A Forgotten Nightmare by LenniluvsBrian, Daydream
Summary: A horrible nightmare resurfaces to plague a young turtle, after having had been buried in the depths of their mind for twelve long years. Will they be able to cope, especially after the nightmare ends up becoming real once more?

Written By Daydream & LenniluvsBrian
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Twister, Mediation, & Pizza! by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:
Yay! I'm in the mood to update! I was actually starting to miss this story - lol. Well, Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, baddies, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything else TMNT. Thank-you!

Back at the lair, Donnie, Mikey, and Marie were playing a complicated game of Twister. It was made all the more interesting because of their humongous shells but extremely flexible bodies. What had started off as a game had quickly turned into a heated competition between Marie and Mikey while Don just did it for the fun. Leonardo was sitting in his chair with the spinning board, calling out the commands.

"Left foot red," he said and his siblings scrambled to claim red dots.

"Move your foot, Marie, I need space!" shouted Mikey, nudging Marie's foot.

"If there's no more red, then tough luck, big bro!" she replied, sticking her tongue out at him.

"What if I just shove you over right now, how about that?" asked Mikey.

"Do it and you'll regret it," she replied, frowning at him.

"Next call, Leo?" Donnie ask. He was trapped in a rather precarious position with his legs all twisted up.

Leo nodded and thumped the spinner. "Right hand yellow!"

"Argh, Leo!" Marie cried as she tried to get a yellow dot, "Are you calling these out on purpose?"

"Are you saying that I cheat?" asked Leo, his eye ridges raised mischievously.

"Perish the thought," teased Mikey and Leo rolled his eyes.

"Leo, you're cheating!" shouted Marie, but she was secretly glad to see her older brother act human.

Leonardo smirked. "Prove it," he challenged.

"If I could get up without losing, I would!" Marie exclaimed, just as Raphael and Catarina walked in.

The two had gotten back a few short minutes ago and had cleaned their weapons and themselves up some while up in the garage. They didn't want for anyone to know where they'd really been.

"Rina!" Marie cried, spotting her sister. "Leo's cheating! Make him stop!"

Catarina eyed her sister, who was twisted quite well amongst two of their brothers. "And what do you want me to do about it, Marie? Smack him for yah?" She asked playfully.

"YES!" Marie yelled. "SMACK HIM FOR ME!"

Catarina snorted and shook her head. "Nah, I don't think so. Besides, Leo would never cheat....." She winked at her brother in blue, who just smiled and winked back in return.

Raphael grunted, though attempting to hide a smirk of his own. He knew how Leo liked to play Twister - he'd make it into something extremely difficult and challenging. He nudged Catarina then, to remind her to get a move on and clean her kaiken better, before anyone noticed the stains on it.

Catarina smiled at them all, then took off for her room. "Careful you don't fall, Marie!" She called out to her sister. "Mikey knows how to tickle while in position!"

Marietta groaned. "Don't you dare cheat, Michaelangelo!" She declared. "Or I'll skewer you 'stead of Donnie!"

"What is with you wanting to skewer me!?!" Donatello exclaimed.

"Nothing, just seems like a good idea," said Marie.

Raphael glanced over at Leo who shrugged; he hadn't heard the conversation in the kitchen. The turtle in red rolled his eyes and walked over into the kitchen. Fighting those crooks had made him hungry, and he wanted to eat something before going out of patrol. Maybe they would meet up with the group of them again; he was pumped to bust some more skulls.

In the living room, Leo had created a mess out of the Twister Game. "Left foot blue!" he said and with that one command, all three of his siblings fell over.

Mikey, in his haste, had knocked into to Donatello who was pushed into Marie who landed on Michelangelo. Leo smirked and leaned back in his chair; sweet victory.

"Leo, you're not supposed to cheat!" shouted Marie as she tried to disentangle herself from her brothers.

Leo laughed as he stood up and put the spinner back in the box. "Maybe I didn't," he said.

"Leoooo," she wailed in complaint.

Leonardo grinned and helped Donnie up. "I think it's about time for us to head out on patrol," he said, glancing at the clock on the wall.

"Dude, do we have to go tonight?" asked Mikey from where he was laying on the ground. "We could always take a night off."

"Yeah! You could!" Marie insisted readily, as she didn't want to be stuck in the lair without them. Her brothers were great fun, when she wasn't so mad at them - even Leo could be fun at times, though she'd never once admit it.

Leonardo shook his head. “C’mon guys, you know Master Splinter won’t stand for it. And what’s so wrong with patrolling? We always have fun, whether we have to save the city or not,” Leo reminded them. “Besides, it’s good exercise.”

Marie pouted. “Not fun for those of us who get left at home,” she whined. “C’mon Leo! Can’t y’all just this once skip patrol an’ stay an’ keep Rina an’ I company?”

“You mean you actually want my company?” Leonardo asked, his eye ridges raised.

“That’d be a first,” Mikey whispered to Donnie.

“Did I say you? No! I want Mikey an’ Donnie to stay – duh!” Marie retorted, not wanting to admit she wanted all four of her brothers to stay home tonight and play games. “’Sides, we were havin’ fun!”

Leonardo shook his head. “Marie, it’s our duty to go out on patrol and protect the city,” Leonardo reminded her. “Besides, the last time we took a night off, a whole lot of bad things happened. So, sorry, but no, we’re not taking tonight off.”

Marie scowled. “Fine! Be a mean old Slave Driver!” She yelled, suddenly furious once more. She turned on her heel and stormed off to the room she still shared with her sister.

Leonardo rolled his eyes, then went about ushering his brothers to get ready to go out and patrol the city. They had obligations, and couldn’t just abandon them because they felt like taking a break, if they did that, who knows what could go wrong this time around.

Catarina looked up as her sister stormed into their room. “What’re you mad about now?” She asked, eyeing her warily.

Marietta cast her sister a slight glare. “Leo won’t let the guys stay home from patrol, when Mikey don’t even wanna go!” She stated. “It’s not fair! I want them to stay here, or for us to go with them!”

Catarina rolled her eyes. “Marie, maybe this is their time to bond, ever think of that?”

Marie huffed and plopped down onto her bed. “No,” she admitted. “But we were havin’ fun….even if Leo was cheating!”

Catarina smiled. “I know you love him deep down. You’re just too stubborn to admit it.”

Marie shrugged. “So what?” She eyed her sister, who was still cleaning her kaiken. “What’d you an’ Raph do, huh? Didn’t you clean that thing earlier?”

“Nothing wrong with cleaning your weapon more than once a day,” Rina replied casually. “It makes it look nice and it gives it that extra shine Sensei’s always talking about.”

“Pfft. Suck up,” Marie scoffed, leaning back onto her stuffed animals and pillows. “You keep that up an’ you’ll turn into Leo, an’ then we’ll fight all the time an’ I don’t want that.”

Catarina laughed some – her sister could be over-dramatic at times. “Mae-Mae, that’s not gonna happen. You know me better than anyone. Besides, we’re a team to be reckon with. Those baddies better look out!”

“Yeah, when Sensei lets us outta the lair,” Marie grumbled, tossing one of her stuffed friends into the air before catching him again. “So….how’s Raph?”

“He’s fine,” Rina answered. “Still a bit steamed, but fine.”

“He ain’t got no right to be steamed – he almost punched me, not the other way around,” Marie grumbled.

Catarina rolled her eyes once more. “I think he’s gotta right to be, but so do you – but let’s not get into that discussion again.”

“So do yah think if we butter Sensei up, he’ll let us off restriction sooner?” Rina shrugged.

“I don’t know; he might. Sensei can be confusing when he wants to be.”

“Hey, aren’t Power Rangers on now?” Marie asked suddenly, after a few moments of silence. She sat up and smirked. “Wanna go watch ‘em?”

Rina smiled back at her sister, setting her now clean kaiken down. “Race yah!” She shouted, jumping up and running out into the den.

Marie laughed and chased after her sister, doing a back-flip to get onto the couch sooner.

Catarina laughed, and turned the show on, as she knew their brothers had already left – her and Marie had been in their room for about a half hour and she knew Leonardo was prompt and insisted the others be the same.

A few hours later and the girls were back in the dojo. This time the object of practice was meditating. This was a procedure that neither girl was very good at. Marie was easily annoyed by the long periods of sitting while Rina was fidgety and often let her mind wander away from whatever they were supposed to be focusing on. Today it was a picture of the ocean.

"Breathe like the ocean, my daughters," Master Splinter was chanting under his breath, trying to tame their disobedient minds, "a gentle in as the wave swells. Feel the water around you, cool and smooth, the moonbeams shimmer on the water. Power growing beneath your skin, rippling across you like the breaking of the waves. Exhale. The wave crashes against the shore, the strength against what does not move."

Marie let out a big, agitated whoosh of air and cracked open one eyelid to glance at Rina. The blue-and-white clad turtle was obviously not paying any attention to what Master Splinter was saying; Marie could tell by the grin that was on her sister's face. She was probably off in her own little world somewhere, battling ship full of British soldiers as a pirate or something. Rina always had been good at coming up with make-believe games when they were little; Marie was just as skilled and they had had their fair share of adventures as turtle tots. They had driven their brothers and sensei positively wild trying to keep up with their antics.

Master Splinter suddenly sighed, "It is obvious to me that your minds are not on the task at hand." He looked over at Rina and Marie saw him smirk, "Is that not correct, Catarina?"

"Ho, yeah, huh?" she exclaimed, blinking her eyes rapidly as she looked up at him, "Oh, sure, Sensei."

Master Splinter shook his head and extended his hands to the two young turtles, "You must learn that fighting is not the only attribute of ninjitsu. Stealth, silence, the calm within the storm, these are the ways of the ninja. Each one must be embraced during you training for you to reach your true potential."

"We're trying, Sensei," Rina said as she leaned back on the mat, propping herself up with extended arms.

"It's just hard," Marie put in as she slouched over, "We don't got a lot of patience for all this sitting and thinking and stealthiness."

"I know," he said, giving them both a gentle smile as he reached over and put his hands on their knees, "Your minds are young and restless. It is hard to concentrate, but you both must try for the sake of this family."

"Hai, Sensei," the girls said in a quiet, unified reply. They began the exercise again, and this time the two of them gave it more of an effort.

An hour later, there was a commotion coming from the living room. Marie and Rina were at that time were alone in the dojo sparring with one another as part of their extra practice punishment. They had both decided that the extra practice wasn't that bad as long as they didn't bicker and they somehow managed to make it entertaining.

"Guys are back!" exclaimed Marie as she shoved Rina away and ran out of the dojo.

Rina rolled her eyes but tore after her sister, eventually catching up with her as they entered the living room. All four of them were pumped from the evening; it had obviously been an eventful night. Mikey was bouncing around the room; not even a threat of pain from Raphael made him stand still. Donnie and Leo were play-sparring, bo against katanas while Raph talked with a tall man with a white mask on his head.

"Casey!" exclaimed Rina, rushing over to the human.

"Hey, Mini-Ninja, how's it hanging?" he asked as she gave him a hug.

"We're grounded," answered Marie as she watched Mikey racing around the room. He looked as if someone had poured a large amount of sugar down his throat.

"Oooh, tough break, girlies," said Casey, rubbing at the back of his neck, "Course, y'all are grounded, what, every other week?"

"Casey!" both of the girls whined.

"Don't call us girlies, it's sexist," said Rina, casting a frown up at the human man.

He laughed and tweaked the knot of her bandanna. "Hey, but it's true," he said.

"Is not!" Marie argued, still watching her brother in orange run about the lair. "We're tomboys, thank-you very much."

"Yer still girls, that take forever to do their hair," Casey replied.

Rina shrugged. "Well, it's our job to make sure our hair is done right, so it's not in our way when we spar."

"What she said," Marie agreed, jerking a thumb at her sister. "An' don't you dare mention the fact I hate my hands being dirty! And that I hate bugs, 'cause Raph hates 'em too, yanno!"

Casey held his hands up in defense. "I didn't say a word, you did," he pointed out. "Besides, if I want a real girl, I'll just go on back up top to April."

Catarina giggled, knowing the man meant no harm with his statement as he probably hadn't even realized what he had said. Marie on the other hand, turned and sucker punched their human friend right in the stomach.

"Watch it," she growled, as he doubled over from the unexpected blow.

"Marie!" Rina exclaimed, helping Casey remain standing.

"Wha - What did I say?" Casey gasped, trying to catch his breath midst his attempt to stand upright once more.

Raphael cast Marietta a cold Look, which she in turn gave him right back, before turning and tackling Michaelangelo as he ran by. She squealed as he kept on running, but with her hanging off his back now - she loved when he played this game with her - despite how old they were.

Catarina shook her head as Casey shook himself off, in an attempt to shake off the fact the punch had hurt.

"So, what's there to eat around this joint?"

Rina laughed. "Just like a guy to always think about food."

Raph clapped Casey's back with his hand, smiling at his friend. "Pizza - what else?"

"Well, then, let's get to eating! I'm starved!" Casey stated.

"I'd comment on that, but I'm hungry now too," Rina smiled, as she moved out of Leonardo and Donatello's way - the two were still play sparring in the den.

Rina, Raphael, and Casey retreated into the kitchen while Mikey continued to piggyback Marie around the room. The turtle in orange seemed to be endlessly energetic tonight. Finally, he flung himself down on the couch, dropping Marie on the chair before he did. While Mikey caught his breath, Leonardo vaulted over the couch and parried a blow from Donnie's bo. While the other two turtles sparred, Marie crawled over to the couch and grinned at her brother.

"So, what'd y'all do tonight?" she asked, looking up at him.

Mikey smiled, "We kicked shell!"

"Hell yeah!" came Raphael's shout from the kitchen.

Mikey laughed, "It was a gang of Purple Dragons taking out their frustrations on this nice old lady. We started in on them and then Casey showed up. We spent the rest of the night breaking up some muggings and some other small crimes. Not a bad night, if I do say so myself."

Marie smiled. She wouldn't have minded to be out there with them; it was sometimes fun to go out in a big group with her brothers.

In the kitchen, Raphael and Casey were raiding the fridge for leftover pizza. "Mmm, anchovies," said Raph as he grabbed out one of the cardboard boxes. Casey was already manipulating the microwave, trying to heat up a supreme pizza. Rina was searching the cabinets for glasses.

"How the heck do you work this contraption?" Casey exclaimed finally.

Rina laughed, setting the glasses on the table, before going over and starting up the microwave for Casey. "Donnie's fixed this so much; it's starting to look like a foreign object."

"It's offa Star Trek!" Marie yelled from the next room, where she sat snuggled up against Michaelangelo. She knew what they were talking about the moment she heard Casey.

"Donnie an' his geekazoid Star Trek," Casey muttered, plopping down on one of the kitchen chairs.

"It's not geeky!" Donatello and Marie both yelled out a moment or two after Casey had spoken - how they'd heard him, he'd never know - but in truth, they just knew him well enough to know his response.

Leonardo back flipped off the chair Marie had been sitting in a few moments ago, Donatello quickly following him. They were determined to finish their little spar game - hopefully before Master Splinter caught them play sparring outside of the dojo.

"I wish I coulda gone with y'all," Marie said softly, moving Michaelangelo's arm until it was draped over her shoulder and shell, in a half hug. She wanted to snuggle, and she knew Mikey would always let her - he was the most comforting one.

"Well, maybe next time, Kiddo," Michaelangelo smiled, tweaking the tail ends of her bandana playfully.

Marie swatted at his hand half-heartedly, though she was smiling as well.

"Pizza's done!" Rina called out then, as she took the Supreme pizza out of the microwave.

Donatello and Leonardo quickly sparred themselves into the kitchen, while Michaelangelo hopped up so fast, he made Marie fall onto the floor.

Marie groaned. "Dammit! I was comfortable!"

"Sorry, Munchkin," Mikey laughed, helping her up quickly, before high-tailing it into the kitchen for some pizza.

Rina laughed as all her brothers who hadn't been in the kitchen already came running - or sparring - in. She took her seat and grabbed a slice of the Supreme - only Raph liked the anchovies.

"I don't know how you can eat those things," Casey stated, watching Raphael shovel his third slice of pizza into his mouth.

Raph just smirked and continued eating his pizza.

Rina ducked as Donatello swung his bo over her head. "Hey! No sparring in the kitchen! Sit down an' eat!"

"Sorry Rina," Donatello laughed, placing his bo staff onto his back and making sure it was secured, before taking his seat.

Leonardo sheathed his katanas and also took his seat, both him and Donnie dug into the Supreme pizza. Marie stayed in the den, flopped half-heartily on the couch, not the least bit hungry, though she usually was after sparring. She didn't even glance up when she heard Master Splinter come out of his study.

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