Hey, Do You Know Me? by LenniluvsBrian
Summary: A young turtle learns the true meaning of Christmas. This is my TMNT version of the story.
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You Have All You Need... by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:
Hey y'all! Here's the last chapter. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!!!

Disclaimer: Only own Lenore & story idea. Mirage Studios owns TMNT & the turtle girls own themselves. Lisa Brokop owns the song, Hey Do You Know Me. Thank-you!
Hey, do you know me, I'm a beggar on the street
I know I'm good for something
If only for one thing
Maybe to remind you that you have all you need
Hey, do you know me

Lenore was peeking out of a manhole, when she saw a mother and small child walking along the street. Both humans were in tattered old clothing, that was far beyond repair. She felt horrible when she saw the little girl cry because she wanted a toy and wasn’t allowed one, seeing as they’d no money to even buy food.

“Come along, Cynthia,” the mother said briskly. “Maybe Santa will come next year.”

The little girl howled with displeasure – even more so after receiving a quick swat upon her bottom.

Lenore frowned. She’d thought everybody got something for Christmas. She quickly disappeared back to the lair and sneakily got some food together – enough for two. Most of it was healthy, but she’d also put in a couple treats. She then headed back to the manhole she’d been spying out of, hoping the little girl and her mother hadn’t left quite yet.

She was in luck! The mother and child were still on the street. She yanked her hood up, and tied it tightly. She then carefully got herself and the basket of food out of the manhole, managing to not lose a thing – which, to her, was a miracle in itself.

“Momma!” Little Cynthia wailed. “Wanna Santa come!”

Lenore heard the mother sigh, and quickly moved closer, tugging on the woman’s sleeve lightly. “Excuse me,” she said softly.

The mother turned to look at her. After a moment, she spoke. “I’m sorry, Honey. I’ve no food or money to give you.”

Lenore looked puzzled a moment, then realized this woman thought she was a beggar too. “Oh! I don’ want money,” she explained quickly. “I just wanted to give you something.” She handed the woman the basket full of food, unaware she was being watched closely by someone.

The mother looked quite surprised, when she realized the basket was full of food and other goodies. “But – are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Lenore nodded. “It’s Christmas. Nobody should goes hungry on Christmas.”

The mother gave her a grateful smile. “Why, thank-you, Little Angel. I know Cynthia and I shall enjoy this immensely. Are you sure you don’t need any of this?”

“Nope. Don’t need it,” Lenore answered, knowing if her family found out, they’d be mad, as they needed the food. “Enjoy.”

“Wanna Santa!” Cynthia wailed then, not seemingly interested in the basket of food.

Her mother sighed. “Cynthia, I’m sorry, but Mommy can’t get you one. And she doesn’t know where Santa is.”

“I know Santa!” Lenore told the little girl suddenly, not even stopping a moment to think. “He told me to give you a present for him ‘cause Rudolph had to go potty.”

Cynthia looked up at Lenore through tears. “You see Santa?”

Lenore nodded. “Yep. An’ he wanted you to have this,” she told the little girl, handing her the stuffed Tigger she’d just gotten earlier that day for Christmas. “Santa made him extra special, so always love him, kay?”

Little Cynthia nodded he head eagerly. “Tank-you! Momma! Santa gave present!”

Cynthia’s mother smiled at Lenore, knowing it had belonged to her, seeing as it had been hanging in the belt she wore over her jacket. “Thank you, Little Angel. We shall never forget this.”

“Nada problem,” Lenore shrugged. “Just – take care of Tigger, Cynthia.”

The little girl nodded again, this time showing her agreement.

Lenore gave them a smile, then quickly disappeared out of sight and back down into the sewers. She trudged along silently, wondering if giving up Tigger had been the best idea.

Meanwhile, the one who had been watching the turtle child help out a homeless family, quickly disappeared from the rooftop they’d been perched upon.

Lenore dawdled on her way back home, missing Tigger more and more with each and every step she took. How could she have given away something Raphael had given her? How?

She entered the lair finally, though still silent, and got the shock of a lifetime! There, sitting under their Christmas tree, was an even bigger Tigger – with her name on it! Once her eyes had gone back to normal size, and she’d been able to snap her jaw shut, she ran over to the new Tigger. She looked about to see if she could figure out what was going on.

“I saw what you did,” a gruff voice stated. “That took guts, Kid. That definitely took a lot of guts. So, I thought, since yah gave the other one away, you might like another one.”

Lenore turned to grin at her brother in red, quickly getting up to go and tackle him in a hug. “THANK-YOU!”

Raphael picked her up, hugging her close. He kissed her head. “Kid, don’t ever let anyone call you selfish again.”

Lenore giggled, and hid her face into his neck and her newest Tigger. She knew now that giving Cynthia her first Tigger had been a very good idea – and it wasn’t because she’d gotten an even bigger and better one in return. Nope. It was because she had made the little girl without Santa smile.

There are angels all around
In the sky and on the ground
They walk beside us every day
Giving love away
There are saints on every street
you might be the one I meet today
Hey, do you know me
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