backpack inside, taking out my agenda and binder. I took one look at my schedule and read the room number. B1100. Oh my god, all the way at the end of this hall? You're kidding me! I ran down the hall, and made it to the classroom about 4 minutes late. I slowed down, and walked inside. Every eye was on me. Not only was I the new girl, but also the late girl. What a way to start out the day. I found a seat next to two girls who were both dressed in black. I shuddered. I quietly sat down, trying to not let them distract me. The teacher gave me a stern look and started babbling on and on about where everything was in the school, and what was for lunch. I swear, if I make it past today, I will hug my brother. That is something I will regret forever, but it's not like I'll make it through today.

Ring. Finally the lunch bell rang, and I slowly got up and headed for the door. I let everyone else scoot on past me, as I didn't want to get caught in the crowd. I made my way to my locker, got my lunch, and followed some students to where I thought was the cafeteria. Turns out they were going to the library to do homework and not eat lunch. I turned around and went to the main office. "Excuse me, where is the cafeteria?" I asked. A lady looked up from her work and said, "Out this door, take a left, then head towards the end of the main hall, and it's on the right." I nodded. I think I got that. "Thank you so much!" I went out the door and walked on down the hall. By this time, lunch was probably half over, so I decided to just sit down in the hallway and eat quickly. Maybe I could get to my next class without getting caught in the flow.

The rest of the day was hectic. I fell about 100 times throughout the afternoon trying to get to class. I swear, I am going to go home and complain so much! I will threaten to leave the family! I wanna go back home! This was too much! I already had a ton of homework, and it was only the first day! These people are nuts!

As I got off the bus, finally home, I got the mail. Nothing for me, as usual. It was all for dad about the so called Backstreet Boys. What was so great about them anyways? My dad told me that I used to listen to them, but I can't even remember. He was probably just trying to help me by saying I USED to love them, and that I would love them again right when I saw them. Psh. Not gonna happen. Who cares about a boy band where the "boys" are already 25 and older? Yeah, thats right. The youngest one was 25, I believe. They're all men now. Not boys. I went inside and closed the door, hoping mom would have a snack ready. "Hey hun, how was your first day?" She came in from the living room. "Oh, lets just say I came home from a haunted house." I went to the fridge and got some milk, noticing that my mom didn't have a snack ready. "Oh honey, it wasn't that bad, was it?" "It was, mom. I was late to my first class, bumped into a teacher trying to get to my locker, couldn't find the cafeteria, and almost missed the bus." Mom laughed. "It's not funny!" I slammed the fridge after putting the milk away. "I'm not laughing at you, dear. I'm laughing because that's how the first day is supposed to be. Hectic." My mom has totally lost it. "Whatever." I replied. I took my glass of milk and headed upstairs. As I walked by the stairs to go downstairs, I heard music. "Hey, mom, what's going on downstairs?" I yelled back at her. "Oh, the Backstreet Boys are singing for your brother and dad. You should go down and listen. They're wonderful." I shrugged. Why not. I plunked my stuff down on the couch and went downstairs. I have to say, they don't sound that bad..but I honestly do not remember listening to them when I was little. When I got to the bottom, I peeked around the corner. Then I saw them.

One with tattoos on his arms, singing so wonderfully. Next to him was a guy about my height, singing so sweetly. Then there was a guy next to him singing so passionately. And then I stopped. My eyes were stuck to the blonde haired, blue-eyed boy who was taller than me, but younger than the others. I could tell just by looking at him that he was the youngest, although he was the tallest. His voice was amazing, I felt like I was on my way to Heaven when he sang his solo for one of the songs. I walked slowly to the couch in front of them and sat down. My eyes never left him. He suddenly glanced at me, and I turned away, looking at my brother, and acted like I was talking to him. I was sure my face was bright red, I could feel the heat instantly. Austin gave me a look that said, 'What the hell?' I shrugged and turned back towards the band. This time I looked at all of them as a group, not only at the blonde haired one that I realized I instantly had a crush on. They all sang so together, well, obviously. That's what they're supposed to do. That's what made them a band in the first place.

The song ended and my dad and Austin clapped. I decided I should join in. "That was so good!" Austin shouted. "Well boys, I am proud to be your manager. You guys are absolutely wonderful. Amazing. Well done." My dad said. "Brian, you have an amazing effect on the group, I can't believe it!" He continued. The second guy stood forward and said "Thank you." So that was Brian. "I'll tell you a little about myself and my background with the group. I joined this group when I was about 18 years old, and it has really changed my life. We have been together for about 13 years now, I believe, and we are not planning on quitting anytime soon. It's what we do." Brian said. "Next to me, here is AJ McLean. He is...20? I don't know." He laughed. "He joined the group around the same time I did. Then next came Howie Dorough. He is the second oldest of us here, being only a few years younger than me. I am the oldest..."He laughed again. "Yeah, this man is gettin' old," the blonde haired one said. "Aight, I am Nick Carter, 25 years old, the youngest of the group. I started out when I was 12 years old, and I have learned alot from these guys. They're like my second family." "I see, I see, well boys, I again am honored to be your manager, and I will do all that I can for you guys. In fact, the first thing I will do is serve you dinner tonight. How does that sound?" My dad asked. I was surprised. I had no idea my dad would actually let these...these famous people eat with us. I mean, yeah, he's famous now too, but to have the Backstreet Boys eat here? At our house? In our dining room? With me, Austin, and mom? Wow.

The guys agreed to stay for dinner, and we all headed upstairs. They sat down in the living room while my mom prepared dinner. I got my stuff and started to head upstairs. Austin was sitting down with Brian, acting like he was his best friend. I guess he had gotten a chance to meet them already. "Hey, Austin, why don't you introduce us to your sister?" Brian asked. "Psh, she's a loser, you don't wanna get to know her." I turned around. "Excuse me? I am not a loser. I am a mature young adult." I paused. "I'm Shannon..19 years old, um, yeah, and I guess you met Austin." Was it just me, or was it getting hot in here? I tried not to look at Nick, but I couldn't help it. He was so fucking hot! "Well, hey Shannon. Why don't you come over here and sit? We can help you with your homework." Nick smiled. Oh my God, did Nick just ask me to go and sit down, over there, next to him, and do my homework? I stood there like an idiot for probably a minute before I nodded my head. My brother started laughing ridiculously. As I walked over there, I hit Austin in the head, making him shut up. "Hey, that's what we do to Nick!" Howie suddenly said. I laughed. "Why?" Oh god, what a stupid question. "He's such a nutball, that's why." Nick laughed. "Okay, okay guys, stop with the jokes. We all know I'm the youngest, that's unfair to make her think I'm a disobedient dork. Shannon, don't believe anything they say. They're just old." Austin and I laughed. "We are not old! We are young, mature adults," Aj said while getting up to go smack Nick on the head again. "Wow, it must be interesting being you, Nick." I tried not to look at him, but it was rude not to. I looked up, and oh my god, there was the most gorgeous face ever. "Yeah, it is very interesting being me." He stared into my eyes. There was this, this connection that instantly started going off inbetween me and him. He suddenly snapped out of it. "Now, what about that homework?" He said. I started feeling like a little kid who needed her mommy or daddy to tell her to do her homework. "Oh, right." I scrambled to get the things out of my backpack. Right when I had set the books on the table, Mom's voice rang out throughout the house. "Dinnertime!" We all got up and headed for the dining room.

My mom had prepared lasagna and garlic bread, my favorite meal. Too bad I was going on a diet now that school started. And hell, I wouldn't eat alot now anyways since the guys are here. I simply took a piece of bread, then got up and got myself a bowl of salad. "Would anyone rather have salad?" I asked jokingly. "Honey, why don't you wanna eat lasagna? It's your favorite." "Oh, I want there to be plenty for the guys mom." I replied. I sat back down and we all helped ourselves to what we wanted. Around the table tonight, there was only one conversation going on, and that was, of course, about the Backstreet Boys, and the whole management deal. The management part was boring, however, but when the guys, Nick for example, told us about his life and what he wanted to do in the future, I got really interested, and eventually stopped eating and just sat there listening in amazement. His family was very interesting. He has one younger brother named Aaron, who is also a professional singer, and 3 younger sisters: BJ, Leslie, and Angel. Angel is Aaron's twin sister. She is a model. Leslie sings, and BJ is learning to be a chef. However, it is it very sad that his parents got divorced. I silently sipped my water while listening. Then, they changed the subject. They started asking Austin some questions about sports, music, etc. He answered very easily. Wait a minute. Oh no. I was next. I better put my water down and get ready to talk. I am sort of shy, this may become a problem.."So Shannon, you said you're 19. How was your first day being a wonderful senior, the masters of high school?" AJ asked. "Oh, it was very hectic, but I managed." I replied. "That's good. I remember my first day was hectic, also. I think it's supposed to be that way." I looked back at my mom, thinking about what she had said earlier, which was exactly what AJ had just said. "Yes, I believe it is, too." I said. Nick butted in. "Are you into any kinds of music, sports, or anything like that?" He asked. "Well actually, my dad reminded me that I used to listen to you guys when I was little, but I honestly don't remember. I'm guessing that will change soon, though." I winked at Nick. Oh god, what was I doing? Flirting with Nick? I shouldn't do this. But he's so cute! I looked back at him and all he did was smile and say, "That's interesting. I hope you enjoy our music. So, any sports?" Oh believe me, I will enjoy it, I thought. "Hm, sports, nothing yet, but I am thinking about trying out for track or volleyball." I said. "Aw, no basketball?" Brian whined. "Basketball was never my thing, sorry to say. I couldn't handle the ball." I admitted. "Oh, I see." He replied. Then they surprisingly stopped talking to me, so I asked my mom if I could clear the dishes. She nodded her head, and I got up and took half the table's dishes. A few minutes later, Nick followed me in. Oh my god, this is not happening.

"Hey Shannon, need some help?" he asked. Oh god, should I let him help or is that rude? "Oh, no, no it's fine. You're the guest, don't bother." I replied. I turned on the water and started to rinse the plates off. Instead of not helping like I told him too, he found the soap and put some in. "You might want some of that, it'll help the dishes get cleaner." I turned red. I had goofed. Oh god, help me. I was losing it. I was too lost in the fact that Nick Carter was in my house, eating dinner with me, talking to me, and now helping me with dishes; to even remember something simple like soap. "Right, sorry, I forgot." I managed to say. "It's okay," he said as he took a rag and started wiping a plate down. As he was placing it back into the tub of water, he accidentally splashed me. "Oh my god, I'm sorry," he said. "No problem, it happens." I got a rag and "accidentally" plopped it into the water too quickly, splashing Nick back. "Oh, I'm so sorry." I started to flirt. I shouldn't be doing this, I thought to myself. To my surprise, he squirted me back with the water hose thingy. "My bad," he said. "Oh, I see how it is. Well, two can play that game." I dumped the rag into the sink again, and sent water everywhere, but not too much. The lower part of his blue shirt got wet. "You're on!" He yelled. I ran to the back door, and hurried outside, and hid behind a bush. I heard him open the door, and silently look around for me. "Come out, come out, wherever you are." He said. I laughed. I put my hand over my mouth. He was sure to find me now...Suddenly a splash of cold water went down my back. "Oh my god!" I jumped up and ran after him, realizing that I had no amo to get him with. It turned into a game of tag. I chased him down, and finally tagged the back of his shirt. "You're it!" I ran back towards the house, but got stuck in a corner. Oh no, Nick was coming! "Ahh!" I screamed. "Haha, gotcha!" I was blocked inbetween him and the wall. "What are you gonna do now, hmm?" I thought about what I could do, but ended up with nothing. "I think I'm stuck. You win." He laughed. "I am the king of tag!" Hold up, why was he still blocking me against the wall? The game was over. He looked at me. I gazed into his beautiful, blue eyes, a thousand different thoughts rushing through my head. I wonder what he was thinking. "Do you know that you're eyes are really pretty?" He suddenly asked. I didn't know what to say. "I..I guess they are. Yours are, too." He didn't respond. Instead he looked at the window that we were standing closest too. Everyone from inside was watching us. How embarassing. Nick suddenly moved and let me out of the corner. He walked back inside, but I stayed outside. What had just happened? Was Nick looking deep within me, or just staring at me to make me think that I have a chance? Whatever it was, it worked. I was entranced by his compassion and beautiful looks. I was in love with that boy.

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