Hey, Do You Know Me? by LenniluvsBrian
Summary: A young turtle learns the true meaning of Christmas. This is my TMNT version of the story.
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Angels All Around; In The Sky and Underground by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:
Hey y'all! Yes, me again. Lol. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Lenore & fic idea. Mirage Studioes owns TMNT & Master Splinter. Lisa Borkop owns the song, Hey Do You Know Me. The turtle girls all own themselves. Thank-you!

There are angels all around
In the sky and on the ground
They walk beside us every day
Giving love away
There are saints on every street
you might be the one I meet today
Hey, do you know me

“Who wants to bake cookies?” Michaelangelo called out.

“ME!” A chorus shrieked, running for the kitchen at top speed.

“Whoa there!” Michaelangelo said. “We’ll work in shifts. Younger girls first, then the older ones. No arguing about it or whining. Oldest last, as I need your help with something big.”

The younger girls grumbled at that, as the older ones giggled and ran off to watch cartoons and play games once more.

“Careful Lenni!” Michaelangelo called out to her, as he watched her get the eggs out of the fridge. “Do not drop those!”

“I won’t!” Lenore stated firmly, trying to be extremely careful with the four eggs she held in her three-fingered hands.

Michaelangelo sighed, as he watched his baby sister trip and the eggs go flying. “Lenni…”

“I’m sorry!” Lenore cried, looking ready to burst into tears. “I’m sorry!”

Michaelangelo cleaned up the mess she’d made, then leaned down to kiss her head. “Shh. Don’t worry about it, Kiddo. We’ve more eggs – but I’ll get them this time, okay?”

“Kay,” Lenore nodded, sniffling slightly. She watched as her brother got the eggs and carried them over to where they were needed.

“I need sugar!” Michaelangelo called playfully. He chuckled when a mob of girls came flying towards him with sugar. “Thank-you, Ladies.”

The girls all beamed as each was given a kiss for their sugar. They then returned to whatever kitchen duties they had previously been assigned.

Lenore grinned up at her brother in orange. “How come nobody else will let us bake?”

“Lenni, you know we can’t trust Daydream in the kitchen alone – and some of you don’t care enough about cooking to actually pay attention to whatever it is you are baking,” Michaelangelo reminded her. “That’s why you dudettes gotta be supervised the whole time yah in here – unless yah cleaning everything up.”

Lenore was quiet as she watched him crack the eggs into the bowl skillfully. “I’m glad we get to bake with yah, Mikey,” she told him softly. “You’re the most fun in the kitchen.”

Michaelangelo smiled warmly at her. “Thank-you,” he answered, placing some flour on her beak.

Lenore smirked up at him devilishly, then dumped a whole bowl of flour upon his head after having had stood up on her stool – she’d been pretending to look for something.

“FLOUR FIGHT!” Everyone in the kitchen screeched – though they knew they’d be the ones cleaning it all up later on.

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