Return of the Pandaskunk by RokofAges75
Summary: The sequel to The Gift of the Pandaskunk

It’s been two years since the Backstreet Boys stopped the impending apocalypse and saved Christmas with the help of a flying pandaskunk, but now, new and dangerous circumstances are threatening to ruin Christmas again! The friends must reunite to make the holidays merry and bright… before it’s too late!

Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys Characters: Brian, Group, Nick
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Science Fiction
Warnings: Death, Violence
Series: The Pandaskunk Saga
Chapters: 15 Completed: Yes Word count: 38371 Read: 14375 Published: 12/25/14 Updated: 02/15/15
Epilogue by RokofAges75
So Santa was dead, and Nick was infected
From fooling around with his friend, unprotected,
But he'll tell you that story some other time.
This tale's long enough, and I'm starting to rhyme
Again, like I did back in the beginning.
Sorry - didn't think I would be so long-winded!

Well, anyway...

Despite his bad news, Nick got in the trailer,
Still wearing the Santa suit sewn by Leigh's tailor.
Pulled by Petunia, they flew 'round the world,
Delivering presents to good boys and girls.
Christmas was saved, and though Nick Plague raged on,
At least Princess Kujo was dead and gone.

The Misfit Fans had left Disney a wreck,
But the Disney characters cried, "What the heck?
We can't let this devastation
Ruin our Christmas celebration!"
So they joined hands and paws, as they sang and they danced,
Spreading Christmas cheer from L.A. to France.

And they all lived happily ever after, that festive Disney bunch,
Except for those who died of measles within the next month.
See, this story has a moral, and I'll state it at the end:
Vaccinate your kids, protect ya tings, and WASH YOUR FREAKING HANDS!

The End

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