From Where I Am by Jaded Fae
Summary: This is a drabble. Meaning there are exactly one hundred words. Not one more or less. The dedication is to anyone that has ever wanted to start over.
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1. Drabble by Jaded Fae

Drabble by Jaded Fae
The grey mist rises into the heavens as I slowly walk down my front steps to retrieve the morning paper. From where I am, I can see children playing in the glorious sun. Their hearts still unscathed from the harsh realities of the world. Their minds still pure from hatred and indiscretion.

For a moment I long to be one of them. To know the wisdom I know now, but still have the young innocence that cradles their tiny souls. I long to redo my life, my mistakes, my pains. I long to be Alex, and keep A.J. hidden forever.

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