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When Anna moves To Tampa, Florida from Canada at the beginning of the summer she's really lonely having no friends and missing all of her friends back home it wasn't until her friends Liz and Theresa visited her that her whole world changed....

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Chapter 2 by Annabelle
Navy = Theresa Blue = Anna Black = Liz

The following morning....

"Anna,” a voice called to her softly. “Anna wake up.”

Anna groaned and popped one eyelid half-way open in the bright light. Who had opened the curtains at this hour? It was summer...that meant sleeping in, didn't her mother know that?

"Anna, get out of bed, someone's downstairs for you?"

‘That was preposterous’, Anna thought. Who in the world would be waiting downstairs for her at this time in the morning? Didn't the world know how to sleep when it was appropriate?

"It's a man. Says his name is Nick something-rather."

Anna's eyes opened fully. “Nick! Nick?!" she squealed. "Nick Carter?!"

"Yeah, I think that's what his name was. He's brought in breakfast. Said he owed it to you..."

Anna was out of bed and throwing on clothes before her mother even finished the sentence.

Anna was greeted to the sight of a slightly squeamish Nick staring at the floor. As he spotted her, he straightened up, and smiled.
"Hey, I uh, got you breakfast. Hope you like McDonalds," he laughed.
Anna tilted her head to the side. McDonalds wasn't the best food in the universe, but it was pretty good on occasion.
"Bacon and pancakes!" she shrieked.
Nick stared. "Uhh, yeah. You like it apparently?"
Anna nodded furiously as she opened the bag and eagerly scarfed down.
"I wanted to make it up to you about ya know about your head and all..." Nick apologized.
The "Mff, ift okam. De noods grape!" Anna said around her food
"Huh?" Nick looked lost.
Anna swallowed. "It's ok, the food's great."
Nick laughed. "I'm glad you like it."
Anna smiled. then she heard a knock on the door Anna's mom went back sleep and Jared was too lazy to move "ANNNNNNNNA" he called "what?!" she yell "don't yell mom's went back to sleep but there’s someone at the door its prolly your boyfriend" Anna got up whacked Jared in the back of the head "i don’t have a boyfriend" she said as she opened the door she smiled at who she saw her best friends Liz and Theresa "oh yeah? Then who's the little blond boy that you hang around with 24/7?" he asked Anna gave a look then said "he has a name use it. I don't hang around him 24/7 i just met the guy" "yeah but you like him" Jared said "no i don't but even if i did how would you know?" he smiled and said "i have my little ways" she sighed closed the door after Liz and Theresa came in
As Jared ran up the stairs, Liz looked questioningly at Anna. "You still haven't gotten him to do your bidding?" Theresa laughed.
"In my dreams," Anna sighed. "I swear, he's worse than cramps at times."
Theresa shook her head sympathetically. "Poor hon. They don't even sell heating pads for that, either." Liz nodded. The three girls looked at each other in silence, then burst out laughing.
"Oh, my gosh, it's been too long, guys, too long," Anna laughed, wiping tears from her eyes.
"Yeah, it has. Hey, do you mind if I get something to drink? I'm kinda thirsty," Liz said, walking towards the kitchen.
"Sure, I was just--" Anna stopped. Nick was still in the kitchen, and she had forgotten about him! "Uh, Liz?" She ran to the kitchen.
Too late. Liz was standing in the middle of the kitchen, staring at Nick like one stares at an invading cockroach. Nick, also standing, was staring back like he was watching a penguin sing "Sherry."
He's only used to awed stares. He's probably confused. She looked over at Theresa, who was staring at him with a mixture of confusion and amusement.
Trying to sound in control of the situation, Anna started introductions.
"Theresa, Liz: this is Nick, my neighbor. Nick, this is Liz and Theresa, my best friends."
"How do you do?" Liz said, a tad sarcastically. Nick raised an eyebrow, and shook hands. "Quite fine, since you asked."
He turned towards Theresa, who held out her hand. "het is mij een genoegen u te ontmoeten heer." Nick stared.
Anna's eyes widened.
Liz groaned. "Theresa! I doubt he speaks Dutch!"
Nick shook his head. "Translation?"
"Oh, fine," Theresa sighed. "A pleasure to meet you, sir," she grumbled.
Nick started laughing. "Well, that's a first."
Liz smiled a bit.
Anna shook her head, ‘She speaks Dutch?!’
"I should go your friends are here," Nick said.
"Yes, you should," Liz said.
"No, please stay!" Anna begged.
"But your friends are here, and I got a basketball game with Aaron," Nick said. When he looked into her eyes, he saw that she was sad and hurt. He sighed.
"Als het zo zit trap het af," Theresa said.
Rolling her eyes Anna looked at her "What?...English please!"
"Right, sorry. He's staying because you want him to, but in reality he rather go to Aaron's to play basketball," Theresa said.
"Right, of course. You wanna play with your brother," Anna said.
"But…" Nick started to say.
"No, just go," Anna said. "Please, you don't wanna be here anyway."
"As you wish," Nick said.
"Ladies, it was nice meeting you," he said flatly, opening the door.
"And you," Theresa murmured. Liz grunted slightly and looked away. Anna raised her eyebrow at her. What the...
As the door closed, silence descended over the room.
"What the heck? I'm sure he thinks you're real civilized," Anna spat.
Looking up, a look of surprise and shock covered Liz's face. "What? Am I the only one who thinks he's a jerk?"
Anna just stared at her. Theresa sighed, and buisied herself about making some coffee.
"He's my guest, Liz. My guest. I'm supposed to be nice to him, not try to make him feel as uncomfortable as possible before he decideds to leave! I mean, he brought me breakfast!" Anna paced the room. "Would it have killed you to at least be civil?! I mea--"
"Oh, because it's all my fault, right?" Liz cut her off. "Wait, he brought you----," She frowned. Dismissing it, she continued. "Still, he was...was...""I believe the word you're looking for is 'annoying'," Theresa put in camly, turning on the coffee maker. Anna started. I almost forgot she was there.
Turning around, Theresa looked from Anna to Liz and back again.
"Oh, come on Anna, you know Liz is just overprotective of you, that's all." She turned to Liz,"But jeez, did you really have to make it so obvious? I swear, he looked like he was going to wet his pants for a moment." Theresa smirked.
Anna started giggling, then Liz joined in. Soon the room was full of laughter. Across the street, Nick raised his eyebrows. Girls, he thought, shaking his head.
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