The Scare by BSBfan4ever

This is Mare's October challenge

Here are the rules:

~ Create a suspense one shot about any or all the members of BSB.

~ Told in first person

~ No gore allowed! (that's the one hard element of this challenge)

~ None of the BSB members are allowed to die or already be dead or undead in this story.

~ No banners

~ Not to exceed 3,000 words.

I hope you like it.

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Story Notes:

This has NKOTB in it, Their is a little twist in the end. I hope you enjoy it. :)

1. Chapter 1 by BSBfan4ever

Chapter 1 by BSBfan4ever

It was the day before Halloween, and AJ wanted us along with New Kids over to watch some scary movies, some of the other guys have kids and can't do it tomorrow night, so this is the best time to do it, even though it’s three in the afternoon.


"So what movies are we going to watch?" asked Brian

"I don't know I have a lot, maybe Gothika that's kinda scary, or Psycho," said AJ

"Maybe for both," I told him

"The Sixth Sense," said AJ

"No," Said Donny

"Oh come on your only in for like 4 minutes,"


"No movies with me in it," said Donny

"Put it in the maybes," I said, and Donny rolled his eyes

"Friday the 13th?" asked AJ

"Maybe," said Joe

"Guy's their are many, come choose, and will put them as maybes and choose from that," said AJ


"Oh Signs," I said

"You are your Alien movies," said Howie

"So it’s kind of scary,"

"Put it in maybe," said Brian

"Dude really?" said Donnie

"What?" asked AJ

"You have all the Saw movies; I'm in three of those,"

"So," said AJ


"You know someone will want to watch one of those," said Donnie

"Maybe pile," I said smiling

"Shut up," said Donnie

"Aww AJ," I said holding up the movie I was in

"I thought it was a cool movie," said AJ blushing a little, I started laughing

"What movie?" asked Jordan

"The Hollow, kind of a Modern day sleepy hollow," I told him

"Maybe pile," said Donnie


"I don't mind," I said smiling

"Oh this definitely goes in the maybe pile, Silence of the Lambs” said Jon

"Yeah The Shining is so going is the list," I said

"Guys there are way to many to choose from," said AJ

"Oh Halloween," I put it in the maybe pile, and AJ rolled his eyes at me


"Ok so the youngest here gets to pick first," said AJ, everyone groaned

"Yay," I picked the movie,

"What a surprise, the movie he's in," said Howie rolling his eyes


"Dang Nick your mean in this," said Donnie

"Yeah it came very easy for him," said Howie

I hit him in the back of the head

"Ouch," said Howie

"That's what you get," I told Howie

"Guys no fighting," said AJ

"Whatever," we both said


The Hollow was over and we were watching Silence of the Lambs, were all on the floor now watching the movie, I heard someone whispering on the left of me, I heard something about Brian, Brian doesn't really like scary movies, but this wasn't that scary, just suspenseful, I don't even know who was whispering, I didn't look, I was to into the movie, a few minutes later, Brian yelled, and made me jump, I looked and Donnie was laughing and pointed at him and Brian was holding a fake spider, he threw it back at Donnie.


"I know tomorrow is Halloween, but come on lets watch the movies without the pranks, my house my rules," said AJ and then looked at me

"What I didn't do that," I said

"I know, just thought you might be thinking about it," said AJ

"Wow when did you become so bossy?" asked Howie

"When its my house, I become bossy," said AJ

"Well ok then," said Howie and went back to watching the movie, I shook my head laughing


A little later we were on our third movie which was Psycho and I noticed Howie seemed to be acting strange


"I don't see why they have to name a movie Psycho," said Howie

"Because the guy's nuts in the movie," said Donny,"

"Its ok Howie, just watch the movie," said Brian patting Howie on the back that was kind of weird, I looked at AJ and shrugged his shoulders. 


The movie was almost done but we had to pause it because Howie had to go the bathroom

"Brian what's with Howie?" I asked

"Oh I'll tell you later," said Brian

"Come on tell me," I said

"Can't tell you right now," he had a look on face like he didn't want to say in front of the New kids

"Alright," Howie came back in a few minutes later


The movie was over, we all got up to go to the bathroom, get drinks and food.

"What movie is next AJ?" I asked him while I poured my drink

"I think Gothika," said AJ

"We should pick something else," said Howie

"That movie is pretty good, and scary, it's prefect," said AJ

"But I don't think we should watch it," said Howie

"Howie it will be ok," said Brian


"I don't think it’s appropriate," said Howie to Brian

"Its prefect for a good scare on Halloween," I said

"Whatever," said Howie, I gave him his strange look

"I'll be right back, don't start the movie without me," I told them

"Alright," said AJ


I got done with the bathroom, and everyone but Howie were on the floor, Howie's sitting on the couch holding his legs with his chin on his knees rocking back on forth, staring at the TV. I caught Brian's eyes; he shook his head at me not to say anything, so I laid down on my spot.


"Ok everyone ready to start the movie?" asked AJ, we all said yes but Howie, and I looked at Brian, Brian gave AJ and I warning look, AJ signed and started the movie. It was the part of the movie where Halle Berry's character wakes up in mental hospital which wasn't that far a long in the movie, when I saw from the corner of my eye Brian getting up, I looked and he was sitting with Howie, rubbing his back again


"What is going on with Howie?" asked Jordan whispering
"I don't know," I said shrugging my shoulders, I went back to watching the movie, ten minutes later, Howie was yelling


"Make them stop, Brian make them stop," Yelled Howie holding his ears, AJ stopped the movie

"Ok what's going on?" asked AJ

"I'm hearing voices again," said Howie rocking back and forth, my eyes went wide

"What do you mean again?" asked AJ

"That's what I didn't want to talk about tonight, but I guess it needs to be said," said Brian

"What?" I asked


"Well when Howie was 12 he was put in a mental hospital for hearing voices and seeing things, he was there for four months, he got better and was giving medication, he had been fine since, but until a year after we took a break from touring with Black and Blue he went back because he was starting to hear the voices again, he was there for five months, he got better once again and given different medication, he only wanted me to know," said Brian looking at Howie


"I'm not going back, I'm not going back," said Howie

"Howie how long have you been hearing the voices again?" asked Brian


"Not long maybe few days, I stopped taking the medication, I thought I was better, but this movie doesn't help," said Howie rocking back and forth," I couldn't believe it

"Howie you know not to stop taking it," said Brian


"I know," said Howie"

"How come you never told us?" I asked

"Because I didn't want you two to know, not a whole lot know,"


"Oh wow Howie, I'm shocked," said AJ,

"I know," said Howie looking down

"We don't have to watch this movie," I told him

"No its fine, Brian will sit here with me, he's helping,"


"Ok are you sure?" asked AJ

"Yes, I'll let you know if you need to turn it off," said Howie


"Ok," said AJ he looked wide eyed at me, I didn't want to look at the New Kids, someone sighed, I was a little freaked out if Howie’s hearing voices and seeing things.


Several minutes into the movie Howie screamed and ran off out the front door, Brian looked at us with wide eyes and went running after him, AJ turned the movie off


“So um I’m sure Howie will be ok,” said AJ

“Dude that’s pretty serious if Howie is hearing voices and seeing things, isn’t that a form of schizophrenia?” I asked

“Yeah I think so,” said AJ

“That’s pretty scary,” said Donnie

“Um not saying Howie will kill anyone but I think some people who hear voices and see things etc, do that type of thing,” said Jordan, my eyes went wide, the front door slammed and I jumped, and then stood up ready for anything.


“Dude what are you going to do, tackle him?” asked AJ shaking his head at me, Brian came walking in looking very pissed off.

“Where’s Howie?” asked Joey

“Don’t know didn’t find him, his car is still here, he’s around here somewhere, shit I just hope he’s ok,” said Brian shaking his head


“Yeah me too,” I said

“You can start the movie,” said Brian

“Really, don’t you think we need to find him?” asked AJ

“He’ll be fine,” said Brian

“I’m not sure for cases like Howie that he shouldn't be left alone,” said Jonathan


“Yeah I think maybe he needs to be alone for a few minutes, if he isn’t back in five minutes then will start looking for him,” said Brian

“Well….” Said Danny but was cut off by the electricity turning off

“Great the power’s the out,” said AJ getting up

“Wait AJ don’t,” I said

“What?” asked AJ

“What if its Howie, and he’s gone completely mental, and wants to kills us,” I said, it was getting dark out, and it was getting dark in the room also, AJ’s eyes went wide


“Howie wouldn’t do that,” said Brian

“You don’t know that,” I said

“Um what should we do?” asked AJ

“I don’t know,” I said

“Is there any flashlights?” asked Danny

“Yeah it’s over their in the drawer next to you,” said AJ


“Brian there are a few under the couch when the electricity goes out, which goes out a lot,” Said AJ

“Ok,” said Brian, I was starting to freak out a little; I didn’t like the dark or the fact that Howie is nowhere to be seen.


“Any more flashlights?” I asked

“Yeah theirs a few in the kitchen,” said AJ

“Never mind,” I said to AJ

“We have enough flashlights now, it won’t be that dark,” said AJ, I just nodded, all the sudden we heard a loud crash in the kitchen, we all got quiet, Joey got up and started for the kitchen

“Joe don’t,” said AJ in wispier

“I’m just going to check, Howie wouldn’t hurt me,” said Joey smiling AJ handed him a flashlight

“Bring some more flashlights in here,” I said to Joey, AJ shook his head

“They are in the drawer by the oven,” said AJ

“Ok,” said Joey about to enter the kitchen he did look a little scared about going in the kitchen


“Looks like something broke in here,” said Joey, it got really quiet which seemed like forever before anyone said anything

“Joey?” asked Jordan

“Shit,” yelled Joey

“What is it?” asked Jordan quickly standing up, so did AJ and I

“How….ie,” said Joey weakly

“What did he say?” I asked

“I think he said Howie,” said Brian coming to stand near me, we saw Joey coming slowly around the corner and when he did his flashlight fell out his hand with a few others rolling over to us, we looked wide eyed at him, his shirt was bloody.


“What….happen?” I asked scared

“Howie…did it, he….stabbed…me,” said Joey falling to his knees, I started shaking; Howie came out from the kitchen smiling evilly behind Joey

“The voices in my head told me to do it, they said he was evil,” Howie pushed Joey over

“Howie you need help, we can get you some help,” said AJ

“No I’m not going back there,” said Howie bringing up the bloody knife, and started walking forward

“Ok Howie you don’t have to, just don’t hurt us,” said AJ putting his hands up, Howie stopped walking and looked like he was listing to something and he nodded and looked right at me, he then pointed at me.


“You aren’t Nick, you took over his body, and the voices say I have to kill you,” said Howie, my eyes went wide, Howie started to walk over, AJ and Brian got in his way

“Howie that’s Nick, don’t listen to the voices,” said Brian

“Nothing took over my body, it’s me,” I said to Howie moving further away, and then Donnie moved up to help AJ and Brian

“That’s what the voices told me that’s what you would say,” said Howie, Danny moved in front of me blocking Howie’s view of me.


“AJ move out my way, I will hurt you,” said Howie
“No,” said AJ, I peaked around Danny

“Howie please it’s me,” I told him
“Nick shut up, it not helping,” said Brian, I got quiet, Jonathan stood next to me, and Jordan walked over to the rest the guys to help, Jonathan took my arm and guided me to sit on the stare steps.


“Come on lets sit here,” said Jonathan, I nodded, I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do.


“Let me go, or I’ll stab you too,” said Howie, I sat up straight looking at the crowd of guys, and Jonathan patted me on my leg

“It well be ok,” said Jonathan

“I hope so,” I laid my head on Jonathan’s shoulder, he looked down at me, then back to the guys

“This doesn’t bug you does it? It’s a habit I do with the guys,”
“No it’s ok,” said Jonathan



“Howie calm down, I promise it’s really Nick,” said AJ

“No it’s not, the voices are getting mad that I’m not killing him,” said Howie, I started breathing heavy; I started to say something to Jonathan, when I heard yelling and commotion.


“Nick run now and hide,” yelled AJ, I got a quick look before I ran up stares, as I started to run, Brian fell to the ground, I yelled No, and ran up the stares, and found a hiding place in a closet. I heard a lot of yelling and shouting, several minutes later everything was quiet and I heard footsteps, and my heart start beating faster.


“Nick come out wherever you are,” said Howie, I stayed put; Howie must have killed everyone, no one is yelling or screaming, which freaked me out even more.


“Nicky,” said Howie, that’s sent chills everywhere, the way he said my name in a evil tone, it got quiet, then I heard more footsteps then they stopped, I could see a shadow under the door, he was at the door, I closed my eyes and breathed in and out and reopened my eyes, Howie moved, I was relieved.


“Nicky where are you? Come out,” said Howie, he was back at the door, then moved again, he must know where I am and playing with me, my heart was beating faster, I hope he couldn’t hear it. A few minutes later it was silent again, I almost wanted to make a run for it and run out of the house, but I couldn’t move I wasn’t brave enough.


“Nick the voices are saying it’s not really you that an Alien took over your body” said Howie, I rolled my eyes, he’s freaking crazy.

“Nicky come out,” said Howie, does he actually think that’s going to work? All sudden the door swings open and Howie came into view, and my eyes got wide and he smiled at me

“There you are Nicky,” he raised the knife and I put my arms up to cover my face, when nothing happened, I peaked from under my arm, Howie just was standing there smiling, I put arms down and looked at him, he started laughing, I was confused, I looked around and lights were back on, I saw the knife, it looked…. Plastic?


“What the hell?” I asked, Howie was laughing so hard he couldn’t talk, I was so confused, Howie composed himself and cleared his throat

“Nick this was a Halloween prank, wasn’t my idea, it was AJ’s, he thought all this up, we got you good, I didn’t want to do this at first, but it was to good not to do,” said Howie, I blinked


“What?” I was confused

“It was a Halloween prank,” said Howie slowly, I was little shocked, after being so freaking scared, I’m not registering things right

“Are you ok? Everyone is fine, guys come out,” said Howie, everyone came out laughing

“I can’t believe you fell for that,” said AJ

“I think he’s in shock,” said Howie


“Wow we really scared you,” said Brian looking concern, I blinked a few more times

“Um this was a prank?” I asked just to make sure

“Yeah it was,” said Howie

“Oh wow, you guys freaking scared the shit out me, Howie I bow down to you, I believed everything,”

“So my acting was good?” asked Howie

“Yeah,” I said

“I almost forgot this was a prank, and was totally believing you,” said AJ and Howie smiled

“So you have never been in a mental hospital?” I asked

“Nope never,” said Howie, I sighed in relief

“Let’s go finish those movies,” said AJ

“Wait,” said Joey

“What?” asked AJ

“But I have,”

“You have what?” I asked

“I’ve been in a mental hospital and I have what Howie said he did,” said Joey, my eyes went wide

“No you haven’t,” said Jordan

“You don’t know everything about me,” said Joey, we all looked at him, and he started laughing

“Got y’all, you almost believed it,” said Joey, I shook my head

“So you haven’t?” asked Jordan, he looked relieved

“I was kidding,” said Joey

“Good,” said Donnie

“Or was I?” said Joey smiling evilly     





End Notes:

Happy Halloween.

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