An Obsession with Passion by Jannika
Summary: She's obsessive of him with passion.
He's been dating his girlfriend over year.
His best friend is huge part of his life.
Someone is guilty for something.
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Genres: Drama, Horror, Suspense
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Chapter 2 by Jannika
September 2014

Kate was lying down on the hospital bed in the hospital ward.
She was starting feeling even worse.

“So miss Watson. How are you feeling today?” Nurse Crow asked.
“Worse than yesterday.” Kate said sniffing.
“Just need to get some rest.” Nurse Crow said.
“I feel also betrayed and angry.” Kate said.
“Why?” Nurse Crow asked.
“I’ve been in here over 5 years for murder I never did. Someone framed me.” Kate said in hoarse voice.
“Who could do such thing? I’m really sorry.” Nurse Crow said.
“It can be anyone, but there’s footage that proves that I did it.” Kate said.
“That sucks, Kate.” Nurse Crow said.
“Worse part is that my best friend thinks I did it. I lost him forever.” Kate said.

May 2019

Claire Watson, Kate’s big sister waited her sister getting out the jail.
It’s been 10 years when Kate was send to prison.
Claire promised to herself that she will find out who framed her sister for murder when Kate gets out.
Claire smiles when sees Kate walking out the jail with the same clothes she get in.

“Oh sis… It’s so good to see you free.” Claire said happily.
“Hey Claire. It’s nice to finally breathe again.” Kate said.
“Oh I bet it does.” Claire said and hugged her sister tight.
“Did you come get me home?” Kate asked when moved from hug.
“Yes, but you are going to live with me.” Claire said.
“I couldn’t do that. I could just go to live with mom.” Kate said.
“Yeah about her… She doesn’t want you to step your foot on her house.” Claire said.
“Why? I’m her daughter.” Kate said.
“She knows, but she won’t forgive you. And you lose your house.” Claire said.

They walked to Clare’s car together.
While they were riding to Claire’s house, Kate had only Nick in her mind.

“How’s Nick?” Kate asked.
“You are not allowed to ask about him or see him.” Claire said.
“I know, but he was my best friend. Tell me something.” Kate begged.
“You are not going to like it.” Claire said.
“Why? Is he okay?” Kate asked worried.
“He’s okay for sure. He’s happily married. He have 2 kids.” Claire said when kept her look on the road.
“Who he married?” Kate asked curious.

“Dad. Look what I did.” Maggie, Nick’s 5 year old daughter said when walked to kitchen happily.
“What did you do, sweetie.” Nick asked smiling.
“I draw a picture of you, mommy, me and Jacob.” Maggie said.
“It’s beautiful drawing, sweetie. Let me put it to fridge door.” Nick said and put the drawing to fridge door.
“Dad? Maggie ruined my English book.” Jacob, Nick’s 7 year old son said when walked to kitchen.
“Why you think she did it?” Nick asked.
“Because there’s her name almost on every page.” Jacob said and showed the book.
“Oh Maggie…” Nick said and sighed.
“I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t know.” Maggie said sadly.
“It’s okay. Say you are sorry.” Nick said.
“She doesn’t need to apologize. She’s only 5.” Lindsay said when walked to kitchen.
“Linds… She needs to learn to be sorry. Didn’t your parents teach you that?” Nick asked.
“No they didn’t, husband.” Lindsay said.
“I’m sorry, daddy.” Maggie said sadly.
“I know, sweetie. I know.” Nick said.

May 2009

Kate was sitting in her house to getting ready to bed until her cellphone started to ring.
She sees Nick’s ID on the screen and answers.

“Nick? What’s up?” Kate asked.
“Kat…” Nick was crying other end of the line.
“Nick? Why are you crying?” Kate asked worried.
“Lauren… I…” Nick couldn’t talk clearly.
“It’s okay. Take your time.” Kate said and waited Nick to tell her.
“I really need a friend.” Nick said and sniffed.
“I’m listening.” Kate said.
“Someone came to our house and killed Lauren.” Nick said and burst to cry.
“Oh My God!” Kate said in shock.
“I found her drowned on the bathtub.” Nick said through crying.
“Oh Nick… This is so awful.” Kate said and tears fell to her cheek.
“Person who killed her had a key.” Nick said in horror.
“Who could do such thing?” Kate said furious.
“Police is checking my security footage from the house. Soon this…” Nick stopped talking suddenly.
“Nick? Hello?”
“I gotta go.” Nick said and hung up.

Nick ended the phone call with Kate when officer came to him.

“Mr. Carter. I’m Officer Bryant. Please follow me.” Officer Bryant said.

Nick followed Officer Bryant.

“We found something from your security tapes.” Officer Bryant said when walked to evidence room.
“Great.” Nick said and walked in the room.
“Have a seat.” Officer Bryant said and pointed to chair.

Nick sits down to chair and looked at screens.

“Caleb. Show Mr. Carter the footage from his house.” Officer Bryant said.

Caleb turns on the video footage to screen.

“Okay. Mr. Carter… You are not going to like what you are about to see.” Officer Bryant said.

Nick stayed quiet and looked at the screen.
He got tears in his eyes when sees Lauren locking all the doors before going upstairs to their room.
Caleb speeds forward the footage and stops at where familiar person walks in the house by unlocking door with the key.

“Do you recognize the person?” Officer Bryan asked and Nick nodded when was mad and sad.

May 2019

“He married Lindsay?” Kate asked from Claire shocked.
“She was there for him over year. She took care of the house.” Claire said.
“But he hates him.” Kate said in disbelieve.
“He did, but people change.” Claire said.
“She had crush on him for long time.” Kate said.
“She’s changed. She’s much better person.” Claire said.
“If you say so.” Kate said and looked out the car window.
“Linds is your friend.” Claire said.
“Where are we going?” Kate asked for changing subject.
“I need to get some papers to someone.” Claire said.
“And you couldn’t do that before coming to get me?” Kate asked and chuckled.
“No. He wasn’t home then. He should be now.” Claire said when stopped at the big gate.
“Claire… Lot of celebrities lives in this area. Nick lives here.” Kate said.
“I know he does.” Claire said and rode forward through the open gate.
“Don’t tell me we are…” Kate didn’t finish her sentence when Claire turned to familiar front yard.
“You’ll be fine.” Claire said.
“This is…” Kate said and pointed the house.
“I know it is. You better stay in the car.” Claire said.
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