To Lindsay Lohan by Tanya_Soyer
Summary: I wrote this one when I write the letter to Lindsay's fan club!
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1. Chapter 1 by Tanya_Soyer

Chapter 1 by Tanya_Soyer
Nobody knows how to be you
I'm sure, it's not easy!
And nowadays to see the true
Impossible, believe me
I dont believe that you are bad,
Cause know that rumours lie!
And every man becames so mad
When thinks about your life!
Remember that you're perfect girl
Believe in good things happen!
I want to give you the whole world
To see your smile and happy!

I wrote this very short poem and would very much like to Lindsay saw it and read it! I would be very happy about that, because I really like Lindsay Lohan and really want to support her! It is a pity that her name is not listed in FanFiction, I would have written about her and something interesting)
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