An Obsession with Passion by Jannika
Summary: She's obsessive of him with passion.
He's been dating his girlfriend over year.
His best friend is huge part of his life.
Someone is guilty for something.
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Genres: Drama, Horror, Suspense
Warnings: Death, Graphic Violence, Violence
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Chapter 1 by Jannika
September 2014

"Everyone! It’s time to get up for breakfast!"

Kathrine Watson groaned when heard guard yelling. It was already morning and it felt like she just fall asleep.

“Kat? Are you awake?” Angie, Kate’s cellmate asked.
“Yes. I don’t feel so good, Angie.” Kate said in hoarse voice.
“That doesn’t sound good, Kat.” Angie said when jumped from up bunk.

Guard walks to their cell door.

“Watson! Get up!” Guard yelled when sees Kate still on the bed.
“I’m up.” Kate said in hoarse voice and got up slowly.
“Thorne… She’s doesn’t sound good.” Angie said.
“I can hear that. Kat? You ok?” Guard Thorne asked.
“I feel so cold.” Kate said and shivered.
“I’ll take you to our hospital ward.” Guard Thorne said.
“Thank you.” Kate said.
“Boston. You go to breakfast with others.” Guard Thorne said and looked at Angie.
“Yes ma’am.” Angie answered and left with other guard.

May 2009

“So… How’s your girlfriend, Nick?” Kate asked when they were sitting in the café.
“Good. She’s little scared of fans though cause they are threating to kill her. Why they don’t excepting me to like her?” Nick asked worried.
“Because they are fans, Nick. And you don’t like her. I think you love her.” Kate said in tease.
“Maybe. We’ve only dated over year.” Nick said.
“So? I’ve dated Cam for 5 months and I said I love him.” Kate said.
“And how that end up? You are single.” Nick said.
“Because he was a dick.” Kate said.
“True. You deserve better.” Nick said smiling.

Lindsay Kennedy, Kate’s childhood friend walks to them.

“Hey. I tried to call you.” Lindsay said to Kate when sat empty chair between them.
“Why? What happened?” Kate asked.
“Your mom is driving me crazy.” Lindsay said and turned to look at Nick smiling.
“Hey Nick.”
“Hey Linds.” Nick said with weak smile.

He never liked Lindsay.

“Linds. What my mom did now?” Kate asked.
“Got drunk I guess. She came to your house very bad shape.” Lindsay said.
“That’s not new. What did you do in my house anyway?” Kate asked.
“Laundry. My laundry machine is broken. Are you okay with that?” Lindsay asked.
“Yeah. You should’ve call me though first.” Kate said.
“I was but you didn’t answer your phone.” Lindsay said.
“Oh…” Kate only said and stayed quiet after that.
“Well… I should be going.” Nick said when get up from his seat.
“Where’s the fire, Nick?” Lindsay asked.
“I’m having meetings soon and can’t be late.” Nick said.
“Say hi to guys from me.” Lindsay said smiling.

Nick only nodded and said bye to both before walking out the café.

2 hours earlier

Sonya Watson, Kate’s mother, knocked Kate’s house door weakly.
Lindsay opened the door and looked at drunken Sonya.

“Mrs. Watson. You okay?” Lindsay asked.
“Is my baby girl home?” Sonya asked.
“No she isn’t. I don’t know where she is. Let me help you to get lay down.” Lindsay said.
“What’s in the bag?” Sonya asked when noticed bag on the ground.
“My laundry. My own laundry machine is broken.” Lindsay said.
“Whatever.” Sonya said and fall asleep on the couch after Lindsay helped her.
“Get some sleep, Boozy.” Lindsay said and walked out with her bag.

7 hours later

Lauren Kitt, Nick’s girlfriend, was having relaxing bath in hers and Nick’s house.
They have dated long enough to living together.
Lauren was home alone and knew Nick would be coming home little later that night.
She made sure that doors and windows were locked before walked to upstairs to having her bath.
She had planned to have romantic dinner and night with Nick when he gets home.
Meanwhile she is taking long nice bath and getting ready.
She was so relaxed that she didn’t hear that someone was walking quietly to the bathroom.
She got surprised when someone started to choke her and pushing her under water to not be able to breathe.
She tried to get hold of the person who was choking her, but person was so much stronger.
“Burn in hell, bitch.”
She heard the voice, but couldn’t make recognize the voice.
She started to panic under water and suddenly stopped breathing.
Lauren’s dead body wasn’t moving anymore.
Person who came to Nick’s house made perfectly sure that there was no breaking in.
Only dead Lauren.

1 hour later

Nick Carter came home very tired, but excited in the same time.
He was hungry and couldn’t wait to have dinner with his girlfriend.

“Lauren! I’m home!” Nick shouted happily when removed his jacket and shoes off.
“Gosh I’m so hungry! What’s for dinner?”

There wasn’t answer. It was too quiet for his taste.

“Lauren?” Nick called her.

He walked to kitchen to look for her, but only saw bottle of wine on the counter.
He kept look for her around the house.

“Come on, Lolo. Where are you?” Nick questioned when walked to their bedroom.
“This is stupid.” Nick said when sat on edge of the bed.

He looked at the bathroom door.

“Lauren? Are you in there?” Nick asked when walked to the bathroom door.
“I’m coming in.” Nick said when opened the door to see most horrified scene he ever seen.
Chapter 2 by Jannika
September 2014

Kate was lying down on the hospital bed in the hospital ward.
She was starting feeling even worse.

“So miss Watson. How are you feeling today?” Nurse Crow asked.
“Worse than yesterday.” Kate said sniffing.
“Just need to get some rest.” Nurse Crow said.
“I feel also betrayed and angry.” Kate said.
“Why?” Nurse Crow asked.
“I’ve been in here over 5 years for murder I never did. Someone framed me.” Kate said in hoarse voice.
“Who could do such thing? I’m really sorry.” Nurse Crow said.
“It can be anyone, but there’s footage that proves that I did it.” Kate said.
“That sucks, Kate.” Nurse Crow said.
“Worse part is that my best friend thinks I did it. I lost him forever.” Kate said.

May 2019

Claire Watson, Kate’s big sister waited her sister getting out the jail.
It’s been 10 years when Kate was send to prison.
Claire promised to herself that she will find out who framed her sister for murder when Kate gets out.
Claire smiles when sees Kate walking out the jail with the same clothes she get in.

“Oh sis… It’s so good to see you free.” Claire said happily.
“Hey Claire. It’s nice to finally breathe again.” Kate said.
“Oh I bet it does.” Claire said and hugged her sister tight.
“Did you come get me home?” Kate asked when moved from hug.
“Yes, but you are going to live with me.” Claire said.
“I couldn’t do that. I could just go to live with mom.” Kate said.
“Yeah about her… She doesn’t want you to step your foot on her house.” Claire said.
“Why? I’m her daughter.” Kate said.
“She knows, but she won’t forgive you. And you lose your house.” Claire said.

They walked to Clare’s car together.
While they were riding to Claire’s house, Kate had only Nick in her mind.

“How’s Nick?” Kate asked.
“You are not allowed to ask about him or see him.” Claire said.
“I know, but he was my best friend. Tell me something.” Kate begged.
“You are not going to like it.” Claire said.
“Why? Is he okay?” Kate asked worried.
“He’s okay for sure. He’s happily married. He have 2 kids.” Claire said when kept her look on the road.
“Who he married?” Kate asked curious.

“Dad. Look what I did.” Maggie, Nick’s 5 year old daughter said when walked to kitchen happily.
“What did you do, sweetie.” Nick asked smiling.
“I draw a picture of you, mommy, me and Jacob.” Maggie said.
“It’s beautiful drawing, sweetie. Let me put it to fridge door.” Nick said and put the drawing to fridge door.
“Dad? Maggie ruined my English book.” Jacob, Nick’s 7 year old son said when walked to kitchen.
“Why you think she did it?” Nick asked.
“Because there’s her name almost on every page.” Jacob said and showed the book.
“Oh Maggie…” Nick said and sighed.
“I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t know.” Maggie said sadly.
“It’s okay. Say you are sorry.” Nick said.
“She doesn’t need to apologize. She’s only 5.” Lindsay said when walked to kitchen.
“Linds… She needs to learn to be sorry. Didn’t your parents teach you that?” Nick asked.
“No they didn’t, husband.” Lindsay said.
“I’m sorry, daddy.” Maggie said sadly.
“I know, sweetie. I know.” Nick said.

May 2009

Kate was sitting in her house to getting ready to bed until her cellphone started to ring.
She sees Nick’s ID on the screen and answers.

“Nick? What’s up?” Kate asked.
“Kat…” Nick was crying other end of the line.
“Nick? Why are you crying?” Kate asked worried.
“Lauren… I…” Nick couldn’t talk clearly.
“It’s okay. Take your time.” Kate said and waited Nick to tell her.
“I really need a friend.” Nick said and sniffed.
“I’m listening.” Kate said.
“Someone came to our house and killed Lauren.” Nick said and burst to cry.
“Oh My God!” Kate said in shock.
“I found her drowned on the bathtub.” Nick said through crying.
“Oh Nick… This is so awful.” Kate said and tears fell to her cheek.
“Person who killed her had a key.” Nick said in horror.
“Who could do such thing?” Kate said furious.
“Police is checking my security footage from the house. Soon this…” Nick stopped talking suddenly.
“Nick? Hello?”
“I gotta go.” Nick said and hung up.

Nick ended the phone call with Kate when officer came to him.

“Mr. Carter. I’m Officer Bryant. Please follow me.” Officer Bryant said.

Nick followed Officer Bryant.

“We found something from your security tapes.” Officer Bryant said when walked to evidence room.
“Great.” Nick said and walked in the room.
“Have a seat.” Officer Bryant said and pointed to chair.

Nick sits down to chair and looked at screens.

“Caleb. Show Mr. Carter the footage from his house.” Officer Bryant said.

Caleb turns on the video footage to screen.

“Okay. Mr. Carter… You are not going to like what you are about to see.” Officer Bryant said.

Nick stayed quiet and looked at the screen.
He got tears in his eyes when sees Lauren locking all the doors before going upstairs to their room.
Caleb speeds forward the footage and stops at where familiar person walks in the house by unlocking door with the key.

“Do you recognize the person?” Officer Bryan asked and Nick nodded when was mad and sad.

May 2019

“He married Lindsay?” Kate asked from Claire shocked.
“She was there for him over year. She took care of the house.” Claire said.
“But he hates him.” Kate said in disbelieve.
“He did, but people change.” Claire said.
“She had crush on him for long time.” Kate said.
“She’s changed. She’s much better person.” Claire said.
“If you say so.” Kate said and looked out the car window.
“Linds is your friend.” Claire said.
“Where are we going?” Kate asked for changing subject.
“I need to get some papers to someone.” Claire said.
“And you couldn’t do that before coming to get me?” Kate asked and chuckled.
“No. He wasn’t home then. He should be now.” Claire said when stopped at the big gate.
“Claire… Lot of celebrities lives in this area. Nick lives here.” Kate said.
“I know he does.” Claire said and rode forward through the open gate.
“Don’t tell me we are…” Kate didn’t finish her sentence when Claire turned to familiar front yard.
“You’ll be fine.” Claire said.
“This is…” Kate said and pointed the house.
“I know it is. You better stay in the car.” Claire said.
Chapter 3 by Jannika
May 2019

Claire drives to front yard of Nick’s house and shuts off the engine.

“I’ll be right back.” Claire said to Kate who just stared the house.

Claire gets out the car and walks to front door that opens.

“Claire… Good to see you.” Nick said when stands at the porch with her.
“You too. Here’s the papers you wanted.” Claire said and offered the papers.

Nick takes papers and sees human figure in the Claire’s car.

“Who’s in the car?” Nick asked curious.
“Friend of mine.” Claire said.
“Really? Why your friend is not here with us? Shy?” Nick asked.
“Yeah… Something like that.” Claire said and couldn’t stop him yelling to person in the car.
“Hey! It’s okay! Come out!” Nick shouted.

Kate didn’t move when Nick asked her to come out the car.

“Come back, Claire.” Kate said quietly.

She noticed Claire showing to come out.

“Is she crazy?” Kate thought out loud.
“Come out or I’ll come get you out.” Nick shouted when smirked.
“As you wish.” Kate said quietly and took deep breath before coming out the car.

May 2009

Kate couldn't sleep and waited to Nick call her back to tell her what is going on.
There's knock on the door and Kate's mom Sonya wakes up to it.

"This is police! Open up!" Officer shouted.

Kate walks to the door and opens it.

"Yes?" Kate questioned.
"Kathrine Watson?" Officer questioned and she nodded.
"You are arrested of murder of Lauren Kitt. You can remain silence..." Officer said and turned Kate against the wall to put handcuffs on her.
"What? NO!" Kate yelled in horror.

May 2019

Nick regret to ask person to come out the car when sees Kate.

“What is she doing here?!” Nick shouted.

Kate stayed still and only stared Claire and Nick.

“She’s my sister. We are going, okay?” Claire said.

Nick walks to Kate angrily.

“You got nerve to come here! After everything you done! Stay away!” Nick shouted and sees Kate starting to cry.
“You don’t have rights to cry! You killed her! Get off my property!” Nick yelled.

Kate walks backward looking at Nick and then turns around to run away.

“Kate!” Claire shouted after her.
“Don’t ever bring her here again!” Nick shouted at Claire.
“Why can’t you believe her? She’s your friend, Nick.” Claire said.
“Ex-friend! Now go!” Nick shouted and walked back inside to house.

May 2009

Kate is sitting in the interrogation room crying and thinking why they thought she killed Lauren
She couldn’t believe what was happening.
How they could accuse her for murdering Lauren?
She’s good friends with her.
Someone was definitely framing her.
Door to interrogation room opens and Nick walks in.
She doesn’t know what to say.
Nick closes door behind him.

“Nick…” Kate tried to start talking but Nick pushed her against the wall.
“Aaaargh!” Kate groaned loud when her back hit the wall.
“How could you!? You fucking killed Lauren! For what?!” Nick shouted.
“I didn’t kill her, Nick.” Kate said and starts to cry.
“Bullshit! There’s footage of you walking into my house! Don’t deny it!” Nick shouted.
“What? No…” Kate said in disbelieve.
“Shut up, Kate! Just shut up!” Nick shouted and hit his hand on the table.
“No! I won’t shut up! I wouldn’t ever do that to you!” Kate yelled at him and tried to push him away.
“I won’t listen! You are no longer my friend! Goodbye, Kathrine!” Nick yelled and walked out the room.

Next day

Guard Thorne takes Kate to her cell where she meets her cellmate Angie.

“Now you two play nice.” Thorne said.
“Yes ma’am.” Angie said on the top bunk.

Kate cries when cell door gets locked behind her.

“Great. I got baby as cellmate.” Angie said.

Kate ignores Angie and sits to bottom bunk.

“What’s your name, cry baby?” Angie asked.
“Kate. You?” Kate asked.
“Angela, but you can call me as Angie.” Angie said.
“OK. I’m sorry I’m crying. I just lost everything.” Kate said.
“Yeah? What did you do?” Angie asked.
“Murder apparently.” Kate said and sniffed.
“Wow. You must be crazy.” Angie said.
“Why you say that?” Kate asked.
“You murdered someone and can’t remember it.” Angie said.
“Someone framed me. I’m not that kind of person.” Kate said.
“I believe you, Cry Baby.” Angie said.

May 2019

Nick walks in the house angrily after Kate and Claire left.

“Babe… Something wrong?” Lindsay asked.
“Fucking Bitch… Got nerve to come here.” Nick said.
“Who?” Lindsay asked.
“Kate. She got out of jail today.” Nick said and sat to couch.

Lindsay froze still when she heard Kate’s name.

“She…” Lindsay gulps.
“Yeah. Fuck…” Nick cursed.
“Don’t curse, Nick.” Lindsay begged.
“I don’t fucking care! They let her out! She’s murdered!” Nick shouted.

Lindsay sits next to him and calms him down to hug him.

“Sssh… Calm down. We figure out something to keep her away from us. I promise, babe.” Lindsay said and kissed him.
“Oh Linds. I love you. I don’t know what I could do without you.” Nick said.
Chapter 4 by Jannika
May 2009

Lindsay drove to Kate’s house.
She was repairing the best idea she ever had.
She wanted revenge to Kate.
She has to pretend to be amazing friend to Kate past 3 years after Kate slept with her ex-boyfriend Cameron Davidson.
Lindsay and Cameron started dating 2003 after Nick released his first solo album.
Lindsay had a huge crush on Nick since Cameron helped Nick with his album.
2006 she saw Cameron kissing Kate in the studio one day.
She wanted to surprise Cameron that day, but she was surprised about seeing her dear friend Kate and loving boyfriend Cameron making out.

January 2010

Lindsay was cleaning Nick’s kitchen from the last night when Nick had his 30th birthday party.
She really didn’t mind cleaning his house.
She wanted to be near him.
She didn’t hear Nick walking to kitchen until he clears his throat.

“Linds? What are you doing here?” Nick asked.
“I’m helping. Is it okay?” Lindsay asked smiling.
“You had help me enough already.” Nick said.
“I know. I like to help you. I know what you are going through.” Lindsay said.
“Yeah? Like what?” Nick asked.
“Lost someone I loved.” Lindsay said and sighed.
“Who did you lose?” Nick asked.
“Before Cameron, there was this boy that loved me truly.” Lindsay said.
“What was his name?” Nick asked.
“Quentin. He got shot at the store when he only went there to buy groceries.” Lindsay said and started to cry.

October 2010

Lindsay finds Nick sitting on the beach alone looking at the ocean.

“I can hear you, Linds.” Nick said.
“I wasn’t planning to scare you.” Lindsay said.
“What then?” Nick asked.

Lindsay sits next to him and sighs.

“I thought that you want some company. No one needs to be alone.” Lindsay said smiling.
“I don’t mind. I’m glad you are here.” Nick said.
“I have to admit something.” Lindsay said and blushed little.
“What? Do you have a crush on me?” Nick asked jokingly and Lindsay stayed quiet.
“Oh my God. You do.” Nick said.
“Yeah I do. Long time now. I just didn’t say anything to ruin our friendship.” Lindsay said.
“I understand. Did you know I didn’t like you before?” Nick asked and she nodded.
“I do like you now.” Nick said and leaned to kiss Lindsay very first time.

May 2009

Lindsay took Kate’s spare house key under flowerpot in the backyard porch.
She walked inside and started to think of the plan.
She walks to upstairs to Kate’s bedroom to get clothes that will be definitely recognized.
She looked for any kind of fingerprints of Kate.
Maybe hair from hairbrush for DNA sample.
She was ready to go but Kate’s mom Sonya came that moment.
After putting Sonya to couch sleeping, she went to look for Kate from café where she was with Nick.
Kate and Nick always came there.
After Nick left to meeting, she stayed to talk to Kate little bit until Kate needed to go too.
Lindsay left to grocery store to buy some dye to change her hair color just as Kate’s.
She then need to cut her hair too, but wig is way better.

7 hours later

Lindsay was ready to put her plan to go.
She was wearing Kate’s clothes that she stole from Kate’s house, wore wig that looked exact as Kate’s hair and also she’s same height as Kate. Plan is perfect.
She was in her car looking at Nick’s house and notice that Nick is not home.

“No one takes him from me. No one.” Lindsay said.

She saw Lauren Locking doors.
She waited little longer until walked to house.
She manage to pass guards when took spare key from hidden place that only Kate knows.
Well Lindsay did too.
Secretly of course.
She opens the door quietly.
She knows Nick have cameras in his house except bathroom.
She walks to bathroom and start to choke and drown Lauren to the bathtub.

“Burn in the hell, Bitch. Die. Die. Nick is mine. Let’s send Kate to jail.”

May 2019

Nick couldn’t sleep at all that night after surprise visit from Kate.
He was scared. His kids are in danger.
Kate needs to send back to jail so there’s peace again in this house.
He looks at his wife, Lindsay, sleeping peacefully.
He was really wrong about her.
She’s very beautiful and caring.
She’s an amazing mother to his children.
Lindsay has told him 9 years ago that he have crush on him.
He smiled to that memory.
He thought Lindsay was so cute when she blushed when she told him.
He notice small tattoo on her wrist.
How he didn’t see it before?
It’s so small to be noticed.
It’s small butterfly.
She told him that she likes butterflies so no wonder she got butterfly tattoo.
He talks to her about it in the morning.
Chapter 5 by Jannika
May 2019

Kate didn't know where to go after running away from Nick's house.
She didn't have place to go or didn't have any friends.
Claire was the only friend she got and she left her behind.
She sat down to bus stop bench and wondered what she should do now.
She spent 10 years in the jail.
How is she going to prove that she's innocent?
She needs the plan.
First she needs evidence that she can use, but how is she going to do that?

"Kathrine Watson?" She heard someone call her by her name.

Kate looks at the direction where voice came.

"It is you. Did you get out?"

Kate sighed.

"Cameron? What brings you to dark street?" Kate asked.
"Just going home." Cameron said.
"Long hours at the studio?" Kate asked.
"Yes. Making new music with Bruno Mars." Cameron said.


Claire was looking for Kate long time.
She started to get worried.
She goes to their mom's house and hoped that Kate is there.

"Mom? You still up?" Claire called for her mother Sonya.
"Yes I'm up." Sonya said from kitchen.

Claire walks to kitchen and sees Sonya drinking coffee.

"Hey. I guess you haven't seen Kate." Claire said.
"Nope and won't." Sonya said.
"She's your daughter. How can you believe she would do such thing?" Claire asked.
"Because she did. There's footage and everything." Sonya said.
"You know she couldn't do such thing. She's nice girl. She was in jail for someone else. She was framed." Claire said.
"How someone could be that stupid?" Sonya asked.
"Don't ask that from me mom." Claire said.
"We saw what was in those tapes." Sonya said.
"I'm not letting this go. Kate couldn't kill Lauren." Claire said.
"Oh Claire..."

Next Day

Claire left to policestation next morning.
There wasn't sight of Kate whole night.
Claire wanted to do something.
Only way was to look footage and evidence.
Claire walks to deck in the station and smiles to officer.

"May I talk to Officer Bryant?" Claire asked.
"What for?" Officer asked and Claire smiled.
"Just asking for favor." Claire said.
"Sit down to wait." Officer said and Claire nods.

5 minutes later of waiting, she sees Bryant walking to her.

"Claire? What's going on?"
"Good to see you too, James. I need a favor." Claire said.
"What kind of favor?" James asked.
"Can I see footage of the day Lauren died?" Claire asked.
"What? That's closed case. I know Kate is your sister, but she killed Lauren." James said.
"I know, but I have this feeling..." Claire said.

James agreed to finally show the footage to Claire.

"Same hair, her clothes, same height..." James said.
"Oh shit... How could Kate could do such thing? She's not jealousy type. She was Lauren's friend. Something is off with this." Claire said.
"I can look at this case few days, but there can't be anything." James said.
"Thanks, James." Claire said and looked at the footage where Kate opens Nick's house front door until she saw something...
"Wait..." Claire said to James.
"Rewind to where she opens the door." Claire said and James did.
"Zoom to her wrist." Claire said.
"Wrist?" James asked.
"Yeah. Look. What's that?" Claire pointed to something small and black.
"Tattoo? How did we miss that? Kate doesn't have tattoo, right?" James asked.
"No she doesn't. Find out more of that and let me know." Claire said and left.

1 Hour Later

Claire was happy that she found something for help Kate.
It's too late, but someone framed her and person who did it will pay.
She drove to Nick's house and rang the door bell.
Lindsay opens the door.

"Claire? What you want?" Lindsay asked.
"Nick home?" Claire questioned.
"Yeah in the basement in his studio. Why are you looking for my husband?" Lindsay asked.
"Business talk." Claire said and walked right to basement to Nick's studio.
"Nick? Can we talk?" Claire asked at the door.
"About?" Nick asked.
"Something personal." Claire said when closed the door.
"If this is about Kate then forget it." Nick said.
"Just listen. James and I looked at the footage. We found something." Claire said.
"Can't you just let it go?" Nick asked.
"No I can't. I do believe she's innocent." Claire said.
"It's been 10 years. Kate is guilty." Nick said.

Lindsay was curious what business talk Claire meant.
She walked to basement door and tried to listen.

"Can you just please come to look at the footage?" Claire asked.
"Why?" Nick asked.
"Do it for Lauren." Claire said.
"No. I won't. There's nothing to see. It was Kate. Now stop this nonsense." Nick begged.
"I won't. She's my sister. She's your friend. She was Lauren's friend. Do you really think that Kate could..." Claire didn't get a change to finish her sentence.
"Yes! She was jealous of me being happy! She pretend to like her!" Nick shouted.
"Did she told you that?" Claire asked.
"No. Someone else did." Nick said.
"Who?" Claire asked.
"I'm not going to tell you." Nick said.
"Goddamn it Nick! Tell me!" Claire yelled.
Chapter 6 by Jannika
Nick stormed out the studio, Claire right in his tail.

“Don’t walk away from me.” Claire said.
“Please just go, Claire.” Nick said.

Lindsay was sitting innocently on the stairs listening.

“No! We are talking about this.” Claire said.
“There’s nothing you can do to change my mind.” Nick said.
“Fine… I’m telling you anyway. Person who was at your house got tattoo. Kate doesn’t have any tattoos.” Claire said.
“You are lying.” Nick said.
“Come to station and see it yourself.” Claire said.

Lindsay started to panic.
She needs to get rid of her tattoo and fast.

“Can’t you just go, please?” Nick begged and Claire nodded before left.

Nick walks to direction of stairs and sees Lindsay sitting there.

“Babe… You okay? You look spooked.” Nick said.
“She’s very loud. Reminds me of Kate.” Lindsay said.
“Hey… It’s okay. No one won’t touch you. I won’t let that happen.” Nick said.
“So do you believe her?” Lindsay asked.
“Were you listening?” Nick asked.
“Hard to not to.” Lindsay said.
“I don’t know what to believe anymore. She’s the smart one from the family.” Nick said.
"Why people can't just let other people to be happy?" Lindsay asked worried.
"Because of jealousy." Nick said.
"That's so true." Lindsay said.
"I have curious question for you, babe." Nick said smiling.
"Really? What?" Lindsay asked.
"Why you never told me you got tattoo on your wrist?" Nick asked.
"Oh no. He saw it. Shit." Lindsay thought in her mind.


Claire drove back to police station.
James was greeting her at the lobby.

"What Nick said? Is he coming?" James asked.
"He's not in good mood. We should let him be alone for a while." Claire said.
"I got better look for the tattoo. Check it out." James said and showed picture of tattoo of small butterfly.
"This should be easy to find." Claire said smiling.
"Do you know anyone who might have tattoo like that?" James asked.
"I don't. Do you think I can have this and ask around?" Claire asked.
"Sure. Go ahead." James said.
"Someone should know about this." Claire said.
"Of course. Maybe you should ask from Kate." James said.
"Yeah. I don't know where she is. She don't even have a phone." Claire said.
"Chief asked me to find her and talk about this whole tattoo thing." James said and walked back to work.

Claire calls to Nick and Lindsay is answering his cellphone.

"Hi Linds. Where's Nick?" Claire asked.
"In the shower. May I help you?" Lindsay asked.
"No. Ask him to just call me." Claire said.
"May I ask what is it about that you want to talk to him about?" Lindsay asked curious.
"Well... You know anyone that have butterfly tattoo on the wrist?" Claire asked?
"No and I don't think Nick knows either. Why?" Lindsay asked even she knew why.
"Just asking. Officer Bryant found more clues about Lauren's death." Claire said.
"I though that case is closed." Lindsay said.
"It was. It's kind of bothering me that someone could frame Kate. You wouldn't think she could do such thing, do you?" Claire asked.
"People change, Claire. I've changed. Nick changed. Everyone had changed. Even you, Claire." Lindsay said.
"Just ask Nick to call me." Claire said and hung up.
"I will not." Lindsay said after Claire hung up.

15 minutes later

Nick gets out the shower and sees Lindsay standing naked at the door.

"Wow. How do I own this kind of pleasure?" Nick asked smiling.
"Just needing attention from my loving, sexy husband." Lindsay said.
"Really? What you have in mind?" Nick asked.
"Everything you want with me and my naked body." Lindsay said.
"You are bad girl." Nick said.
"You have no idea how bad I can be." Lindsay said.
"Let's find out." Nick said and lifts her to his arms.
"Niick..." Lindsay giggles when Nick carries her to their bed.

August 2011

Nick and Lindsay are in their honeymoon.
Their are lying down on the hotel room bed.

"Oh gosh. I can't believe I'm married." Lindsay said happily.
"I'm glad to see you happy." Nick said smiling.
"I love you, Nicholas Gene Carter." Lindsay said.
"I love you, Lindsay Sophia Kennedy Carter." Nick said smiling.
"Lindsay Carter. I like that." Lindsay said.

May 2019

"Nick? Do you remember our honeymoon?" Lindsay asked when they were lying on the bed after their love making.
"How can I forget? It's the best day of my life." Nick said.
"Really? I thought Jacob's birth was the best day." Lindsay sad.
"No. The day I married you is and still is my best day. Don't you forget that." Nick said.
"My best day is when you kissed me first time." Lindsay said.
"That was beautiful day. You looked beautiful." Nick sad smiling and started to get off the bed.
"Where are you going?" Lindsay asked.
"Police station." Nick said and put some clothes on.
"Why?" Lindsay asked.
"Claire said they find some clues about Lauren's murder." Nick said and sighed.
"Babe... Don't you think we should just not get involve." Lindsay said.
"I'm just curious what she and bitch Kate did know." Nick said.
"I already talked to Claire." Lindsay said.
" When?" Nick asked surprised.
"About over an hour ago when you were in the shower." Lindsay said.
"Linds... Did you answer my cellphone again?" Nick asked.
"Well I'm your wife. You sometimes answer mine." Lindsay said and gets off the bed.
"Yeah... What Claire said?" Nick asked and stared her naked body.
"Nothing you should be worried about. I took care of it. Come back to bed." Lindsay said smiling and pulled him against her.
"Babe... I have meetings to go to anyway." Nick said and gives a kiss.
"We were just having so much fun." Lindsay said and smiled.
"I promise we can continue with this later. I love you." Nick said and left to heading to police station.
Chapter 7 by Jannika
"Kate. Wake up." Cameron said.
"I don't need to wake up." Kate said.
"I think Claire would like to know where you spent the night." Cameron said.
"I don't have cellphone. I lost it on the day..." Kate stops her sentence.
"Call her. Use my line phone." Cameron said.
"Do you have her number?" Kate asked.
"It's the same number like before. I have to go. I got meetings." Cameron said and left.

Kate got up from the couch she was sleeping on.

"I feel like hangover without drinking. I need shower." Kate talked to herself.

She took long shower, ate some breakfast, watch some TV and getting her lunch ready.
She stared the Cameron's line phone and thought should she call or not.

"Face to face is better."

1 Hour Later

Claire is sitting on her house porch and sees Kate walking to her house.

"Hey sis." Kate said.
"Where the hell were you?" Claire asked.
"Seems like I still have friends." Kate said and sat to porch steps.
"Okay. Who did you met?" Claire asked and sits next to her.
"Cameron." Kate said.
"Your ex-boyfriend Cameron?" Claire asked.
"Yeah... Nothing happened. I slept on the couch. Gosh I felt like hangover without drinking this morning." Kate said.
"I have something to show you." Claire said.

Kate looks at Claire when she took something out of her bag.

"What?" Kate asked.
"This. We find this from footage." Claire said.

Kate looks at the picture of butterfly tattoo.

"What footage?" Kate asked.
"The day of Lauren's death." Claire said.
"Wait what?" Kate asked and looked at Claire shocked.
"Person who killed Lauren got tattoo on the wrist." Kate said.

1 Hour Later

Nick walks to police station.
He walks to first officer to talk to.

"Excuse me. I was asked to come here." Nick said.
"Got a name you need to meet?" Officer asked.
"Claire Watson." Nick said.
"She talked to Officer Bryant. I'll get him for you. Have a sit." Officer said.

Nick waited for awhile when sees Claire walk into the station with Kate.
Claire noticed Nick and walks to him, Kate slowly behind her.

"You came. Met Bryant yet?" Claire asked.

Nick only shakes his head for no.
He stares Kate who looks afraid.

"You two aren't gonna fight or something?" Claire asked.
"I'm going to outside. I'm not welcome here." Kate said and walked out the station.
"If look could kill, she could be dead by now." Claire said staring at Nick.
"She deserves it." Nick said and sits down.
"You are such a jerk."


Lindsay was in the hospital to remove her tattoo from her wrist.
She hopes to get through to not be involve with the murder she did.

"So Mrs. Carter. Reason to remove the tattoo?" Nurse asked.
"I have 2 kids and I want to be good mom for not having any ink on me." Lindsay said nervously.
"For being example parent. That's nice. You ready?" Nurse asked and Lindsay nodded.
"Okay. How old are your kids?" Nurse asked.
"7 and 5. Jacob and Maggie." Lindsay said.
"I have 3 kids. All boys." Nurse said.
"That's handful work." Lindsay said.
"It was." Nurse said.
"I'm really afraid to lose them. I did something horrible and it's unforgivable." Lindsay said.
"I think you are going to be fine. Marriage are complicated." Nurse said.
"Not with what I did." Lindsay said.
"What did you do?" Nurse asked.
"Cheated." Lindsay lied.

Police Station

Claire sits with Nick still waiting Officer Bryant.

"Are you never going to talk to Kate?" Claire asked.
"Why should I? She's murderer." Nick said.
"Is she?" Claire questioned.
"Yes. What's going on? Why I'm here?" Nick asked.

Claire takes some papers from her bag.

"I'm not going to show you yet, but it's about what's in these papers." Claire said.
"You are so annoying. Just tell me." Nick said.
"Okay. I already asked this from Lindsay today." Claire said.
"She told me. Whatever she said is true. She's my wife. I'm actually late from meeting with Cameron." Nick said.
"Cameron, huh? Kate spent time with him last night." Claire said.
"I don't care who she sleeps with." Nick said.
"She slept on the couch. What do I tell James?" Claire asked.
"Who?" Nick asked.
"Officer Bryant." Claire said.
"Tell him that what Lindsay said." Nick said and walked out the station.

Kate sat at the bench near the parking lot.
She was thinking lot of things.
How is Claire going to prove to Nick that Kate is innocent?
Someone sits next to her and looks at the person.
It's Nick.
She's about to get up, but he push her back down.

"Sit and listen to me." Nick said in angry tone.
"I've had listen to you enough. Get off of me." Kate said.
"I'm happy now. I have kids. Please don't ruin my happiness with your fucking scam." Nick said.
"Scam? What scam?" Kate asked.
"Don't act stupid. You planned to make me believe someone else killed Lauren. It was you. Admit it." Nick said.
"Sure. If you believe it so fucking much." Kate said.
"Stay away from my family." Nick said and stood up.
"You stay away from mine." Kate said.
"Tell that to Claire. She's the one walking to mine." Nick said and walked away.
"You are an asshole, Nick!" Kate shouted after him and Nick only showed his middle finger at her before getting inside to his car.
Chapter 8 by Jannika
"Claire? Where's Nick?" James asked.
"Left. Have to go to meeting." Claire said.
"Did you show him the tattoo?" James asked.
"No, but he told me that whatever Lindsay told me this morning is true. I believe it." Claire said.
"You sure about it?" James asked.
"Yes. Why you ask?" Claire asked.
"Where's Kate?" James asked.
"Outside. Want me to go get her back inside?" Claire asked.
"Better not." James said.
"Why? Is it bad?" Claire asked.
"Follow me." James said and walked to his office.
"You are scaring me, James." Claire said when followed James.
"Close the door." James said when sits to his office chair.

Claire did as he asked and sat on chair opposite of his.

"What's going on, James?" Claire asked worried.
"This." James said and put piece of paper on the table.

45 minutes later

Kate was still sitting on the bench when Claire sits next to her shocked.

"You okay?" Kate asked.
"Unbelievable." Claire said in pissed mode.
"I'm sorry what?" Kate asked confused.
"Sorry. It's not I'm mad at. It's Nick." Claire said.
"Yeah. He's a dick. Asked me to be away from his dear family." Kate said.
"Just few more days, Kate." Claire said.
"What are his kids names?" Kate asked.
"Jacob and Maggie." Claire said.
"I wished he got married to Lauren, but someone took her away from him. Everyone thinks it was me." Kate said.
"That's about to change. James found something." Claire said.
"What? I deserve to know." Kate said.
"I know, but just let me handle this first. Need to make sure. Okay?" Claire begged.
"Okay. I want to talk to Linds. Ask her opinion about this. Can you take me to her?" Kate asked.
"You sure?" Claire asked and Kate nodded.

1 Hour Later

"I'm coming! Hold your horses!" Lindsay yelled when heard door bell.

She opens the door and Kate is standing there.

"Kate. You got nerve to come here." Lindsay said.
"I know. Last time... Well yesterday... Nick made clear that I'm not welcome here, but I heard you have kids." Kate said.
"We do. Jacob and Maggie. Anything else?" Lindsay asked.
"I just want to talk. Can we?" Kate asked.
"It's not good idea. Maybe you are here to kill me." Lindsay said and scratched her head to think.

Kate noticed bandage on Lindsay's wrist.

"We both know that I'm not able to do that." Kate said.
"Really? You killed Lauren." Lindsay said.
"What happened to your wrist?" Kate asked to changing the subject.
"Had lab appointment this morning. Got blood sample. Haven't felt good few days." Lindsay lied.
"Sorry if I asked. I won't bother you again." Kate said.
"You better not. Leave us alone." Lindsay said and closed the door to Kate's face.


"Mom? I need to talk to you." Claire said when walked to her mom's house.
"I'm in the kitchen." Sonya said.

Claire walks in hurry to kitchen.

"Mom. Kate is innocent. I have prove right here." Claire said and shows the picture of tattoo.
"Tattoo? How this proves Katie is innocent?" Sonya asked.
"Mom. Kate doesn't have any tattoos. Look at the other picture." Claire said.

Sonya looked at the all pictures Claire brought.

"Oh my sweet Katie. Does she know?" Sonya asked.
"I told her I need to be sure about the person who did this." Claire said.
"You can't keep this from her." Sonya asked worried.
"Mom. She needs us now. Let her come here to be with you." Claire said.
"Of course she can." Sonya said smiling and started to cry joy tears.
"Oh mom." Claire said and hugged Sonya tight.

At The Studio

Nick meets Cameron at the studio 5 minutes late.

"Why late, Carter?" Cameron asked.
"Sorry. Blame the bitch that was over night at your place." Nick said.
"Who told you Kate was at my place last night?" Cameron asked.
"Claire. Did you slept with her?" Nick asked.

Cameron looks at Nick shocked.

"Dude. I have fiance. She slept on the couch." Cameron said.
"That haven't stopped you before." Nick said.
"Oh shut up. That's past. I love Carmen." Cameron said.
"Sorry. I'm just mad that she's out and back to ruin my life." Nick said.
"What if she didn't do it?" Cameron asked.
"Are you on her side?" Nick asked.
"Just asking." Cameron said.
"If she didn't do it then she must have some kind of evil twin or something." Nick said and both chuckled.

8 Hours Later

"Lindsay! I'm home!" Nick shouted happily.
"Daddy!" Jacob shouted happily to running towards Nick.
"Hey, buddy. How are you?" Nick asked.
"I'm good. Maggie and I are helping mom with the dinner." Jacob said.
"Let's go check them." Nick said when walked to kitchen where Lindsay and Maggie were doing dinner.
"Hey. There's the man I missed whole day." Lindsay said smiling.

Nick walked to her and noticed bandage on her wrist.

"What happened?" Nick asked.
"Nothing. It's nothing awful. I removed the tattoo." Lindsay said.
"Why?" Nick asked.
"It's just a tattoo." Lindsay said.
"Yeah, but..." Nick moved behind her and whispered to her ear.
"It was so sexy."

Lindsay started to giggle and smacked him playfully.

"Behave, mister. You can be dirty later." Lindsay whispered.
"God... You are so sexy." Nick whispered and kissed her.
Chapter 9 by Jannika
"Jacob! Maggie! Time to go!" Nick shouted next morning.
"Coming daddy." Maggie said when walked to outside.
"Jake! Come on, son!" Nick shouted.

Lindsay walked to Nick and sighed.

"His forehead is burning hot. He's not going to school today." Lindsay said.
"He was fine yesterday." Nick said worried.
"That's what I thought." Lindsay said.
"Take care of our boy." Nick said and gives a kiss.
"I will. See you when you come home. I'll get Maggie from day care later." Lindsay said.
"Sounds good. Bye." Nick said and left with Maggie.

Lindsay walked to kitchen to make some soup to Jacob.
Things started to look good again.
No more Kate-bitch.
She can finally breathe again.
Then door bell rang and she started to get worried.

Claire waited door to be open.
And like she hoped, Lindsay opens it.

"Hey Linds. Busy?" Claire asked.
"Actually yes. Jacob is sick and I need to take care of him." Lindsay said.
"I'm sorry to hear that. I really need to talk to you." Claire said.
"Fine. Come in." Lindsay said and opened the door wider.
"Thanks." Lindsay said when walked in.
"I'm just checking on Jacob and then we can talk." Lindsay said when walked to kitchen.

Claire followed her and notice Lindsay making soup.

"Does Jacob have fever?" Claire asked.
"Yes. He was fine yesterday, but he suddenly got hot forehead." Lindsay said in worried.
"Is Maggie home?" Claire asked.
"No. Nick took her to day care and I'll go get her later back home." Lindsay said and Claire only nodded for answer.
"I'll be right back." Lindsay said and walked to upstairs with the soup.

Claire didn't know what to do.
Jacob is sick and she was here to talk about Lindsay.
Maybe it was bad time, but same time wasn't.
Lindsay walked back to kitchen.

"Okay. What is it you want to talk about?" Lindsay asked.
"Do you have any tattoos?" Claire asked.
"No. Why you ask?" Lindsay fake wondered.
"Because I found picture of you where you have tattoo on the wrist. Right where your..." Claire said and looked at Lindsay's hands.
"Like I told you. I don't have any tattoos. I went to lab for give blood sample." Lindsay said.
"Right. Because you didn't feel good." Claire said.
"That's right. Did Kate told you yesterday?" Lindsay asked.
"Yeah." Claire said and looked at Lindsay to carefully to read her.
"Have you ever had tattoo like this before?" Claire asked and showed the picture.
"Not in 12 years. I remove it because it get infected. Anything else?" Lindsay asked.
"I think you are lying to me. I can't just wait to ask from Nick about this." Claire said smirking.


James decided to go meet Nick to studio.
He needed some answers.

"Is Mr. Carter here?" James asked from the lady behind the desk.
"Yes he is. Who are you?" lady asked.
"Officer Bryant. May I see him?" James asked.
"Of course. I'll let him know you are here. Please have a seat." lady said and made a phone call.

James didn't want to sit.
He rather stand.
It didn't take long time when Nick walked to lobby.

"Officer Bryant. What are you doing here?" Nick asked.
"I didn't talk to you yesterday so I came here. Can we talk now?" James asked.
"Yeah. Let's sit here." Nick said and sat to lobby couch.

James sat next to him.

"Do you know anyone that have tattoo like this on the wrist?" James asked and showed pictures.
"Yeah. What about it?" Nick asked and looked at pictures.
"Murderer have that tattoo." James said and Nick turn white as sheet.
"Mr. Carter? Are you okay?" James asked.
"Yeah... Any proves that murderer have that tattoo?" Nick asked worried.
"Footage. Claire notice it on the video footage. Check it out." James said and showed footage from his tablet what was zooming to wrist where was clear shot of butterfly tattoo.
"Shit..." Nick said quietly.
"Sir?" James questioned worried.
"I need a moment to be alone. Excuse me." Nick said and walked to recording room to clear his head.

He couldn't believe what he just saw.
Murderer have exact same tattoo on the wrist that Lindsay did.
Murderer wore Kate's clothes.
Murderer have same hair as Kate.
Only thing Kate didn't had is tattoo.
Nick took deep breath and sighed.
He needs to talk to Lindsay.
Someone is framing her.
Maybe Claire was behind all of this to help Kate.

"Fuck. This is fucking..." Nick thought out loud.
"FUCK!" Nick shouted loud and kicked chair and flipped table over.

James waited Nick to come back to lobby.
Nick looked angry, mad and confused.

"Tell me everything you think... No. Everything you know. Who killed Lauren? Is Kate framed for murdering her?" Nick asked furious.
"Nick... You are not going to like what I'm about to tell you and show you." James said.

They sat down to meeting room and James explained to Nick everything.

"Person seems to wear Kate's clothes. Wearing wig that looks like Kate's hair. They seems to have same height. Only thing we didn't noticed was small tattoo on the wrist. We both know Kate doesn't have any tattoos. We started to check closely about the tattoo and we got better look at it and we got this butterfly tattoo. Claire asked me to find out who could have this and I'm sorry, but your wife..." James said, but Nick says quietly.

James nods and sighed.
Chapter 10 by Jannika
Author's Notes:
I'm almost finish with this fiction! Planing to write few more chapters after this one.
Kate walks to her mom's house and sees Sonya sitting on the porch reading newspaper.

"Hey mom." Kate said when stands at steps.

Sonya looks up from newspaper at to Kate and starts crying.

"Oh my baby girl." Sonya said and walked to hug Kate.

Kate hugs Sonya back happily and both cries.

"Oh I missed you, Katie. I'm so sorry." Sonya said.
"It's okay, mom." Kate said.
"No it's not okay. You were in prison and I didn't do anything to helping you." Sonya said.
"It's not your fault mom. I was framed." Kate said.
"Do you know who did it?" Sonya asked.
"Claire won't tell me. She knows." Kate said.
"I know she knows. She didn't tell me either." Sonya said.
"I'm hungry. Got some food?" Kate asked.
"Of course I do. Your favorite." Sonya said.
"Great. Let's go inside." Kate said.

They walked inside and talked while eating.


Nick drive with James to his house and thought how to do this.

"May I have some time alone with her?" Nick asked.
"You need to wear mic." James said.
"Dude... I know you are officer, but it's about my wife. I can fucking handle her." Nick said.
"What about your kids? Are they inside?" James asked.
"Jacob is sick and Maggie is in the day care." Nick said.
"Someone should come take Jacob out there before you and Lindsay gone all crazy." James said.
"Call Claire and ask her to come here. I'll just pretend to be loving husband to staling her." Nick said and got out the car.

James dialed Claire's number, but it went to voicemail.

"Shit. Who should I call now?" James thought out loud.

Inside Nick's House

Lindsay was arguing with Claire in the living-room.

"How dare you to blame me for that?!" Lindsay asked yelling.
"Well you had tattoo, you are close friends with Nick and..." Claire couldn't finish her sentence when they heard front door open.

Both waited to see who it is.
Nick walks to living-room.
His look was terrified, but still very mad.

"Babe... Why are you at home?" Lindsay asked and starts to walk closer to him, but Nick just ignored her.
"Claire?" Nick looked at Claire.
"What?" Claire asked confused.
"Could you take Jacob with you to your house?" Nick asked.
"No. No. She's not going to touch him." Lindsay said.
"Claire... Go get him." Nick begged.
"Okay..." Claire said and walked to upstairs.
"Why is she..." Lindsay asked, but Nick pointed his finger at her to stay silence.
"You sit down and shut your mouth." Nick said in angry mode.

Lindsay sat down afraid and didn't move.
Claire comes down with Jacob.

"Daddy? What is going on?" Jacob asked in hoarse voice.
"Mommy needs to have some time out with daddy. Just go with Claire." Nick said and tried to smile to him.
"Okay." Jacob said.
"Thank you, Claire. Can you get Maggie from the day care?" Nick asked.
"NO! Not her too, Nick... What is going on?" Lindsay asked confused.
"Linds! Sit down and shut up!" Nick shouted and looked at her mad.

Everyone was silence for minute until Nick says.

"Claire. Go and get Maggie too." Nick said and looked at Claire begging look on his face.

When Claire walked out the door with Jacob, Nick closed the front door.
He walks to living-room and was thinking what to say.
He was so mad at Lindsay.
He looked at her and saw her being afraid.
Should be after what she did.
He couldn't believe that he's married to murderer.

"Nick? What was that? Why are you so mad? Why did she take our kids?" Lindsay asked.
"Why? You do know why." Nick said.
"No I don't." Lindsay said.
"DO NOT LIE TO ME!" Nick yelled in furious mode.
"Please stop yelling." Lindsay begged and cried.
"YOU ARE FULL OF LIES! YOU PRETEND TO LOVE ME!" Nick kept yelling at her.
"I do love you." Lindsay said.
"Oh... So that's what it is these days. YOU KILLED LAUREN CAUSE YOU LOVE ME?!" Nick asked yelling and throw vase to wall.
"What? Why you think I killed her?" Lindsay asked when was afraid of him.
"Because you did it! I have FUCKING proofs!" Nick yelled and this time kicked the table.
"What proofs? Just stupid tattoo?" Lindsay asked.
"So you know about tattoo?!" Nick asked.
"YES! Claire told me! This is stupid!" Lindsay yelled and tried to get out of this situation.
"You removed your tattoo so you wouldn't get caught, but unfortunately you did. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" Nick asked when raised his voice from normal to loud.
"Please, Nick! You have to believe me! I wouldn't EVER kill Lauren." Lindsay said as calm as she could.

Nick walks to get a file he left to hallway and walked back to living-room.
He opens the file and takes pictures out of it.

"What are those?" Lindsay asked.

Nick only stays quiet and throws picture on the coffee table.

"Going to deny it now?" Nick asked.

Lindsay stays quiet and stares at pictures that are still on table.

"You had exact same tattoo yesterday before you removed it. It's on the same spot and it was butterfly." Nick said looking at Lindsay to make her to say anything, but stays still quiet.
"Not going to say anything? Like isn’t your tattoo.

Lindsay got tears falling down to her cheek.
She couldn't look at him.

"That's what I thought. Come on." Nick said and begged to get up, but Lindsay didn't.
"Lindsay... Get up." Nick said and pulled her up from the seat.
"No..." She said and tried to run to direction of stairs.
"No! Don't go up there. Do not argue with me. Come on!" Nick said mad mode when took tight grip on her arm to pull her out the house.

James waited outside when sees Nick carrying Lindsay on his shoulder out the house.

"NICK! PUT ME DOWN! I didn't do anything!" Lindsay yelled and cried.
"SHUT UP! I'm going to divorce you first thing in the morning! James! Help me!" Nick yelled.
"No please Nick! I'll do anything! You know I love you and you love me!" Lindsay shouted and kept crying.
"I do not love you! You killed Lauren just to be with me!" Nick yelled and puts Lindsay on the ground.

James runs to Nick and holds Lindsay on the ground.

"Mrs. Carter. Do not resist me. Stay still so you won't get hurt." James said.
"No! Nick! Don't let him take me! PLEASE!" Lindsay cried and begged.

Nick walked back inside and closed the door behind him.
He started to cry.
He falls down on the floor sitting against the door.
What is he going to do with kids?
What he should tell them?
He could still hear Lindsay screaming.

Chapter 11 by Jannika
Author's Notes:
Almost there! Maybe 1 or 2 chapters after this and I'm done!
JUNE 2019

5 days later from Lindsay’s arrest, it’s June.
There’s not any sign of Nick.
Maggie and Jacob have been at Claire’s house since Lindsay’s arrest.
Nick’s kids don’t know what is going on.
They’ve been asking everyday: When are daddy and mommy coming to get us?
It’s been difficult to Claire and Kate to answer for them.

“I’m so going to kick Nick’s butt if he doesn’t show up soon enough.” Claire said and sighed.
“He’s going through some serious shit. His wife is murderer.” Kate said.
“And she put the blame on you and you sat in prison 10 years.” Claire said.
“I have confession to make.” Kate said and looked at Claire.
“What?” Claire asked curious.
“I went to see her.” Kate said.
“You went to see Lindsay?” Claire asked surprised.
“I know. It was stupid thinking.” Kate said.
“When did you gone to see her?” Claire asked.

2 Days Earlier

3 days after Lindsay’s arrest, Kate decided to go visit Lindsay.
She wanted to know answers.
Kate sat in the meeting room, wall with windows and lot of chairs.
She was waiting for few more minutes when sees Lindsay was leading with guard to seat other side of window.
Lindsay didn’t look so happy when saw Kate other side of window.
She sat down and sighed.
Both just stared each other and then Kate decided to pick up the telephone handset to her ear.
Lindsay did the same.

“Hey Lindsay.” Kate said.
“What you want?” Lindsay asked.
“I came to see you.” Kate said.
“You can leave. I don’t want to see you.” Lindsay said.
“I’ll leave, but why did you do it Linds?” Kate asked.
“Because of you.” Lindsay said.
“If you did it because of me, why to put Nick involve?” Kate asked.
“You are his best friend. May I go now?” Lindsay asked.
“We were best friends.” Kate said.
“Yeah… Until you kissed Cameron behind my back!” Lindsay shouted.
“He told me you two were over.” Kate said.
“We weren’t. After that same day, he just came to my house and acted normal.” Lindsay said.
“Linds… You should’ve told me.” Kate said.
“And then what?” Lindsay asked.
“I could’ve ended it.” Kate said.
“How long you two end up to dating?” Lindsay asked.
“6 months when he said your name in bed.” Kate said.
“He did not.” Lindsay said unbelieving.
“It’s true. Now he’s engaged to Carmen.” Kate said.
“People change.” Lindsay said.
“Are you doing okay in here?” Kate asked.
“My cellmate calls me as Cry Baby.” Lindsay said.

Kate couldn’t do than smile for that.
Lindsay stares at her confused.

“What? It’s terrible in the cell and I miss Nick.” Lindsay said.
“Lindsay… You are going to be fine. Angie is very nice.” Kate said.
“How did you know my cellmate’s name is Angie?” Lindsay asked.
“Because she was my cellmate.” Kate said.
“You serious?” Lindsay asked.
“I’m very serious.” Kate said.

Guard is walking behind Lindsay and smiles.

“Time’s up, ladies.”
“Hey Thorne.” Kate said and waved.
“Well… Isn’t it miss Watson.” Guard Thorne said.
“Great… You are friends with guard…” Lindsay said.
“Shut up, Bimbo.” Guard Thorne said.
“Could you say hi to Angie from me, Thorne?” Kate asked a favor.
“Of course. She’s getting out in 3 years.” Guard Thorne said.
“I’ll be here when she comes out.” Kate said and hung up the telephone handset.

Present Day

“Angie is her cellmate?” Claire asked.
“Yeah. How weird is that?” Kate asked and chuckled.
“I can’t believe that she killed Lauren because you had an affair with Cameron. Cheating is not murder.” Claire said.
“It doesn’t matter to her. She wanted me to suffer and thought blaming me for murder.” Kate said.
“Oh wait when Nick hears that.” Claire said and looked at the time that shows 10:00pm.
“I’m starting to get worried about him.” Kate said.
“He must be feeling awful about this whole thing.” Claire said.
“Should we go find him?” Kate asked.
“Like from where? If he is not home then we don’t know where he is.” Claire said and then doorbell rang

Nick was standing behind the door drunk.
He was so sad and miserable.
He waited to someone open the door when suddenly he falls down to sit on the steps of the porch.
Door opens and he looks up to see Claire.

“Claire! Hey! Is my kids here!?” Nick asked too loud.
“Are you drunk?” Claire asked.
“Whittle wit!” Nick said.
“Nick… You are too loud. Your kids are sleeping.” Claire said.
“I want to see them.” Nick said.
“In the morning. They can’t see you like this.” Claire said.
“Dad?” Jacob said behind Claire.
“Jake… Hey. Did you miss me, son?” Nick asked and burped.
“Miss Claire? Is he drunk?” Jacob asked.
“Go back to bed.” Claire said and Jacob nodded before went to back to bed.
“Katie?” Claire call her to come hallway.
“What?? Oh My God.” Kate said when walked to hallway and saw Nick on the porch lying down.
“Help me to carry him to upstairs.” Claire said.
“Kate? Is that you?” Nick asked when both lifted him up to his feet.
“Yeah it’s me, Nick.” Kate said.
“I’m so sorry.” Nick said sadly and started to cry.
“You are not feeling good, Nick. You need to get rest.” Kate said.
“I love you, Kate.” Nick said not clearly.
“Did he just say he loves you?” Claire asked whispering.
“He’s drunk. Drunk people says nonsense things.” Kate said.
Chapter 12 by Jannika
June 2019
2 Hours Later

Kate was sitting on the armchair near the bed where Nick was sleeping his hangover.
She was reading book when heard Nick groaning.

“Shit…” Nick said silence voice.
“Headache?” Kate questioned.

Nick froze when heard Kate’s voice.

“Do you want me to get you painkiller?” Kate asked and Nick only nods.

Kate got up from armchair and walked to bathroom.
Nick was just staring at her wondered how did he get here and what is here?
Kate walks back and hands over glass of water and one piece of pill.
Nick takes the glass of water and pill and gulps the pill down with water.
Both stayed silence for a while.
Nick looks at Kate who is reading book again.

“Where am I?” Nick asked.
“Guess.” Kate said and didn’t take her look from the book.
“You don’t have house so I guess this is Claire’s house.” Nick said when looked around.
“It could be my mom’s.” Kate said and looked up to look at Nick.
“She doesn’t have upstairs.” Nick said and moved up to sit edge of bed.
“That’s true.” Kate said and got up and moved to window to look out.

There was 1 minute silence once again.

“Kate? You okay?” Nick asked, but Kate didn’t answer.

Kate felt tear fall to her cheek.
Nick got up from the bed.

“Kate?” Nick questioned when touched her shoulder and Kate turned around to face him.
“Hey… Why the tears?” Nick asked when removed tears from her cheeks.
“I can’t do this.” Kate said when sniffed.
“Can’t do what?” Nick asked confused.
“Us. You blamed me for something I didn’t do.” Kate said little louder, but not waking up others in the house.
“I know and I’m feeling so bad. I wish I could take everything back.” Nick said ad sighed.
“I really hate you right now. You can’t do that to your best friend. You should be trust each other.” Kate said.
“You have to understand. I was so in love with Lauren and finding her like that…” Nick said and tear fall to his cheek now.
“I understand Nick. I know how much you loved her. Best friend wouldn’t ever kill friends loved ones. You are an idiot.” Kate said loud voice and pushed him hard.
“I know I am an idiot. If it keeps you satisfied to push me then do it.” Nick said and looked at Kate who was pissed.
“I just want to smack my fist to your face.” Kate said and hit her hand to his chest hard.
“You have my permission to hit my face.” Nick said and moves his hands wide to let her hit him.
“Oh come on. I’m not going to hit you.” Kate said and backs away from Nick.
“I deserve it. I was so dick to you.” Nick said.
“No. I won’t.” Kate said and shakes her head.
“Come on. I know you want to.” Nick said and smiled.
“This is not funny, Nicholas. Stop smiling.” Kate said and sighed.
“Wow… You are always serious when you call me as Nicholas.” Nick said.
“Yes I’m serious. You got hangover. You should be resting.” Kate said and pointed at bed.
“Sure. I’ll rest if you join me.” Nick said.
“What? No.” Kate said and sat on armchair.
“Why not? We are best friends right?” Nick asked when sat on edge of bed.
“I wouldn’t call us as best friends anymore.” Kate said.
“If that’s what you want. We can only be acquaintances.” Nick said.
“Right… Like acquaintances sleep on same bed.” Kate said.
“Sure they do.” Nick said smiling.

Kate only looks at Nick and looks very curious.

“What?” Nick asked and touches his face to find something.
“Do I got something on my face?”
“No. I just thought of something that I want to know.” Kate said.
“What?” Nick asked curious.
“Do you remember what you said to me today?” Kate asked.
“I don’t think I do. What did I said?” Nick asked.
“Now that you don’t know, I won’t tell you.” Kate said and smiled.
“Oh come on. That’s not fair. I bet Claire knows, right?” Nick questioned smiled.
“She does cause she heard you saying it.” Kate said.
“Wait… She heard me say it, but you didn’t?” Nick asked.
“She asked me if you said it and I just said drunk people says nonsense things.” Kate said.
“Did I really said something nonsense?” Nick asked.
“If I love you is nonsense then yeah.” Kate said and blushed little
“Wait what? I said I love you?” Nick asked shocked.
“Like I said. It was nonsense.” Kate said.
“Oh God. I must have been very drunk then.” Nick said.
“But now you need to get some rest.” Kate said and stands up from the armchair.
“Just one question.” Nick said and get up from the bed.
“No I won’t sleep with you on the same bed.” Kate said before Nick asked the question.
“I wasn’t asking that, but good to know.” Nick said.
“Then what you want to ask?” Kate asked.
“Did I sound like serious when I said that?” Nick asked.
“I don’t know. You were drunk.” Kate said.
“I’m so confused.” Nick said and scratched his head.
“Maybe you meant it as friendly way.” Kate said.
“Yeah. Friends can say to each other I love yous.” Nick said.
“Well Goodnight.” Kate said when walked to door to walk out.
“Kate?” Nick said and Kate turned to look at Nick.
“I do love you. Remember that.” Nick said smiling.
“That’s so sweet. Love you too, jerk.” Kate said smiling and just walked out the room.

Nick crawled on the bed and get lay down on his back thinking.
He’s trying to think of time when he arrived here, but his memory is so bad.
He was at home drinking and being mad to Lindsay past 5 days.
Did he really mean it that he loves Kate, but not as friendly way?
Only way to find out is that ask Kate if they could kiss to be sure.

“She wouldn’t ever agree to it.” Nick said to himself out loud.

Next Day

Kate wakes up 7 in the morning and walks to kitchen making some breakfast.
She sees Nick already sitting there drinking coffee.

“Morning. When did you get up?” Kate asked and poured coffee to mug.
“I didn’t sleep after you left the room.” Nick said.
“What kept you up? Hangover?” Kate asked.
“No. Something else.” Nick said.
“About the I love you?” Kate asked.
“Yeah. I have suggestion.” Nick said and looked at Kate seriously.
“Do I want to hear this?” Kate asked.
“Just listen and say what you think.” Nick said.
“Okay.” Kate said and sat down to listen.
“I really want to know what I meant by whole I love you thing. I think we should kiss or make out for once.” Nick said.
“You’re crazy. This is the most stupid thing ever.” Kate said and shakes her head.
“Please Kate. I really need to know. Kiss is the only way.” Nick said and begged.
“Only one kiss?” Kate asked and Nick nods.
“Fine. Just one kiss.” Kate said and pointed one finger at Nick.
“One kiss.” Nick agreed.
“Let’s just stand up.” Kate said and stands up from her seat.
“If you want, you can have eyes closed if it’s awkward for you.” Nick said when stands up.
“It’s going to be awkward.” Kate said and thought should she have eyes close.
“Better close your eyes.” Nick said when took step closer to her.
“Okay.” Kate said smiling and closed her eyes.

Nick moves closer to Kate and leans down to her lips to kiss her.
Their lips touched for little bit first.
Nick waited second for reaction from Kate, but she had eyes closed still.
He deepens the kiss little bit and gets reaction from Kate that he didn’t think to get.
Kate was definitely moaning little bit.
Maybe few seconds later they stopped and Kate opened her eyes.
They stayed silence and sat down back to their seat.
Claire walks in the kitchen minute later.

“Morning you two.” Claire said smiling and took cup of coffee.

Kate and Nick stayed quiet and only stared each other.
Claire looked at both.

“What’s going on?” Claire asked.

Both turned to look at Claire.
Claire was confused what to do.

“What?” Claire asked.

Both stand up from seats and walked out the kitchen out the door to porch.

“Well that was awkward.” Kate said when sat to steps on porch.
“Claire or the kiss?” Nick asked and sat next to her.
“Almost both. If we were kissing little longer, she could’ve walk on us.” Kate said.
“Yeah. So was kiss awkward?” Nick asked and hoped she wouldn’t say yes.
“I’m surprised that it didn’t.” Kate said honestly.
“Yeah? Really?” Nick questioned.
“Yeah. It was nice.” Kate said smiling.
“Nice huh?” Nick asked and chuckled.
“Stop. I haven’t kissed anyone over 10 years.” Kate said.
“Was it best kiss you had?” Nick asked.

Kate looks at Nick and smiles.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Nick asked smiling.
“It was better than Cameron’s kiss.” Kate said.
“Well that’s good. Now I can brag about it to Cameron.” Nick said.
“Oh god… You must be very proud of that kiss.” Kate said smiling.
“Of course. I know you liked. You moaned.” Nick whispered.
“I did not.” Kate said and blushed.
“Want to find out again?” Nick asked.
“You would love that.” Kate said.

They smiled to each other and they started to kiss again.

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