Against Her Will by Daisyrae
Summary: This story takes place before Voldy is vanquished while they are in their 7th year at Hogwarts. Brianna Wolfe is a member of the Wizarding world?s second most prominent family (Black family excluded); she is the only child and bears the Dark Mark. This was a decision that she did not make on her own, she was betrothed to Draco Malfoy at birth and her family, as well as Draco?s, expects her to keep that promise. There is only one problem; she is in love with another man, can she let him go and accept the cards that fate has dealt her? Is Draco even capable of love? We shall soon see. Draco is desperate to hang on to what he sees as his property; meanwhile his master is pressuring him to keep her out of the hands of the enemy. Her powers are very important to Voldemort?s cause; he wants to use her to invade some very important minds. Please R & R, I thrive on feedback?thx. ~Daisy~
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1. The Involuntary Deatheater by Daisyrae

2. TWO by Daisyrae

3. THREE by Daisyrae

4. FOUR by Daisyrae

5. Chapter 5 by Daisyrae

The Involuntary Deatheater by Daisyrae
I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters therein...I own the plot and Bree/Dougie...well maybe Dougie owns himself...LOL Please enjoy

Brianna couldn’t believe what had just happened, the Dark Lord had finally branded her. She put her head in her hands and sobbed, she could not believe her misfortune; not only did her father require that she be a Death Eater but he was also making her marry a man that she despised with every fiber of her being. Luckily she was an accomplished Occlumens/Legilimens and her father had no idea how she felt, to tell him would not only leave her alone but it would also mark her for death. These thoughts ran through her mind while she wept. Bree felt as though her life was over, no matter how much she tried she had always been unable to distance herself from her father. She had landed herself in Gryffindor, which displeased him immensely.
She dearly missed her days in Gryffindor, her days trailing behind Hermione, Ron, Harry and Dougie. The five of them had been inseparable, which shamed her father and she had paid dearly for it, which was apparent in the mark she now bore on her left arm. She put her hand in her pocket and lovingly rubbed the smooth Galleon that served as her communication between herself and Dougie. She had to tell them what had happened, she dearly needed a shoulder to cry on, she knew that her best mates would be there for her. They had been the only ones that hadn’t held her family against her.
She set the coin for 8 P.M. and sent the message; they would be expecting her at number 12 Grimmauld Place at that time.

When 8 o’clock rolled around Bree walked out her door and apparated to London, she couldn’t apparate straight to Headquarters because her movements were sure to be tracked by Draco. She arrived three blocks from her actual destination so she just took her time and walked the rest of the way. She was so nervous; she had no idea how her friends would react to her new “tattoo”. She slowly approached the spot where #12 was supposed to be, pulled her wand from her robes, and tapped the empty lot. Seemingly out of nowhere a door appeared. She turned the knob and entered the Foyer to the Black family estate and the Order’s Headquarters.
She closed the door quietly, not quite ready to face her friends and confidants, she felt dirty. She was hoping that she would be able to arrive without a lot of pomp and circumstance but as people began to rush out of the kitchen she knew that would be impossible, they were all too happy to see her. Her absences had been noted; she would have a lot of explaining to do not to mention the fact that she was about to show them why she would be absent a lot more in the future.
TWO by Daisyrae
Bree was happy to see her friends rush to her with open arms; she wondered exactly how much longer those arms would remain open and welcoming. Hermione was the first to greet her; they hugged as though it had been months since that last spoke instead of weeks. And those weeks had been some of the most awful of Bree’s life thus far. Bree had tears in her eyes as she pulled away from her best girlfriend, tears that Dougie noticed first.
“Bree, what has kept you from us for so long, that is so unlike you.” He said as he pulled her in for another hug. Bree was unable to keep her sorrow inside any longer, she burst into tears and pulled up her left sleeve.
There was a collective gasp as the Order stared at her outstretched arm.
“The dark mark!” Mrs.Weasley exclaimed, “Why sweetie, why would you do that???” she asked stunned. Bree found her voice and began the explanation that she owed her friends.
“I had no choice, my father held me down while Lord Voldemort laughed.” She could not meet their eyes; the shame she would see there would break her heart.
“He wants me to use my talents for his cause, I think that they suspect I was helping the Order…” she was having trouble talking, “…he says that if I do not help them they will kill everyone that I love.” She looked right at Harry when she said this, everyone knew that the Dark Lord had guaranteed vengeance against Harry, but when Draco told him that Bree had been cavorting with Harry it was all the more urgent for Voldemort to succeed. Brianna’s talents were too important for Voldemort to let them fall into the “enemy’s” hands.
“He wants me to invade your minds to get inside information, he actually thinks that I would spy on you. I refuse, my mind is stronger than his and he knows it. He wants to use Draco and my folks to bully me into it. BUT I AM STRONGER THAN THEM!!!” she yelled, more to herself than anyone else.
“I have come to tell you that as soon as I turn 18 Draco and I are to be married. Then I will be less able to come to you, we need a better means of communication.” She said. McGonagall was the first to pose a question after Bree’s disturbing announcement.
“Brianna,” she moved closer to Bree, “Will you be returning to school at the end of the summer holiday?” she asked. “It is your last year, surely your parents wish you to graduate from school.”
“Of course, but how will I hide this abomination…” she held up her left arm, “…from my fellow Gryffindors? I don’t want anyone else to know” she said, ashamed.
“Well dear, there is a spell that I can cast that will cause people who do not know about the mark to be unable to see it. However, those of us that know it is there will still see.” She said, Bree’s spirits lifted immediately.
“Seriously, you can do that?!?!” Bree asked. Minerva nodded.
“Oh thank you Professor!” Bree exclaimed as she hugged the older woman. Bree was so relieved that she almost forgot about the time.
“Oh one more thing, if I start acting odd, you know doing things that you know I would not do…then they have put me under the Imperius curse. I was threatened with it all ready and they will not hesitate to use it on me to get what they want.” She said.
“Oh dear,” she looked at her watch, “I must be going, my family will start noticing that I’m gone. Thank you all for being so understanding and supportive. I’ll miss you all, see you again soon, I promise.” She said as she walked out the door.

When she arrived home she was greeted by her VERY angry father.
“Out.” She said and walked into the drafty house.
“Your disrespectful tone will not be tolerated in this house. If I find out that you were with…” he looked like he had tasted something disgusting, ”… those Blood Traitors. So help me Brianna. All your mother and I want is for you to live up to your heritage. Hanging around with the likes of them tarnishes our good name.” He stated.
“Father, do we have to go into this. I have done all that you have asked of me, I am branded for life,” she held out her arm, “and I have agreed to marry Draco so that you and mother will not loose face among your peers. Is it so much to ask that you allow me a little privacy?” she was begging her father to drop it.
“So be it, but I am serious. When you return to school I expect you to request a house transfer and you will spend ALL your free time with Draco. That is my final word.” He turned and walked away, his daughter was devastated.
“A house transfer?” she thought to herself, “I can get out of that, McGonagall would never allow it.” At least that much she knew, her father may accept that as out of her hands but Draco all the time. She may not have to marry after all. If she had to spent that much time with him she might just kill him before the school year ended. This thought put a smile on her face.
THREE by Daisyrae
She knew that she would be able to finish school before she had to retire the Galleon communication system, but that didn’t mean that she had to wait until then to solve the problem. And then it hit her, surely the Malfoys would have a painting of Sirius somewhere, he was after all, part of their family. Narcissa was his cousin, perhaps on one of her many trips to the Malfoy estate (Narcissa insisted on planning the Wedding) she could slip away and scour the attic, she knew that they would not have it hanging in sight. And there would certainly be a painting of Sirius in Headquarters, especially since Harry missed him so dearly. Yes that was what she would do, find a painting of Sirius and use that…she would have to leave it in the attic though which posed a little problem, but that was nothing that she couldn’t think about later.
The end of the summer was rapidly approaching and Bree was looking forward to the new school year, her last year at Hogwarts. She sat down at her desk and penned a note to the new Headmistress.

~Dearest Professor McGonagall;
My parents have asked that I request a house transfer, as you know my whole family has been in Slytherin and no doubt that is where they want me to be as well. So I am regretfully sending this request, please address the return Owl with your answer to my parents, as they are more likely to accept any denials you may send if it comes straight to them. Were I to give it to them they would most likely think that I tampered with it in some way.

~Please and Thank You
~Brianna Wolfe

She retrieved her owl and put a charm of her own making on the parchment, so that if any person aside from McGonagall read it, it would appear to be a neutral request for House transfer, exactly what her parents wanted. She was quite pleased with her newest spell. She hoped that it would work the way she needed it too. She sent the owl off to Hogwarts; she couldn’t risk sending it to headquarters. When she was finished she went to bed, her school list would arrive in the morning and then she would be off to Diagon Alley, and to her friends that were sure to be waiting there for her arrival. They always met to purchase school supplies together, whether her parents liked it or not. But she knew that they would not object to the trip, they knew that she needed to go.
The next morning she went downstairs to breakfast, her mother was sitting at the table reading the Daily Prophet and nonchalantly waving her wand about, which was resulting in breakfast. A most delicious smelling fry-up that Bree was anxious to gobble up. She sat down to the table and greeted her mother.
“Good morning mum, did you sleep well?” she asked. Her mother didn’t even look up from the Prophet.
“As well as I could with your father complaining all night about his only daughter.” She looked up and smiled at Bree. Her mother didn’t agree with Bree being part of Voldemort’s cause, she was actually against the circumstances under which Bree had been marked. She believed that Bree should be able to live her life, make her own choices. However she was also the old fashioned type that believed you should obey your husband, although when she was passionate about something she let her husband know about it. She had been furious when Bree walked in the door sobbing and holding her left arm; and she let her husband know it. They had a very heated argument about it, which resulted in the slight discoloration of her right cheek, at which time she had dropped it.
While Bree helped herself to breakfast there was a tapping at the window, there waited two owls. Bree walked to the window, both owls were from Hogwarts, though one was addressed to Bree and the other her parents.
“Mom, one of these is for you.” Bree said taking the letter addressed to her. She handed the other to her mother, which she opened right away.

To Whom It May Concern:
I regret to inform you that a house transfer so late in Brianna’s schooling would only be detrimental to her learning experience. Therefore I am unable to grant your request that she be moved, also, when the Sorting Hat speaks it is final and there is nothing that I am able to do about it. So sorry.

Minerva McGonagall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The older woman folded the letter up and smiled, her husband had been thwarted again. This pleased her greatly, for she did not wish her daughter to be in Slytherin. Alamadrea Wolfe had been very pleased that her daughter made it into Gryffindor; it had been her home as well, when she was in school. She was happy that Brianna was there…it would protect her.
FOUR by Daisyrae
When Bree woke up that morning she was ecstatic, she was going to see her friends today, they would all in Diagon Alley waiting for her. They were going to get their school supplies.
She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen for breakfast; she was surprised to find the kitchen empty with no breakfast in sight. “How odd.” She thought to herself, especially since they had house-elves that made sure there was food when Alamadrea didn’t cook. Bree looked around the kitchen wondering where everybody was. She called out to here favorite elf, she would know where everyone was.
“Yunnie!” she yelled into the empty room. With a loud crack a small house elf appeared.
“Yes young mistress, what do you wish of me?” Yunnie asked with a bow so low that her long nose brushed the ground.
“Do you know where my parents have gone off to? Oh and where is my breakfast I am starving.” She said.
“They have gone to the Malfoy estate for the day and I am to respectfully request that you join them when you wake. That is why there is no food, it is waiting for you elsewhere.” She smiled hoping for some bit of praise from her young mistress. Bree smiled, Yunnie was a friend. Bree and Alamadrea treated their helpers with respect and love where as Roland (Bree’s father) treated them the same way that the Malfoys did, like shit.
“Thank you Yunnie, could you make me a quick snack before I leave though. I am famished, I couldn’t possibly apparate on an empty stomach.” She said with a smile, knowing that the elf would do anything that Bree wanted. Bree kissed her hand and then tapped Yunnie on the top of her head and went upstairs to shower and dress. After she was finished she went back downstairs to find that the elf had made her most favorite snack in the world, Orange Sweet Rolls.
Bree looked around at the empty room and said, “Thank you Yunnie they are delicious.” She ate a couple of them and then continued packing her things, tomorrow she would have to catch the Hogwart’s Express and she wanted to be prepared.
Back to the current problem, her father obviously thought that if he got her to the Malfoy’s Estate that she would forget about meeting her friends in Diagon Alley, he was wrong of course.
Bree walked out the door and poof she was gone. She re-appeared in front of the Malfoy’s large, dark mansion. It even looked like it smelled musty, yuck!
She reluctantly walked up to the large, oak front doors and grasped the knocker. She gave it three good knocks and waited. The door opened slowly, she entered the large Foyer and was escorted into the parlor by a house elf. She entered the parlor and saw that her parents were indeed there, and there was a lot of food. Her parent’s weren’t the only ones there either. Narcissa’s sister Bellatrix Lestrange was there as well as Severus Snape and some other prominent Deatheaters. Lucius, of course, was absent; Azkaban didn’t let people out for parties. Even if it was the Engagement party for his only son.
Everybody turned around when she was announced; luckily she had dressed nice and taken extra time on her hair and make-up. She was expecting to see Harry today and wanted to look nice. Good thing because she had just walked into her surprise engagement party.
Draco was beaming, she looked so beautiful and she was all his. Whether she loved him or not, that would come in time. He flipped the little ring box open and looking at the massive heirloom diamond that he was about to give to her and hoped that she would at least appreciate it.
Bree was so uncomfortable, and not pleased to see Snape either. He may be a hero, to this group, for what he did but she could not forgive him. She hadn’t even allowed him to explain anything to her, she didn’t want to hear it; the pain was still too fresh.
Narcissa approached Bree with her arms open, Bree reluctantly allowed herself to hug the woman that she would have to call mother from now on.
“Oh Brianna! We are so thrilled that you came so quickly. We are celebrating your engagement to Draco today, SURPRISE!” Narcissa was giddy with excitement, Lucius would be so happy; they had always hoped that the Wolfe and Malfoy families would be linked by marriage. The children of this union would be truly blessed, of course only in the circles that the Malfoys traveled, but blessed nonetheless.
Draco looked beautiful as well, his hair was slicked back as always; he was wearing a navy blue suit and tie, it really brought out his blue eyes. He looked so amazing that Bree was able to forget that she didn’t want to marry him, he approached her smiling. He saw that she was mesmerized by his appearance. He loved it, he reached for her hand and got down on one knee, she was actually smiling.
“Be my wife.” He said as he flipped open the box. Her eyes fell on the massive diamond and her mouth fell open. “Oh my fucking God! That thing is huge.” She thought to herself, could she actually be happy right now?
“Yes, I will Draco.” She said smiling and accepted the heirloom. He slid it onto her left ring finger and then kissed her hand. She had no idea that Draco could be so sweet and romantic when he wanted to. And right now he wanted nothing more than to make her feel wanted and loved.
They ate cake together and accepted well wishes from people, then made their way to the foyer to be alone.
“Draco, this is so unlike you. Why are you pretending that you like me? You haven’t given me any dirty looks or anything.” Bree didn’t like the uncomfortable feeling that she was getting, it was so unlike Draco to act like he cared.
“I know that you hate me Bree, but we are getting married and I just thought that I should make a few changes, it would be really awful to be married to someone and to know that they hated you more than anything else in the world.” He said.
“I don’t hate you, especially not more than anything else in this world. I hate the things that you say and the things that you do, Draco. But if you can make some changes then I can also. I know that we are getting married and I want it to be full of happiness and Love Draco. Not hate, deceit, and lies.” She said. She couldn’t believe it, but she was going to cry. She never realized, until now, how much she wanted Draco to like her. They both smiled. Narcissa and Alamadrea walked toward them, talking along the way.
“Why don’t the two of you get out of here? You need to buy your supplies for school right?” Narcissa asked. Bree nodded.
“Yeah we do but…” she was cut off by her mother, and the look on her face begged Bree to not mention that she was going to meet the Potter boy.
“I think that you and Draco will have fun in Diagon Alley.” Alamadrea was pleased that the day had gone so well and was not about to let Bree ruin it by being careless about mentioning her friends.
“Of course mother, that would be fabulous.” Bree answered and it was settled. Now she would have to explain to her friends and Draco why they all had to hang out together. This was a good chance to use the Muffliato spell…on Draco of course.
Chapter 5 by Daisyrae
Chapter 5

As they left the mansion, Draco turned to Bree with a sneer.
“Will we be meeting the unsavory people that you call friends?” he asked with contempt, “They make me feel dirty.” Bree was furious, all that talk inside of changing, must have just been talk.
“What of your changes Draco? Have those been forgotten so soon?” she looked deep into his eyes, looking for the truth. She found it, he wasn’t so keen on those changes, he had only wanted her to trust him. He was after all in Voldemort’s inner circle (replacing his father), and Voldemort wanted her. So she learned that it was all a ruse to obtain her trust.
“Draco, do you know why the Dark Lord wants me?” she asked. After the ease in which she had obtained information without Draco knowing, she didn’t think that he did. He had no idea she was a Legilimens, not a better Legilimens than Voldemort was an Occlumens. She was, however, a better Occlumens than Voldemort was a Legilimens. This is what angered the Dark Lord the most, she was only 17 and he was unable to infiltrate her mind to gather the information that he wanted.
“No I don’t, why does that matter?” he asked. She just laughed at him, he as so thick sometimes.
“Shall we go?” Bree asked.
“Yeah, just let me get my broom and then we can leave.” Bree looked puzzled. Draco was of age, hadn’t he gotten his license?
“Um, Draco wait. I thought we could just apparate. That is how I get everywhere.” once again she made eye contact, he had no idea what she was doing.
“Well I am not keen on the feeling of apparating. I just fly, more comfortable.” Bree smiled at him, he hadn’t passed his test, he would be retaking it that fall. She giggled to herself, he was so bad at lying.
“Right, Draco. We’ll just fly.” Bree hadn’t brought her broom, she would need to retrieve it from home. “Wait here, I will be right back. Oh and yes we will be meeting my friends, and you will like it.” She disappeared with a bang and reappeared a couple minutes later with her broom in tow.
“Shall we?” she said mounting her Firebolt. Draco looked at his Comet 260 with distaste and then mounted; they were off to Diagon Alley.
The trip was filled with silence, Draco did not like the fact that her broom was better, he left his good broom at school for Quidditch. But also he was angry that he would have to spend the afternoon with that little mud-blood snot, Hermione and her mud-blood friend Doug. Not to mention that he would also be spending the afternoon with a blood traitor, Ron, and Harry Potter. This was going to be pure hell.
Bree looked in Draco’s direction and could tell what he was thinking about, the look of contempt on his face told the whole story. He was NOT looking forward to their leisurely afternoon in Diagon Alley, oh well for him. It hadn’t been her idea for him to come along, it hadn’t been up to them at all.
“So will Crabbe and Goyle be there as well?” she asked in an effort to break the unbearable silence that enveloped them.
“Yeah, they were going to meet us in Knockturn Alley, don’t suppose that you are inclined to show your face in that part of town though. Right?” he asked. She looked at him like he was crazy, that place didn’t scare or intimidate her.
“I have no problem running in and out to fetch them, however, I will not be spending any amount of time there. If you want to hang out there then feel free, but I will not accompany you.” She said briskly. Her feelings on the location were of no consequence to him, he couldn’t care less whether she wanted to ‘hang out’ there or not. If she was to be his wife then she would need to learn that his word was law; that was final.
“You do realize that once we are wed, I will not tolerate that tone of voice. You will obey me at all times, is that understood?” he asked, very seriously. She actually laughed in his face.
“You wish Malfoy.” She sped up and laughed, he was in for the surprise of his life after the wedding. She would be sure to make his life miserable, she was not exactly the type to bow down to the Lord of the manor, just because he was a man did not make him better than her and she would make him see that.
They arrived in front of the Leaky Cauldron a little later than Bree would have liked, but at least there weren’t any muggles about. That would have been disastrous; it would really look bad to get into trouble this close to the beginning of their last year.
Bree stashed their brooms in her purse (which was enchanted to hold just about anything that you needed it to, it was Wizard Space) and they entered the Leaky Cauldron. They exited through that back door and tapped on the bricks to enter Diagon Alley. Her friends were waiting at the entrance for her to arrive. Her friends were stunned to see whom she had arrived with, she would explain later.
Hermione threw a dirty look in Draco’s direction before running to Bree and hugging her, they were best girlfriends. They were on the same intellectual playing field.
“I’ve missed you since we last spoke Bree.” Hermione said giggling.
“Oh I know, it has been awful not being able to owl my mates.” Bree replied. Draco tapped Bree’s shoulder.
“I shall return, I have to go and get the guys. Meet me in front of Ollivander’s in ten minutes ok?” he asked eyeing her cautiously.
“Of course, whatever you want Draco.” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. Her friends just looked at her like she had a bogie hanging.
“What in the bloody hell does he care? Why is he with you?” Ron asked, obviously confused. All she had to do is whip out the rock, and she got their attention.
“I told you earlier in the summer that this was going to happen, I just didn’t think that it would be so soon. I will be watched ALL year. Luckily the HBP hooked us up with Muffliato so he will never know what we talk about, even when he is standing right there.” They all laughed at this, especially since they all knew who the HBP was and he didn’t appear to be on their side right now.
Bree thought that she saw Harry’s expression drop when he saw that she was indeed engaged, but she couldn’t be sure. It was at that moment that Ginny walked by and tore Harry’s gaze away from her. Now it was Bree’s turn to be disappointed, Harry watched intently as Ginny sauntered away, it was quite obvious that she was trying to get Harry’s attention back, neither had taken the break-up well.
Ginny was out of their sight within minutes, and they found themselves waiting patiently in front of Ollivander’s. Bree glanced at her watch, it had all ready been twenty minutes, if Draco didn’t show up soon they were going to go with out him.
Before she had even finished her thoughts he showed up with Crabbe and Goyle following behind him, like the faithful lapdogs that they were. He was the brains and they were his muscle.
“I see that you are able to follow directions after all. Finally seeing your place are you?” he asked, Crabbe and Goyle laughed.
“Don’t test me Malfoy, I am not in the mood.” She said with as much attitude as she could muster. She really just wanted to stick her tongue out, but she knew that wouldn’t go over well.
She looked at her friends, who had positioned themselves strategically so that they could cast the spell quickly. Harry had Crabbe, Hermione had Goyle, and Bree of course had Draco. They took their wands out of their robes, inconspicuously of course, and aimed them. Hermione and Bree were able to cast their spells silently, both having master non-verbal spell casting before the end of the last term. Harry just whispered his, being very careful not to attract Crabbe’s attention.
Draco and company would be able to hear each other but not anything that Dougie, Bree, Hermione, Ron or Harry said…THANK YOU TO THE HBP
They were able to discuss whatever they wanted, Bree wasn’t worried about Draco talking to her, he was doing a brilliant job of ignoring her and judging by the way the three were laughing, whispering, and looking at her, they were talking about her. Most likely insults, so she just threw them dirty looks so they would think that she cared. She didn’t.
They all got their things and said their goodbyes. They would all see each other tomorrow on the Hogwart’s Express, and she knew that Draco would not sink to their level by sitting with them. She would have a little peace for the ride there at least.
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