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When Anna moves To Tampa, Florida from Canada at the beginning of the summer she's really lonely having no friends and missing all of her friends back home it wasn't until her friends Liz and Theresa visited her that her whole world changed....

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Chapter 5 by Annabelle
Later…… at Dinner:

Nick, Paris, Aaron & Anna were eating supper Anna was trying her best to be nice to Paris but she wasn’t making it easy for her…
As Paris talked to her Anna was thinking of ways to kill her……

1.) Take away her credit cards & tell her she has to live like everyone else
2.) Take away her limo
3.) Try and have a NORMAL! Convocation with her
(that’ll kill her coz she wouldn’t understand it!!)
4.) Tape her legs together so she wouldn’t do every guy that walked by
5.) Tell her she has to wear more than 3 inches over her a**
6.) Her little dog evolved into a pitball and attacks her to death
7.) Call every Nick fan I know to come and slap Paris once around the face each ooo wouldn't that be fun!!
8.) 8.) Lock her in a grocery store cause she's too DUMB to realise she could live off the food inside the store
9.) i guess i could always spike her drink at a club

Then suddenly Aaron brought her back into the world by giving her a kiss on the check he was too chicken to kiss her lips
“Were you even listening to me??” Paris asked with a sound of hurt in her voice
Anna yawned “Keep talking. I always yawn when I'm interested.”
”Oh okay then so anyway……” Paris said as she went on

After dinner was over they decide to go clubbing but Anna only being 15 she couldn’t get in since the club was 21 & over Aaron could get in cause he was famous and everything but since Anna couldn’t get in Aaron didn’t go in either coz he didn’t want to leave her
“You’re ditching us to be with her? Paris asked as if she was disgusted with the idea
Before Aaron got a chance to reply once again Anna beat him to it
“Yea got a problem with it little miss perfect?” Anna asked
“Yes I do and thank you for the complement” Paris said
Anna laughed “you think that’s a complement? Wow you’re more of a dumb blonde than I thought you were but REMINDER: hating me won’t make any less of a slut” then she ran off crying Nick glared at her Anna was grinning ear to ear
“Hey I just said the truth” Anna said still grinning she just couldn’t stop
“F*ck you” Nick said angrily then ran after Paris Anna turned and looked at Aaron seeing the shock look her grin faded she started to feel a little guilty she put her down
”I’m sorry she just really annoys me and I couldn’t help it just happened sorry” she said sadly
Aaron pulled her into a hug “I’m not mad at you I would’ve done the same thing expect she’s my brothers girlfriend if I did he’d be pissed at me & I would’ve had hell to pay”
she giggled
Aaron smiled held her a little tighter after a few more seconds like that he let go Anna smiled at him he smiled back
“So what are we going to do now?” Anna asked
”umm…… my place?…… no one’s home tonight” Aaron said thinking quickly
”sure that sounds great” Anna said still smiling which she doesn’t do that often cause of what it was like at home
They went back to the Carter’s they went up to the door & Aaron unlocked it then went to his room Anna looked out “nice room” she commented
“thanks” Aaron said smiling
“so wanna watch a movie or something?”
“Not really I don’t really wanna watch a movie tonight” Anna answered Aaron jumped on his bed “come…sit” He said Anna giggled then went over to Aaron
“so… now what?” she asked “I don’t know we have a game room downstairs wanna check it out? Play some stuff? You ever played pool before?” Aaron asked “umm sure I’d never played pool before” Anna said “well you got the perfect guy to teach you” Aaron said jumping up and he held out his hand Anna grinned and took it on the way down the stairs she almost tripped but Aaron caught her and helped down the rest of the stairs when they got down they were standing close to each other
“you sure your okay?” Aaron asked Anna nodded
“Its just heels they suck and they kill your feet” Aaron laughed
“well take them off if they hurt so bad” he suggested so Anna took them off & they went into the game room only to find that Nick & Paris beat them to it & they were making out with Paris on top of Nick just at that moment Anna’s cell phone rang she looked at the caller ID it said “Amberz”
Anna smiled & answered it
“I know what your going to ask me so hold on he’s standing beside me & I’ll ask” Anna said
“What? I’m confused!” Amber said
Anna started to laugh
“Hey Aaron do you have a hot friend that’s single?” Anna asked
“Yea, why...?” Aaron answered
“My friend amber would love to go out with him” Anna answered
Aaron laughed “umm sure I’ll talk to him”
“Yea he’s got a friend that’s single” Anna said to amber into the phone
“Yay! But that’s not why I was calling you” Amber said
“Okay then why did you call?” Anna asked
“Well did you say something mean to Paris?” Amber asked hopeful
“Yep, I’ll tell you all about it when I get back” Anna said
“Nooo, Tell me now!” Amber wined
“I’m busy though” Anna said
“Doing what? Making out with Aaron?” Amber asked
Anna sighed & hung up then shut off her phone
By now Nick & Paris were pretty much giving her the death look
‘Well at least this is better than being at home’ Anna thought to herself
“I thought that you guys would be well anywhere but here” Aaron said
“Well after the comment that your girlfriend made we decided to come back here”
“I am not his girlfriend” Anna said
“Whatever I guess he’s lucky not to have you as one” Paris said
Anna took a deep breath then left the room with tears in her eyes
Aaron glared at Paris “WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!?” he yelled
“Well after what she said she deserved it” Paris said with a smile on her face
” I guess Anna was right after all you really are a b*tch” Aaron said angrily then went find Anna he heard something coming from upstairs. He went into his room & saw Anna there he looked at her & wondered why she was up here when she could have easily gone home which right across the street
”Hey” He said softly
Anna sat up & whipped away her tears
”Are you gonna be okay?” Aaron asked worried
“Yeah, I’ll be fine don’t worry about me” Anna said
”Not worry about you? Sorry that’s just one thing I can not do” Aaron said
Anna smiled at him “Really… you worry about me?”
Aaron grinned “Hell Ya!” he said
she just laid back down & looked at him ‘okay you know you wanna so just do it! ‘
She took a deep breath then let it go slowly she lend over & kiss him & to Anna’s surprise Aaron kissed back he kisses were soft & gentle & they began to make out a little bit then suddenly she pulled back she looked at him & said “I gotta go just don’t say anything” all Aaron could do was nod
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