Untitled by Jannika
Summary: Backstreet Boys are staring their This Is Us tour and it's hard to Nick staying focus. 3 weeks before Tour, Nick meets his teen crush Kelly (Callie) after 12 years and finds her locked inside his basement with her ex-husband Robert. No one knows why they end up to his basement. Maybe it was Robert's fault...
In London, Nick gets to know a girl that puts his mind crazy. He can't stop thinking about her at night.

Which Nick will choose: Kelly that he has crush on teen or this mysterious girl he met in London?
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Story Notes:
I haven't figure out the title yet so I keep it as Untitled.

1. Chapter 1 by Jannika

2. Chapter 2 by Jannika

3. Chapter 3 by Jannika

4. Chapter 4 by Jannika

5. Chapter 5 by Jannika

6. Chapter 6 by Jannika

7. Chapter 7 by Jannika

8. Chapter 8 by Jannika

Chapter 1 by Jannika
Author's Notes:
I promised to myself I wouldn't start new fiction, but hey I could't stop myself.
2 Weeks Before Boys Going To Tour

I promise to my sister Melody that I meet her at our local cafe place where we use to go every Sunday. Past 6 months we haven't able to do that. I was first at the cafe and I sat down to our spot. I just couldn't believe I was locked down to Nick Carter's basement with my ex-husband Robert almost 2 weeks ago. I think there was something going on with Robert. He might be the reason why we end up there first place. I don't know how long we could've been there, but I'm glad Nick was there to help us get out. Nick must've been away while someone put us in the basement. Who would do such thing?

Melody: Hey sis. I'm not late, Am I?

She sat down and looked at me.
Kelly: I just arrived myself. What's up?

Melody: How's Nick?

Kelly: Mel... He's not my boyfriend.

Melody: You obviously like him.

Kelly: We are just friends.

Melody: Well then... As a sister of mine... Could you ask him if he would go out with me?

Kelly: Why?

Melody: Cause you don't want him.

Kelly: What's up with you?

Melody: You don't just want to admit that you like him.

Kelly: What makes you think I like him?

Melody: You had a crush on him 12 years ago.

Kelly: So? It doesn't mean I have crush on him now.

Melody: Just please ask him if he would go. I'm just bored.

Kelly: What if he says no?

Melody: I have backup plan.

Melody was smiling mysteriously and drank her coffee that waitress has brought us.
Kelly: What kind of backup plan?

Melody turns her look on someone and I did the same. Jesse McCartney was sitting almost right next to us and talking with the girl.
Kelly: He's your backup plan?

Melody: Sure.

Kelly: Sis... He's much younger than Nick.

Melody: Age is just a number.

Kelly: Should I go talk to him?

Melody: Why you?

Kelly: Uhm... I'm kind of big fan.

Melody: Sis... He's so out of your league.

Kelly: I'm not going to ask him out. I was just going to talk.

Melody: Shit... He's coming this way.

Kelly: Fuck...

We were sitting normal and turn to look at Jesse.
Jesse: Excuse me, ladies.

He was smiling and damn his smile was perfect.
Melody: Yes... Hey... Jesse...

Jesse: Melody.. Hey! What's happening?

Wait what? They know each other?

Melody: Hey... Just drinking coffee.
Jesse: I didn't know you live here?

Melody: I don't. My sister Kelly does.

He looks at me and offers his hand.
Jesse: Hey Kelly. I'm Jesse.

Kelly: Hey... I'm Kelly, but you can call me as Callie.

Jesse: Hey Callie. Nice to meet you.

Melody: Who was the girl earlier

Jesse: Just a fan. Never had 10 minutes privacy.

Melody: Callie is a fan.

Jesse: Really?

He smiles at me once again and I nod shy.
Jesse: Shy huh? Don't be.

I couldn't say anything.
Melody: So Jesse... Would you like to go dinner sometimes?

Jesse: I would love to. What would you say?

He looked at my direction and I was surprised of that as much as Melody.
Kelly: I'm sorry, but I have to decline... You two should go. For old time sake.

Melody: She's kind of seeing someone at the moment.

Jesse: Well good for you, Callie.

Kelly: No I'm not seeing anyone. I just get divorce from 3 years of marriage. I'm not just ready to jump on new relationship.

Jesse: Must be hard.

Kelly: He's a douchebag. Cheated on me.

Jesse: Whatta a douchebag.

Kelly: Well... I should go now. I need to go grocery store, back to my office, then visit to police station and then going to see mom in the hospital.

Melody: Say hi from me.

Kelly: I Will. Bye Jesse. It was nice to meet you.

Jesse: It was really nice to meet you too, Callie.

Melody: Bye sis.


When Kelly left, I stayed to talk little more to Jesse.
Jesse: Melody? Can I ask a question?

Melody: Sure.

Jesse: I like your sister. May I have her phone number?

I was staring Jesse surprised.
Melody: You... You want her number? Wow.

Jesse: Can I have it or not?

Melody: Yeah. of course. Can I say I give it to you?

Jesse: Please don't. I want to surprise her.

Melody: Here's the number. Going to call her tomorrow?

He was looking at the number smiling and shakes his head.
Jesse: No. I'll wait couple weeks.

Melody: What do I say if she asks me about what we talked?

Jesse: Just try to not mentioning the phone number.

Melody: I promise.

Jesse: May I have your address?

Melody: Why you need my address?

Jesse: I'll be visiting tomorrow.

Melody: I'm staying at Kelly's for a while. She might be at home.

Jesse: I tell her that you gave the address.

Melody: Okay. See you tomorrow.

Jesse: Bye Mel.

Melody: Bye Jesse.
Chapter 2 by Jannika
1 week later at the airport

AJ: Where the hell is Nick? He's late.

Brian: He is coming.

AJ: He should. Or I will...

Nick: You will what?

Howie: Nick! Where the hell were you?

Nick: Stupid traffic.

Howie: That explains a lot why you are late.

Nick: Yeah. Alex?

AJ: What?

Nick: Do you remember that MacDonald chick?

AJ: Kelly? Of course. We had a crush on her.

Nick: I saw her 3 weeks ago.

AJ: You did? How is she?

Nick: She's great. And she looks great.

Howie: Oooh Our Nicky is in love.

Nick: Could you stop?

Brian: It's great you have found girl, Nick. I'm happy for you.

AJ: Nick... Listen your buddy Frick. Hold on to her.

Nick: She's seeing someone.

AJ: Who?

Nick: She didn't say. Can we now please go to that fucking plane?

Brian: Nicholas... Don't swear.

Nick: What are you, a father now?

Brian: No. I'm your brother.

Nick: Then act like one.

Brian: Someone need to be like father while Kevin is gone.

Nick: You are not Kevin!

Brian: No I'm not, but I'm his cousin.

Howie: Guys! Please stop! Stop fighting like 10 years old.

Brian and Nick both are quiet and walks to plane.

Howie: AJ... You should sit with Nick.

AJ: You are right. They won't talk to each other for a while. Talk to Brian.

Howie: I will...


Kelly: Excuse me?

Air hostess: Yes Miss?

Kelly: Could I have Ice tea?

Air Hostess: Sure. I'll be right back.

Kelly: One more question.

Air hostess: Yes Miss?

Kelly: What's going on in the first class? Is everything okay?

Air Hostess: One passenger got fever and he's way to hot.

Kelly: I could look at him. I'm nurse.

Air hostess: Please follow me.

Kelly: Okay.


Howie: AJ.. You still cold?

AJ: Yeah. You asked me that minute ago.

Air hostess: Here's someone who can help.

Nick: Kelly?

Kelly: Nick?

Brian: AJ is not feeling good. What we do?

Kelly: Some hot tea or juice. And we need more blankets.

Howie: How we know how high the fever is? Got thermometer any chance?

Kelly: He looks like he go it it very high. How's it going AJ? Member me?

AJ: Hey Kelly.

Kelly: Was he like this at the airport?

Brian: He was fine. Nick can tell you what happened?

Kelly: You were with him, Nick?

Nick: Yeah. He started to shaking and looked really bad.

Kelly: You feel strange yourself, Nick? Your forehead is little warm.

Nick: Little.

Howie: This is fucking great.

Kelly: You two don't have fever. Go to sit on my seat.

Nick: I'm sick too?

Kelly: You were sitting next to him.

AJ: Can you stay here sitting with us?

Kelly: I better sit somewhere else. I might get fever if I stay.

Nick: Did you know that AJ had a crush on you too?

AJ: Shut up, punk.

Kelly: AJ... it's okay. You were very cute then.

Nick: So Kelly...

Kelly: Don't... I really don't want to talk to you.

Nick: Why not?

AJ: Nick... Leave her alone.

Kelly: I'll take care of you while we are in the air. After that you are on your own.

AJ: Very smooth Nick. Very smooth.

Nick: What? Talking won't harm no one.

AJ: Will you sit down?

Air Hostess: Here's empty seat, miss.

Kelly: Thank you. *Sees Robert with Paris Hilton in the plane* Shit...

Air hostess: Something wrong?

Kelly: There's my ex-husband with his new bitch.

Air hostess: That's Paris Hilton.

Kelly: I rather call her as bitch. I need to tell Nick.

Air hostess: Why he needs to know?

Kelly: He use to date her. Excuse me.


Nick: *Snores*

Kelly: Hey AJ... Could you wake up Nick?

AJ: Why?

Kelly: Paris Hilton is in the plane with my ex-husband.

AJ: Oh... Really? Hey Frack... Wakey wakey...

Nick: What? Kelly? Hey...

Kelly: We got a Problem.

Nick: What you mean we got a problem?

AJ: It's totally your problem, Nick.

Nick: What's going on?

Kelly: Paris Hilton is in the plane.

Nick: As long she stays another side of plane, I'm fine.

Kelly: With my ex-husband Robert. You remember Robert right?

Nick: Are you serious?

Kelly: That's why I'm here telling you.

Nick: If she knows I'm here, she wants to talk to me. She wants me back. I know she does.

AJ: And you don't?

Nick: Hell no... She once stole my car drunk and wreck it. I hate her.

Kelly: That's not all...

AJ: What?

Kelly: She's pregnant.

Nick: She is? And you think Robert is the father?

Kelly: I think I want to do something stupid.

Nick: Like what kind of stupid?

Kelly: Give me your pillow.

Nick: Here you go... What's ya...

AJ: Are you pretending to be pregnant to Nick?

Kelly: Why not?

Nick: I'm in.

AJ: I want to play.

Nick: Sure you do. How about you can pretend to be Uncle Alex?

Alex: I'm more like Godfather material.

Kelly: That's fine, but I'll go and you stay. I'll be right back and tell you everything.

Nick: No. I want to come. My fever is not so bad as AJ's. And I want to see Paris' face when she sees us.

Kelly: Fine. See you later Uncle Alex.

AJ: It's Godfather.

Nick: She's just kidding.
Chapter 3 by Jannika
Kelly: Let’s pretend that we are sitting here.
Nick: Okay. Let me help you, dear.
Kelly: Thanks Nick.

Paris: *Sees Nick with Kelly.* Son of Bitch.
Robert: Everything all right dear?
Paris: No! That fucking girl is with my boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend. I want to know what is going on.
Robert: Paris… Stop right there… Damn it.

Kelly: I think it’s the boy.
Nick: Don’t start. It’s definitely a girl.
Paris: Hello Nick. And who is she?
Nick: Well hello to you too Paris. This is my wife Kelly. And this is our little girl. *Touched Kelly’s fake belly*
Kelly: It’s a boy. I know it is.
Paris: *Hits Nick* You son of bitch! I thought you loved me!
Nick: *Stands up.* Oh Yeah!? You were the one who left with that guy and have this! *Looked at the belly of Paris.*
Paris: I love you! I want you back! Please… You are the only one I really love.
Nick: I don’t want you back! I have a family to taking care of. Come on Kelly. Let’s go find another seats.
Kelly: *Mocks to Paris*
Paris: How dare you!? Don’t you ever do that again! *Pulls Kelly’s hair*
Kelly: Aaargh! You Bitch! *Slaps Paris face* Leave us alone!
Nick: Enough ladies! Let’s go Kelly.
Paris: Nick… She almost killed me!
Nick: You deserve to die!
Paris: Don’t say that! You don’t mean that!
Nick: Yes I do. *Leaves with Kelly*

Robert: You okay? *Said behind Paris.*
Paris: How does it look like? That bitch almost killed me!
Robert: That bitch is my ex-wife and she’s no bitch like you.
Paris: What did you just said?
Robert: You heard me. Bitch.
Paris: I thought we are getting married, Robert.
Robert: I changed my mind. That child is not even mine.
Paris: Of course it is.
Robert: Don’t lie to me. I know who the real father is.
Paris: Yeah?
Robert: Nick, right?
Paris: He can’t know.
Robert: He needs to know. I’m gonna tell him.
Paris: Don’t.
Robert: Too late. See you in hell, Bitch.


Kelly: That was awful thing I ever done in my life.
Nick: I totally agreed.
Robert: Excuse me? Nick?
Kelly: Robert? What are you doing here?
Robert: Nick… Just came to tell you that you are very lucky man. You are father. Good luck. *Leaves*
Nick: What just happened?
Kelly: He looked sad. I should go after him and find out what’s going on.
Nick: I’m coming with you.
Kelly: You should stay.
Nick: No. This is about me too. I’m coming.
Kelly: No. You take care of AJ.
AJ: I’ll take care of myself.
Nick: See… he can take care of himself.
Kelly: Fine. Common.


Nick: I didn’t know that there’s a bar in the plane.
Kelly: Me either. Let’s find Robert.
Nick: I think I need a drink. You’ll go.
Kelly: Help me find Robert or go back to AJ. I didn’t really like when you drank.
Nick: Okay. Let’s find him and ask him what he meant by that I’m the father.
Kelly: *Notice Robert at the corner seat and points.* Over there.
Nick: Great.
Kelly: *Walks to Robert with Nick.* Robert? Can we sit here?
Robert: Sure. I was just going to bathroom.
Kelly: Wait. Nick wants to know what you are meaning by that he’s the father?
Nick: Spill it out, Robert. I’m waiting.
Robert: I’m not the father. Nick is.
Nick: Are you kidding me?
Kelly: How long she is?
Robert: 4 months.
Kelly: 4 months? They… Weren’t even dating then anymore…
Nick: No, no, no… That can’t be. Oh God…
Kelly: *Looks at Nick.* No you didn’t…
Robert: I think he did. Am I right Nick?
Nick: Just once.
Robert: Only one time can make it happen.
Nick: No... You don’t understand… We had a condom.
Kelly: I’ll be right back. *Leaves.*
Robert: Want a drink, daddy?
Nick: I so need one.

Kelly: *Walks to Paris pissed* What did you do to him?
Paris: To who?
Kelly: To Nick? What did you do to him?
Paris: I don’t know what you are talking about.
Kelly: Baby is not Robert’s so it’s Nick’s. What did you do to him?
Paris: We did it without condoms. He wanted it.
Kelly: You are such a big liar. He said you used condoms. So… I ask again… What. Did. You. Do. To. Him?
Paris: Why you keep asking me the same question?
Kelly: As long as it takes to get the answer from you. What did you do…?
Paris: Okay! Enough… I made a mistake, Kelly.
Kelly: Tell me or I cut off your hair.
Paris: Okay. I tell you… I made a small hole to condom so we can have a baby.
Kelly: You better telling the truth.*About to leave*
Paris: You are not pregnant. That was nice trick.
Kelly: I have to warn you about something. *Walks back to Paris.*
Paris: What?
Kelly: You don’t know Robert. What he could do.
Paris: I know who he is. He’s the greatest man in the world.
Kelly: No he’s not. He’s bad guy, Paris.
Paris: He said that same thing about you.
Kelly: *Takes Robert bag and put it to her lap.* Open it.
Paris: What? There must be just clothes…
Kelly: Fine. I’ll open it. *Opens the bag and shows the money in the bag.* Clothes huh?
Paris: How did you know there’s money in it?
Kelly: I was married to that son of bitch 3 years. I even knew he was seeing someone same time, but never thought it could be you.
Paris: Why he got this money?
Kelly: Who cares… Keep the freaking money. He’s dying anyway.
Paris: Dying?
Kelly: You should ask him.
Paris: Where is he?
Kelly: At the Bar with Nick, I guess.
Paris: Great…
Kelly: Need help with the bag?
Paris: Could you? Thanks.
Kelly: *Takes the bag* I’ll show you the way.
Chapter 4 by Jannika

Nick: Kelly is coming with Paris.
Robert: *Looks at the way where girls are.*
Kelly: Let’s go Nick. We should let them talk.
Nick: Did you find out what she did?
Paris: You are not the father, Nick.
Nick: I didn’t ask from you. *Looks pissed at Paris.*
Kelly: She’s telling the truth. You are not the father.
Robert: Dude… They are lying to you, Nick.
Kelly: Have I ever lying to you, Nick?
Nick: *Looks at Kelly and then to Paris.*
Kelly: Robert is the father.
Nick: Okay… Let’s go back to our seat.
Kelly: I smell alcohol. Did you drink, Nick?
Nick: It was just one beer.
Kelly: You know people hate you drinking.
Nick: I know… It was just one beer.
Kelly: Anyway… Where are you guys going?
Nick: You kidding, right? I told you. European tour.
Kelly: Right… I forgot…
Nick: You should come to one of our shows.
Kelly: I don’t know…
Nick: What else are you doing?
Kelly: Meeting a friend in London.
Nick: *Smiles.* Come. I got surprise for you.
Kelly: Okay…

Nick: I’ll be right back. Hey Bone. *Walks to their Tour Manager*
Kelly: Hi AJ. How are you feeling?
AJ: I feel much better. Air hostess gave me this amazing tea and this is my 3rd cup.
Kelly: That’s great to hear.
AJ: I had to ask before, but could you come to our show?
Kelly: No I’m sorry. Nick got surprise for me.
AJ: And what is the surprise, Nick?
Nick: *Walks from Tour Manager back to Kelly and AJ and holds Backstage Pass.*
Kelly: Are you kidding me? I can’t take this.
Nick Oh yes you can.
Kelly: This is just too much. Thank you.
Nick: Does your friend like music?
Kelly: Of course. Why you ask?
Nick: No reason. Does she live in London?
Kelly: No. What is this? 20 questions game?
Nick: Just curious. You never told me about this 3 weeks ago.
Kelly: No she doesn’t live in London.
Nick: Manchester?
AJ: Seems like Nick is too curious. *Chuckles and then starts coughing.*
Kelly: You think.
Nick: What?
Kelly: Nothing and no… She’s not living in UK.
AJ: Got the answer yet? *Smiles to Nick and drinks his tea.*
Nick: Shut up, Bone.
Kelly: Could she come back stage too?
Nick: I see what I can do.
AJ: Nick… That was the last pass.
Nick: We will figure something out. I talk to Jen.
AJ: Nick… She’s just a fan.
Nick: One fan is no harm. And she’s friend of Kelly.
AJ: Brian and Howie are not going to like the idea.
Nick They will. Common on Bone.
AJ: I dunno.
Nick: She could be your fan.
Kelly: Who says she’s the fan?
AJ: Yeah Nick. Who says she’s the fan?
Nick: No one. I just assumed. Is she fan? *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: She is. *Smiles.*
Nick: Now we know she is. Is AJ her favorite?
Kelly: Well she mostly talks about you, Nick.
Nick: What’s her name?
Kelly: Laura Hart.
AJ: Where is she from?
Kelly: Finland. I know. Last name doesn’t sound so Finnish.
AJ: It’s easy to remember though.
Kelly: Well her father is British.
Nick: *Takes paper and pen and writes the name down.* Laura… Hart… Well I’ll give this to Jen and she can come to back stage in London.
AJ: Nick… *Coughs* You can’t do this… We can’t just get any fan to back stage.
Nick: Not just any fan, AJ. She’s friend of…
AJ: Kelly’s… I know, but we don’t know her as well as we know Kelly.
Nick: I’ll vote that Laura comes.
AJ: You are crazy.
Nick: I’m crazy? It’s just one fan, dude.
Kelly: Okay guys… Just take it easy. Let me talk with AJ alone.
Nick: I’ll be at the bar.
AJ: Wait… There’s a bar in the plane?
Kelly: Yeah… Only first class passengers are allowed.
AJ: Laura can come. I need a drink. *Gets up from his seat.*
Nick: What about your fever?
AJ: I’m OK. I need to get a drink.
Kelly: That’s not a good idea.
AJ: Why not?
Kelly: Who knows how many drinks you’ll drink.
AJ: I drink as much as I like.
Nick: You don’t want to be drunk when we get to airport.
AJ: Guys… It’s just one drink.
Nick: I’ll make sure it’s just one. *Looks at Kelly.*
Kelly: Just one drink. Okay? *looks at AJ*
AJ: *Nods.*
Nick: I’ll be your company. See you later, Kelly. *Walked with AJ to a Bar.*
Kelly: See you. I have to tell Brian and Howie.

Howie: So she’s 100% sure about it?
Brian: Yes… With test and all.
Howie: Wow… *Sees Kelly* Kelly’s coming.
Kelly: Hi guys.
Brian: Hey Kelly. What’s up?
Kelly: We have problem.
Howie: What kind of problem?
Kelly: Nick and AJ are at the bar.
Brian: There’s a bar in the plane?
Kelly: Yeah. By the way… Guess who’s in the plane too?
Howie: Paris Hilton? Yeah we know. We saw her a while a go with this man… Is she pregnant?
Kelly: Yeah. The man is my ex-husband Robert.
Brian: Let’s not worried about that bit… sssss… Let’s go Howie. *Gets up.*
Howie: Where?
Brian: To the bar of course. We have to stop AJ before it’s too late.

Nick: Come on Alex. That’s enough.
AJ: No… Just one more…
Nick: Alright… Give me that. *Takes beer from AJ’s hand.*
AJ: Hey! That was mine… Get… *Burps* Get your own.
Nick: I still got the first one. You had enough.
AJ: You are not my father or mother. *Chuckles.*
Nick: We should go before Howie and Brian is coming.
AJ: And how the hell would they know?
Nick: *Sees Brian and Howie walking to their direction.* Cause Kelly told them. B and D are coming.
AJ: *Turns to look the direction and smiles.*
Brian: What we got here, D? *Looks at Nick and AJ*
Howie: Two our little brothers.
Brian: Yeah and I thought they are sick. What’s going on?
Nick: We came for just one beer.
Howie: *Walks to AJ.* This one totally had more than one beer.
AJ: It’s Howie Bowie! Hello! *Laughs and hugs Howie.*
Brian: How many he had? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Lifts his 6 fingers up*
Howie: You idiot. *Holds AJ up.*
Brian: Let’s go back to our seats. You got him, Howie?
Howie: Yeah. Okay buddy. Let’s go get you sit down.
Air hostess: Is everything okay?
Howie: Yeah. He just had too many. When are we landing?
Air hostess: in 45 minutes.
Howie: Awesome… *Walks slowly to first class seats and helps AJ to seat.*
AJ: I’m sorry man… *Starts crying.*
Howie: I know buddy. Get some sleep. *Sits next to him and taps his shoulder.*

Nick: I tried to make him stop, but he kept order new.
Brian: It’s not your fault, Nick.
Nick: Who told you where we are?
Brian: Kelly did. Don’t blame her, okay?
Nick: I won’t. She did the right thing to tell you.
Brian: She won’t be bothering us when we are landing.
Nick: She’s joining us in London.
Brian: Really? She bought ticket?
Nick: Not exactly.
Brian: Not exactly?
Nick I gave her back stage pass.
Brian: That was very nice of you.
Nick: And I kind of promised that her friend can join us too.
Brian: Does this friend live in London?
Nick: Not actually. She lives in Finland. AJ wasn’t very happy about it that I promised that she can come.
Brian: We are just talking about one fan, right?
Nick: Of course.
Brian: We don’t have a chance to meet lot of Finnish fans.
Nick: That’s true. *Smiles and sees 2 girls looking at them smiling.*
Brian: What?
Nick: We got audience. *Smiles and waves to girls.*
Brian: *Looks to girls and smiles.* Wow... Brunette really likes you.
Nick: Dude… Check her bag. *Whispers.*
Brian: *Looks at the bag and smiles.* They are fans…
Nick: I don’t date fans…
Brian: Kate, Shana, Mikaela… *Started to count with his fingers*
Nick: Anymore. *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: Remember that fan name Brianna?
Nick: Dude… No more about that. That was terrible.
Brian: *Laughs.* Come on. That was hilarious.
Nick: No it wasn’t. I can’t believe she told you that.
Brian: Oh Brian… Oooh Brian… *Whispers and starts to laugh.*
Nick: I hate you. *Push Brian playfully.*
Brian: You said my name while having alone time with that girl. *Smiles.*
Nick: Her name was Brianna… Dude… You make it sound like I’m gay.
Brian: Every dude is little gay inside.
Nick: Could you please stop? *Chuckles.* It was just terrible mistake.
Brian: Yeah… Maybe she made you say it cause her nickname was Brian. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Thinks for minute and looks at Brian.* Oh My God… She used to be guy. I bet her name was Brian when she was guy and now it’s Brianna… Oh My God I’m gonna feel sick.
Brian: *Burst out laughing.* Oh God. You fucked the she-man.
Nick: Can we talk something else?
Brian: Sure. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Stays silence and thinks*
Brian: Ooh Brian… *Says quietly.*
Nick: Okay. That’s enough. *Gets up and leaves to sit somewhere else.*
Brian: I’m sorry Nick. *Laughs.* I won’t do it again. Come on! *Looks after Nick smiling.*
Chapter 5 by Jannika
Boys have finally arrived to London airport after many weeks.
Nick: We are finally here! Let's find the hotel!
Howie You are way to excited about this London thing. *Laughs*
Nick: What can I say... Kelly is here! *Smiles.*
Brian: You do realize that people can hear you? Fans does recognize your voice.
Nick: Guys please. I'm very happy to see my old friend. *Smiles*
AJ: Can we just go? I might get sick again cause of Nick's love.
Howie and Brian started to laugh about that, but Nick didn't.
Nick: That's not funny.
AJ: Oh speaking of the love. There's Kelly. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Looks around and sees Kelly.* Kelly! *Waves to Kelly*
Brian: Oh Boy... He's so in love with this one. *Says to Howie and AJ.*
Kelly: *Walks to boys.* Hey! You made it! I'm here waiting my friend Laura. She should be arriving any minute now.
Nick: Really? *Smiles.*
Brian: Nick? We need to go now. You don't want to get caught by fans.
Nick: I'm coming. *Looks at Kelly* I'll see you tomorrow?
Kelly: Of course. You better go now.
Nick: *Moves closer to Kelly and gives a kiss to her cheek.* I missed you. *Smiles and walks to guys.*
Kelly: *Smiles and shakes her head* Typical of him.


Kelly: *Walks with Laura.* So here we are. Back stage. *Smiles.*
Laura: Holy shit... *Smiles.* I still can't believe it that I'm actually here.
Kelly: Very true. You need to thank you Nick for this. *Smiles.*
Laura: *Looks at Kelly surprised* He did this to me?
Nick: That's true. *Says behind Laura.*
Laura: *Screams loud when gets jump scared* Jesus Christ!
Nick: *Smiles.* I'm sorry if I scared ya.
Laura: That's totally fine. *Smiles.* Hey. I'm Laura Hart.
Nick: Hey Laura. I'm hoping you are having wonderful time.
Brian: Oh I hope she does. *Says behind Laura*
Laura: *Jump scared again and looks at Brian.* No more jump scares! *Laughs* God damn it!
Brian: *Laughs* I'm sorry. I was suppose to do first one, but Nick stole it from me.
Nick: *Laughs* I'm sorry, dude.
Kelly: No more jump scares or her heart stops beating. *Smiles.*
Laura: *Smiles.* I'm fine. Little jump scares won't kill me.
Nick: I bet you like Halloween, right? *Smiles.*
Laura: I love Halloween. Last Halloween I was Ellen Ripley from Alien. *Smiles.*
Nick: No way! *Smiles.* Got any pictures to proof?
Laura: Yes of course. *Takes her cellphone and start to search pictures.*
Howie: *Whispers to Kelly.* I guess Nick has find new friend.
Kelly: I knew all along that those two are getting along. *Smiles.*
Howie: Wait... Are you trying to hook them together?
Kelly: Look at them... Nick is smiling and laughing with her. I know when someone is interested of Laura.
Howie: You are bad. You did know that Nick likes you. He was a mess these few weeks because he missed you.
Kelly: *Looks at Howie.* I can't start dating him. I'm seeing someone already so...
Howie: His heart is going to be broken.
Kelly: I know... I had move on and I have no feelings than ever to Nick.
Howie: Are you going to tell him?
Kelly: I have to. How else he would know?
Howie: Write a letter. *Smiles.*
Kelly: *Looks back to Laura and Nick who are still looking at Laura's pictures.* He'll be mad, but... That's the only way.
Howie: I can give the letter to him.
Kelly: Thank D. We should let you go for sound check. *Smiles.*
Howie: Nick! Soundcheck time! *Shouted to Nick.*
Nick: *Smiles and nods to Howie.* Be right there. *Looks at Laura.* Well Thanks for sharing your pictures. Those were awesome.
Laura: Maybe you could try to be Ripley on Halloween. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Laughs.* I rather be Alien. Thanks.
Laura: Well Go have good soundcheck and I'll be hanging out with Kelly. *Smiles.*
Nick: Was really nice to meet you Laura. Bye. *Smiles and hugs her before leaves.*
Laura: Was really nice to meet you too. *Smiles and looks after him.*
Kelly: *Walks to Laura and smiles.* You two get along very well.
Laura: You think so? *Smiles and looks at Kelly.*
Kelly: Yes. Smiling and laughing... You two look cute together. *Smiles.*
Laura: He obviously likes you. He talked about you little.
Kelly: Well he doesn't know everything.
Laura: What he doesn't know?
Kelly: That I'm seeing someone already. Don't tell him. I'm telling him myself.
Laura: Oh Kelly... He's gonna be crushed.
Kelly: Then you should ask him out. *Looks at Laura smiling.*
Laura: Me? Why would you think he would go out with me?
Kelly: Why not? You are beautiful woman.
Laura: He's 29 and I'm 22. 7 years of age difference is not good.
Kelly: Age is just a number. Let me talk to him and see if I can get him to go out with you.
Laura: I guess I can give it a shot.
Kelly: Great... *Smiles.*


Kelly: *Walks to Nick.* Can we talk somewhere private?
Nick: Alright. *Walks with Kelly to empty room and close the door after them.* So What's up?
Kelly: I keep hearing from others that you keep talking about me.
Nick: So? I've been missing you like crazy, Kelly. *Smiles.*
Kelly: Nick... I'm seeing someone. There won't be us. I don't feel about you that way anymore.
Nick: Why didn't you say anything?
Kelly: Cause I knew I was going to break your heart.
Nick: You surely did, but I'm okay with that.
Kelly: Really? You don't look so upset.
Nick: *Sits down to coffee table and sighs.* I guess I'm over you too...
Kelly: In 1 day? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: I have this strange feeling... Like I know that there is someone else for me.
Kelly: And yes there is. *Smiles and sits face to Nick to chair.*
Nick: But I know it's not you. *Looks at Kelly.*
Kelly: No it's not me. Maybe Laura... *Looks at Nick and winks.*
Nick: Her? She's only 22...
Kelly: Just give her a chance. Just take her out.
Nick: You already talked to her about this, did you?
Kelly: Oh yeah... And she said to give it to try. *Smiles.*
Nick: Should I go there and ask her now?
Kelly: Yes! Go on. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Walks out the room to Laura and smiles.* Hey... May I talk to you for second?
Laura: *Smiles and nods.* Yes.
Nick: I heard from Kelly that you would been interested of going out with me.
Laura: Maybe. If you want to go then I'll go. I'm not actually here for date, but I can do an exception. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Is she trying to put us together?
Laura: I think she is. *Smiles and start to chuckle little.*
Nick: *Laughs with her and sighs.* Well How long are you gonna stay in London?
Laura: 3 days. Why? *Smiles.*
Nick: Well... Would you like to go out tomorrow?
Laura: Sounds good to me. I have no plans or so ever. *Smiles.*
Nick: Does 8:00 pm sound good? *Smiles.*
Laura: Sounds good. I'm staying same hotel as Kelly.
Nick: *Smiles.* I know where she stays.
Laura: You do?
Nick: *Nods and smiles.* We are in the same hotel so...
Laura: This must be easy then. Well I'll wait for you in my room 8:00 pm. *Smiles.*
Nick: Okay. I'll see you then. *Smiles and walks away.*
Chapter 6 by Jannika


AJ walks in first to their renting penthouse in the hotel.
AJ: God I’m so damn exhausted.
Howie: Yeah. London was amazing audience. Did you see how Laura and Kelly were having so much fun?
Brian: *Smiles.* Speaking of Nick. Where the hell is he?
AJ: He stayed to talk Kelly and Laura. *Lies down on the couch.*
Howie: Guys… Did you see little flirt between Nick and Laura? Don’t tell me I was the only one.
Brian: *Looks at Howie and then to AJ* Nick flirts with every girl.
AJ: Yeah and so do I. I even winked to Laura and she blushed. *Smiles.*
Howie: But it was different kind of flirt. *Sits on the armchair.*
Brian: How different? *Looks at Howie curious.*
AJ: *Stands up to sit position and looks at Howie too.*
Howie: I might have read on Nick’s lips that he said “This is for you, babe.” *Looks at both.*
AJ: *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: *Looks at AJ*
Nick: *Walks in and sees them hang out.* Hey. What’s going on here?

All three heads turns to Nick and Nick looks confused.
Nick: What? *Looks behind him and then to boys.*
Brian: Nothing… You took long enough to get here.
AJ: What did you talk about with Kelly and Laura?
Nick: *Smiles.* Nothing that you three wouldn’t want to know.
Howie: Oh yeah? *Smiles.* Like singing This Is Us to Laura and saying to her “This is…”
Brian: *Moves to Howie and shuts his mouth with his hand.* Saying This Is Us, This is Us…
AJ: *Nods with Brian and smiles.*This Is Us, This Is Us, This Is Love, This Is Love.
Nick: *Looks at all three curious.* Why you are guys acting weird? What is going on?
AJ: Okay Fine. We know you flirt with Laura in the show.
Howie: *Moves Brian’s hand on his mouth.* And don’t say you didn’t.
Nick: I flirt to every girl. *Smiles.*
Brian: Howie told us that your flirt was bit different than usually.
Nick: *Looks at Howie.* How different you think it was?
Howie: *Lip syncs to Nick.* “This Is For You, Babe.”
Nick: How did you know I said that? *Looks at Howie shocked*
AJ: So it is true?
Brian: Nick… What is going on between you and Laura? I thought you are into Kelly?
Howie: Kelly is kind of seeing someone else. *Says before Nick could say anything.*
Nick: How did you know that?! *Yells more shocked*
AJ: Everyone fucking calm down! *Shouted*
Brian: I’m calm. Nick is the one shouting.
Nick: Yeah! Howie knows everything! What else do you know that I know?
Howie: That’s kind of it. I only knew those two.
Brian: So what now? You looked very happy when you walked in. *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: I asked Laura to go out with me tomorrow. *Smiles.*
AJ: That was fast. What she said?
Nick: We are having date tomorrow 8:00 PM.
Brian: Isn’t she the fan? That’s what Kelly told us.
Howie: She seems to be nice. No any harm.
AJ: Everything is fine as long as Nick keeps his dick inside his pants.
Nick: Hey! I wouldn’t ever have sex in the first date. And don’t you ever speak of my dick again.
Brian: *Burst out to laugh.* You two are so damn childish. *Points to AJ and Nick.*
Howie: I’m going to bed. Night fellas. *Walks to his own room*
AJ: I’ll go too. Thank God is day off tomorrow. *Goes to his room.*

Brian: So how old is Laura? *Ask curious*
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* Why you are asking?
Brian: Just saying. Is she younger, older?
Nick: Younger. 7 years younger.
Brian: She’s 22? *Looks shocked.*
Nick: Don’t judge her. Your wife is 7 years older than you.
Brian: Sorry… So what’s the date plan?
Nick: I don’t know man. I’m not romantic guy like you.
Brian: Invite her here, order some food, Buy flowers…
Nick: Do that to your wife when she gets here. I want to take her out of the hotel. *Smiles.*
Brian: It’s risky. You might need to take Q or Mike.
Nick: Just want to be normal guy for one day.
Brian: Well I can make that happen for you tomorrow.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* Yeah? How? Fans are all over the place.
Brian: Just listen… Where is she staying?
Nick: In this same hotel.
Brian: That’s great. Here in this hotel is underground garage. You two can take elevator down there…
Nick: Brian… Are you saying I’m just sneaking out?
Brian: I’m trying to help you to be normal guy, Nick. Just stay quiet.
Nick: *Nods and starts listening Brian.*
Brian: I’m going to rent you a car that fans wouldn’t think it’s that type of car that you wouldn’t drive.
Nick: Okay. Like Fiat. *Chuckles.*
Brian: No… You are leaving this place James Bond style.
Nick: Dude… James Bond had all the cool cars. Fans would know.
Brian: Would they if the car was in the truck first? *Smiles.*
Nick: That’s so damn genius! *Smiles.*
Brian: We need to rent you suit.
Nick: Brian… I love what you are doing, but suit… No thank you.
Brian: What if she’s going to look all beautiful and you look like Willy Wonka?
Nick: Damn it… I guess I’m going to be James Bond tomorrow.
Brian: You go get some sleep and I’ll rent you everything ready for tomorrow. *Smiles.*
Nick: Let me at least buy the flowers. *Smiles.*
Brian: Maybe you should ask Kelly what kind of flowers Laura likes.
Nick: Obviously. Thank Bee for doing this. You are the best. *Smiles.*
Brian: No problem. Have a call to Kelly and ask the flower thing.
Nick: I’m on it. *Takes his cell from his pocket and walks to his room.*


Kelly: *Looks at the caller and sees it’s Nick.* Nick is calling.
Laura: Already?
Kelly: *Answer to her phone.* Nick? What’s up?
Nick: Hey… I got quick question. Make it two quick questions.
Kelly: Okay. I’m listening.
Nick: Is Laura near you any chance?
Kelly: Yeah. She’s right next to me. Want to talk to her?
Nick: No… I called for ask something that I can’t ask from her.
Kelly: Okay. What you want to know? *Looks at Laura.*
Laura: What he wants? *Whispers*
Nick: Do you any by chance know what kind of flower she likes?
Kelly: *Chuckles.* No Nick. I don’t know.
Nick: What kind of flowers do you think she would like?
Kelly: Hmmm… *Looks at Laura and smiles.* I think you need to do this one alone, Nick. I can’t help you.
Laura: *Is bit confused what is going on*
Nick: Roses? Lilies?
Kelly: Go with the first one. *Smiles.*
Nick: Of course… Every woman likes roses.
Kelly: Glad to help. Bye. *Hangs up and sighs.*
Laura: What was that? *Looks at Kelly.*
Kelly: I don’t want to ruin the surprise but he asked me if I know what kind of flowers you like.
Laura: You said lilies right? *Looks at Kelly.*
Kelly: Of course I did. *Smiles.*
Laura: I thought you forgot my favorite flower. *Smiles.*
Kelly: I wouldn’t ever forget it. *Smiles.*
Laura: I’ll go to bed now. You tired yet?
Kelly: I’ll just go for little walk to hallway. I need some privacy. It’s been crazy day.
Laura: Alright. Good night. *Goes under her bed covers.*
Kelly: *Walks out the hotel room and starts typing to Nick.* Don’t buy roses. She likes Lilies.

Nick: *Hears his cell phone beeping and reads the message.* Damn it. *Takes his laptop and start to cancel the roses.*
Brian: *Knock’s Nick’s room door.* Are you still up, Nick?
Nick: Yeah. Come in. *Keeps his look on laptop screen*
Brian: *Walks in and looks at Nick who is sitting on bed laptop on his lap.* Can’t sleep yet?
Nick: I order the flowers, but I find out that I order the wrong ones so I need to cancel it and order other ones.
Brian: What did you order first time?
Nick: Roses.
Brian: That’s not bad.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* She likes Lilies.
Brian: Lilies are very beautiful.
Nick: *Looks to screen.* I try to cancel still the first one, but I just can’t. Should I just order both?
Brian: Roses and lilies together?
Nick: Yeah. I guess no one done it before.
Brian: It’s very unique.
Nick: What you doing in my room anyway?
Brian Oh yeah… Right… I found the perfect car.
Nick: Yeah? What kind of car? *Smiles*
Brian: Chevrolet Bel Air. *Smiles.*
Nick: Brian… James Bond never drove that car.
Brian: Yes he did. In the Goldfinger movie.
Nick: Couldn’t you find something more new?
Brian: Like what?
Nick: Jaguar.
Brian: You want Jaguar for over this beauty? *Shows the Chevrolet picture*
Nick: That’s very beautiful. How much is the rent?
Brian 1000 for hour.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* We can’t tell Laura about the prize. I’ll take the Chevrolet.
Brian: Good choice. I’m still tracking down Daniel Graig’s suit for you.
Nick: Not Daniel Graig suit… Sean Connery is way better.
Brian: Don’t you know how hard is to find Sean’s suit?
Nick: Fine. Pierce Brosnan then. *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: Timothy Dalton?
Nick: No. Pierce or Sean. You pick. *Looks at Brian serious.*
Brian: Dude is just a date and I don’t think she will care whose suit you wear.
Nick: I guess Daniel is fine then. At least we got Chevrolet. Only thing we can have from Sean Connery.
Brian: *Laughs.* Sean Connery doesn’t own the car, Nick. He used it only in the movie.
Nick: Shut up, Brian. Now get out of my room.
Brian: Alright, Bond. Good night.
Nick: It’s not Bond. It’s Carter… Nick Carter…
Brian: Pfff… Whatever. *Smiles and walks out from Nick’s room.*
Nick: *Chuckles little when Brian has left and looks back to his laptop to check his emails and Twitter.*

Aaron Carter Today 11:55pm
“Spent the night in the jail. Where is my brother when I need him?”

Nick: Aaron… What did you do now? *Sighs and reads the tweet.*
Chapter 7 by Jannika

Brian: *Wakes up first 8am and start to wake up guys one by one.*
Nick: *Still sleeps peacefully when hears Brian.*
Brian: Good morning Nick!
Nick: Not so loud... *Pulls covers over his head.*
Brian: Get up lazy butt. It's new day. New day to get ready for big date tonight.
Nick: What time is it?
Brian: 8am.
Nick: Fuck... *Pushes covers off him*
AJ: He's awake! Morning princess! *Laughs*
Howie: *Smiles wide and stares at Nick*
Nick: What? *Ask sleepy*
AJ: Nice hair do, dude. Look for yourself. *Holds mirror up*
Nick: Put that mirror away and let me sleep. Is day off. *Groans against the pillow*
Howie: Let's our little princess sleep. We are going to eat breakfast with Kelly and Laura.
AJ: Hmm... Pancakes, bacons...
Nick: WAIT FOR ME! *Gets off the bed, but falls on the floor*
Boys: *Laughs*
Nick: Not funny. Help me up.
AJ: You can get up yourself.
Nick: I can't. I hurt my leg.
Brian: Are you serious?
Nick: Yeah. Can one of you help me?
Howie: I'll help you.
Nick: *Holds pillow on his hands tight behind him and plans to hit Howie with it*
Howie: Are you fine? *Offers his hand to Nick.*
Nick: I'm now! *Hits Howie with the pillow*
Howie: You just didn't! *Looks shocked*
Nick: Yes I did.
Howie: You are trouble now. I revenge that!
Nick: Come on D! Revenge! *Laughs*
Howie: *Takes pillow and hits Nick with it *
AJ: That looks fun. I'm in! *Jumps on guys with pillow*
Brian: Jesus Christ... I'm not going to join in. I guess I'll go breakfast by myself. *Leaves out the penthouse*
Kelly: *Walks with Laura to Penthouse door* Is it me or do I hear laughing?
Laura: I hear that too. Do you think they forget about us?
Kelly: Only way to find out is to knock the door. *Knocks the door*
Laura: Thanks to let Lauren join us to spent the day. *Looks to Kelly smiling*
Kelly: No problem. She's our both friend. Now she's sleeping her hangover away.
Nick: *Opens the door only wearing boxers and pillow in his hand* Kelly? Laura?

Kelly: Morning. Did we wake you? *smiles and keeps her eyes at Nick's face*
Laura: *Stares Nick eyes wide open blushing*
Nick: No... We are pillow war. Want to join us? *Smiles to both and then heards groaning behind him*
AJ: Oh! That's it! I'm out! My nuts! *Walks to his room while groaning*
Kelly: We'll pass... We got invite from Brian. Is he here?
Nick: *Turns to look in their penthouse and suddenly gets hit by pillow* Howie! Stop!
Laura: *Chuckles little, but stops when Kelly looks to her.* What?
Kelly: Nothing. You are not consering to join them?
Laura: That was funny. *Smiled and turns to look Nick who is now turning to look at them*
Nick: Brian must've gone to breakfast. *Looks at Kelly and then to Laura*
Laura: Without you and us? *Smiles*
Nick: Right... Howie mentioned you both joining us. Come in and let us get dressed. * Opens the door more wide open*
Laura: *Takes step to room, but feels Kelly stopping her*
Kelly: We wait at here. *Smiles*
Nick: I need to talk Laura before we go. *Looks at Laura*
Laura: Sure. I'll be fine, Kelly. *Walks in the room.*
Nick: You sure hallway is better than in here? *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: I actually forget my phone to our room. I'll be there. *Looks at Nick and then Laura*
Laura: Okay. *Nods to Kelly.*
Nick: *Close the door and looks at Laura smiling* You remember Howie. *Points to Howie that is sitting in the living room area*
Howie: Hey. Laura, right? *Smiles*
Laura: Yes. It's nice to see you again. *smiles to Howie*
Howie: You too.
Nick: Come on. Here's my room. *Leads Laura to his room when walks behind her*
Howie: Yo Nick. *Whispers after him.*
Nick: *Turns to look at Howie and whispers* What?
Howie: *Lips syncs to Nick* Remember condom.
Nick: Whatta fuck, Howie? *Looks at shocked*
Laura: *Sits on the edge of messy bed and looks at Nick* Everything okay?
Nick: *Close the door after him and smiles to Laura* Yeah... Howie just thinks that we are going to have sex.
Laura: *Smiles shy and looks to her hands* Why would he think that?
Nick: *Opens his luggage bag and start to look for some clothes.* Maybe cause I'm on my boxers and door is closed.
Laura: So... What did you want to talk about? *Looks at Nick and can't help but look his chest*
Nick: About our date tonight. * Looks at Laura and caught her staring at his chest*
Laura: Oh... What about it? *Still stares and doesn't notice Nick caught her staring *
Nick: *Smiles and takes shirt out of his luggage bag.* Laura? *Tries to get her look at his face*
Laura: Hmmm? What? *Keeps still staring*
Nick: My face is up here. *Waves his hands front of her face.* Not there.
Laura: *Looks up to Nick and notice that he caught her staring at him.* Oh my God... I'm sorry. I feel so embarrassing. *Hides her face to her hands*
Nick: *Chuckles and puts shirt on.* It's fine, Laura. Girls likes my body and I'm fine with it.
Laura: It's not fine. *Sighs and stands up * Not to me.
Nick: Laura? What's going on? *Turns her to look at him* Tell me.
Laura: It's so embarrassing to tell you. It's been happening everytime. *Looks at Nick and sighs*
Nick: I think I can handle it. Come on. What is it? *Smiles*
Laura: *It's about to say, but there's knock at Nick's door*
Howie: Nick? You both done there?
Nick: We are right out there. Give us a minute. *looks at Laura smiling*
Howie: Horny dog! *laughs*
Laura: *Start to get more embarrassing and walks to window to not look at Nick*
Nick: Hey... *Walks next to her and touches her back.* You okay?
Laura: Not really. It's even now harder to tell you. *Looks at outside*
Nick: Is it about Howie joking about sex?
Laura: *Nods*
Nick: *Sits on small edge of window to face Laura* I know you are fan. I'm not going to have sex with you if you are embarrassing about that we are.
Laura: I know you are not. It's just... *Sighs* Kelly doesn't even know what I'm trying to say.
Nick: Okay. Want to talk about it with her first? *looks at Laura smiling and touches her hair.*
Laura: She would think I'm crazy. Cause I think I am. *Sits next to him*
Nick: How would you be crazy? You've been so nice.
Laura: You'll think I'm crazy what I'm about to say. *Looks at Nick and then stares to his lips*
Nick: You are... Staring again... *Gulps and whispers softly*
Laura: I know. I can't help it. *Looks up at Nick and sighs* You know everyone have their secret quilty pleasures. Right?
Nick: *Nods and looks around the room* Right. My quilty pleasure is pizza. Yours?
Laura: *Moves close to his ear and whispers* You. You are my quilty pleasure. *Gives a kiss to his cheek and moves away.*
Nick: *Looks at Laura surprised, but smiles* That's not bad. Many girls says that I'm their quilty pleasure.
Laura: Yeah, but they don't have chance to be in the same room with you alone.
Nick: *Looks at Laura and try to read her face* Wait... Did you really think we are about to have sex?
Laura: *Doesn't say anything and only stares at him*
Nick: You are crazy. *Start to put jeans on him quick and put shoes on.*
Laura: I told you. I can't help it that you are my weakness. Everytime when I see pic of you shirtless I froze and start to stare cause I imagine how would you look naked. Gosh... Please shut me up or I regret saying something else. *looks at Nick.
Nick: *Sits edge of the bed and sighs* You should go. Date is off.
Laura: I'm sorry. *Says quietly and walks out the room*
Nicķ: *Falls on his back to bed and sighs deep* Shit...
Howie: *Walks to Nick's room* Nicky... What happened? Laura just left crying.
Nick: I'm her quilty pleasure. *Stares at the ceiling*
Howie: Really? That's not bad. You are quilty pleasure to lot of girls. *Sits on the edge of bed.*
Nick: This is worse than that. *Runs his hands throught his hair and sighs deep*
Howie: How is it worse?
Nick: She really thought we are going to have sex. *Moves up to sit position next to Howie.*
Howie: Wow... I was only joking about the condom thing and horny dog.
Nick: I know Howie. She's crazy just like other girls.
Howie: What now? You have date with her tonight.
Nick: I told her that date is off. Then she left.
Howie: Did she try to seduce you?
Nick: No. She did kiss my cheek, but that's about it.
Howie: Did she kiss you before or after when she told you that she thought having sex with you?
Nick: *Looks at Howie shocked.* What? Why you ask that?
Howie: You could be on bed under her right now if she was going to seduce you. And of course bodyguards would've take her out, but she didn't try to use you.
Nick: *Thinks for moment about Howie's words*
Howie: So I ask again. Did she kiss your cheek before or after?
Nick: *Looks at the window spot where she kissed his cheek* Before. Next to window.
Howie: She's not crazy, Nick. *Whispers and taps his shoulder brotherly*
Nick: But she admited that she is crazy.
Howie: Aren't we all little crazy?
Nick: What are you saying?
Howie: Take her out. Show her your other side than Backstreet Boy side.
Nick: Then I need to take Mike with us. *Sighs*
Howie: You better go after her. *Points door direction.*
Nick: She might want to be alone. Let's go to breakfast. *Gets up off the bed*
Howie: Talk to her after breakfast.
Nick: *Nods and walks out the penthouse*


Laura: *Walks inside the room crying* Kelly?
Lauren: *Walks out the bathroom.* She's not he... *Sees Laura crying * What happened?
Laura: He said date is off and that I'm crazy. *Sobs and falls on the bed to cry*
Lauren: Who? *Looks at Laura confused.*
Laura: Nick Fucking Carter.
Lauren: *Gets shocked when Laura said Nick's name* Nick Carter? That Nick from the Nsync?
Laura: *Looks at Lauren oddly* It's not Nsync. The Backstreet Boys.
Lauren: Nsync, Backstreet Boys, 1D... All are the same to me.
Laura: You are not helping? Where's Kelly? *Sniffs*
Lauren: Left to breakfast. Said to meet you there. So what happened with this Nick guy?
Laura: I made him hate me. We were suppose to go date tonight.
Lauren: How did you made him hate you?
Laura: Telling him he's my quilty pleasure . *Blushes*
Lauren: Laura... *Chuckles* You naughty.
Laura: You don't understand. When we were in his room alone, I thought we were going to have sex and oh gosh I wish we did.
Lauren: Let me guess... He didn't plan on doing it. *Looks at Laura*
Laura: You should've see him. Only on his boxers... I couldn't help but stare. He's so gorgeous and hot...
Lauren: You didn't mention him being only wearing boxers. *Looks at Laura eyes wide open and smiles*
Laura: Oh gosh Lauren... I was eating him with my eyes.
Lauren: *It's about to say something, but there's knock at door* Could be Kelly. Must've forgot the key.
Laura: She never forgets her keys.
Lauren: Hmmm... *Walks to door and looks through peephole to hallway.* Shit... *Says quietly.*
Laura: Who is it? *Whispers*
Nick: *Keeps knocking* Laura?
Laura: *Runs to bathroom to hide*
Lauren: Great... *Opens the door and looks at Nick*
Nick: Oh hey... I've must have wrong door. *Looks at Lauren*
Lauren: Nick... What are you doing here?
Nick: *Looks at her confused and thinks hard*
Lauren: Have you been keeping your life healthy? *Smiles*
Nick: Lauren? Fuck... What are you doing here?
Lauren: Vacation. Came to see old friend of mine. What are you doing here knocking my door? *Smiles*
Nick: I was looking for someone, but I'm sure I'm on the right floor. This is 5th floor right?
Lauren: *Nods and gives Nick deadly stare* It is.
Nick: *Looks at the look on Lauren's face like she's going to murder her* Shit... Don't tell me Laura Hart is your friend...
Lauren: She is and she's very sad at herself for make you hate her. *Sighs*
Nick: She told you what happened?
Lauren: All about it. *Smiles*
Nick: Is there anyway I could talk to her?
Lauren: Why?
Nick: Apologize.
Lauren: Let me go check her and ask her. * Keeps door open when walks to bathroom door* Laura? You okay there?
Laura: What he wants?
Lauren: *Looks at to Nick's direction.* Apologize to you and talk to you.
Laura: Talk about what?
Lauren: He won't tell me. Come out and talk to him.
Laura: In a minute.
Lauren: *Walks to Nick and points her hand inside.* Come in. She's coming in a minute.
Nick: *Walks inside to room and looks around.*
Lauren: *Puts her leather jacket on her and takes her hand bag and keys.* I'm going out so you two can talk. *Looks at Nick*
Nick: Thanks. Was great to see you again. *Smiles to Lauren*
Lauren: You too. I trust you to not make her cry or worse cause you know I can punch you.
Nick: I promise. *Lifts his hands innocent*
Lauren: Good. Bye Nick. * Walks out the room.*
Nick: *Looked at Lauren to walk out and checked her ass.* Shit...
Laura: *Looked herself from the mirror and takes deep breath.* Stay calm. You can do this...
Nick: *Stands near at the window to look at the view while waiting Laura.*
Laura: *Finally walks out the bathroom and notice Nick looking out the window.* Hey.
Nick: *Turns to look at Laura when heard her* Hey. Are you okay?
Laura: *Nods, but then shakes her head.* No. I feel terrible to say those things to you. I should've keep my mouth shut.
Nick: You are not crazy, Laura. I overreacted. You could've act much more worse.
Laura: *Takes deep breath and closes her eyes to make her calm herself* I know... That kiss to your cheek... It was too much.
Nick: *Doesn't say anything and only stares at her*
Laura: *Doesn't hear him say anything and opens her eyes to see him stare at her. * What?
Nick: I'm staring at you. *Smiles*
Laura: There's really nothing to stare at on me. *Looks at Nick.*
Nick:Yes there is. *Steps closer to her and touches her cheek.*
Laura: Nick... What you wanted to talk about? *Looks up to his eyes*
Nick: *Smiles and puts his both hands to her cheeks* Still wanna go on that date?
Laura: *Her mouth opens wide on shocked when he asked* But I'm crazy... *Says quietly*
Nick: I'm crazy too. *Push her hair aside from her face and looks to her eyes*
Laura: About? *Asked curious*
Nick: You have to find out on our date. *Whispers to her ear and gives a kiss to her cheek.* I'll pick you up 8.
Laura: *Closes her eyes when felt his lips on her cheek and nods.*
Nick: See you later. *Smiles and walks out the room*
Laura: *Opens her eyes when heard door closing.* Oh... My... God. *Falls on her back on to bed smiling.
Chapter 8 by Jannika


Laura: *Tries many dresses before Nick comes to pick her up*
Kelly: Just decide. That’s like what, 10th dress you try on? *Laughs at Laura*
Laura: It’s a date with Nick. I need to look good. *Smiles*
Kelly: You got 15 minutes before he comes.
Laura: Crap! Maybe just jeans and top? *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: Have you ever been on date before?
Laura: You know me. Never. *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: *Sighs* Great. Put the blueish green dress on.
Laura: The one with little dolphins on it? *Looks at the dresses.*
Kelly: Yeah. He loves ocean and dolphins. *Smiles*
Laura: Perfect. Can you make my hair wavy?
Kelly: Yes I can.
Lauren: *Walks in the room and smiles when sees Kelly and Laura.* Hey girls.
Kelly: Hey. Where were you?
Lauren: Met some my friends. *Takes her jacket off and sit on edge of bed.*
Kelly: You are just in time to see Laura being nervous to go on a date with famous Nick. *Smiles*
Lauren: *Chuckles* He’s just normal guy. I was his personal trainer.
Laura: *Walks out the bathroom only wearing the dress.* You were his personal trainer?
Lauren: *Looks at Laura smiling.* Yeah. He was trying to ask me out, but I’m not interested.
Laura: Why? Cause he’s in boyband?
Lauren: No. I don’t date my clients.
Kelly: Even after they are not anymore?
Lauren: Yeah. *Smiles.* So when he’s coming?
Kelly: He should be here soon. It’s 7:55.
Laura: Already? Shoot! Quickly, Kelly. Do my hair. *Walks back to bathroom.*
Kelly: Open the door if he knocks, Lauren. *Walks to bathroom*
Lauren: Sure. *Looks at the clock and turns TV on.*


Nick: *Walks out of his room wearing suit that is not James Bond suit.* Okay guys. I’m ready.
AJ: *Looks at Nick.* Wow. You look fabulous!
Nick: *Looks at AJ serious* You sure you are not gay?
AJ: *Blinks his eyes girly and makes kissing noises.*
Nick: That’s gross. *Smiles and puts shoes on.*
Brian: Where are you taking her?
Nick: To the beach. All what we had planned is not happening so I rented private driver to take us to private beach. *Smiles*
Howie: Sounds romantic, Nick.
Nick: I’m not romantic type of guy. *Smiles*
Brian: We will make you one for sure. *Smiles.*
AJ: You should go. It’s already 7:55.
Nick: Alright. Don’t stay up to wait. *Smiles*
Brian: Be good. You just only met the girl.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* That’s what I was thinking. I’m only doing this because Kelly asked me to.
AJ: Wait… You are not interested of Laura?
Nick: *Looks at AJ and sighs.* No. Not really.
Howie: Then why to do it?
Brian: Because he’s doing it because Kelly asked him to. *Repeats what Nick said earlier.*
AJ: That’s fucked up, man.
Howie: Well who knows… Maybe Nick enjoys the date.
Nick: I’m just going. *Takes hotel room key and walks out the suite.*


Nick: *Knocks door exactly 8pm*
Lauren: *Opens the door.* Hey Nick. You look nice.
Nick: Hey. Is Laura ready?
Lauren: Almost. Come in. *Opens door for Nick.*
Nick: Thanks. *Walks in and waits little nervously.*
Lauren: *Walks past Nick and sits edge of the bed.* Where are you taking her?
Nick: It’s surprise. *Smiles and turns to see Kelly walk out the bathroom.*
Lauren: You can tell us. *Smiles*
Nick: *Chuckles and shakes his head.* Nope.
Kelly: You suck.
Nick: So is Laura ready? *Looks at Kelly*
Kelly: She’s almost ready.
Laura: *Walks out the bathroom and smiles when sees Nick.* Hey. How do I look, Nick?
Nick: *Smiled and nods.* Very nice. I like the dolphins. *Points her dress.*
Laura: Yeah. I really love dolphins.
Kelly: Show the shoes. *Smiles*
Laura: *Shows her blue high heels.* Just nothing too expensive, but I like these.
Nick: Wow. You look beautiful.
Laura: You don’t look bad yourself.
Lauren: Okay you two. get out of here. *Smiles and goes to open the door.*
Nick: Let’s go. *Let’s Laura walks out first.*
Kelly: Have fun!

Laura and Nick arrived to private beach where Nick had planned to have dinner on the jetty.*

Nick: Here we are. *Smiles and takes his shoes.*
Laura: *Looks amazed when sees table with 2 chairs on the jety.* Oh My God.
Nick: Take shoes off and come with me. *Smiles to Laura.*
Laura: *Takes shoes off and start to walk closer to jetty.* This looks so beautiful.
Nick: Only thing I can think of in short notice. *Smiles and walks to jetty.*
Laura: *Stops walking and looks at Nick on jetty.*
Nick: *Looks at Laura.* What? Something wrong?
Laura: It looks like it’s going to broke down.
Nick: Jetty? Oh no. it’s holding good. *Start to jump.*
Laura: Please stop… *Looks worried.*
Nick: oh come on, Laura. It’s safe. *Smiles and stops jumping, but jetty broke under Nick’s feet.* Shit!
Laura: *Try to hold her laugh and covers her mouth to not laugh.*
Nick: *Looks around him and sighs.*
Laura: Holding up, huh? *Giggles.*
Nick: Will you stop laughing?
Laura: It’s just funny. *Smiles.*
Nick: Can you help me?
Laura: What if I don’t?
Nick: Then you’ll join me. *Smiles and start to get off the water.*
Laura: No. Need to catch me first. *Starts to run away.*
Nick: *Gets out the water and start to run after Laura.* Come here!
Laura: *Looks behind her and sees Nick running towards her.* No! You are soaked wet.
Nick: *Laughs and puts her to his arms all wet.* That’s what you get for laughing at me.
Laura: Now my dress is ruined. *Laughs.*
Nick: So is my suit. Don’t complain. *Smiles and let her go from his arms.*
Laura: *Smiles and looks around.* So what now? Our dinner is ruined.
Nick: *Looks at jetty.* I don’t know. Are you hungry? *Looks at Laura*
Laura: Not really. You?
Nick: No. *Smiles.* Want to just walk on the beach?
Laura: Sounds fun. *Smiles*
Nick: Give me your hand. *Offers his hand.*
Laura: *Smiles shy and take his hand to her.* Your hand is warm.
Nick: Yours is cold.
Laura: This sand is cold.
Nick: *Smiles and nods.* So cold, but we are in London so…
Laura: What else you expect? La sunny day? *Smiles*
Nick: No, but I really hate cold.
Laura: Me either even I live in Finland with my mom.
Nick: And your dad?
Laura: He travels a lot and I came to see him in here, but not so lucky.
Nick: Are your parents divorced?
Laura: Separated, but I know they love each other, but I want to apologize.
Nick: *Chuckles.* That was so random to change the subject.
Laura: I know. I’m kind of like that, but anyway… *Sighs.* I was crazy earlier today.
Nick: I had seen crazier. You just surprised me with the…
Laura: *Stops them both walking and looks at Nick.* I know… And I’m sorry.
Nick: I forgive you. *Smiles and looks at Laura.*
Laura: Thanks. *Smiles and start to walk again.* Where are you guys leaving next after London?
Nick: Tomorrow we are going to Denmark. Our flight leaves in 9am.
Laura: So that means you need to wake up 6 or 7am?
Nick: Pretty much. And when you leave?
Laura: Day after tomorrow. Right back to the Finland.
Nick: Is it nice living there?
Laura: Too cold for my taste. *Smiles.*
Nick: You can always move. *Smiles*
Laura: Oh I wish. My mom is the problem.
Nick: Aren’t they always? *Chuckles.*
Laura: Oh yeah… You have very nice parents. NOT. *Smiles*
Nick: Unfortunately that’s true. *Smiles*
Laura: I’m sorry. I’ve always wished your mom would change, but…
Nick: It’s ok. *Smiles and pulls her to his arms.* You can’t choose your family.
Laura: *Smiles and puts her hands around him when they still walked.* So true.


Nick: *Walks Laura back to her hotel room door.* I had fun.
Laura: I had fun too. *Smiles.* Plus there wasn’t no paparazzi.
Nick: Or we didn’t just see them. *Smiles.*
Laura: Right… *Smiles.*
Nick: So… *Smiles* Do you think you would go on a date with me again?
Laura: I would love to. It’s depends on you though.
Nick: Yeah. I would love to go again. *Smiles*
Laura: Really? *Looks surprised.*
Nick: Surprised that I said that? *Smiles*
Laura: Yeah. After all what happened today.
Nick: *Pretends to think.* I don’t remember anything that wouldn’t change my mind.
Laura: *Smiles and hits him playfully.* Shut up. You know what I mean.
Nick: *Laughs.* I know, but seriously. I would.
Laura: Good. *Smiles.*
Nick: It’s um… past 11 and I’m waking up at 6 so…
Laura: Okay. You need your beauty dreams. *Smiles.*
Nick: And you? Do you? *Smiles*
Laura: I might not after our date. *Smiles and blushes.*
Nick: Don’t think of it too much. Think of this. *Smiles and gives a soft kiss to her lips.*
Laura: *Is shocked and surprised about the kiss.*
Nick: *Looks at Laura being shocked and surprised.* You ok?
Laura: I… Wow… *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: Didn’t expecting that, huh? *Chuckles*
Laura: No. *Smiles shy and shake her head.*
Nick: Something to remember me by. *Smiles.*
Laura: *Only smiles.*
Nick: I’m gonna go. Good night, Laura. *Gives one more kiss.*
Laura: Night, Nick. *Smiles*
Nick: *Smiles and walk to elevators.*
Laura: *Walks in the hotel room happy*