If Only.. by babygirl69
Chapter 2 by babygirl69
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Around three that day, we were all pretty tired, so we decided to stop for some lunch. After at least twenty minutes of arguing where to go, we finally decided to go to In-N-Out Burger. I've always wanted to try it, so I was up for it.

"Casey, what are you getting?" I asked while looking at the menu.

"I have no clue. There's too much to try." She turned to Steven. "Baby, what are you getting?"

"Not sure yet."

"You guys aren't helping!" I joked.

After deciding what to order, we ate and were on our way. Steven took Casey into a boutique to buy her a present, so Davi and I went off on our own for a little bit. We were enjoyng all the unique shops, and had already spent around a hundred dollars each on clothes. We spotted a coffee shop and stopped for a drink.

"Oh David! Coffee!" I exclaimed when I saw the sign.

I love my lattes and frapaccinos, and was utterly excited when I saw the building.

"A frap sounds really good." David said, opening the door and letting me walk in first.

Of course, me being my clumsy self and not paying attention, I ran right into the man in line in front of me, as he was turning to walk away, causing him to spill his latte all over me.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry sweetheart!" He said, tossing his cup to the side.

He grabbed some napkins for me, trying to help me clean up.

"Oh..it's ok..no I'm sorry. I should've been paying attention! Let me buy you another drink!" I exclaimed, trying to clean myself up.

"No no..let me buy you one. It's the least I can do for spilling my drink on you. I ruined your shirt. And it's such a beautiful shirt on you."

"No, it's completely my fault." I said, as I looked up.

I gasped when my eyes focused on his face. I couldn't believe it. I must have stood there silent for at least a full minute before he spoke.

"What is it you're drinking? I'll buy it for you." He said.

"Umm. I-I.." I finally snapped out of my state and was able to answer him. "Um a vanilla frapaccino."

He flashedme his famous grin and nodded. He walked up to the counter to place his order, while I turned around to find David.

"David!" I shrieked as quietly as I could.


"Have you not been watching?"

"Watching a guy spill his coffee on you?"

I stared at him for a second, "David. Look at him."

He looked behind mem then, bugged his eyes almost out of his head. "That can't be."

"It is! Now, excuse me! I have to get back over there!" I said, walking up to the counter to get my drink. And maybe talk to him.

He smiled and handed me my drink, "Here you go hun, I'm really sorry about your shirt. And, I hope my coffee didn't burn you."

I saw sincere concern in his eyes and melted. "No, it didn't, and don't worry about my shirt, I can get the stain out."

"Ok good." He smiled again, holding out his hand. "I'm AJ."

"Yeah, I know...I'm Jessica."

"Nice to meet you Jessica. So, you here with your boyfriend?"

I looked back at David, his eyes glued to us, watching our every move. "God no. He's gay." I laughed.

"Oh!" He said with a soft chuckle.

"I'm single, here on vacation with my three best friends."

"Having fun?"

"Yes. I've been here for less than twelve hours and I already don't ever wanna leave." I answered.

"I love it here, it's such a great city."

David inerrupted us by holding his cell phone up to my face. "Casey wanted to tell you something.

"Oh," I turned to AJ, "Excuse me."

He nodded and I took the phone.


"Hey, we're gonna meet you guys back at the hotel ok?" Casey said

"Yeah, that's fine. I'll see you tonight. Have fun!"

I hung up the phone and gave it back to David, turning my attention back to AJ.


"No problem," He answered. "Would you like to join me at a booth?"

"I'd love to."

I joined AJ at a booth in the corner of the shop. David said he was going to run down the street and go in one more store before we headed back to the hotel. I think he just knew that I'd want to be alone with AJ. I wanted to be selfish and keep him to myself.

We talked over coffee for a good hour about everything. All the little things about ourselves. I told him all about myself. We shared our favorite books, movies, music, and foods. When I told him that my favorite artist was Backstreet, he got a little smile on his face.

"Who's your favorite?" He asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Umm..you." I answered, in a quiet, shy voice.

"Aww." He said.

I giggled and apologized yet again for running into him.

"So, do you have plans for tonight?"

"No, I'll probably just sit in the hotel with David, since he's underage."

"Well, how about you let me take you out?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes." He smiled. "I'll take you to dinner, and then we can go dancing or something."

"I'd love to."

"Great. Where are you staying? And, I'll probably need your cell phone number."

I told him the name of our hotel and our room number, followed by my cell number. He entered it into his phone, then sent me a text so I would have his.

"So, I'll pick you up at your hotel around seven?"

"That's perfect."

"Great. I'll see you tonight." He smiled

"Ok. Bye." I said as he pulled me in for a hug, before we both went our separate ways.

When David and I got back to the hotel, I immediately started to get ready for my date with AJ. I still couldn't believe I had a date with AJ McLean. And, I hadn't told anyone yet. When I emerged from the bathroom dressed up and full makeup on, David gave me a look.

"What are you doing missy?" He asked me, acting like my father.

"Umm..I kinda have a date with AJ...." I trailed off.

"And you didn't tell me!?"


"Oh! We've gotta tell Casey!"

"But, she's not home yet.."

Spoke too soon, she walked in at that moment.

"Casey! Come here!" David yelled.

"What?" She asked as she sat on my bed next to me.

David looked at me, then at Casey. "Our friend Jessica here..has a date tonight..with a man she met today in a coffee shop."


"Yes." I answered.

"That's not all." David added. "The man she met, was none other than her favorite person in the world... yes. AJ McLean."

Casey's and Steven's eyes both bugged out of their heads, and yelled at the ame time. "Are you serious?!"

I stood up, putting on my shoes when I saw that it was 6:59. "Yeah..he'll be here any minute. So, I'll tell you all about it later. And it's not a date David."

I looked at him and continued, "He's just taking me to dinner to make up for the coffee on my shirt."

"Keep telling yourself that Jess. He likes you. And it is a date."

"You know I don't date."

"Well, tonight you're gonna start. Because you deserve to be happy."

There was a knock on the door before I could answer. I waslked over to the door and opened it, seeing AJ on the other side.

He smiled big when he saw me. "Hey, you look beautiful. You ready?"

"Yes..and thank you" I said, blushing at his comment.

I turned around to look at my friends, "Bye guys." I said.

"Bye." they all said in unison.

I shut the door behind me as AJ took my hand and led me down the hall and out of the hotel to his car outside.

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