Heaven by angelfromafrica
Chapter 1 by angelfromafrica

He had never met anyone like her, neither had she of him for that matter. But their chemistry was unbearable, it was exciting, it was electrifying.
He stood at the edge of the room and watched her dance, her hips moving ever so slightly, ever so sexily to the sound of the music. He smiled as he wondered who she was, where she had come from.

She must have noticed him watching her, because she stopped and stole an appealing look his way. She smiled back at him, because to her, he looked familiar.

“Where have I seen you before?” she whispered in his ear, and it took him by surprise. Her body was leaning up against his when just a minute ago they stood so far apart. He didn’t know what to say, but to her it was alright. She pressed herself closer to him and he felt her breath on his ear.

“Who are you?” he managed to ask, and she just smiled and ran a smooth hand down his arm.

“Someone from your past,” she replied softly and looked into his eyes, wandering in and out of his soul.

He looked at her for a moment, wondering what she meant. Her hazel eyes shimmering with mystery, mystery of an unsolved life. She knew him, and apparently he knew her but he could not remember it.

“How come I don’t remember you?” he asked and she giggled quietly.

“I often have that effect on people,” she replied and lightly brushed her lips across his cheek. “But this time you will remember me.” Her lips passed his, ever so gently and then unnoticed by him, or anyone else, she had gone.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” he whispered into her ear an hour later. She smiled to herself and turned around to face him, bringing the glass of champagne to her lips.

“Neither did I,” she confessed and it was his turn to smile.

“Well here you are,” he replied and took the glass from her hand.

“Here I am,” she repeated softly as she let him take the glass. “What now?”

“How about you tell me who you are?” he asked again, leaning closer to her hoping she would reveal to him who she was.

“Someone from your past,” she repeated, not giving away her game. “Someone very special.” She smiled a smile that was not like one he had ever seen.

“Well that’s a start,” he murmured into her hair as he took in her scent.

“Yes it is,” she responded and pushed him gently away. He took a few steps back and let her follow him. “What about you?”

“Well I can’t tell you if you don’t tell me, it’s only fair right?” he asked, taking her hand and pulling her close.

“It depends on how you classify fair,” she replied into his chest, he smelt of oak trees in summer and she took it all in. They danced for a while, standing close to one another not letting the other go.

He laughed and swirled her round, pulled her back to him and brushed his lips past her ear. “Fair is everything we are,” he whispered and she giggled at his response.

“What are we?” she asked looking up into his blue eyes with interest.

He smiled at her and pulled her even closer, feeling her hips against his. “We are everything you want us to be,” he muttered back, his smile widening.

“I want us to be us,” she hummed and threaded her hands through his hair. “It is what we want, need.” She pressed her lips softly to his as the music ended and he felt himself become amused by her game, but at the same time excited.

“How can you tell what we need?” he asked her, getting lost in her taste. She smiled softly and her lips were replaced by a finger as she slowly backed away from him.

“You will know when the time comes,” she said gently and slowly disappeared back into the crowd.

“Now we have to stop meeting like this,” she giggled as he took a step towards her.

“Like what?” he asked innocently as he looked at her with his blue eyes.

“Like this. You, me and an hour later,” she said smiling and he laughed.

“Don’t you mean half an hour? It’s only been thirty minutes,” he asked and grabbed her hand gently. “Come to me.” He pulled her close, and she let him hold her.

“Has it been that long? It must have slipped my mind,” she said playfully as she slipped her arms comfortably round his neck and allowed herself to move with him to the music.

“You seem to forget things like that easily,” he countered and brushed a finger along her cheek.

“Yes well, I have to keep up with you,” she sighed as his finger traced the outline of her lips.

He chuckled and took her hand in his, kissing the tips of her fingers lightly. “So how about you tell me where I know you from?” She shook her head and pressed herself gently into him.

“Not a chance,” she whispered into his ear. “Or else it wouldn’t be much fun would it now?” He looked at her and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Fun is what I’m all about,” he replied looking into her eyes.

“Yes, I can tell,” she replied, she moved her hand down his arm.

“Oh can you now?” he raised an eyebrow playfully and she nodded.

“It reminds me of someone…” she began and he smiled.

“Someone from your past?” he asked teasingly and she
pulled away from him slightly.

“And I from his,” she mischievously countered waving herself back into him.

“Now that is interesting,” he mused, and ran a hand slowly up her back.

“It is isn’t it?” she wanted to know, as their bodies flowed easily with one another.

“Very, is he here?” he asked, she moved her hand back to his shoulder.

“He’s dancing with me right now,” she hushed and let her lips glide near his neck.

“Oh is he,” he replied as she raised her face slightly so he could see the sparkle in her eyes.

She refused to respond, once again her lips softly kissing his jaw line, up to his ear. She stopped and he turned his face into her neck, slowly passing his lips up it and to the corner of her lips.

“Where do we go from here?” he whispered into her mouth as she smiled.

“Where ever you want,” she hushed feeling his hand on the nook of her back rubbing gently in soft circles.

“What about I take you away?” he asked her, her lips trailing back down his jaw line.

“Where would you take me?” She replied moving her hand down his chest. He gently re-took it and pulled away from her, pulling her away from the crowd. She gave him a look of curiosity as he enticed her into the corridor and into an empty room.

He pulled her to him, and slowly shut the door behind them. She pressed herself into him, and let his fingers work their way over the straps of her dress, before he replied, “Heaven.”

He touched her, enticed her, and made her wonder. With every curve of her body he moved his fingers, his hands exploring everything he found. Why did she seem so familiar? Why did this body not seem so remote?

“I like that,” she murmured as he worked her, his fingers tracing every outline. He moved up to her face, his lips brushing against hers.

“I know,” he whispered back, and she pulled him to her, taking him in. He pressed himself against her, so that she found herself getting lost beneath him in the white sheets. They seemed to move together, as if they were dancing, dancing on ice.

“Will you give me more?’ She asked, as he paused to look at her lying perfectly serene beneath him. He smiled at her request and brought his lips down to her neck, kissing it gently.

“More than you can imagine,” he hummed into her neck, nibbling it she sighed with ecstasy. His lips traveled further down her neck, reaching her collar bone while her hands immersed themselves into his brown curls.

“My imagination seems to be traveling,” she said softly opening her eyes and looking at him, he looked up at her with understanding.

“Tell me what path it is taking,” he said, he felt her hands move down to the nape of his neck.

“A path we both know,” she whispered, her legs wrapping them firmly around his waist.

“Let us see if we can find it,” he replied and pulled her to him, lips moving even further down her body. He found his hands behind her, on her back, rubbing her up and down. He moved his lips further down, past her perfect shaped breasts, and to her belly. He kissed her just above her groin, licking and nibbling, finally pulling himself slowly back up and on to each breast, taking them in.

“I think we found it,” she moaned with her back arching towards him, causing him to forge deeper.

“I think so too,” he replied pressing her to him, as he continued to please her. They went on like this for minutes, maybe hours more, feeling each other out, satisfying one another.

His hands and hers wandering down each other, trying to remember where they had last been here. His body pushing into hers and hers was allowing him to come to her. She felt him, wanted him, and was infatuated with him. She let him have her, right then and there, and he gratefully, hungrily accepted her as she was.

After a while he stopped moving, looking down on her and slowly pulling himself up. She looked back up at him, desperately wanting more of him, but not wanting to give in. He watched her, as she did him and allowed himself to lie softly by her side.

As he found his place beside her, her leg reached out over him and she smiled, “I think we found heaven.”

He was still trying to place her, as she got up and began to dress. He watched her, taking every last bit of her in. His mind raced for answers as she pulled her straps over her shoulders and turned to face him.

“What?” she asked smiling and walking over to him.

“Where have I seen you before?” he asked, using her own question on her. She laughed, and a smile twinkled in her eyes.

“In your past,” was her reply and she bent to kiss him. He sighed in frustration as he tasted her one last time.

“How long will this game last?” he asked her, and she pulled back, looking into his eyes.

“Until you figure it out on your own who I am,” she answered, running a hand through his hair, down his neck, over his shoulder and down his arm. He held on to her hand as she slowly pulled away from him.

“That will take a long time,” he replied and she smiled, letting go of his hand, their finger tips just touching.

“Then I guess we will have to wait,” she replied and took another step back. He slowly stood and followed her, every step forward he took she took one back. “No,” she said when they reached the door, and he was close enough to kiss her again.

“What?” he wanted to know, she shook her head and held her hand to his chest forcing him a little back.

“Don’t come,” she responded, he took a few steps back and watched her. She smiled one last time, as did he. “Until we meet again,” said she slipping out the door. He was left in silence.

The door closed wordlessly behind her, he was still wondering who she was. They had shared the most intimate experience of both their lives, but she was unwilling to give him what he wanted. A memory, a memory she could not bear to part with.

She walked down the corridor, passing endless people, with endless smiles, every so often gazing behind her, making sure he was not there. She entered the large room, the people still dancing, and she swayed her hips to the music weaving through the crowd.

“Did you find him?” her sister’s voice asked in her ear, she slowly swayed around until she faced a woman dressed in a silky white gown.

“Depends on how you define find,” she replied with a glint of mystery in her eyes.

Her sister smiled and hugged her, “I suppose you must have then.”

“I did,” she replied even more mysteriously, “And he took me to heaven.”

He watched her embrace the woman in white, and then disappear. He wondered how long it would be until he found her again. He smiled to himself, and let the music take him over, he moved to the steady beat, keeping his eyes on the crowd in case she came back.

“So you found what you were looking for?” a voice asked him, he turned and faced his friend.

“I suppose you could say that,” he replied with a sigh in his voice. His friend became worried, but he smiled.

“What do you mean?” his friend asked.

“It is still a mystery to me,” he replied, and his friend nodded in understanding.

“Aren’t they all?” his friend laughed and he had to agree.

A smile spread across his lips as he thought of her one last time, “Yes they are.”

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