Wild At Heart : The Beginning by AJsSweety

The war between good and evil had always gone on with little knowledge of humanity. Every thousand years a select few humans were chosen at birth and given special abilities. Those fortunate enough to be discovered at birth were trained. Those not discovered would live out their lives with no understanding of what they were capable of.

One special girl was foretold to be the child that would end the war forever and bring both races together to live in harmony.

One Demon sought to change that destiny and to change the very fabric of life itself. He desired only to control the girl, and the powers she possessed. Instead, he brought forth an evil that had been unseen for hundreds of years.

Her destiny was unaltered, however her fate had changed. She must now fight her own lust for blood and unite the forces of darkness and light to conquer the one who can destroy everything.

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Chapter 14 by AJsSweety

Bianca looked around the small village; her hunger was getting the better of her. She could feel the hunger over taking her as she saw a young woman standing near a building.
“Now my child, the prey is always oblivious of what we are doing. Take your time with her. She will allow you to walk with her. But you must understand that once she realizes what is going on she will scream. Make her death quick.”
“Yes ma’am.” Bianca said; she slowly walked down the alley and up to the young woman.
“Are you new in the village?” Bianca asked.
“Yes, I am visiting family. You are not from here?”
“I have been living with my aunt for a year now. My father died before he was able to return to Spain. But yes I am not from around here. Come let us take a walk and I will show you the village.” Bianca replied as she held her arm out for the young woman. The young unsuspecting woman took it and allowed her to lead her away from the safety of the inn. Katherine was pleased with the progress Bianca was already showing. She was going to be a fine hunter, not unlike young Angelina.
“Yes, mistress?”
“Find yourself something to feed on. I know that you are the best of my brood at this, but be aware that Nickolas is in the village.”
“Yes mistress, I will watch for him.” Angelina replied as she hugged Katherine before she disappeared into the darkness. Katherine knew that she could leave Bianca alone, but felt that the young vampire would need as much guidance as she could give her. Bianca walked from the darkness and wrapped her arms around Katherine’s waist.
“Did I do well?”
“Yes my dear. You did very well.” Katherine replied as she looked into the darkness.
“Are you worried about him?”
“I worry about you all. But I felt that you were jealous earlier.”
“I was slightly. But I understand that each of us has a different place in your heart. But I am feeling that Darcy will hold a new place that I can not.”
“Do not be so sure of that. Darcy brings to me something I have not seen in a great many years, but you are my special child, the one that holds my most attention.” Katherine stated as she turned and kissed Bianca. Bianca still knew that Darcy held the piece of the passion that she had once. But she was willing to share; she was not going to turn into something like Nickolas.

Nickolas smiled, he knew that there was something within Katherine’s own family that would be her own undoing.
“Are we returning home?”
“Soon, we must find some more blood. We will be planning for a short while and have no time to leave the cabin. Come.” Nickolas said taking Nathaniel’s hand in his own. He knew that the young one was doubting his worth and he wanted to show Nathaniel that he was worth more to him that he had ever made him understand. They walked silently toward a house in the distance. Nathaniel knew that they had been staying at a local Inn. Nickolas stood just outside the small cottage and smiled, he could see a small family just beyond the window. Nathaniel looked toward the small children and then back at Nickolas.
“You kill children?”
“Their blood is the best, they are young and innocent and because of that their blood is untainted.”
“Is it wise master?”
“I want this family and I will have them. I have destroyed families larger than this one, do not question me boy.”
“Yes master.” Nathaniel said, lowering his head. Nickolas walked into the house through the backdoor and screaming could be heard before Nathaniel entered. He hated taking the life of a child, but Nickolas had a point their blood was the purest. He walked into the house to see Nickolas holding the mother by her throat why he held the smallest child by his hair. Nathaniel was starving, he had felt the blood that had been drained from the father the minute he entered the house, and he wanted to feel the warm blood of one of the children before Nickolas left him nothing. Reaching he grabbed the teenage child by the arm and pulled him to his side.
“Tell me child, do you want to die?”
“Dying by the hand of a demon like yourself would be nothing. You only bring me to my lord sooner.”
“Your lord will not save you from this, for dying at the hand of a demon will make you live forever in limbo. Your afterlife will be cursed. But you will have served your purpose.” Nathaniel said as he sunk his teeth deep into the boy’s neck. He could feel the power that was being drained from the boys slowly dying form. He wanted to feel that forever but knew that he couldn’t.
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