A Forgotten Nightmare by LenniluvsBrian, Daydream
Summary: A horrible nightmare resurfaces to plague a young turtle, after having had been buried in the depths of their mind for twelve long years. Will they be able to cope, especially after the nightmare ends up becoming real once more?

Written By Daydream & LenniluvsBrian
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Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Child Abuse, Violence
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Caught! by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:

Well, though I don't seem to be getting reviews lately - for any of my fics - I decided to update anyway, just because I felt like it. Lol. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, Rembrandt, baddies, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT. Thank-you!

Leo, Donnie, Mikey, and Raph were making their way down the hallways. So far, they had only run into regular workers. A couple pressure point hits and they were no longer being bothered.


"Where're all the big guys?" asked Raphael, clashing his sai together.


"Hopefully really far away!" replied Mikey with a grin.


Leo rolled his eyes from the front of the group. "They're probably deeper in the catacombs of this place," he said, stepping forward.


"That'd make since," Mikey said, his nunchucks in his hand and ready to use. "Still, I thought we'd see a couple by now, ‘specially since you can see where Marie's already been," he said, pointing at a broken camera.

"Hey, at least that's a relatively smart move," Donnie said.


"First smart thing she's done tonight," said Leo with a grunt.


"She's just a kid, Leo," Mikey said, trying to quell his brother's anger.


"I don't think any of us would do something this stupid at her age! She's fifteen, Mikey," he snapped, clutching his katana.


"I think I would've so, lay off, Leo," Raphael said, tossing his brother a frown.


"Yeah, let's not even get into that right now," Leo said, shaking his head.


Raphael growled but didn't take the bait. Getting Marie back was more important than fighting with Leo…wow; he really DID like the kid!

They eventually ended up outside of the place where Donnie said Marie's sai were. It was a simple locked door and Leo stabbed it through with a katana. Raphael shoved the door open only to hear a soft thwwipp! He saw something brush by his head and then he heard Mikey cry out.


"Dang!" shouted his youngest brother as he grabbed at his shoulder.


"Mikey!" Donnie shouted, grabbing for his brother.


"Shit!" Raphael yelled as he brandished his sai and moved back. There was another thwwipp and another but these didn't hit anyone.


Meanwhile, Mikey was stumbling, leaning heavily against Donatello. Leonardo pulled a single katana from its sheath and slipped it through the air. Raphael was amazed to see it slice through one of the darts. Two more thwwipps and Leo was standing there with two fuzzy darts sticking out of his skin.


Raphael let out a roar of rage and attacked the men who were hunkered down in the room. His sai embedded in their fleshy, unarmored bodies while darts hit him. He heard a feminine scream, "Raphael!" His foggy mind registered Rina's voice…damn! Wasn't she supposed to be at the lair?!
Men were swarming into the area out of the hallways, some running down the corridor they had just come from.


Darts were sticking in Donnie's bo as he tried to protect his brothers. Just then an arrow flew past him and buried in a man's chest. A look of horror took over his face as he turned and found Rina and Rembrandt running down a hallway towards them.


"Go back!" he shouted but Rina had already seen Mikey and Leonardo and her expression had contorted with remorse. She spotted Raphael as darts became imbedded in his skin and she screamed his name. Growling, she drew another arrow from her quiver. She wouldn't let them take her family without a fight! She handed Rembrandt her kaiken quickly, "Just slash people."


"Got it," he said, nodding.


"Go home, now!" Donatello said as she brandished her weapon.

"Kinda late for that, Donnie!" Rina exclaimed, shooting another arrow at one of the men currently brandishing a tranquilizer gun.


Donnie kept his eyes glued to the darts that were making their way towards him, trying to ensure he didn't dare get hit with any. "Just once, I wish you girls would listen to us, and do as told!" He snapped somewhat, not happy at all with either of his sisters right then.


"If we get outta this," Rina began, dodging a dart. "I swear I'll listen!"

Donnie glanced over at her briefly, a huge mistake on his part, as a dart imbedded itself into his shoulder. "Dammit!" He cursed, as he reached to yank it out, just like Marie had done earlier, unknown to them. "Rina! Get outta here!" He cried, as he was hit with two more, causing him to sway, then fall face first to the floor - his bo clattering as it hit the tiled floor.


"Donnie!" Rina gasped, feeling scared and angry all at once. They'd taken her brothers down! No one had ever done that before! Maybe one or two of them would be caught or taken down, but never in her fifteen years of life, had all four fallen right before her eyes.

"Brandt! Fight for all yer worth!" Rina shrieked, hoping she wouldn't run out of arrows anytime soon.


Rembrandt narrowed his eyes, actually feeling the fear and panic coming from Rina's very soul. He growled and charged the ones who had kept him in their grasp his whole life. The turtles were his family now, and he was not about to let them all end up like he had! No way Dude! Rina kept shooting her arrows, as she saw Rembrandt slash people with her kaiken. She was slightly relieved to see he at least knew how to hold it and slash away at people - though, her relief was short lived as he too was struck with a dart and went crashing down.


"NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rina wailed, as she shot her last arrow, then quickly began throwing shuriken at the evil foes.

Soon enough, she ran out of those as well, and ended up brandishing her bow, as a staff in order to keep fighting. She cried out as she was finally hit with a tranquilizer, immediately reaching over and switching on Donnie's Shell Cell, in hopes that Master Splinter or April would have one, and realize something was terribly wrong.


Back in the lair, Master Splinter had returned to the living room, only to find both Catarina and Rembrandt not there, causing him to frown. He reached out with his senses, to see if they were at least still in the lair. He sighed heavily, when he realized that they were not. It was then he heard the shrill distress signal coming from a Shell Cell that had been left on the coffee table. He swiftly hurried over to it, snatching it up and flipping it open. He hit a few buttons, and soon enough had April on the other line.


"Splinter?" April said, looking and sounding surprised as she realized just who had called her. "What's wrong?"


"Ms. O'Neil, I believe my family is in grave danger, and that we will need to act immediately!" Master Splinter informed their human friend. "Please find Mr. Jones, and alert him to our plight as well, as I know that he will indeed want to help."


"We'll be there soon as we can!" April assured the aging mutant rat, quickly clicking her Shell Cell off, and running to the bathroom and pounding on the door. "Casey! Hurry up! The turtles are in trouble!" She cried, running about like a chicken with its head cut off, as she began grabbing things she figured she'd need for this mission.


"What?" Casey said, looking and sounding confused as he came out of the bathroom. "The guys are in trouble?"


"And the girls," April put in. "Splinter said 'family', not boys - so it has to be all of them!"


"I wonder what they've gone and done now," Casey said, shaking his head as he grabbed up his mask and weapons. "Well, let's go!"


The two of them hurried on out to Casey's motorbike, and after making sure their things were secure, roared off towards the lair at top speed.


Marie glared dangerously, as the evil doctor, whose name she had yet to catch, re-entered the room once more. This time, he was smiling wide - though the smile was pure evil.


"It seems, we have managed to catch your foolish family," he informed her. "I will now have the opportunity, to study them all."


"Pfft. I highly doubt you c'n catch 'em," Marie scoffed. "They're the most skilled fighters out there, stupid."


"Oh, really?" The man replied. "Then pray tell, who are they?"


He held up a hand-held computer, showing her images of each of her siblings, who were currently either locked up in a cell, or tied down on an operating table.


"I think I shall only keep two of the older males," he continued. "Seeing as I don't need all of them alive for my studies. Though, I have yet to decide which two will be the ones to survive. Maybe you can decide for me?"


Marie paled as she saw that he had indeed captured her entire family - all, but one who still remained back at the lair, probably growing immensely worried as they had all yet to return.

Dr. Martin grinned, as he zoomed in on each turtle he had managed to capture with the help of his henchmen. "Who shall live, T35," he repeated. "And who shall die? It is up to you to decide."


He watched her reaction closely, as he kept flipping through all the images that were now on his portable hand-held computer. He smirked as he noticed that other than being highly concerned about T-36, she seemed extremely concerned about the red-masked male turtle he had managed to now have in a holding cell.


"Well, I think that this one shall be the first to go," he stated, holding Raphael's image up to the mutant turtle girl's face.

Marie was immediately enraged. "YOU F*CKING TOUCH HIM AND I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU!!!!!!!!!" She screamed, struggling against her restraints like crazy, in a desperate attempt to reach out and throttle the bastard of a man that stood before her.


Dr. Martin gave a cynical laugh. "And I believe I shall let you watch his dissection."


"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Marie cried, as unwanted, hot, angry tears formed in her eyes.


In another part of the laboratory, Rina stirred some, groaning as she realized she was back in the same lab room she'd been stuck in the previous night before tossed into a cell with Rembrandt. Speaking of Rembrandt, where was he!?!?


"Ohh....." She moaned, blinking her eyes rapidly.


"She's awakening!" A woman observed. "Now what?"


"Leave her be, Dr. Kelly stated firmly. "These current tests will not harm her."


The other woman nodded, obeying orders, as she continued on with what she was doing.


"DONNIE!" Rina suddenly yelled, trying to bolt upwards, only the restraints held her down. She growled somewhat, as she was slowly remembering just what had gone on. "Ohhh......we're in trouble."


"The others may be," Dr. Kelly said, having had heard the mutant speak. "But for now, you are not."


"Don't hurt them!" Rina cried, still a bit groggy from the evil tranquilizers. "Please!"

At the lair, Master Splinter and Casey were watching April manipulate Donatello's computer.


"Darnn Donnie and all his stupid passwords, they're all different!" snapped April as her fingers flew across the key board.


"Hey, can you hurry it up, babe?" asked Casey, trying to resist the urge to touch the stuff in Donnie's lab.


April shot him such a glare that Master Splinter decided that he and Casey should retire to the den. They walked in their and Splinter almost regretted the decision. Since he was no longer around April, who naturally calmed him, he was furious. And he took it out on the closest thing…which happened to be the furniture.


"I can't believe they've gone and got themselves caught!" he roared, kicking the couch. He ripped up a pillow while Master Splinter watched. Somehow destroying things always made Casey feel better and it always seemed to happen when he was angry.


"Mr. Jones, please, let my furniture alone," he said, looking at Casey with half-lidded eyes. Casey gave a timid smile and dropped the half-ripped pillow.

"Sorry, Master Splinter, I just…can't control my temper sometimes."


Master Splinter nodded, "Raphael has that same trait. Perhaps that is why you are such good friends."


"But how can I be a good friend if I can't help him?!" Casey shouted, kicking the wall.


Master Splinter sighed as the young human man stomped around the den. If only he could keep his head at such times…


"You can help me and Ms. O'Neal to rescue my family," Master Splinter said, leaning on the head of his cane.


"But how can we do that if we don't even know where they are?" Casey demanded angrily.


"I know where they are!" April shouted as she rushed into the room, waving the papers over her head. "They're at the McCormick Labs downtown! It's an experimental disease control center."


Casey ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her while kissing her on the lips. "And that's why you're my babe!" he cried excitedly.


April frowned, "I'm not a babe…"

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