Backstreet Angel by frackandbonechick
Summary: This story is about a girl who writes to the BSB and Nick replys, and they start a friendship... which leads to a romance with another character...
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Chapter Two by frackandbonechick
...Chapter Two...

Over the next 8 months ( September 11th didn't happen in this story...heck I wish it didn't happen in real life) they emailed eachother every other day and talked on-line and about once-to-twice a month they talked on the phone. They had both fallen for eachother but both believed that they didn't have a chance with one-another so didn't say a thing.
Dezerae (Michelle's best friend) and the other BSB boys were wondering what was going on with their friends. They both always wanted to go on the computer and after they came off they were always happy, neither of them dated. The BSB boys didn't know about Michelle and Dezerae didn't know about Nick. Nick's 'baby-fat' had turned into muscle. He now has a 'wash-board' stomach, a 6-pack of 'abs', toned all over. He looked fantastic.

May 12 2002

Nick was in the gym when Brian walked in.

"Ok Nick I am sick of this, what the hell is going on with you? You are either in the gym, on the computer or rehearsing and performing with us, you never date or even have sex anymore - you never do anything else. Why is that?"

Nick had to tell someone - "Brian, I will tell you what is going on but you have to promise that you won't tell management or get mad at me"

"OH god Nick its not drugs is it?

"God No! I am in love!" said a smiling Nick.

"Well that is fantastic, who is she? And why would I tell management or get mad?"

"Well...Her name is Michelle and she is turning 18 in 2 weeks, I am planning on surprising her for her birthday. Anyway remember last year when we were totally bored and we started reading fan-mail and I found this one letter and I asked where the atlas was so I could find New Zealand?" Brian nodded "Yeah well its her. I wrote to her that night and I know I shouldn't have but I am glad I did. I put her through a little test and asked her 3 questions about my self, and she passed the test, she didn't know a thing about me only that I am part of the BSB and we have been writing to eachother for just over 8 months now. What do you think Bri?"

"WOW - just WOW. So are you guys dating yet?

"Nup, I love her but she doesn't love me that way but that doesn't matter. Friendship is better than nothing. I am going to surprise her for her birthday, I'm just going to show up on her doorstep. (he, he).

"Well go for it, and I would love to meet her sometime cuz a chick who can get you to stay faithful with out even being your girlfriend has gotta be something" laughed Brian.
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