Wild At Heart : The Beginning by AJsSweety

The war between good and evil had always gone on with little knowledge of humanity. Every thousand years a select few humans were chosen at birth and given special abilities. Those fortunate enough to be discovered at birth were trained. Those not discovered would live out their lives with no understanding of what they were capable of.

One special girl was foretold to be the child that would end the war forever and bring both races together to live in harmony.

One Demon sought to change that destiny and to change the very fabric of life itself. He desired only to control the girl, and the powers she possessed. Instead, he brought forth an evil that had been unseen for hundreds of years.

Her destiny was unaltered, however her fate had changed. She must now fight her own lust for blood and unite the forces of darkness and light to conquer the one who can destroy everything.

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Chapter 12 by AJsSweety

Nickolas looked toward the door as Nathaniel entered. Nathaniel held his head down as he walked toward his master.
“She knows.”
“Then the war begins. We must find allies in this war, many that want her dead as much as I want her power.”
“I’ve been told of a great many demons that hide from the powers from those like Katherine. Yet I’ve not found any that can find out truths of those claims.”
“Then this night while we feed, we shall hunt those that want to destroy the demon called Katherine. I will have her power. Five hundred years ago I was denied that power. But with her death that power will be my own.”
“Yes my master.” Nathaniel said with a slight bow. Nickolas looked toward the only one that had remained at his side, he could feel his fear.
“She has frightened you.”
“There is a great power within her, and she holds a great hate for you.”
“That hate is what will bring her down, that hate will give me the power that will end the world as we know it, and bring the world into the new meaning, the world of all demons. We will no longer hide in the darkness that holds us as its prisoner. We will roam among those that fear us most. They will become our slaves and us their masters. Katherine was destined to hold the power that could change the world for good or evil, how she chose to use that power is how I choose to take it from her.”
“You knew before making her what she is, that she was the one that could destroy demons?”
“Yes, I knew that the fate of our kind was held in the balance by changing her. Had I left her as a human she would have died normal and none would have know of the destiny, but she was to fulfill the destiny and I was to make sure she did.”
“Then master, with the change in her, the change that has become almost good. As if she holds a power over the power of good and evil in her hands.”
“She does. But do not worry my love, she will become ours and we will rule with her power while she becomes our slave.”
“Yes master.” Nathaniel replied as he was pulled closer to Nickolas and their lips were met in a passionate kiss. Nathaniel melted in Nickolas’s arms and held him close, as the two seemed to melt into one form. Nickolas cared deeply for Nathaniel, he held a deep almost lust for the boy he held in his arms.
“Come, we must feed. I shall feed the need we both have later.” Nickolas said breaking the kiss. Nathaniel seemed to moan in pain as Nickolas led him from the room and out into the city below.

Katherine looked toward the city below as she listened to Bianca dress. A smile spread across her face, as she imagined the young woman hurriedly worrying about what to wear that evening. Katherine rarely was seen in the village below but this night was different, she wished to show Bianca her new world. And to show her this world it meant that she’d have to leave the mansion.
“Tell me young one, are you happy?”
“Ecstatic. I’ve never felt this way. Well once I did, but he never wanted to share that with me.”
“But you are willing to share that with me, a demon as Darcy has called me.”
“I don’t see you as a demon, none of us are. But I over heard you say war, what war is coming?”
“A war that will be between good and evil, between the humans and the demons. But I am the one that is to prevent it all, I am the one that will keep it all from happening. But first I must have an army, an army that is willing to work against the demons that they fear, and the demons must work with the humans to find an equal end.”
“You where chosen?”
“I have always been chosen, but had I died as a human, my body would have let the power go and someone from my future would become the chosen one. But when Nickolas changed me that meant that I was going to be the chosen till the end of time.”
“Show me the world, show me this world before this war comes to claim it.”
“No one will ever take this world from us. The world of darkness and light will be ours forever. And because of that, those that wish to take it from us shall parish.” Katherine responded as she took Bianca’s hand in her own and walked toward the door, her brood was assembled in the main room, it was time to hunt as a family once more. Bianca was surprised to see the large amount of people, she had never seen them within the walls of the house before.
“I remember the child, and you two.”
“The others tend to stay hidden unless I need them. But to introduce them, the tall one here is Leland, he is my first, the first that I changed, and then there is Damien he was brought to me as a slave, and I took pity on him rather than make him a slave. My final is Jerold, as you notice they are all male, besides Angelina, I took my family as male.”
“Show me this world. Please. I want to know all about the world that has been yours for a very long time.” Bianca replied taking her hand and walking toward the door.
“Yes, come my children. We must feed.” Katherine said allowing Bianca to lead her from the mansion and toward the unsuspecting village below.
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