The Duvet Chronicles by addiction
Summary: Just a moment of random lunacy on my part, has no actual plot and no sense of rationality, sorry
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1. It Attacked Me First by addiction

2. Missing You by addiction

3. Don't Leave Me by addiction

It Attacked Me First by addiction
Nick kicked violently at his bed covers; why the hell had he tried to sleep with them on anyway?
'Sometimes Nick; you are SUCH an idiot' he hissed at himself getting out of his bed so that he could push the covers right off the bed. As irony has it, the corner of the duvet caught itself firmly on to the bottom bed-post causing half of the duvet to stay hanging of the end. Nick stared at it blankly, trying to comprehend why the duvet wasn't just going off the bed like he'd wanted it too. He kicked the duvet in annoyance; Stupid duvet. Being short of temper on this warm summer night, rather than unhooking it, Nick took the physical route and grabbed the other end of the duvet and pulled hard at it. The duvet, however, doing exactly what the laws of physics told it too, remained firmly attached to the bed.
'Why you stupid good for nothing piece of cloth' Nick shouted at the duvet, suddenly giving it a sharp tug, only to slip on the soft carpet due to the fact he wasn't wearing socks.
'O NO, Now you are going to pay' Nick said to the duvet, lunging himself into the king-size bed mass of duvet on the floor.
'LET GO OF ME' he screamed as the duvet wrapped its way around his head due to his constant struggling. Nick immediately lost any sense of articulation as he resorted to swearing and randomly shouting at his captor

'WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?' shouted Kevin, opening the door to the hotel room, and stepping in as the other three boys crowded around the door.
Kevin was greeted with a nervous silence, 'Nick?' He heard a light coughing from somewhere near his feet and he stepped back impulsively, walking straight in to Brian in the process.
'Nick is that you?' Brian asked crouching down and prodding the duvet covered form on the floor in front of them. Nick nodded from his prison of thick bed covers. Somewhere he could hear Howie sniggering at him, and he felt a sudden rush of blood, how could they be so inconsiderate? He?d been attacked by his bed sheets and they were now suffocating him and burning him up.
'Well?' said Kevin
'What?' asked Nick sulkily
'Why are you lying there on the floor wrapped up in your bed covers? Don?t you know how HOT it is at the moment?'
'What was that?' asked AJ; 'I appear to have missed the finer points of that?'

A few minutes later, Nick was freed from his attacking duvet and was standing in front of his band-mates with a distinctly humiliated expression on his face 'It attacked me first' he said with an embarrassed shrug
Missing You by addiction
Nick stuck his tongue out; as he watched his offending duvet lying limply in Kevin?' arms and being dragged out of his room to Kevin's. He flopped back on to his bed; and lay flat on his back closing his eyes tightly. He stayed like that for perhaps a minute before the discomfort of the situation suddenly hit him. Nick was cold; after all the distress trying to get rid of his duvet; he suddenly missed it's presence in his hotel-room.
He sighed uncomfortably as he imagined how lonely his duvet would be; lying on Kevin's floor, alone and cold, missing him. He stood up; Kevin had never treated inanimate objects well like Nick did; he seemed to forget that they had feeling too.
Think Nick; Think Nick. You need a plan; nothing works unless there's a plan. Well actually; his mind drifted to all the times he had managed to do things unplanned for a while. Where was I? ; he backtracked his thoughts; O yeh? a plan. I could just go and knock on Kevin's door and ask for it back, but Kev can be a bit scary...especially at night time. HEY! He's only sleeping next door; I can sneak in to his room and steal it.
(For those of you who are new to the world of Nick Carter; sneak + Nick = system error.)

He walked over to the window and looked outside, a tree; how perfect and strangely coincidental. He climbed on to his windowsill and gazed at the distance from his window to the tree, then closed his eyes and jumped. He bit back a scream as the branch began to wobble under his weight and he looked ruefully down at the ground some three stories beneath him. You'd better appreciate this he thought to his duvet. He scrambled up his branch so that he could be nearer the tree trunk, where the branch was sturdier.
Why the hell; do the Backstreet Boys have a climbable tree outside their room? I'm definitely going to complain tomorrow morning.

He couldn't crawl all the way to Kevin's window because it was much too weak; maybe a 'Quit-Playing-Games' Nick could have managed it; but certainly not an 'Incomplete' Nick.
I'm going to need to fly to be able to get to Kevin's room; damn. Why am I in the Backstreet Boys? If I were in Westlife, I could have flown without wings. Maybe I should just go back.

And then, he saw it; his duvet sprawled across a chair, one end over the open window and the other lying on the floor and his heart went out to it. How could he abandon something so precious? He gritted his teeth and crawled along the branch. What if I fall? You won't fall Nick. What if the branch breaks? The branch won't break Nick; stop being so pessimistic. What if- STOP IT! Do you want to save your duvet or not?
He paused mid-way; did he just have a conversation with himself in his head? He looked up at the open window and saw his duvet reaching out for him and his eyes brightened up suddenly; it was so close. He crawled ridiculously fast along the thinning branch and scrambled in through the window.

He fell on top of his duvet making a loud clatter as his head bumped in to the chair
'What was that?' Kevin asked sitting upright on his bed
Nick coughed nervously 'It's-just-me-Kevin-no-need-to-worry-I-was-getting-lonely-next-door-so-I-decided-to-come-in-and- get-my-duvet-yeh?'
Kevin stared at him blankly; what the hell was the boy saying?
Kevin shook his head and lay back down. That Nick had always been a weird one anyway.

Nick opened the door to Kevin's room, and stepped out in to the corridor.
'Duvet dude; I seriously missed you' he said cuddling the duvet. Nick and his duvet stood in the corridor for a moment hugging as if though they hadn't seen each other for millennia.
'C'mon; let's go back to bed' said Nick walking back to his door and then stopping and closing his eyes

I could go back to Kevin and get his key; damnit Nick; you're so remarkably dense sometimes; you can't wake Kevin up AGAIN; remember he's scary. Stupid Nick. HEY! Don't call me stupid. You are. So are you then. I'm not denying it am I? STUPID. stupid. You're stupid. So are you. Shut up. No you. NO IT'S MY BRAIN; YOU SHUT UP. Well actually it's MY brain. Wer- th-fer? No I'm confused too now.
Nick sighed. Sometimes his brain could be such a headache. He spread the duvet out on to the floor outside his door and lay across it; covering himself with the other half. It wouldn't be too long till the morning; and now that he had his duvet for company; he wouldn't be cold or lonely. So much for the plan he thought to himself as he closed his eyes.

'Check it out'
'What?s he doing?'
'Sleeping I guess'
'I wonder what was wrong with his room that made his resort to the corridor'
'Good Question'
'Should we ask him?'
'It'd be kinda mean'
'Yeh; I suppose, he looks like an angel when he sleeps'
'Little Nicky'
Brian and Howie grinned at each other

Nick jerked away and sat upright bashing his head with Brian's.
'OUCH! Nick! DUDE! What was that for?' Brian shouted falling back on the floor
'Sorry Bri; what are you doing in my room so early in the morning? What happened?' Nick asked
Howie sniggered. There it was again; that annoying Howie snigger that made Nick's blood boil.
'WHAT?' he yelled at him
'We just wanted to know; why your sleeping in the hallway' said Howie smothering a bout of laughter
Nick looked around him; this was definitely not his room; and he couldn't for the life of him work out why he wasn't in his room. Brian was staring at him in amusement and Howie had burst in to gales of laughter. He felt his cheeks begin to burn. Why was he always caught doing stupid stuff?
Don't Leave Me by addiction
"What are you looking at?" Nick grumbled giving the duvet a cold glare.
"You should be ashamed of yourself... getting me into so much trouble." He kicked the duvet on his way to the bathroom, then paused at the bathroom door. He dropped his stuff inside the room than quickly ran back and jumped about viciously on the duvet before walking calmly back to the bathroom.
"Take that" he hissed sticking his tongue out at the duvet before closing the door.


Nick stepped out of the steamy bathroom in to the hotelroom and looked over to where he'd left his duvet lying lifeless and broken on the floor. He felt his heartrate rise with panic as he realised it wasn't there.
"Duvet?" he asked gingerly stepping further in to the room and scanning it with alarm as guilt flooded his body.
"Duvet, i'm sorry, I was a jerk. I should have treated you better. Please forgive me; I'm so sorry." Nick said morosely to the silent room.
He felt his throat clog up as he tried to hold back tears; he stumbled to the bed and sat down feeling the emptiness of the duvet-less bed.
Nick's eyes blurred as the memory of the night before rushed back to him; he lifted his eyes to the window sadly.
"DUVET?!?" he gasped sharply as he saw the duvet half inside the room and half outside the window.
"No duvet, please" he whispered crawling towards it as it seemed to slip further and further away from him.
"I love you" he said stopping on the floor about 190cm away from the edge of the duvet. The duvet paused in its attempt to fall out of the window.
"Gotcha!" Nick shouted lunging forwards and grasping the duvet tightly in his hands. He pulled the duvet back into his hotelroom and threw his arms around it in a fierce hug.
"Don't ever leave me again" he whispered harshly into the soft white duvet.
He opened his eyes after a few seconds and took a contented sigh. Feeling eyes on him, Nick looked up to see four figures watching him in absolute horror.
"Nick..." Howie said heavily
Nick cursed inwardly at being caught at such an inopportune moment and pulled the duvet closer to his heart.


"I can't believe you let him-"
"He cried Kevin, i could hard-"
You are SO pathetic cuz'" Kevin said walking past Brian.


"Celebrities are getting wierder and wierder" a cleaner said to one of the hotel receptionists showing him a note
'Dear Hotel,
I would like to thank you for uniting me with my one true love; here is $500
lots of love
"look there he goes"
The two hotel staff looked up from the note to watch Nick Carter walk out of the hotel hugging a neatly folded duvet.
"Isn't that duvet ours?" the receptionist asked the cleaner who merely shrugged in reply and walked away leaving a shocked receptionist gazing after the blonde bombshell.
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