Wild At Heart : The Beginning by AJsSweety

The war between good and evil had always gone on with little knowledge of humanity. Every thousand years a select few humans were chosen at birth and given special abilities. Those fortunate enough to be discovered at birth were trained. Those not discovered would live out their lives with no understanding of what they were capable of.

One special girl was foretold to be the child that would end the war forever and bring both races together to live in harmony.

One Demon sought to change that destiny and to change the very fabric of life itself. He desired only to control the girl, and the powers she possessed. Instead, he brought forth an evil that had been unseen for hundreds of years.

Her destiny was unaltered, however her fate had changed. She must now fight her own lust for blood and unite the forces of darkness and light to conquer the one who can destroy everything.

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Chapter 20 by AJsSweety

Nickolas shook his head and knew that he’d lost the child he had once had a fascination for. Nathaniel watched his master and then looked toward the small group that had slowly assembled.
“Master, some are here. But they are searching for more to lead us in our fight against Katherine and her brood.”
“We will do what we can. Katherine is not going to win this. She was not to be the one that could stop those that are evil coming forth. She is just as evil as we are, just as vicious as the rest of her kind. And we shall show that to her.”
“I am seeing that she will not want what we are to show her master, she will try to destroy us.”
“She can try.” Nickolas growled as he looked out at the village, he could see the candles and the torches that were being light, he knew that meant that he had been discovered, or had Katherine done something. He wasn’t sure, but he was sure that they’d have to move on soon.
“Come my son, we must move on. The villagers are looking a might bit restless.”
“Yes Master.” Nathaniel said, standing he followed Nickolas from the small cottage; they’d have to find yet another place to call home.

Katherine walked outside and looked at the village below, she looked toward the dark sky and just beyond the clouds could see a full moon and the stars that always light up the sky each night. She remembered the years before her change, the times where she hid in the shadows of the palace, hiding from her family and those she could call friends. Learning the ancient arts of the wizard’s dark magic, the magic that for her family was forbidden. She learned what the old wizard would teach her, and she learned quickly. He taught her to hone her magical skills and taught her to make the power that she held within her own being become part of the magic that she was learning from him. But she also wanted to learn more of the darkness that he was keeping from her. But he said hat she was to eager to learn that and was to wait. And she did, until the time that Nickolas came to her and after the change the magic she had learned became more of her being than it had before.
“Yes, Angelina?” Katherine answered turning toward the young girl.
“Is everything all right?”
“Yes child. Everything is all right, I shall come back inside shortly.”
“All right.” Angelina said as she turned and walked back inside. Katherine closed her eyes and began to chant, she could hear the wind pick up and she could hear the air around her start crackling. She smiled as she raised her hands and let the current flow through her fingers as her chanting became louder, she could hear the doors of the mansion opening and her children stepping outside to see what she was doing, several could be heard down on the main lawn dancing around as the sky opened up and the rain began flowing quickly. As she finished the chant, she felt Darcy’s arms wrap around her waist.
“What are you doing?”
“If Nickolas wants this war, he shall have it, but I want to destroy him myself not let those foolish villagers do it.”
“Were they chasing him?”
“He was sloppy and they found out he had killed a family.”
“An entire family?”
“Yes, when he and I were together I would never kill children and still wont, and I know we have Angelina but she was different.”
“I know. I am learning so much about how you are and who you are.”
“There are a lot of secrets about me that you will learn more and more as we continue life together.”
“Things how you came to be? How you gained the powers that make you who you are.”
“My powers only make part of who I am. But as I said the longer we are together you will learn more and more.” Katherine said, smiling as she pulled away from him and leaped from the balcony and landed nicely on all fours on the ground below. Darcy looked down to have the golden eyes of a black leopard and watched as it disappeared into the darkness.
“Mistress can change shape.”
“So I noticed, are we all able to do this?”
“Yes, but each of us changes differently.”
“What?” Darcy asked, looking at Angelina.
“Katherine changes into a leopard, where as most of us change into wolves or birds, depending on what we can handle.”
“She never told me about that.”
“Sometimes she don’t, sometimes she wants you to learn things on your own. With the impending war, things will be taken more seriously.”
“Then we will deal with it then. I must hunt, I shall return soon.” Darcy said leaping off the balcony and landing on his feet on the ground below. He took off into the darkness and disappeared. Angelina laughed and disappeared back into the house once again.
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