Truth Behind the Lies by AJsSweety
Summary: She's always just been his little sister. Always staying out of trouble or so he thought. What happens when Howie finds out his sister Trisha isnt as innocent as she seems and that she's lied to him his friends her family and the one man that has promised to love her threw everything. Will they be able to survive the truth or will she lose them all forever.
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ch 1 by AJsSweety
Of all the things she hated. She hated these gifts but mostly she hated lying to her family and friends about them. She looked threw the tinted glass window and looked at her family. The five men she had and would always call her family. All five unconscous and strapped to metal tables. She reached up and placed her bound hands on the glass.

" I'm sorry." She whispered.

" Trisha tell us which one is of your blood."

" They are all my family."

" Tell me the one that is your blood." He said pressing a button, he watched their bodies arch as electrical current ran threw their bodies.

" Stop Please stop!"

" Then tell me which one is your family."

" Never." She hissed looking at him. He only seemed to laugh evilly and turn up the voltage. She could hear their pain filled screams threw the glass.

" Stop! I'll tell you. Just stop hurting them"

" I'll stop once you tell me."

" Him the one in the middle. He's my brother. The one on the end is my fiancee. Please just stop hurting them." Trista cried. She heard him laugh as he turned the machine off and their bodies relaxed.

" Bring me Mr. Dorough."

" Leave my brother alone."

" Trista my dear you're not the one giving orders around here."

" Leave him alone or I'll..."

" You'll what?" He said grabbing her by the throat and lifting her off the floor. Trista gasped and clawed at his hands. Her eyes began to change color.

" Oh I dont think so my dear." He said plunging a needle into her neck. He dropped her now unconscous form onto the floor.

" Drop her into the glass cage. Make sure that you turn on the current."

" Yes sir and of them?"

" The cage is inside the cell they are being held in. She can watch us torture them."

" Yes sir. And the brother?"

" Bring him to me." He said. The other man nodded and lifted Trista off the floor and left the room.

Trista paced the cage she was in like a lioness. She looked at the four men that were unconscous on the floor outside her prision. She could see they were starting to wake up.

" Trista baby are you ok?"

" Alex I am alright. Are you?"

" A little over charged but fine. My angel they didnt hurt you?" Alex asked walking up to the glass cage. He started to place his hands on it when he got a shock.

" Don't touch it." Trista said watching him shake his now slightly burned hand.
ch 1 by AJsSweety
Howie looked around the room he was in. He was tied to a chair and wondered why he was wanted.

" Well Mr Dorough do you know of your sisters deception?"

" What are you talking about? Where is Trista?"

" Oh Don't worry she's safe in her little cage."

" A Cage? What?" Howie asked anger filling his normally soft eyes.

" You'd be amazed the reason we cage her. But since your her brother, we should find out if your like her."

" Trista and I arent blood. She was adopted when I was six."

" Oh Really? Trista failed to tell us that. And that means that you'll have to be punished for it."

" What?" Howie said as two men grabbed his arms.

" We'll return your beaten and bloody body to your sister."

" Leave me alone." Howie said trying to break free, he hissed as pain shot threw his body as he was hit in the stomach. Howie looked up as the men approached him holding a metal rod. They began to beat him mercilessly until Howie stopped moving all together.

" Take him back to his cell. And then bring me Trista."

" Yes sir."


Trista looked towards the steel door as two men entered dragging an unconscous Howie.

" What did you do to him?" Kevin shouted.

" He's been punished for Trista's lies." They said dropping Howie on to the hard floor. They then turned their attention to a caged Trista.

" Try me boys." Trista said as her eyes glowed a deep blue as what looked like electrical current came from them.

" Oh don't worry we arent coming in there."

" Then let me out."

" Nope. Atleast not while your awake. Time for a nap." One said pressing a button, the small glass room filled with a gas. Trista slammed her fists against the glass before slumping to the floor unconscous. Kevin stood and tried to get to the men.

" Get away from my girl." Kevin growled.

" Oh that's interesting. She had said he was the fiancee." He siad pointing towards Alex. Kevin narrowed his eyes. And wondered why Trista had said she was engaged to Alex and not him.

" What does that have to do with anything?" Kevin asked.

" Oh the boss will love to know this. Get her out of there."

" Sure" Said the other. He entered the cage and lifted Trista into his arms. Kevin growled looking at the men while he tended to Howie.


" What about the boy?" They asked as they came back with Trista.

" Put him in her cage. She'll meet him when she's done here."

" Yes sir." He answered dropping Trista onto the floor. He looked towards the dark haired boy that sat bound gaged and blindfolded in the corner. The blind fold was for their own protection as his and Trista's powers mainly came from their eyes.

" Well Randy time to meet your new cell mates."

" Now make sure he's comfortable."

" Oh dont worry I will." He answered as he lifted him. Randy tried to break free but it was no use the chains they used to bind his hands were stronger than he was.

" Now Billy remember they are the ones that will be making us our army."

" What of the brother and his friends? Keith they wont let us hurt her freely."

" Not sure yet. But Billy I know if we breed them since they have the same powers they will produce the most powerful children the world has ever seen. Now take him in there. I want some time with her." He said. Billy smiled evilly and left the room with young Randy.
ch 3 by AJsSweety
Randy woke some time later, he held his hands over his eyes to wait for them to adjust to the bright light of the room. Once his eyes had adjusted he looked around and saw five men in the outer part of the room. Four pairs of eyes looked at him and the other man seemed to be sleeping. He could see multipul bruises on the man's face and arms.

" Who are you? What do you want with me?"

" We dont want anything from you." Alex shouted.

" Then why am I here?" Randy asked. Howie moaned and rolled onto his side so he could look at the young man in the glass cage where his sister had been earlier.

" Good question." Howie muttered.

" You dont know?" Randy asked shocked. He could have sworn that the men that were holding him in the outter room were talking about the others in the other room. But something about these men told him that what ever was going on wasnt of their doing.

" We don't even know why we're here."

" Well that;s just great." Randy said standing, he placed his hands on the glass and leaned his headagainst it's coolness.

" Looks easy enough." Randy said concentrating on the glass.

" I wouldnt do that." Alex said backing away from the glass. He watched as Randy's eyes began to change colors and the room he was in seemed to fill with electricity.

" He's like Trista."

" So I noticed. What has Trista been hiding from us?" Kevin asked.

" Her entire life."

" D, you know that she would never intentionally lie to us."

" She never would?Then what was that? What is this? I just got the hell beat outta me just because someone thought it was funny? Fuck you Kevin." Howie growled. Alex had to admit his friend had a right to be angry but it couldnt entirely be Trista's fault.


" What do you want?" Trista hissed trying to free her arms from their confines. She had woke up and found herself strapped to a chair and blindfolded. She could hear someone in the room with her but she wasnt entirely sure.

" Why you of course. You and that boy I found will breed me a new form of warrior.."

" The hell I will." Trista hissed.

" Oh you will my dear. You will and it will be the strongest and most powerful mixing of your DNA with another."

" I already have someone thanks."

" AH yes Mr. Richardson, but you see Trista he's just a normal human. But Randy he's special hes the one we want with you."

" I will never do that. I will never betray Kevin that way."

" You will do as your told or you can watch your beloved die first."

" Not before I kill you." Trisa said as electical currently came from her finger tips. Keith backed away from her, he knew her power relied on her being able to see her prey.

" You can't do anything to me. You can't even see me."

" Try me. My gift usually comes from my eyes and my hands. Or have you forgotten that already?" Trisa asked her voice dripping of sarcasum. Keith couldn't believe how powerful she truly was.

" You need to calm down, or I'll give you something to calm you down."

" You can try like hell. " Trista said calmly. She raised her hands as best she could. Electricity shot from her fingers, Keith backed as he felt one shoot past his arm. He suddenly hissed in pain as he felt one slice threw his leg as if it were butter.

" Bitch!"

" Then let me go." Trista hissed.

" Never. Take her back to the cell."

" Yes Keith. Come on back to your friends." Billy said placing his gloved hand on her shoulder. Trista growled but allowed Billy to lead her from the room.

" You will pay for that. And you will learn to do as your told Trista Or I'll kill each and everyone of those men while you watch helplessly. And I'll start with your beloved. "
ch 4 by AJsSweety
" Trista, you ok?" Kevin asked moving foward towards the glass.

" Yeah I am fine. Howie? Howie I am sorry. I never meant to keep this from you. I thought it was safer." Trista said, ignoring the fact a young man was sitting in the corner and watching her. Howie looked up towards Trista, she could see he was angry. Tears sparked as they rolled down her cheeks.

" You lied to me."

" I thought this was safer."


" I'm sorry. I am so sorry." Trista cried. The harder she cried the more her skin seemed to spark. Randy moved forward from the corner he was in and pulled Trista into his arms. Randy's eyes sparkled with electricty was he looked towards the five men.

" This is a curse and a gift at the same time. We take it but we hide it was well. People with this power hide from everyone. We dont want people hurt because of this. But instead what we try to protect is what get's us hurt in the end." Randy said.

" I'm sorry Tris, you know I didnt want bad things to happen to you. But this I dont know." Howie said looking at her. He watched as Randy tried to calm Trista. THe electrical sparks that flew between the two could light the city of Denver for a month. He was intregued by what he saw.

" D, she's up set."

" I know. I wish I could hold her tell her that I didnt mean to make her upset."

" I know so do I." Kevin said looking back towards Randy and Trista. He was jelous but happy she had someone that could understand her problem.

" I want to know more about this boy." Kevin said sitting down on the floor.


" Tell me about you." Trista said once she had stopped crying. Randy had felt like he had been holding her for a life time. Something about her brought back memories he thought he had long since forgotten.

" I am Randy Crieg Martin." Randy said with a small smile. " But you can call me Randy." Randy knew all eyes where on him interested in knowing how his powers had come to be and how he had hidden from the world.


It had been six weeks before. Randy smiled and stretched out his stiff muscles. He never understood why or how he could be happy when he had spent the last ten years hiding from the world.

" Randy you best find a job today."

" Yeah Yeah" Randy answered as he flopped down onto the couch.

" Don't yeah yeah me. You need to find something to do."

" I will. Steph you've been good to me. Dont worry I will not let you down." Randy said.

" Good, now I am going to work." Steph said giving him a quick kiss. Randy smiled and watched as Steph left him alone in her small apartment. Randy raised his hand and let sparks come from his finger tips, he made it dance on his fingers. He smiled and then flicked the sparks out into the room and watched them disappear. He heard a gasp from behind him Randy stood and spun around to see Steph standing in the doorway clutching her purse close to her.

" I..I forgot my purse." She stuttered. Randy took a step forward.

" Don't" Steph said raising her hands.

" Steph? What's wrong?" Randy asked calmly.

" You're that freak they're looking for." She said.

" Steph you've known me since we were kids. I am as normal as you are."

" Then what the fuck was that?" She nearly shouted.

" oh that? Something I've always been able to do. Come on Steph do you really think I'd do anything to you?"

" No, but I'm scared that those men will come here looking for you."

" I would never allow them to hurt you. You know that."

" I dont know that Randy. You should have been honest with me from the start. You never should have lied I would have hidden you."

" What are you talking about?" Randy asked. That's when he noticed them standing behind her. The ones that would be holding him hostage now. Randy backed away and looked towards his now once friend. Randy raised his hand and shot electricity from his fingers and into Steph's surprized body. Randy turned his attention to the men that stood near her now unconscous body. He shot bolts from his fingers. He felt a stinging and saw a dart sticking out of his chest. He shot bolts from his fingers and eyes once more before falling unconscous to the floor.


Trista looked at him with sadness in her deep blue eyes.

" I'm sorry. that's the ultimate betrayle." She said placing her hand on his shoulder.

" She had always known. She never let on and hten betrayed me." Randy said looking at her. He knew how she understood.

" Well then we have something in common. Trista betrayed us." Howie grumbled.

" I didnt betray you." Trista hissed turning her attention to her brother. She reached out to touch the glass only to find it was gone. Her eyes flashed with electiricty as they seemed to almost surround her head as her own anger began to build.

" Trista calm down Howie didnt mean it." Kevin said stepping between them.

" Bull shit he didnt mean it. He's as bad as those people who had tested me when I was a child. Freak they would call me. Is that what you think Howie?"

" No." Howie siad lowering his eyes.

" THen why accuse me of betraying you?"

" I didnt mean it. Trista honey you know I would never think of you as a freak." Howie said.

" But Howie you did. You siad you didnt know what to do. You said I betrayed you."

" I didnt. But I would never think of you as a freak your my little sister. You where scared and alone when you came to stay with my family. I wont ever let anyone hurt you." Howie said touching her arm. He could see his words were calming her.
ch 5 by AJsSweety
Trista sat cross legged on the floor of the cell they were being held in. Randy sat against the wall watching the group.

" Tell me about you/" Randy said looking at her.

" About what?" She asked looking at him.

" Anything from what I understood while I was in that room your not Howie's Blood sister?"

" Nope I'm not. But there really isnt much to tell."

" Trista, you were missing for over a year." Howie said looking at his sister.

" Yes that I was. For over a year I spent being tested on. Things began to run together. I didnt know one day from the next."

" Tested on?" Randy asked. Everyone had been thinking it but Randy voiced the question.


Trista had walked away from the venue, a huge smile on her facing knowing her brother was happy and so was she. Kevin made her the happiest woman in the world. Nothing could make her upset. Later that night when her and Kevin had returned to the hotel room alone she was going to finally tell him her secret she would tell him and pray that he didnt turn her away. She loved him more than life itself and couldnt bare being apart from him. She had decided to take a walk outside around the venue to clear her head why the others finished up. The body guards hadnt seen her slip away and she hoped they wouldnt notice.

" Hello Trista." An evil voice said from behind her. Trista turned around surprized that someone other than the bodyguards or the boys knew who she was. She looked at the man courously and then backed up as he reached out for her arm.

" Get away from me." Trista said as her eyes began to glow. The man grabbed her arm and plunged a needle into it. Trista tried to shoot off a few bolts when she colapsed into the mans arms. He lifted her into the waiting van.

" Take her to the facility."

" Yes sir."

Trista woke a few hours later to find she was strapped to a table.

" Where am I?" She muttered looking around the room. The table seemed to be made of a hard plastic so that made her ablities usless at this point. The room wasnt any better with strange padding on the walls. She saw a man enter the room with a small tray in his hands.

" Why am I here?" She asked."

" Because your special. We want to find out why." He answered as he watched her try to free her arms.

" Now first we will try and find out how much wattage your body can handle. Since your putting out alot we will start with that and work up." He said looking at her. He placed two wires on her forehead and then one on each side of her chest. He reached over and flipped the switch. He watched as Trista's body arched as the current ran threw it. She never screamed and he wanted to see how much she could handle so he turned it up as far as it would go. Trista's painful screamed fillted the small room. Trista had lost track of how long she had been there it just felt like forever as they did everything possiable including assulting her physiclly. All she knew was that she wanted out and she wanted to kill someone. They had played with her mind and her body trying to find out what had caused her to become what she was. She had heard that it was genetic and that it was a family traite but they couldnt find anything that went with that since she was adopted saying her family had died in a car crash. When everthing seemed to stop Trista awoke to find herself laying on a comfortable bed in a large hotel room.


" That's when I found you. I was so surprized to find you there." Kevin said wrapping his arms around her. Trista leaned back against him as she felt Randy take her hand in his.

" That's alot for someone to go threw."

" About as much as you went threw. I had a family before I became a Dorough. I was ripped from them when I was little. I cant remember if I was hidden with the Doroughs or if I was kidnapped and that's where I found myself. But what ever I would have never changed ending up there. I love them all so much. " Trista said looking at Howie. Howie smiled and understood how much knowing her real family meant to her and if they lived threw this he vowed he would find them.
ch 6 by AJsSweety
" What do you want to do with them?"

" What do you mean?" Keith asked.

" We cant breed those two." Billy answered him. Keith looked at him strangely.

" And why the hell not? They are perfect."

" The DNA test I ran on them shows they are siblings."

" What? That's impossiable."

" Trista is the sister Randy was talking about. But there is some good news."

" And that would be?"

" The fiancee has powers of his own. I'm not entirely sure what that power is right now. But we can test that."

" Hmm that we can. And how about we do that right now."

" Alright but she's not going to let me take him freely. She's not in the cage anymore."

" FIll the room with the sleeping gas. Then take him from the room once they are unconscous."

" Will do." Billy said pressing the button. Keith watched threw the tinted glass as the people inside the room collapsed unconscous to the floor. Billy waited till the room had cleared and then walked into the room and dragged Kevin from it.


When Trista woke she found that Kevin was gone.

" Bastards give him back. GIVE HIM BACK!" Trista cried banging her hands on the door. Alex stood and tried to pull her into his arms, he jumped back as sparks flew from her body. Randy stood and watched as Trista's anger began to build. He could see she was getting madder and madder by the second.

" I'd find a safe place to hide. If she get's any angrier she's going to blow. And that means her powers will go wakie."

" Where are we going to hide?" Nick asked fear filling his voice, he had never been afraid of Trista.

" Where we were being held the glass is reenforced. That was how they were able to keep us in there." Randy answered as he watched Trista nearly glowing form in the middle of the room. Alex helped Howie up and moved behind the glass wall. Brian and Nick hurried to join them as Trista let out a blood curdling scream and the room light up as electrical bolts came from her body. Randy had braced his body for the impact but still ending landing hard on the floor on the far side of the small room.
ch 7 by AJsSweety
Kevin woke to find himself strapped to a table.

" What the hell?"

" Welcome back to the land of the living Mr. Richardson."

" What the hell do you want with me?" Kevin spat.

" To run a few tests. thats all." Keith said.

" What kind of tests require me to be strapped to a table?" Kevin asked anger apparent in his deep green eyes.

" One that will hurt alot." Keith said with an evil smile. Kevin struggled with the straps that held him in place.

" I'd stop even Trista couldnt break those."

" I'm not Trista." Kevin answered as his green eyes began to almost glow. Keith backed away from him as the straps unhooked themselves and Kevin stood.

" Well isnt that interesting."

" Now let me and my friends go." Kevin nearly growled.

" Not a chance. You and Trista will make wonderful soldures."

" And that will be a cold day in hell before we do anything like that." Kevin growled. Keith looked towards the tinted glass just as it shook.

" Sounds like your little angel just exploded." Keith said with a laugh. Kevin turned his attention to the sound and suddenly felt a needle prick and then saw Bily backing away. Kevin turned towards him and Billy flew across the room just as Kevin fell unconscous to the floor.

" Telecanetic. Very interesting. What about the other girl?"

" You mean Steph? The one that betrayed young Randy?"

" Yep. Did you find out what gift is hers?"

" Yes I did. She seems to be able to control the weather conditions if she's angry it's hailing. It's rather interesting." Billy said.

" Perfect. Four perfect specimens. This could have worked out better. Take her and reunite her with her friend." Keith said smiling,

" On this should be fun. What about him?" Billy asked looking down at Kevin.

" Return him to Trista. For now."


" Trista, calm down." Randy said trying to stand. Howie's calm voice suddenly could be heard over the noise.

" Honey, they'll give him back. Just calm down please." Howie begged trying to make his way around the glass.

" Howie don't she could hurt you." Alex said trying to grab his friend's arm.

" She wont hurt me." Howie said moving around the glass. Trista turn towards him, tears rolling freely down her cheeks. Howie opened his arms and it was as if she was that frightened child again she rushed into his embrase. Randy slid down the wall gasping for air. He had never seen anyone so angry before. He watched as Howie calmed her and that's when he saw it. Running over he moved her hair.

" Oh my god." Randy said.

" What?" Alex asked looking at the back of Trista's neck.

" My..My sister had the same birthmark in the same place. I was so young when I was told she died but I remember it very well. it was a rather strange mark." Randy said,

" could it be true?" Alex asked. Trista looked at Randy, it had been so long she barely remembered her former name. All eyes suddenly snapped towards the glass cage as it slowly sealed shut and then someone was shoved inside. Then the large door opened and Kevin was dropped on the floor. Trista rushed to his side forgetting for a moment the question that lingered in the air.

" He's been drugged. He'll be out for a while. Now who's our new friend?" Trista asked turning and looking at the girl.

" Steph!" Randy hissed, the air started to crackle.

" Not again." Alex said backing up.

" Randy stop." Trista said moving forward. " She's here for a reason and it's not for a social call. The way she was brought in tells me she's special like us."

" I dont care. She nearly got me killed." Randy said looking into Trista's eyes.

" I didnt have a choice. I ended up getting tested on anyways. They promised me they wouldnt hurt you. They promised me they'd leave me aloneYet here I am." Steph said, she looked at Trista and narrowed her eyes as if she remembered her.

" Christina? Oh my god your alive. After all these years. Randy I told you that girl I saw on tv was her."

" The name is Trista. Trista Dorough. I dont know you."

" With all the testing they did I am not surprized at all. But Randy that's your sister."

" Thanks for the FYI I fogired that out on my won. She's got a birthmark like Chrissy."

" Even if I am her I will never be Christina again."

" Hey I totally understand and would never expect you to be her. I've seen who you are now and how much Howie over there loves you. And how much you fiancee Kevin loves you." Randy said. Trista nodded and turned her attention back to Kevin. Randy looked back at Steph.
ch 8 by AJsSweety
" When do we do it?" Billy asked watching the group inside the room.

" Soon it seems our siblings have found each other. And did you see that display of power out of Trista?"

" Yes I did. She knocked Randy off his feet and across the room. And it seems as if her brother has some kind of calming effect. Howard is good for that. We have to keep him around Keith ya know to keep her in line."

" Yes that we might. For a while anyways."

" You going to kill the other three?" Billy asked.

" Ah you mean Brian, Nick and Alexander? Not really sure yet. We could geneticlly alter them. Maybe mess with their minds make them our servents. I am not sure yet."

" Sounds interesting."

" I want one that can keep Trista in line. That would be Howard. The other three are of little use to me. BUt for now I want Nick brought to me."

" She's still pretty angry after we took her boyfriend out of there. DO you really think she'll let us anywhere near any of them?"

" Kevin will. I made sure he will follow my every command. Messing with someone's mind is an easy task.

" I was wondering what you were upto with him while he was unconscous."

" I couldnt control Trista. Her mind is to strong. But Kevin his was easier, since he still isnt really able to use his powers as he'd like I can use him just like a puppet." Keith said with an evil grin.

" So do it. Show me that you've perfected your mind control." Billy said looking at him.


Kevin woke suddenly his green eyes scanning the room nervously.

" Hey you ok?" Trista asked feeling him jerk awake.

" Yeah. They didnt hurt me. But I found out a secret of my own."

" What's that?" She asked tipping her head curously.

" I have powers of my own it seems. I can move things with my mind." Kevin said looking at the group.

" Wow. And your alright with that?"

" Yeah as long as I've got you. I can handle anything." Kevin said pulling her close. His green eyes suddenly began to glow and he held her tighter as if he was going to disappear any second.

" I love you." He whispered in her ear before he mentally tossed her across the room and pinned her to the wall.

" Kevin?" Trista said trying to free herself from the unseen grasp.

" Kevin what the hell are you doing?" Howie asked moving forward.

" What I was told to do." Kevin said mindlessly. He reached out and grabbed Nick by the throat and pulled him close.

" Let him go." Alex hissed as suddely flames burst forth from his fingers.

" Holy shit." Randy said backing up into the glass cage only to jump forward by the sudden shock.

" Is anyone else hiding something?" Brina asked looking around.

" Hey I didnt even know I could do this." Alex said never taking his eyes off Kevin.

" Kevin my love. Please I beg you don't do this. He's your friend. Kevin please." Trista begged. Kevin looked at her, she could see his eyes where empty as if he wasnt even there. " Randy make him stop."

" Alright." Randy said raising his hand and shooting electrial bolts from his fingers hitting Kevin dead in the chest. Kevin dropped Nick hard on the floor and looked at Randy.

" You little bastard." Kevin growled looking at him pure hatred in his deep green eyes. Steph wanted to help them but from where she was she was useless to them as she banged her hands on the glass.

" You can't keep us both at bay." Randy said raising his other hand.

" I could just crush her." Kevin said his voice void of emotion. Randy turned and looked towards Trista as she suddenly gasped and began choking.

" You'd kill the woman that you love?" Randy asked looking at him. Alex watched from his vantage point waiting for anything to happen. He didnt want to hurt Kevin but would if he had to. But something something in Kevin's eyes told him he had partail or was trying to gain control.

" That's right Kevin. Do you really want to hurt her?" Howie asked Alex moved foward suddenly, kevin narrowed his eyes and tighted his unseen grip on Trista. Trista began gasping for air and clawing at the unseen hands. Trista's body finally went limp and she became still.

" Shit. You've killed her." Randy said running to his sister. He had only known her for a few short hours but she was still his. " Look what you did.!" Randy shouted looking at Kevin.

" Kevin, please let her go. I'll go where ever you want just dont hurt her anymore. You said you loved her, Prove it."" Nick siad pleading with Kevin. His hands on his friends arm trying to make him see what he had done.

" My love." Kevin said quietly as he lowered his arms letting Trista's unconscous body fall to the floor.

" Thank god. How is she Randy?" Howie asked not daring to move.

" She's breathing. Kevin she;s breathing. You didnt kill her." Randy said looking towards the confused man. Nick watched as Kevin's deep green eyes seemed to almost soften as he looked at Trista. Kevin walked over and lifted Trista into his arms and walked over and lay her on one of the small beds. He brushed her hair from her face.

" God what have I done? I couldnt control myself. I hurt her."

" Kevin you didnt mean it. You had no control."

" I could have been stronger but I wasnt and I hurt her."

" She will understand. She loves you. Sit here with her." Randy said as he walked away from him. Kevin moved Trista's hair from her face again he could see the deep purple bruises forming on her throat.

" God I am so sorry." Kevin sobbed as he lay his head on her chest holding her close. He could have killed her and for a short moment he wouldnt have cared. And that scared him more than anything in this world.
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