A Forgotten Nightmare by LenniluvsBrian, Daydream
Summary: A horrible nightmare resurfaces to plague a young turtle, after having had been buried in the depths of their mind for twelve long years. Will they be able to cope, especially after the nightmare ends up becoming real once more?

Written By Daydream & LenniluvsBrian
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Hey y'all! This update is just - because. Besides, just because I can't even get through to BSB's voice mail, shouldn't mean y'all should hafta suffer the consequences - lol. Anyways, Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT. Thank-you!

The next morning, the turtle clan got up at the same time as usual. Master Splinter didn't allow them to sleep late even though they had all been up the night before. It was a lethargic group of turtles that was moving around the lair in the morning.

"Y'know, it's about 6 c'lock at night on the surface," said Mikey, leaning his head against his hand, "Some people are going to bed right now. People in Britain are probably sleeping!"

"Well, we're awake, Mikey, so suck it up," Leo said, his hands wrapped around his coffee mug.

Mikey glared at him from behind a bowl of Captain Crunch.

Rina was sitting at the table, idly eating some cereal and drinking chocolate milk. Raphael was chugging down some orange juice while Donatello scoured the shelves for something to chew on. A granola bar would've been nice… Master Splinter was with Marie in her room, watching over her.

Marie slept fitfully, her fever rising and lowering off and on all night - though, she hadn't needed anymore baths since the one the day before, where she would've drowned had Raphael not pulled her out so quick.

"Aha! Found one!" Donatello exclaimed, yanking a granola bar out of the one cupboard - it had been hidden all the way in the back.

"What're you so chipper 'bout this mornin'?" Raphael grumbled, tired and cranky, as he had spent most the night with Marie, until Master Splinter had finally sent him to bed.

Donatello held up his prized breakfast, unwrapping it happily.

Raphael grunted. "All that over a stupid health bar."

"It's a whole lot better than what you ate, Raphael," Donatello stated, taking a bite of his apple raisin granola bar.

"Yanno, if it weren't fer the fact I know yah gotta sweet tooth, I'd swear you was a health nut," Raphael said sarcastically. "Though, I wouldn't be surprised if yah dumped health shit in yer sweet stuff too."

Rina snickered slightly at that as she took a sip on her chocolate milk. She wouldn't be all that surprised either, as Donnie enjoyed healthy stuff almost as much as Leo - though, he did seem to enjoy the sweets almost as much as Marie too.

"Well, we'd best hurry it up and get practicing," Leonardo piped up finally. "The sooner we start, the sooner we can get out on patrol and other important things."

"I say we visit April!" Rina chirped, scooping cereal onto her spoon. "We don't get to see her often enough."

Leonardo raised an eye ridge at her. "Aren't you still grounded?" He asked.

Rina shrugged. "No idea. Seems Sensei's forgotten all about it since Marie got sick," she smiled. "So, I think it's safe to say it's off, and I'm free to roam - somewhat."

"You still have extra practice though," Leo pointed out. "And I've already informed Sensei I would be with you during that today, to help you improve some of your skills that need to be worked on."

Rina groaned. It figured Leo would only want to focus on what she'd done wrong - she wished Mikey was going to train with her instead, as it'd been fun when it was just the two of them. Mikey knew how to train and have fun and goof off some - like her and her sister did all the time, when they'd the chance.

After breakfast, the siblings headed off into the dojo to start practicing. Stretching and katas were fine, but they ran into a rather common dilemma when it came to sparring. With only five of them, not everyone could have a sparring partner.

"Alright, Donnie, you and Rina go at it, and Me, Raphael, and Mikey will have a three-way spar," said Leonardo, taking the position of leader yet again.

"Aye-aye, Captain!" said Mikey, saluting Leo as if he were in charge of a ship rather than a group of mutant teenagers.

The two teams split up and started going through the motions of sparring. Whenever Rina sparred with Donnie, she would use her bow as a regular bo staff. She could hit and parry just as Donnie did as long as she remembered to unstring it before she started using it as a bo. It was an interesting way for her to fight, but Master Splinter insisted that she learn how so she would have yet another weapon at her disposal. In Marie's room, Master Splinter was patting his daughter's head with a cool cloth. Her fever was less erratic than it had been the previous night, but it hadn't broken yet. Graciously, she was still asleep, her plastron rising and falling with a steady breath.

Donnie was busy swinging his bo staff at his younger sister's head while she was using all her speed and agility to avoid it.

"Use your bow!" he said, twisting his staff and thrusting at her.

She sprang backwards in a handspring and grinned at him, "Y'know, sometimes running away is the best defense," she said, dancing away from his swinging bo.

He smirked as he landed a blow to her foot, sending her hopping around the dojo. "Or not," he replied, leaning on his staff.

She smiled and held her bow out, "Fine, fine, we'll do it your way." Now the sound of two wooden objects crashing together was added on top of the din made by the clashing of metal made by Raphael and Leonardo's weapons.

Michaelangelo stood back, twirling a nunchuck on his finger while watching his two brothers spar. He'd managed to step back and out of the way without either of them noticing. He gave a tired yawn, only to be whacked over the head by the blunt side of a katana.

"Ow!" He exclaimed.

"Wake up, Mikey!" Leonardo ordered, though he was smiling.

"What? Yah think we didn't see yah slackin' off to the side, dimwit?" Raphael commented, a wry smirk on his face. "We see all, an' know all Mikey."

Mikey groaned, as he rubbed his head where he'd been hit by Leo's katana. "Man, I'm so not in the mood for this today," he said, sighing heavily. He was usually the happy-go-lucky jokester, but he was just too tired to be up to his usual hyper status today. "I'm so takin' a nap when we're done."

Raphael snorted. "Maybe you oughta join Marie, all she seems to be doin' in sleepin' - though, can't say I blame the Runt, what with the way she's feelin'."

"Wow, Raph had a sympathetic moment!" Mikey gasped playfully, unable to resist, despite how tired he felt. "Who knew it was even possible!?!?"

"I'll show you possible!" Raphael growled, charging Michaelangelo, who in turn screamed and took off running.

Rina glanced over, as Donatello paused for a moment to see what was going on. She smirked at her other two brothers, but then seized the moment and use it to her advantage, by whacking Donatello right behind his knee with her bow, causing him to fall to his knees.

Donatello looked up, and though that had hurt, he couldn't help but smile, "Good one," he told her. "Use the enemy’s distraction to your advantage."

Rina smirked. "Well, duh! We learned that back when we were seven!"

Donnie laughed. "How could I forget that?" He chuckled. "I thought Sensei was going to kill us for not paying attention."

"Not our fault y'all decided you'd rather play video games than Pirates," she reminded him. "Besides, it's not like we went that far off into the sewers."

“Was far enough to make Sensei angry and for all of us to end up grounded for quite a while," Donatello replied, shaking his head. "You two sure had some crazy games you loved to play."

"Yeah...." Rina smiled wistfully. "Sometimes, I kinda wish we could go back to those days.....They sure were a lotta fun!"

Marietta stirred slightly in her sleep, her stomach rumbling from lack of food and fluids, as she hadn't been able to keep a thing down - except the last bit of medicine she'd taken. "Mmm....." She whined sleepily, rolling over and snuggling into her Father's warmth.

Master Splinter smiled down at his little rebel - which she'd always be no matter how old she got - and patted her shell gently, while still running the cool cloth against her forehead. "How are you feeling, my daughter?" He asked, knowing she was awake, just not opening her eyes.

"Feel like crap," Marie just barely managed to whisper, which was a struggle in itself because of her throat. She gave a soft whine, as she swallowed around what felt like a huge golf ball in her throat. "Feels like my throat's becomin' claustrophobic an' closin' in on me....." She struggled to croak out.

"There, there," Master Splinter soothed patting her shell some more, though he frowned some. "All will be well, if we can keep your fever down, my child."

"It went up?" Marie asked, confused. Her mind was still foggy on the night's events and she was still mighty cold.

Master Splinter sighed a little bit, as he pulled a blanket up on his sick child. "Shh....rest, child."

"Hungry....." Marie whined a little bit.

Master Splinter gave a small smile at that - she could whine quite well when she wanted too. "I will ask Michaelangelo to make you something to eat, once he is done with his practice."

By now, Leonardo, Donatello, and Catarina had all moved to the center of the dojo while Mikey and Raphael ran around the outside.

"I bet five dollars that Raph catches Mikey in the next five minutes!" Rina declared, looking up at her two brothers.

"You're on. Mikey's faster," said Donatello, sticking his hand out for a handshake. Rina shook it, sealing the deal, and grinned brightly.

"Yeah, but Raph's madder," she said, turning her eyes back towards the race.

"What definition of mad are you referring to?" asked Donnie, a smirk playing on his beak.

Rina toyed with the end of her bow, "I'll let you figure that out on your own."

Mikey was pumping his arms and legs, trying to stay away from his furious brother.

"RAAAGHH!!" Raphael roared, suddenly flying off his feet and tackling Mikey to the ground. Mikey yelped as Raphael wrapped his arm around his neck and gave him a royal noogie.

Rina poked Donnie in the side, "Five bucks."

"How about ice cream?" he asked and she laughed at him.

"Five bucks!" she repeated, smirking brightly at him. Faster than she could watch, he swung his bo around and knocked her upside the head. "Ow…" she mumbled rubbing at her head.

“Accident," said Donnie, shrugging as he reached out a hand to help her up.

After practice, Rina raced down the hallway to check on Marie. The door was open so she leaned inside and knocked on the wall.

"Come in, Catarina," said Master Splinter.

"Hey, Sensei," she said as she stepped in through the doorway. She didn't go any farther than the door. "Is Marie…"

"I'm not asleep," Marie's soft voice interrupted.

Rina frowned; she wasn't used to hearing Marie so quiet. Usually, the purple and yellow bandanna’d turtle was running around, screaming or yelling or at least laughing. "Hey, Marie, how ya feeling?" she asked, toeing the ground.

"Zat the only question everyone knows?" mumbled Marie and Rina laughed.

"I suppose it's the only one that matters at the moment," she replied, smiling in the direction of her sister.

"I feel bad," said Marie, burrowing her head into her pillow.

Rina sighed and played with the doorframe. "Well, you better get well really soon," exclaimed Rina, "I had to spar Donnie today. Of course, I trumped him." She noticed Master Splinter's raised eyebrow and amended her statement, "We had a good fight."

"I wish I could've sparred," said Marie, holding her teddy bear.

"Me too! I miss you…" said Rina, leaning against the doorframe.

"Miss you too," whispered Marie.

Rina stood there for a moment before Master Splinter told her to tell Mikey to make something for Marie. The turtle girl raced off down the hallway to go get Mikey to make Marie some food.

Mikey groaned playfully, dramatically placing a hand against his forehead. "Is that all I am to anyone anymore? The chef?"

Raphael smacked Mikey upside the head. "Who the Hell's callin' yah a Chef, Mikey?"

"Ow!" Mikey exclaimed, rubbing his head. "What's with everybody hittin' me today? I'ma tell Sensei y'all keep hitting my head!"

"It's hard 'nough, surprised yah even felt anything," Raphael comment. "An' Sensei'd tell yah to pay better attention, doofus."

Mikey stuck his chin in the air then. "Hmph! Come Rina, we've something delicious to make for Marie, and none for Raph!"

Raphael shrugged. "Don't matter," he replied, turning and heading down the hallway after he'd seen Leo and Donnie leave the doorway to the girl's room. He stood in the doorway, his arms crossed over his plastron as he leaned against the wall.

"How yah feelin', Kid?" He asked gruffly, knowing she was awake by the way she kept snuggling into Master Splinter's lap.

Marie tensed slightly, unsure of how to answer, as she didn't want to appear weak - her body stiffening didn't go unnoticed by their Father though. "Okay....." She lied, trailing off somewhat, though her voice was worse than it had been when he'd last talked to her.

Master Splinter eyed his two pupils, as his one hand still rubbed circles on Marie's shell - when she'd been younger, it was the only way to calm her - and even now it still seemed to do wonders for the stubborn turtle girl.

Raph grunted, knowing she was lying and figured he knew why, but didn't comment on it. "If yah need somethan to read later, I left the magazines April sent for yah on yer night table," he informed her.

"Backstreet Boys?" Marie rasped hopefully.

Raphael gave a curt nod. "Yup."

Marie flashed him as big a smile as she felt she could manage, without draining all her energy. "Tell her I said thanks."

"Sure thing, Small Fry," Raphael replied, smirking when he saw her half roll her eyes - he enjoyed calling her all the little 'short' pet names and knew she enjoyed it too, though she wouldn't always admit it. "Well, I'm off. Yah need anything, send 'em to the garage or call my shell cell. Later, Kid."

Marie waved a hand at him haphazardly.

Back in the kitchen, Mikey was re-heating up some left-over soup for Marie.

"What're you up too today, Rina?" He asked, feeling a bit more awake and cheerful now.

Rina shrugged. "I don't know. Just - whatever," she told him. "I might read some more, and of course watch some television. And I still got extra practice with Leo, but he said that it could wait until later on."

"Whatcha say we go and' pay April a visit?" Mikey smiled, fetching the bowl of soup from the microwave. "I'm sure she could use some company, and we don't see her enough."

"Really?" Rina asked hopefully. She always delighted in visiting April, as it meant she'd an older female to talk too and seek advice from.

"Of course!" Mikey grinned. "Just let me get the soup to Marie, and clear it with Splinter, and we'll be off!"

"Sweet!" Rina exclaimed, running off to go and get the gift she had for April.

After clearing it with Master Splinter and giving Marie her bowl of soup, Mikey and Rina headed off to visit April for a while - after having called ahead to ensure she would indeed be home.

Marie sipped carefully at the bowl of soup. She was starving, that was true, but she didn't want to be sick again. She hated retching and she couldn't decide which was worse, dry heaving or actually barfing something up. Ugh…she didn't even like to think about it.

"Eat slowly, Marietta," cautioned Master Splinter from where he was sitting on the floor as she reached for the glass of Sprite by her bedside. The clear carbonated drink was good when you were trying to settle the stomach. Maybe her stomach would be cooperative and would calm down. She still felt hot and cold alternately but it was much better than it had been the previous night. Well, better than what she could remember. She did remember glimpses of her terrifying dream and the feelings it had brought up inside of her. It seemed so real…

"Does the soup not agree with you?" asked Master Splinter as Marie set her spoon down in the bowl.

She shook her head, "No, it's great, but Sensei…" She faltered, not really knowing what to ask.

"Go on, my child, I am listening," he said, standing up from the cross-legged position.

Marie nibbled on her bottom lip and then began. "I was just wondering…where did Rina and I come from?" she asked, training her bright green eyes on her father figure.

Master Splinter smiled as he sat down on the side of her bed. "I do not know, my daughter. As I have told you before, you and your sister were found in the sewers by your brothers. You seemed to be taken care of, but you were afraid." He leaned over and brushed the girl's hair back, "I do not know exactly where you come from, my child, but you are still my daughter."

"But what if the…the nightmare I had last night was memories?" she asked, clenching the blanket in her hands, "What if that place was where Rina and I are from?"

Master Splinter sighed and bowed his head, "Perhaps they are latent memories, Marietta. But we cannot dwell on the past. Do not worry about the men or women in your dreams. They are not here now and they cannot get you." He patted his daughter's hand. "You must sleep now. You are still very sick," he said insistently.

"But Sensei…" Marie began but Master Splinter shook his head. When he left the room with her bowl of soup, Marie was left with her confusing thoughts. She eventually fell asleep but she could still remember that man's face, grinning as he hurt her and Rina.

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