Inconsolable by Alexis
Chapter 3 by Alexis
After another hour and half i was completely did all my work at my album party, I was so happy cause i had met so many celebrities, plus Timbaland asked me to do a duet with him. I was like wow , how could i imagine it … I never imagined to become famous but now here i am, right. Besides i was just a little girl who wants to be a fashion designer with her own little boutique. But looked at me.. God!!!! Yeah i felt like screaming.

I called Nathalie because she just disappeared with the Backstreet cuties after i met them.

‘Where are you, Nat?’ I asked.

‘I’m at the Les Deux with the guys.’ She yelled cause there were so many noise around me and at her at the same time i guessed.

‘Wait, you didnt wait me?’ I pissed, you know, that was one of my most important day in my life and my fucking best friend didn’t even wait for me to finished my stuff plus i was so jealous( i don’t need to mention it i guess)

‘I was just bored and then the guys asked me cause they were leaving’ She excused herself but when i pissed then it was too late..

‘Yeah yeah, ok then, I’m so tired right now, i guess i will be going home, say guys that i’m sorry , i guess you are going to be the one who forgive ourselves to AJ.’ I secretly shouted to her.

‘Wait, whats that suppose to mean?’ She yelled.

‘Nothing honey, i’m tired, i’m going home so i guess i’ll see you in the morning. Bye’ I said to her then turned my cell off and also convinced myself that nothing to worry. I hoped that i had another shot with the guys especially with AJ, but even if it didn’t happen then there wouldn’t nothing to worry. Why did made a big deal in myself, i didn’t know.

At the same time..

“ Guys we have a little situation here” said Nathalie to the guys.

“What happened? Did you talked to Jessica? Is she coming ?” asked AJ with a worried eyes.

“Yeah the problem is, she said that she won’t be there tonite cause she is too tired right now, she’ll be going home the spent the night at there but i guess she was just pissed at me cause we didn’t wait her at there” Said Nathalie with a sappy look on her face.

“Really, so what are we going to do?” Asked Nick wondered if he would call Johnny to arrange something.

“J guy, you know what are we going to do? Take this” Said Nathalie while she looked at something in her purse and then she gave some keys to him.

“ Keys?” He asked confused.

“These keys are Jess s home keys, so you can go there to get her out of the home” She said with a huge grin on her face.

“God, won’t she be mad at me, i mean, i really don’t want to kick out by Jessica.” He said while on the other hand he thought it would be good opportunity to having alone time with her if Jess agreed to come with him.

“I don’t think so. If she ll mad at someone that will be me, i’m the who gave you this keys” She said “J please go” She added.

“Yeah Bone, you need to go get her” Nick said “Plus i’m not the one who thinks she s ridiciolusly hot” He whispered in his ears.

“I never said that” AJ exclaimed.

“God damn Bone, you dont need to say it loudly, i knew from the moment you saw her.” Said Nick while he pushed him outside of their lodge.

A little while after AJ gone

“She was just jealous you know because i left with AJ” Nathalie blurted to Nick while Nick gave her another Long Island Ice tea.

“I have a feeling of that, i guess it will be good for them to spend some alone time” Said Nick with that huge grin.

“Yeah, i think so. She is just you know, she never been into that fan thing but she had a huge crash for him when we were teenagers.”Said Nathalie.

“Funny that, now Bone have a crush on her.” Nick said.

“I knew it, I saw it in his eyes” Nathalie exclaimed.

“What do you saw in my eyes then?” asked Nick while he was getting closer inches to Nat.

“Wow. I meant-” She started to talk but “ Oh you need to shut up for a while” Nick cut her words. And then his mouth crushed onto hers while Nathalie s eyes growed for a second and then closed.

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