Everything Changes by angelhunalex
Chapter 1 by angelhunalex
Author's Notes:
Warning! There is a rape scene in it!
Joanna's hand was shivering as she searched for something in her bag, hoping that what she was looking for was still there. Finally, she was holding a picture in her frozen fingers. She wasn't sure what time of the day it was, but considering that the sun had not yet started to rise already, she guessed that it was very early in the morning.

She could barely see what was on the picture through the darkness. Her eyes were hurting from all of the tears that she had cried. She knew that it was her younger sister whose face was on that picture. The only family member that she honestly loved from the bottom of her heart. She could hardly stand not knowing if she was okay or if she ever see her again. Maybe her dad had already sold her to the same guy that he had tried to sell her self to.

Her thougts were interrupted by a group of a few young men who were laughing and talking loudly, walked down the beach towards the direction that Joanna was sitting, her back leaned against a small wall which was behind the beach. There were four or five of them, near Joanna's age or maybe a couple of years older. Some of them were holding bottles of alcoholic drinks in their hands. Instinctively, Joanna pulled her legs up to her chest and put her arms around her body.

"Hey Baby, what are you doing here?" one of the guys asked her, as he stopped right in front of her. His voice was shaky as he spoke, throwing the almost empty bottle through the air. His friends all laughed and without noticing Joanna found herself surrounded by them.

Carefully she looked up, pressing her lips together but didn't answer, hoping that they'd leave her alone.

"You can speak, can't you?" One of the other guys slighty nudged against her arm.

"Come on Nick... Why do you want to talk to her? You do NOT usually talk to girls like her." the first guy laughed.

"Are you cold?"

For a short moment she felt hope rising up with his question.
"Yes." she whispered back.

"Wow, so she DOES speak," the tall, blonde guy that his friends called Nick, grinned.

The first guy placed his hands on both of her arms and pulled her rough roughly to her feet. His face almost met hers when he continued to speak. "Are you cold? Because I have some ideas of how warm you up..."

She almost stopped breathing when she was hit with the smell of alcohol and fought against throwing up.

The other guys laughed and started to cheer their friend on. "Yeah Mike, show her!"

Mike began to drag her by her shirt. That was the moment Joanna realized where this was heading and tried to fight against him. Two of the other guys held her arms so that Mike could pull her shirt over her head.

"Wow, I like what I see. Nice body, baby!" Mike said with a horrible grin on his face.

He had drank a lot of alcohol throughout the night, as did his friends as well. He could now barely stand on his feet. "You wanna touch her, too? I saw this hot chick first, but yeah... you can touch her anyway!"

Three of the guys grabbed her breasts. She choked as she felt their hands all over her body. Mike playfully hit Nick's arm because he was the only one who was just standing there doing nothing. "What's up, dude? This isn't a turn on for you?"

"It is, for sure, but I'm done for today." Nick replied with a small grin. His head was aching like hell and he felt like everything around him was cloudy.

"Okay then... That means, more left for us."

Mike moved Joanna's skirt up her legs, while two other guys held her arms so that she wasn't able to move. She almost gave up fighting, knowing that she had no chance anyway.

She screamed loudly when Mike slid himself brutally into her. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly as she tried to block out the ugly phrases coming out of Mike's mouth. The way that he was speaking to her made her feel like she was nothing, but some cheap whore.

It didn't take long until Mike came hard inside of her. Joanna's body already ached from the pain Mike had caused her, but she was still aware that the others were so turned on already that the only thing she could do was to feel the next body over hers. Nobody seemed to care that she was crying and that her body was trembling. They only stood there, laughing at her helplessness as they cheered him on.

Fortunately, after the second guy finished, it finally seemed like they'd enough fun and turned away from her, leaving her almost naked and desperately crying on the floor.

It took all of Joanna's power to get her aching body up from the cold ground. She could still hear and see the group of guys, walking along the beach. She could even see them turning around and walking into her direction again. She began to fear that they had changed their minds and decided to come back to her again.

Fortunately, they didn't come back. They just stood there, talking and laughing without taking anymore notice of her. Only the blonde guy was looking at her from time to time. When her eyes met his directly she could not believe how someone with such warm blue eyes could do something like that. „Come on guys, let's go.“ Mike shouted.

Nick hesitated for a moment. It seemed like it was impossible for him to just leave the beach. A small part of him wanted to stay and help the woman who still laid a few yards away, but he knew that it was already too late for that. „Carter, let's go. Leave that bitch alone!“ Mike pulled Nick with him.

Nick stumbled but did nothing to fight against Mike now. He felt horrible and he knew that it was not only because of the alcohol in his blood.

He leaned against the wall to throw up before he followed his friends. All he wanted to do now was to go home. He felt so sick that he could not think any longer about what happened at the beach before. In the meantime, Joanna searched the ground for the picture of her sister which had fallen out of her hands when they had begun to attack her. When she finally found it, she could feel the tears again. The picture had some cracks now, but thinking that it was the only item that she owned, she pressed it tightly against her aching body.

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