A Forgotten Nightmare by LenniluvsBrian, Daydream
Summary: A horrible nightmare resurfaces to plague a young turtle, after having had been buried in the depths of their mind for twelve long years. Will they be able to cope, especially after the nightmare ends up becoming real once more?

Written By Daydream & LenniluvsBrian
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Warnings: Child Abuse, Violence
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Extremely Annoyed by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:
Hey y'all! Here's some more for yah! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, baddies, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything else. Thank-you!

Note: Written by both Daydream & myself.

Marietta slammed about in her room angrily. She couldn't believe her brothers had done that to them! Well, she could believe it, but still! They weren't babies any longer! They could defend themselves! And they were pretty dang good at it too! No where near as good as their brothers, but still good enough to be able to go out and patrol by themselves. But this - this was such a lack of distrust! This just proved to her that they still thought of her and her sister as little kids, and that ticked her off to no end! She angrily slammed her shurikens down upon her nightstand, carefully removing her sai next. She'd have to clean it up and polish it after this talking to with Splinter - there was just no way she could leave her most prized possession all bloodied and dirtied up like that! Who knew where that thug had been and what he had done and touched! She laid it upon the nightstand gently, then turned and angrily kicked a stuffed animal that happened to have fallen off her bed and onto the floor. She may've been fifteen, but she was still a stuffed animal fanatic - she could never have too many of those!

Meanwhile, Catarina was in the kitchen making her popcorn, as she'd plans to watch some T.V. before bed, after the lecture Master Splinter seemed to want to give. She could only imagine the bloodshed that would go on once in there, between him and her sister. Though, she didn't blame Marietta one bit for being mad, as she didn't like the lack of trust either - but, her logical side told her it had probably been done, as to see why they were constantly coming in late from patrol. She sighed, as she watched the popcorn kernels bounce about in the popcorn maker, before finally jumping out and into her over-sized popcorn bowl. She always loved to watch the popcorn pop! It was fun to watch and kind of funny at the same time - what could she say; sometimes it was the ever so small things that were ever so amusing. She glanced at her watch, and groaned softly as she realized her time was up.

"Hey Mikey!" She called out hoping her brother in orange was nearby.

"What?" Michaelangelo asked, sneaking up behind her and scaring her half to death.

"Gah!" Catarina shrieked, jumping, then swatting her brother a few times. "Watch my popcorn, will you? Marie and I have a 'date' with Sensei."

"Ah, so that's what's got Leo's panties all in a wad," Mikey smirked. "Sure thing, Kiddo."

“Eew! Mikey! Visuals!" Rina cried, shaking her head and rubbing her eyes. "I do not wanna ever know if Leo wears panties or not! Just - eew!"

Michaelangelo laughed and kissed her head affectionately. "Run along, Rina," he told her. "You don't want to be late for that 'date', now do you?"

"Would it be absolutely horrible, if I said yes?" Catarina asked sheepishly.

Mikey rolled his eyes and gave her a gentle shove. "Go on," he said. "The faster you get there, the faster it's over with and the faster you can eat this delicious looking popcorn!"

"Don't you dare eat it Mikey!" Rina exclaimed. "I'll kick your shell!"

Michaelangelo just laughed and gave her a wink.

Rina dashed out of the kitchen, nearly running into Marie who was walking in from the hallway. She had to twirl on her heel and skip a bit in order not to crash into her sister.

Marie laughed, "That was beautiful, Twinkle Toes."

"It was either that or I'd be the turtle bowling ball and you'd be the turtle pin. And I would so win," said Rina, a triumphant smirk on her face.

"Hey, don't get cocky," replied Marie before they walked into Master Splinter's study.

Like they were supposed to, both of them entered quietly, bowed, and kneeled down on the floor. Well, Rina kneeled; Marie plopped down with disrespectful nonchalance. Rina cut her eyes at her sister and Marie scowled back. She wasn't in any mood to suck up to Sensei; let Rina do that, she liked taking on the leader role anyways. Rina sighed and looked up at Master Splinter. She hated having to be in charge, but Marie was often too much of a loose cannon to take the lead. When they were out as a two-person team, it was silently assumed that Rina would give out the orders and make decisions, whether Marie followed them or not.

"My daughters," Master Splinter started, shaking his head back and forth slowly. "Do you know why I have called you in here?"

Rina and Marie cut their eyes at each other; maybe it was a trick question. Maybe they weren't supposed to answer? Rina did anyways, "We were late, Sensei."


"And we went past our boundaries," she continued, hoping that was what he was looking for.


"Erm, I didn't clean my kaiken properly last night?" She was a little confused now, not really knowing what he was talking about.

"I back-talked Leo," supplied Marie in a mutter.

Rina rolled her eyes; she should've guessed that one.

"Yes," Master Splinter said, folding his fingers together in front of him on the short table. "Three disobedient acts, three instances where you did not do what you were told. And that is only in one night. You have been late for curfew three times this one week and I know that you have not stayed within your boundaries." He sighed and rubbed his fingers against his temples. "If this sort of behavior continues, I'm going to have to split you up and put you back onto teams with you brothers again."

"No way!" Marie said, shaking her head and glaring, "I'm not going back to that!"

"Master," Rina said, bowing her head towards him, "Me and Marie work perfectly as a team. I mean, we work really well with our brothers too, but we're more likely to anticipate each other's moves than any of the guys'. We're better as a two-man team than on three-man teams."

"Yes, but in order to be a good team you must follow the rules of the clan," Master Splinter reminded them. "All good teams follow certain rules that have been set forth."

"Then make some new ones," Marietta muttered. "We could sure use some."

"Marietta!" Master Splinter snapped somewhat. "Do you figure yourself to be above the rest of our clan? You do not know all, my daughter. These rules are for your safety, and the clan's safety."

"Safety my shell!" Marietta retorted. "They're to keep Rina and I on a short leash! You just don't wanna admit we can handle things ourselves!"

"Marie!" Catarina hissed at her sister, wishing she'd shut-up and not get them both into hotter water than they were all ready in.

"Well, it's true Rina! They all just think we're a bunch of babies, when we're not! We're fifteen!" Marie exclaimed. "The guys were our age when they started patrolling and all that jazz! So why are we any different!?! What, because we're girls?!?! Big frigin' whoop!"

"Language!" Master Splinter snapped, giving his angry daughter a Look which told her she'd best not press her luck anymore than she'd already had.

Marietta growled deeply in her throat, glaring back angrily. It wasn't fair she couldn't even voice her own damned opinion!

"Forgive her, Master," Catarina begged of him. "She's never happy after a run in with Leo."

"That is no excuse," Master Splinter replied. "And no one is better than anyone else in this family. We are all of equal status, though I am your Father and Sensei."

"Tell Leo that," Marietta grumbled quietly.

Catarina shot her sister a Look, ordering her to shut-up. She then turned back to their Sensei, to hear him out.

"For your lateness this week, the both of you shall be restricted to the lair for the next three nights. You were late three nights, so it is only right you are grounded for three nights," Master Splinter stated.

"Yes, Sensei," Catarina replied, bowing some, though not happy at all with that result.

Marietta sat with her jaw hung open, an incredulous look on her face. "What!?! You've got to be kidding me!" She exclaimed. "We do a good job, and all because Leo's a time Nazi, we're grounded!?!?!"

"Enough!" Master Splinter ordered. "Marietta, you are to clean your weapons, then go to bed. You seem to need the extra rest - and the extra practice you will have early morning."

"This is crap!" Marietta yelled, jumping up and glaring at their father as angrily as she possibly could. "I am not going to bed after I've cleaned my weapons! I'm not a baby! I can decide for myself!"

"Marie...." Catarina tried.

"No, Rina! Save it!" Marietta snapped. "It's quite obvious what the whole family thinks of us, and I'm not going to stand for it!"

Marie was furious with her father and her older brothers, and she wasn't going let them make her be quiet. She puffed angrily and crossed her arms over her chest. It was the only way she was going to keep herself from reaching over and grabbing a paperweight to fling into the wall.

Rina was quite certain that her cheeks had flamed into her characteristic purple blush. She was highly embarrassed by Marie's behavior. How was anyone going to treat them like adults if Marie continued to throw rages like this one? Now they were definitely going to be stuck back onto three-man teams and it was going to be Marie's fault. Argh, why couldn't she hold her flaming tongue, just this once!? Rina clenched her fists as she felt herself growing angry. This was definitely not the time to snap at her sister. Instead, she sat quietly and focused her eyes on the wood coffee table.

Master Splinter did not seem pleased with Marie's outburst at all. His dark eyes were narrowed in anger, and his fur was bristling on the back of his neck. "Marietta, this sort of tantrum shall not be tolerated. I will have to increase your punishment. Instead of three days, you are grounded for the rest of the week with increased practice. Catarina," he said, turning his head towards the blue and white bandanna'd turtle, "You shall share this punishment."

"What?!" Rina demanded, her mouth dropping open.

Splinter nodded and continued, "In addition to the extra practice, I am splitting the two of you and placing you on three-man teams again. Marietta, you shall team with Leonardo and Michelangelo. Catarina, you will patrol with Raphael and Donatello."

"No! I won't team with Leo!" shouted Marie, shaking her head back and forth furiously, "All he's going to do is ride my ass and yell orders at me."

"Responsibility is what you need to learn and Leonardo will be an adequate teacher," said Master Splinter in a grave voice. "Until you can prove to me that you can be responsible and trustworthy, you shall remain on these teams."

"Sensei, that's not fair!" Rina exclaimed, staring at her teacher.

Splinter bowed his head and sighed. "Meditate. You shall see why things must be this way," he said. "You may both go now."

Marie stormed out of the room like a small hurricane while Rina got up, managed a jerky bow and left in a quieter fashion. When they were out of the room, Marie let out an angry shout, "Damn!" She punched at the wall and immediately regretted the action as her knuckles connected with the hard brick. Rina watched as Marie shook her hand and mumbled curses to herself.

"Can you believe that, Rina?" Marie asked, obviously thinking her sister was going to side with her.

Rina only glared back at her with cold anger.

"Aw, c'mon, Rini, you can't be mad at me. I didn't know you were gonna get the same punishment as me."

Rina's hands tensed and clenched, and she ground her teeth together. Unlike Marie or Raph, she rarely shouted her anger or threw stuff around. Instead, she fumed to herself and waited until she was angry enough to explode. Right now, she was frustrated to the point of tears. She couldn't go against Master Splinter and refuse the punishment, and she definitely didn't want to have it out with Marie right now while the other turtle girl was in a bad mood. Instead, she shoved past her sister and snarled, "Thanks, Marie, thanks a lot."

"Don't you dare blame me, Rina!" Marie shouted as Rina stormed off down the hallway towards the dojo.

Rina didn't reply and that only angered Marie more.

"Ugh, it's not my fault!" she shouted towards the ceiling as she walked into the living room. She flopped backwards onto the couch and saw a dark green leg.

"When is it ever your fault?" asked Raphael as he tossed a piece of popcorn at her. He had stolen the bowl from Mikey even after Mikey had insisted that it was Rina's popcorn.

The piece poinged off her nose and she scowled at him. "Some things are my fault. But this isn't," she said, grabbing the piece of popcorn and throwing it back at him.

"Didja find the trackers?" He asked with a smirk.

Marie let out a growl, "Yeah…"

"Hey, don't let Sensei and Leo get you down," Mikey put in from where he was sitting on the edge of the couch, almost totally engrossed in the game he was playing.

Marie flopped over onto her shell and leaned her head against Raph's leg. "I'm not down, I'm frigin' MAD," she snapped, "Sensei made Rina mad at me. Why do I always have to be the bad guy?"

"I thought that was Raph's job," laughed Mikey. A pillow from the turtle in red caught him upside the head.

Rina stood in the middle of the dojo, her bow clasped in her hand. It was a perfectly balanced weapon with leather binding for the grip and highly-polished yew for the wood. It was her favorite weapon, and she slowly over the years was becoming a master at it. Of course, for close combat she used her kaiken, but the bow and arrow was her one great love. It was also her favorite form of stress relief. She sighed as an arrow thwapped into the straw-stuffed dummy's abdomen. She was so irritated at Marie and herself; she knew better than to go out so far from their boundaries. Reaching into her quiver, she pulled on a blue and white fletched arrow and knocked it onto the string. Using her excess anger, she hauled back on the string and then let the arrow fly. It struck the dummy right in the side of the head, ripping the cloth and causing most of the head straw stuffing to leak out.

"Hmm, I'll guess I'll be fixing that some time this week," said a voice wryly.

Rina turned to see Donatello in the doorway, a smirk on his face. She sighed and lowered her bow from the ready position. "Sorry, Donnie," she sighed, pushing some of her blonde hair back from her face. "I sorta got carried away."

"Pretty much the same way Marie did with Splinter, right?" Donatello smirked slightly. He wasn't stupid - they'd all heard her shouting from inside of Master Splinter's study - they had even expected it.

"This isn't going to get me in trouble," Catarina snapped slightly, giving him an apologetic look afterwards. "Sorry, Donnie. I'm just so - so frustrated! With Leo, with Sensei, with Marie! Just - everybody!"

"Well, that wasn't everybody you listed," Donatello pointed out. "You're annoyed with everyone but Mikey, Raph, and myself."

Catarina shrugged, as she went over to the dummy to fetch her arrow that had split the dummy's head. "Actually, I am annoyed with you. You're the one who made the trackers and put them on our belts in the first place!" Catarina reminded him angrily.

"Hey, I was only following orders," Donatello replied, holding his hands up in defense. "Besides, a brother is allowed to worry."

"You're over-protective, that's what you are," Rina told him flatly. "You guys just don't want us to grow up. Well, face the facts - we're fifteen! Not five! Don't let Marie's tantrums fool you, Donnie. You're supposed to be the bright one!"

Donatello looked slightly offended. "Well, if you'd rather we not worry about you, then why don't you both start following the rules, so that we can take a break from it!" He stated. "We love you and just want to protect you - even if you can protect yourselves pretty well." With that, he turned and left the dojo.

Catarina sighed heavily. Great, she'd angered Donatello - the soft-spoken, easy-going brother. Could this night get any worse? Suddenly, a sharp voice came from the den.

"Marie! You were told to go to bed!" Leonardo barked, having had noticed the girl lying on the couch between Raphael and Michaelangelo.

"Who says this ain't it, huh?" Marietta snapped somewhat, becoming annoyed once more.

"When are you going to grow up?!?" Leonardo demanded.

"The day you quit being such an ass, Leo," Marietta replied sweetly.

Leonardo was becoming quite angry and fed-up with his sister's sarcastic remarks and attitude. He advanced towards her glowering, after realizing she didn't plan getting up off the couch anytime soon. Leonardo shook his head, "You know, whatever. I don't even care anymore. Stay up as late as you want, eat as much candy as you want, do whatever you want! I'm going to bed." He started down the hallway that led to his bedroom.

"Wuss!" Marie shouted after him. She grinned at Raphael, obviously expecting praise. Instead, her brother was frowning down at her.

"That was a smooth move," he grumbled as he stood up from the couch.

"Hey, you know he is!"

Raphael pointed a finger at her and she leaned away from him, "You listen and you listen good. Leo may be a Teacher's Pet and a pain in the ass, but he is anything but a wuss. If I ever hear you call him that again, don't be shocked if my fist finds your face." Raphael then stalked off down the hallway.

The night was just getting worse and worse. Marie looked back at Mikey, "What, you gonna leave me too?"

Mikey smiled at her and took her by the arm. He pulled her into a tight hug, "Nah, kiddo. You may have the biggest mouth in the world, but I still love yah tons."

Marie smiled and snuggled down into Mikey's hug. At least one family member still loved her.

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