Wild At Heart : The Beginning by AJsSweety

The war between good and evil had always gone on with little knowledge of humanity. Every thousand years a select few humans were chosen at birth and given special abilities. Those fortunate enough to be discovered at birth were trained. Those not discovered would live out their lives with no understanding of what they were capable of.

One special girl was foretold to be the child that would end the war forever and bring both races together to live in harmony.

One Demon sought to change that destiny and to change the very fabric of life itself. He desired only to control the girl, and the powers she possessed. Instead, he brought forth an evil that had been unseen for hundreds of years.

Her destiny was unaltered, however her fate had changed. She must now fight her own lust for blood and unite the forces of darkness and light to conquer the one who can destroy everything.

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Chapter 6 by AJsSweety

Nickolas watched from outside the large house, Katherine’s power kept him from entering the grounds; but he knew one that could enter the grounds any time he wished.
“You will go, and you will gain her trust.”
“Yes master.”
”Remember, Nathaniel, she has marked you, and because of that she will think you’ve returned because of that mark.”
“The mark is strong master. I’ve wanted to return to her side for a great many years.”
“But you have done well and not let the feeling take over your mind. Katherine is strong, and she will find her ways to get inside of your mind.”
“She already is, I hear her voice every morning when I sleep, I see her face when I close my eyes. But you’ve taught me well, I shall not fail you.”
“When do you wish me to make my move?”
“Tomorrow. I wish for you to come to her, tell her that there has been changes in my life, that I’ve become ill. She will come to me.”
“Are you sure master?”
“Yes, she will come to me, I am what keeps her alive.”
“Master, she has power of her own, you just made her a vampire instead of a sorceress.”
“Do not question me, just do as you are told.”
“Yes master.” Nathaniel said bowing slightly before disappearing into the darkness.

Katherine sat on the enclosed balcony and looked out at the darkened sky.
“There has been a change.”
“What change?”
“Bianca is requiring your attention. It seems her father has passed.”
“I shall be there shortly. Call for the undertaker, I will not have a dead body within the walls of this house.”
“Yes mistress.” Martin said, bowing and leaving her alone. Katherine stood on the porch for a longer and then headed into the house. She knew that in her venerable state Bianca would come to her willingly.
“I am sorry child, I wish there was more we could have done for your father.” Katherine said as she entered the room. Bianca turned and hurried into Katherine’s open arms and cried. Katherine held Bianca close and let the younger woman cry, she knew that soon she would have her power in her control, but first she wanted to let her greave.
“Father is in a better place, he is in no more pain and because of that I am happy.”
“That is a wonderful way of thinking of it. What makes you suddenly change the way you feel?”
“My father, just before he passed, told me that he would always watch me from heaven. And that I would make my life more than I could ever imagine.”
“I believe that your father was a wise man. Tomorrow evening I wish to speak to you about something.”
“I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. But I’ve burdened you for too long.”
“No, no you haven’t child. Believe me, after we speak tomorrow you will have a new life to look forward to.”
“A new life? How so?”
“When we speak tomorrow you will understand. Until then, rest and I will speak to you tomorrow night after sunset.”
“All right, thank you my friend.” Bianca said hugging her once again. Katherine left the room and walked down the long hallway. An evil smile play on her face, she knew that soon Bianca would be hers forever.
“Tell me demon, do you want the child?”
“The child has powers that I want to help hone.”
“Then let her hone her powers as a human. Never take away the mortal life that she was given. Taking away the life she was given would make her hate you as much as you hated Nickolas.”
“Darcy, you know nothing of my life before you came here. You barely know of my life now. How could you ever know that I hated Nickolas?”
“I’ve yet to meet a vampire that loved their creator. Unless there is something different about you.” Darcy stated, Katherine growled and disappeared down the dark hallway.
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