A Dream Come True by nicksbaby98

This story is about is about two girls who get the experince of thier life time , they get to meet the backstreet boys ... more .

This is not based on real events everything is made up ,

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1. Chapter 1 by nicksbaby98

Chapter 1 by nicksbaby98

One day two girls, named Michelle and Kayla were getting ready to go to the Backstreet Boys concert. They were hoping they could watch them practice before the concert. When they got to the arena, a young guy came up to them and asked "did you girls want to go watch the guys practice?" Michelle and Kayla looked at each other and screamed “yes omg that’s awesome" When they went inside they started freaking out , because the backstreet boys were right in front of them. "Nick you’re my favorite bsb and i love you so much”. Kayla said and started blushing. Nick grabbed her hands and pulled her into his arms. The other guys looked at Michelle and asked “So which one of us is your favorite?". Michelle looked at them and smiled “well i kind of have two favorites, which are AJ and Brian". She started blushing. Aj and Brian walked over to her, and gave her a hug and kiss." So what is your favorite song?” Kevin asked. Michelle basically yelled “I Want It That Way". Everyone laughed, when she was done. “Larger than Life is my favorite." Kayla said as she was holding Nick's hand. “We do have a surprise for you girls though." Howie said as he put blind folds on their faces. “Ok what is your dream to do if you could do something at the concert?" They asked as they pulled them towards the stage. " Well i've always wanted to be able to sing on stage with you guys , and to spend at least one year with you guys. "Both Kayla and Michelle said. " Well your dream just came true." Brian said as he pulled the blind folds off. " You girls get to sing two songs with us, and you get to spend one year with us , unless we want you two to live with us. " AJ said and noticed how shocked they were. Michelle sat down on the stage for a few mintutes , because she was so shocked. " Hey Michelle are you going to be ok , cause you seem like your going to faint?". Aj said and sat down beside her and held her closley , Kayla was walking around with Nick and talking to him about her life. Brian walked over to were AJ was sitting with Michelle. " So your friend Kayla seems really happy." Brian said as everyone laughed. "Well i'm really happy, because it's been my dream to meet you guys all my life." Michelle said as brian and aj hugged her. nick and Kayla came back and sat down with everyone. "Well girls we should go get ready, but we will look for you two , because you girls have front row tickets."Aj said as he handed them the tickets. Both girls screamed "OH MY GOD". Kayla jumped into Nicks arms and gave him a kiss on the check. Michelle gave each Brian and AJ hugs and kisses. The concert was about to start. The lights went out and everyone was screaming. Kayla and Michelle couldn't wait for them to come out. They came out on stage. Nick smiled at Kayla and grabbed her hand and her on stage with him. Kayla couldn't believe she was standing on stage with Nick and the rest of the boys. Aj came off the stage and came up to Michelle, he smiled and liefted her over the gate and they walked on the stage together. Both girls were so excited they got to sing with the guys, Nick was holding Kayla's haand and slightley pulling her close to his body. Both Aj and Brian were holding Michelle's hand , she was blushing. When the song was over they brought the girls backstage to have something to drink. 'Oh my god that was awsome , i thought i was going to faint , i was so nervous." Michelle said as leaned against aj. " That was awsome i wasn't nervous at all , well how could i be when im standing on stage with the backstreet boys." Kayla said as she was holding Nicks hand. Everyone laughed. The boys had a 15 mintute break before they went back on stage. Aj grabbed Michelle's hand and pulled her up , and walked with her around while everyone else was talking to kayla. Aj was telling michelle how pretty she is and that she has a beautiful voice. Aj stopped walking , and leaned forward and gave michelle a kiss. They were kissing for a a few minutes. When they went back to the room, everyone just starred at them weridly. "Whay were you guys doing for 10 minutes?" Kayla and Nick asked curiously. "We were just talking thats all." Michelle said as she started blusing. Before the boys went back on stage , Nick gave kayla a kiss and aj michelle a kiss. " Oh my god aj likes you." Kayla said as Michelle was blushing. ' I know he does , but i like brian to , and i don't want to hurt anyone." Michelle said as they went back to the floor to watch the concert." Alright michelle and kayla we want you to come on stage with us again." Kevin said as he saw aj and nick go down and get the girls, aj was holding Michelles hand the entire time they were singing " I Want It That Way'." When the concert was over the girls went backstage to get ready to go back home. "Oh my god that concert was freakin awsome." Both kayla and michelle said." Thanks it was all for you girls anyways." Aj and nick said as they pulled them into their arms and gave them a kiss. They got into the limo to go to the airport. When they got on the plane , the girls couldn't believe that that was their plane. "Well i'm tired so im going to lay down ok." Michelle said as she gave each boy a hug and kiss, aj came with her and laid down. Nick and kayla were watching a moive and nick pulled kayla closer to him and leaned forward and kissed her. When Michelle and Aj woke up , it was really quiet on the place. They walked out and saw nick and kayla sleeping together. Brian, howie, and kevin were sitting and talking."Hey you two, how was the nap , because you have been sleeping for hours." Brian said as everyone laughed. Everyone looked over at kayla and nick as they were starting to wake up. " Hey kayla how the sleep?." Michelle asked as she was starring at her and nick together. " What were you and aj doing the entire time.?" Kayla and nick asked."We were just talking and i guess a little making out ,but only kissing. " Michelle said as she started blushing. Both kayla and nick look surprised about what she just said to them. "I thought you liked brian also.?" Nick asked curiously. "Well yea i like aj and brian , but i can't be with both because i'm sure they would find out if i was with another person." Michelle said as she sounded

upset. The other boys came and sat down by her. "Hey what's up michelle , you look really upset about something , did you want to talk about privately.?" Kevin and howie asked. Michelle looked at them and said " yea sure." So they went to the bedroom to talk."So what's going on?." Kevin asked as he grabbed her hand." Well i know aj likes me and i like him , but i also like brian to , and i don't know what to do." She said as tears came down her eyes. Both howie and kevin sat beside her and trying to calm her down. "You just have to go with what your heart tells you." Howie said as he gave her a hug and she wiped her tears away and went out into the living room. Everyone looked at her strangley..'Hey michelle what's up? you look so upset.?" Brian said as he grabbed her hand. Kayla and nick were confused about what was going on with michelle. Nick looked at kayla and starred into her eyes and asked. " Kayla i know how much you like me , so do you want to go out with me.?" Kayla gave nick a shocked look and yelled "yes' and she jumped into his arms and kissed him. They wanted to tell everyone that they were a couple. 'Hey guys we have news, nick and i are now a couple." Kayla said as held nicks hand. " Aww thats cute." Michelle and aj said histericaly. When the plane landed they got off and went into the SUVS. "Oh my god Aj can i sit with you in the front please?.' Michelle asked as she was jumping up and down. 'Yea sure why wouldn't i want you to sit with me."He said as he grabbed her hands and pulled her into into his arms and kissed her in front of everyone. She started blushing a little as everyone looked at her. 'Alright lets go now."She said as she got in the vehicle. While they were driving michelle and kayla were blasting bsb songs all the way to there house. "OMG WERE BACK AGAIN." Michelle and Kayla screamed. 'EVERYBOY YEAH, ROCK YOUR BODY RIGHT , BACKSTREET'S BACK ALRIGHT!.'The boys just laughed. When they pulled up to their house , the girls faces dropped open."No freakin way thats the house you guys live in?." Both girls said."Yeah it is."Kevin said as he got out first and opened the door for the girls. 'Each of us will show you around the house ok." Brian said .Aj grabbed michelles hand and walked with her to the backyard."Oh my god thats awsome there's a pool and a hottub."Michelle said. Both aj and michelle were sitting down when they seen everyone else coming outside."Whats going on out here without Nick Carter present." Nick said as everyone just lasughedat him. "Nothing gosh nick why do you have to be so nosey." Aj said as he laughed, i'm kidding dude." Michelle got up to go for a walk . Brian followed her. Kayla say down beside nick as he started giving her kisses. Brian grabbed michelle's hand and pulled her into the bedroom."Brian what are you doing.?"Michelle asked him as he leaned forward and kissed her, as he pulled her on to the bed and started making out with her. Michelle didn't know what to do, she didn't want to hurt Aj either. She heard someone come inside so she said to brian" We have to stop ,i don't want anyone to find out." She got up and walked out of the room and left brian by himself. When michelle came out to the living room. She saw howie sitting there by himself."Hey howie whats up.?"Michelle asked and say down beside him."Well i came to see where you went to thats all." he said. "I made a big mistake howie." Michelle said as she started crying."Why what did you do.?" Howie said as he was holding michelles hand." Well when i came inside brian followed me and pulled me in the bedroom and started making out with me." Michelle said as she was crying even more. Everyone came inside to see what was wrong."Hey whats up michelle?." Kayla asked curiously." Just something i did thats all." She said as aj came and put his arm around her tightly. "Aww baby please tell me whats wrong."Aj asked as he looked at her. "Um well brian pulled me into a room and started making out with me." Michelle said as she turned away from aj."I don't know what to say , it's not your fault though babe." Aj said as he grabbed her hands. "It's brians fault , so don't worry i'll talk to him ok." He said and got up to go find brian. Michelle shoke her head. " Oh my god i can't believe i told aj that now brian is going to be mad at me." She said as kayla came and sat beside her."Aw michelle i hope everything is going to be ok , because i know aj really likes you and i know you like aj and brian alot, but i think aj wants to be with you." Kayla said and gave her a hug. Brian and aj came out to the living room."I can't believe you would do this to me michelle."Brian yelled. " Im sorry but i want to be with Aj."Michelle said. Brian looked really shocked when he remembered at the concert , she told both him and aj that she likes both of them."Michelle don't worry about brian ok, he just needs some time to calm down."Aj said as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her for a long time."Hey you girls wanna go have some fun .?"Nick said.Both kayla and michelle looked at each other and smiled. 'Yes of course we do." "Alright go get ready." Kevin said as michelle was the first one ready. When she came into the living room , the guys just starred. The boys just laughed at them , when they got to the park, they got some ,lunch and sat down to eat."This is so beautiful , i love it here."Michelle said as she laid her head on Aj's stomache."I know i wish we could live here forever."Kayla said as she cuddudled with nick.The other guys looked at how cute they all looked together."We wish we could , but we have to be back in california to record new albums."Kevin said."Hey were going for a walk , so we can let you guys be alone."Howie said as he , brian and kevin got up.So now they were alone, it was getting interesting because Michelle started making out with aj and kayla started making out with nick.They guys came back and just stood in front of them."Hey were back."Howie said, as they looked up and saw the guys standing thier in front of them.Michelle got up and pulled Kayla off nick."Alright lets go get something to eat."Michelle said as she grabbed Aj's hand and started walking down the street.Kayla and nick were walking in the back with Brian ,Howie and Kevin."Do you guys think that aj and michelle are going to be together for a long time.?"Nick asked cursiously."I'm not sure , but i think they will."Brian said.Nick gave brian this werid look.Brian ran up to Aj and Michelle."I can't see Aj and Michelle being together that long."Kayla said as Nick started laughing.Aj and michelle looked back and saw them laughing."So where we going babe?."Michelle asked cursiously."Were going to this french restraunt."Aj said and they walked inside."Hey were's nick,kayla,howie and kevin?"Michelle asked."Don't worry about them."Brian said in a upset voice, michelle and aj just looked at him like why are you acting like this."Why?"Michelle asked."Because thier talking about you guys behind you back."Brian said as both Aj and Michelle had shocked looks on thier faces.When Nick,Kayla and the other guys came up to them, they didn't even want to talk to them.Nick and Kayla walked up to Aj and Michelle."Hey what's up?."Nick said as he saw the looks on thier faces."Don't even talk to us."Michelle said as they walked inside with brian.Kayla and nick had shocked looks on thier faces.Nick ran up to aj."Hey dude we didn't say anything about you guys."Nick said."Whatever nick your just saying that , so i won't think that you or who ever said @#%$ about me and michelle."Aj said in an angrey voice.Aj walked away from Nick and went to join michelle brian, howie, and kevin."So Aj and Michelle aren't talking to us anymore.?"Kayla said.Nick replied "Yea basically , Aj is soo pissed and im not sure about michelle though , but im sure she won't talk to us if Aj's not talking to us anymore."Nick said as he glanced over at aj and michelle.Kayla grabbed his hand and they walked to a different table by themselves.When they sat down , they looked over at everyone laughing and having fun.Brian got up and walked over to there table."Hey guys whats up.?"Brian asked."Nothing besides the fact that aj and michelle won't talk to us anymore."Nick said in an angrey voice.Brian shrugged and walked back to the table , were everyone else was sitting.When everyone was done, they all left and went back to there hotel.Michelle and aj started packing."Where you two going.?"Kevin asked."Were going back to LA."Aj said.Everyone had a choked look on thier faces. Michelle sat on the bed and started crying."Aw michelle don't cry , i'll come with you to."Brian said as he hugged her."Why are you guys leaving?."Kayla asked as she walked over to michelle."Well look i mean you and i were best friends , but if your going to talk about me and Aj , then i can't do it anymore."Michelle said as she took off her barcelet that kayla gave her."Well im sorry we had to leave so early."Aj said.Michelle , aj and brian and howie left the room.Kayla was really upset and laid down on the bed. Nick came over and laid down beside her and said"Babe don't worry michelle and aj are upset right now , but im sure you two will be friends again."Kevin and howie were in the room and eventually they told nick and kayla that they should go back to LA .So they all got on a plane the next moring and flew back to LA.Kayla wanted to stop and see michelle, she rang the door bell and aj answered."Oh kayla michelle is busy right now ,want to come back later."She just looked at him and walked away.Michelle then came running down the stairs."Oh my god was that kayla , why does she still think im her friend."Michelle said.Later during the brian called michelle."Hey brian whats up.?"She said as aj came in the house and asked who she was talking to."You know Nick and Kayla are back right.?"Brian said in a soft voice.Michelle's face got angrey."Yea i know she came by here , there's know way i'll ever talk to them again."Michelle said as brian just listened and didn't speak a word."Oh hey brian im sorry but aj wants to get going so ill talk to you later."She said and clicked the phone."So babe what are we going to do about Aj and Michelle?."Nick asked curiously as he pulled her close to him"I don't know , i want us to be friends , but i feel like it's all falling apart now."Kayla said as her eyes filled up with tears."Aw i know Aj won't even talk to me."Nick said as he held kayla tightley.The boys had a meeting today to talk about the new album.Both kayla and michelle were there and they were trying to aviod each other."Hey lisin to me for a second ok, i'm sorry for what nick and i said about you and aj."Kayla said as everyone looked at her."Well ok seening you said your sorry."Michelle said as she gave kayla a hug."Wow i can't believe everyone's friends again."Kevin said and looked at everyone smiling and having fun again."This calls for a party."Nick yelled as everyone looked at him and laughed."Yea totally so whose house are we having it at.?"owie asked curisouly.Everyone looked at each other and then finally Aj said"Ok we will have it at my house."Everyone agreed , so they all went to go get ready."I'm glad were friends again."Michelle said as she smiled at kayla and hugged her."This is going to be awsome."Nick said as he got into his car with kayla.Everyone was showing up at AJ's house.Brian,Howie and Kevin showed up together.Howie went to go find Kayla."Hey do you know where Kayla is."Howie asked Michelle.She look at him and said"I seen her in the living room a little while ago."Howie walked away to go find her."Hey girl what's up.?"He said as he approached kayla.She had a werid look on her face.Howie got a little closer to kayla and then he leaned forward and kissed her.She felt awarkward at first , but then she moved her self closer to him.Both kevin and brian were chatting with michelle."So how have you and aj been.?"Kevin asked curiously."We've been good , nut i just feel he isn't himself anymore, we used to spend so much time together."Michelle said as both brian and kevin looked at her with a worried look on thier faces."We'll go see whats up with him."Kevin said as he got

up to find aj.Michelle sat with brian , as he moved closer to her."Look michelle you know that kevin, howie, nick, kayla and i are going to be thier for you no matter what happens ok."Brian said as leaned forward and kissed her.She didn't move at all , she out her hand around brian's neck and pulled him closer to her body.Kevin , aj, nick were chatting outside by the pool."So dude whats with you and michelle , she said that you haven't been your self in a while."Kevin said as aj had a strange look on his face."Well just some stuff ,nothing don't worry."Aj said as he was about to get up."Hey where's kayla at , i haven't seen her since we arrived earlier."Nick said as he had a confussed look on his face."I haven't seen her or howie either."Aj and kevin both said as all three of them got up to go look for her.Both kayla and howie wer on the couch making out, all of a sudden they heard people walk in the room."What the hell is this kayla."Nick yelled as he went over and grabbed her from howie.Both kevin and aj were totally shocked to see what was going on."What the hell are you doing making out with my girlfriend?."Nick yelled at howie and pushed him against the wall."Dude im sorry."Howie said as he pushed nick away and left the room."We're done , you can be with who ever you want to with , but it's not going to be me."Nick said as he walked away.Kayla sat down"Oh my god i can't belive nick dumped me."She said as she started crying."He will be right back ok , were gonna go get michelle."Kevin said as he and aj went to find michelle."We can't let anyone find out about this."Michelle said as she kissed brian just as kevin and aj walked in."Michelle what ....um whats going on.?"Aj said."Babe it's not what it looks like i swear."She said as she got off brian's lap."Yo dude how could you do this to me , she's my girlfriend."Aj said."You know what i can't trust you anymore, so don't ever talk to me again."He said as brian out with kevin."I'm sorry babe please don't leave me , i wanna be with you , your the only guy i trust and want to spend the rest of my life with."Michelle said as started crying.Aj looked at how upset she was , so he pulled her into his arms, and said"Baby don't worry ok i'll always be here for you."They went to go see kayla."Aw hey it's ok i'll talk to nick."Michelle said as she went to go find nick."Hey nick can i talk to you for a second?."Michelle said as nick turned around to look at her."Did you come to tell me that kayla didn't cheat on me.?"Nick asked in an angrey voice."No because she didn't ok , she told me that howie was the one who kissed her."She said."She can tell me that herself , i don't need you to tell me anything."Nick said as michelle had a angrey face."Well then we will se if i ever talk to you again."Michelle yelled and walked out of the room , just as kevin bumped into her."Wo ho what's wrong with you look really mad.?"Kevin said as michelle looked at him."Well i was talking to nick and he said that i don't need to tell him anything kayla says or anyone."She said and kevin started getting upset."Leave nick for me to deal with and you go talk to kayla."Kevin said as he gave michelle a hug."Ok so i tried talking to nick but he is being a jerk and didn't want me to tell him anthing you told me."Michelle said as she looked at kayla.Just as kayla was going to leave the room , nick walked in the room."Can i have an expination why you were making out with howie.?"Nick asked kayla."Look i didn't do anything , howie was the one who kissed me."Kayla said."Well i don't belive you , so you know what we are done , over , you are out of my life."Nick said and walked out o the room."Oh my god i can't believe what just happened!."Michelle said as she saw kayla."Aw i'm sorry i didn't think that would happened."Michelle said."I know he isn't serious about this break-up."Kayla said as she saw aj walk in and sit by michelle."So what did nick say.?"He asked kayla."Well he broke up with me , but i know he isn't serious."Kayla said. After they got off the rollarcoaster , michelle said she had to go to the bathroom , because she felt sick.Everyone said they would wait at the ferris wheel.Ten mintues later she still isn't back."Ok michelle is taking so long."Kayla complained."Wait a second where's brian at.?"Aj asked as he notcied that he wasn't with them.Everyone look at each other and ran to the bathroom."Michelle are you in here,?"Aj yelled as he saw someone standing in the bathroom."Brian where's michelle.?"Aj asked as everyone came into the bathroom."Right here."Brian said as he pulled michelle out from the stall, with her wrisits, tied up and her mouth taped shut."Brian chill out man ok just because me and her are together doesn't mean you two can't be friends."Aj said."Well you concience her to say that she will be friends with me or i will hurt her even more this time."Brian said as he trew michelle to the ground."Babe please tell brian that you and him will be friends, because it would mean alot to him , and i don't want you to get hurt again ok."Aj said as he took the tape off Michelle's face."Brian ill be your friend , and im sorry for what i said early today."Michelle said as she was crying."Ok and im osrry for what i said and for what i did to you."Brian said as he helped michelle up and gave her a hug and kiss."Ok so everyone's cool now.?"Howie asked curiously as everyone looked at him and smiled.They all went back on the rides. Michelle and Kayla were getting scarred.Howie Brian, Kevin went to cudle with the girls, so they weren't so scarred.They didn't hear from Aj and Nick anymore , untill they saw some guy walk in holding on to aj and nick."Oh my god Aj."Michelle screamed as she tried to run over to him , as Brian heald on to her."Don't talk or move ,otherwise your boys will get hurt."They guy said.Michelle and Kayla were worried for both Aj and Nick."Oh my god i don't want Nick to get hurt."Kayla wispered.The guy came over to were michelle was sitting, and then he grabbed her and pulled her away.Aj tired to grab her and pull her away from him,."Oh my god Michelle.!"Kayla screamed."Don't touch her or you will get hurt."The guy screamed.They seen five big guys walk in the room , which they figured it was thier body gaurds."Let go of the girl.?"Aj's body gaurd asked as the guy let go of her. Michelle ran over to Aj.Then there body gaurds lead him out of thier house."Oh my god michelle are you ok?."Kayla asked so worried."Yea im fine."Michelle said in a teary voice.Then brian got up to lock all the doors , and set the alarm.Everyone was so tired from what just happend, so they all went to bed. The next moroning the boys reciecved news they were going to be going to paris for one week."Oh my god paris."Michelle and Kayla screamed , both girls went running to pack thier stuff.Little did they know that both Aj and Nick had a surprise for each girl. They were heading for ariport. When they were on the plane the girls couldn't wait to get to paris."So when are we going to tell them."Nick asked Aj."When we get off the plane."Aj smiled as he told nick.Everyone was tried , so they went to sleep. Michelle woke up and looked out her window and noticed the lights , she started fraeking out."Oh my god were in Paris."Michelle screamed.Everyone woke up when they heard her scream.Aj went to michelle and picked her up and kissed her, and then Nick went up to Kayla and kissed her.The plane finally landed.Nick and AJ m told brian ,howie and kevin to take michelle and kayla off the plane.Both girls had blind folds on.While they were woundering what was going on, Aj and Nick kneeled down and grabbed thier girlfriends hand and said "Will you marry me.?"Howie and Brian untied thier blind folds as both the girls had tears running down thier faces."Oh my god yes."Both girls said as Aj and Nick got up and kissed them."I'm so happy babe, we should get married in paris."Michelle said as she looked at kayla as she smiled back at her."Hey nick we can get married in paris."Kayla said as he looked at her and said"Yea of course."Howie ,Brian, and Kevin came off the plane and both of them screamed"Were getting married in Paris!."All three of them went up to the girls and hugged them , they went up to Aj and Nick and said"Congradulation.""I want to go buy some new lingere."Michelle said.Kayla and the guys started giggling.Michelle and Kayla went to try some stuff on , they both stepped out of the changing rooms in silk bath robes.They guys just starred."Hey take a picture to send to Aj."Michelle said.Then Kayla asked the guys to take some pictures on her phone to send to nick.Then Michelle untied her robe."Wow michelle you look hot!."Kayla and the guys said.Brian was taking alot of pictures."Ok now thats over lets go look for a dress."Kayla said.Michelle sat on the bench and called aj"Hey babe , what's up.?"Michelle asked."Hey sexy , nothing much , i got those pics of you, damn i hope you bought some stuff."Aj said as she giggled."Yea of course i did".Michelle said as she saw kayla run over to her."Hey who you talking to.?"Kayla asked."Aj , do you want to talk to nick?."Michelle asked her as she passed her the phone."Nicky hey i missed you , did you get the pictures?."Kayla asked him."Yea i did babe thier really hot and sexy."Nick said."Ok well i got to go ok."Kayla said and gave the phone to michelle.They went into to the dress store to shop. They got into the limo to go back to the hotel.When they got there Aj and Nick asked the girls"Do you girls want to get married here or somewhere else.?"The girls tought for a minute"We want to get married here."They exclaimed.So they all decided to start planning there wedding."Alright so what you girls want to do.?"Brian asked cursiously."We want to go shopping for out wedding , did you and kevin , howie want to come withus.?"Michelle asked."Yea sure but what about Aj and Nick ?."Brian asked."I'll take care of that."Michelle said as she walked in the room where Aj and Nick were."Hey babe , hey Nick kayla and i and the guys are going out for a bit , so you guys just chill here and i'll call you before we get back."Michelle said as she climbed on Aj and kissed him passionality."Aw how sweet."Kayla said as she went up to nick and started kissing him."Ok we love you guys and well be back soon."Both girls said and walked out of the room."Ok lets go."The girls said as they ran out the door.When they got home, Aj and Nick came up to michelle and kayla and kissed them."Damn baby you looked so sexy."Aj said and pulled michelle closer to him."Wow babe i didn't think you would look that hot.Nick said as he held Kayla in his arms.Everyone decided that they would go for a walk, to go site site seening."Oh my god lets go see the iffel tower."Michelle said.Everyone just laughed."Tell me why,an't nothing

but a heartache tell me why i never wanna hear you say I WANT IT THAT WAY."Michelle screamed at the top of her lungs, while she skipped down the street.Aj ran up behind her and picked her up and spun her around in the air.Kayla and Nick and the other guys ran up to them and started taking pictures."Hey michelle and kayla here, were getting married here in paris , in front of the iffel tower." Both girls said on thier video camara. When she came into the living room , the guys just starred at her. AJ wentup to michelle and said" You look so hot babe." Kayla came out wearing a little black mini dress. " Wow babe your going to be smokin at the party." Nick said as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Kayla looked over at michelle to see what she was wearing. She was wearing a hot pink tub top and a mini skirt." Wow michelle you look hot." Kayla said. They got in the limo to go to the party. Michelle , AJ, Nick and Kayla had a couple of drinks."Kayla you and nick are cute together." Michelle said as she got out of the limo and tripped.When everyone got out they all just laughed at her. "Oh my god michelle are you ok?, i think you had to much to drink." Nick said as aj came over and grabbed her hand. They partyed all night long. " Oh my god the sun is out." Michelle said in a wizzey voice. " Alright michelle i think mabye you should go to bed now." Aj said as he lead her to the bedroom.Everyone sat in the living room talking. " Michelle is so drunk right now oh my god it's funny."Howie said as everyone giggles softley.The next morning everyone was already awake."Where is michelle at?." Kayla asked."She's asleep still."Aj said as he heard the bedroom door open.Michelle came out of the room and looked like she was dead."Wow michelle you look dead." Nick said as everyone laughed."What's going on ?." Michelle asked as she stumbled into Aj's lap."Are you going to be ok michelle?."Howie asked as she looked up at him and shook her head. Kevin got up to get her some water."I'm going swimming , so if anyone wants to come they can." Kayla said as she went to get ready.Everyone went swimming accpet aj and michelle. Brian and kayla came inside and asked." How come you two don't come outside?." Aj said" Well michelle still doesn't feel good.""Well you guys can still come outside and sit in the shade." Kayla said."Alright." Aj said as he picked michelle up and carried her outside."Hey look who finally decides to join the party." Nick said as everyone laughed."So what are we doing today.?" Kayla asked cursiously. 'Wel have to go to a movie premire of "High School Musical 3".Kevin said. "Are we allowed to come with you guys?."Michelle said quietly."Yea of course you are allowed to come with us everywhere we go." Howie said.Both kayla and michelle were so excited."Are we going in a limo or a vehicle.?"Michelle asked as she went to sit with aj."I think were taking a limo."Kevin said."Oh my god thats awsome , i am so happy that i am here with you guys." "Kayla said an leaned forward to give nick a kiss. They were getting ready to go to the premire. Michelle went in the limo with Aj first. "Howie come siy beside me."Michelle said , as brian seen howie go and sit with michelle , he got a mad look on his face and stood outside , when kayla , nick and kevin came out."Hey yo dude what's up.?" Nick asked him. "Well it's michelle , i can't believe she said she liked me, but then decides to be with Aj, and she's getting howie to sit by her, i think she's cheating on aj." Brian said and got in the limo. The whole way to the place where they had to go brian starred at michelle , watching everything she was doing." See look she's cudling with aj, but she's holding howies hand." Brian wispered to nick and kevin. They both lloked over at michelle as she leaned against aj, with her arm wrapped around his, and holding howie's hand.Nick nudged kayla and said" Do you think michelle is cheating on aj with howie or kevin?." Kayla looked at nick and said"I dont think so , but im not sure." She said. When they got to the premire aj and howie got out first, michelle was about to get out , when kevin grabbed her arm and put her back in the limo."Alright michelle tell us whats going on between you and howie.?" Brian said in an angery voice."Nothing why does everyone care , and think i would cheat on aj." Michelle said as she got upset. "Because we know you are, don't lie to us , god you wounder why we don't wanna be around you.!" Brian said. Michelle looked at everyone and then at brian and said " You know what im done with this craap i never liked you brian , i thought you were a sweet guy, but i was wrong , because you can't even trust me." Michelle said as she was getting really mad now. "Whatever then, will see when Aj finds out and dumps you in front of everyone."Brian said. Kayla and nick didn't want to be involved with agrument about michelle cheating or not. "Hey whats going on there.?"Aj asked Kayla cursiously. 'Brian and michelle are arguing."Nick said."Oh that's nopt good , they seem to really hate each other."Kevin said with a serious look on his face. "Well she told him that she never liked him."Kayla said as she Aj's face look upset."Oh my god why did she say that?." Aj asked."I don't know."Kayla said.Michelle got out of the limo and everyone looked at her oddley."Hey babe whats going on between you and brian.?"Aj asked as he pulled her close to him."Well brian said im cheating on you and that you don't deserve me."Michelle said as she saw brian get out of the limo."Brian i hate you i can't believe what you said to me."Michelle yelled as Kayla,Nick , Howie, and Kevin just stood there looking at Brian , AJ, and michelle."Hey im not the one who decided to go and cheat on Aj."Brian said.Michelle pulled away from Aj and went and pushed brian."Oh my god michelle don't your going to get hurt."Kayla yelled at her."Oh so you wanna fight just, becuase i said your a cheater and a slut."Brian yelled."I'm not a cheater or a slut."Michelle yelled back and hit brian's arm.Brian got really mad and grabbed her arm and threw her against the limo and slapped her across the face."Oh my god brian."Kayla yelled as nick held her tightly. Aj ran up to michelle and pulled her close."Brian your an idiot , why would you slap her.?"Aj said."Well she's being a bitch about the truth."Brian said.Aj just shook his head and walked away with michelle in his arms."Oh my god michelle are you ok.?"Kayla asked as she was really worried."Yea im fine."Michelle said in a soft voice. Nick was worried about michelle being around brian, because of what he did to her. Kayla went to talk to Aj about michelle."So is she going to be ok.?"Kayla asked.Aj had a worried look on his face."Well im concerend that brian is going to really hurt her badley."Aj said.Kayla was worried about if brian did try and hurt michelle again.When everyone saw brian they gave him the meanist look ever. Kevin decided to talk to him , because he was his cousin.'Hey brian can i talk to you."Kevin said as he went into another room."What was that.?"Kevin asked him."Well she's being a bitch and she was hitting me."Brian said.Kevin just looked at him and said"Well now everyone thinks your gonna hurt michelle."Kevin said."Aj i wanna go home and lay down."Michelle said as she leaned against aj's head."Ok babe."Aj said as he walked with her to the limo."Hey im taking her home now, because she's really upset."Aj told the rest of the guys.'Aw michelle i really hope you are ok."Kayla said as she gave her a hug.When kevin and brian came out they noticed aj and michelle weren't there."Where's aj and michelle?."Kevin asked."He took michelle home because she is upset."Nick said."Well we might as well go home , because there's no point in going to the movie premire."Howie said as nick and kayla got in the limo.The other three guys got in after them."Wow this was awsome huh?, we can't even make it to a movie premire."Howie said as everyone agreed and looked at brian. When they got home , all they heard was BSB songs.'Wow she must be upset if she's lisiting to "Show me the meaning of being lonley."Howie said.They walked up to the room.Both Aj and Michelle looked up at everyone."Hey you guys are finally home."Aj said."Hey michelle are a little better."Kayla asked as she sat beside her , as nick came and sat by her."I say we should do something fun tonight.?"Howie said as he was trying to cheer michelle up.'Well why don't we go to the amusment park?."Kevin asked.Everyone thoight about it for a mintue and said"Yea sure."They all decided to take seprate vehicles so no one would be fighting.They all said they would at the gates for everyone to arrive.Nick and Kayla were the first one's thier."Hey aj hey michelle ,god what is taking the guys so long to get here."Kayla said as she sounded if she was complaining."They'll be here soon."Aj said."Hey there here finally."Nick said as Kevin ,Howie and Brian walked up to were everyone was."Alright we don't sperate unless it's to the bathroom."Kevin said.Everyone went to the park, they all decided to go on the rollarcoaster first."Babe lets sit in the front."Aj said as he lead michelle to the front.Nick and Kayla sat behind them, Howie and kevin sat behind , and Brian sat by himself."Oh my god im soo scarred."Michelle said as she was freaking out.Aj held her closely.


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