A Forgotten Nightmare by LenniluvsBrian, Daydream
Summary: A horrible nightmare resurfaces to plague a young turtle, after having had been buried in the depths of their mind for twelve long years. Will they be able to cope, especially after the nightmare ends up becoming real once more?

Written By Daydream & LenniluvsBrian
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Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Child Abuse, Violence
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The Goonies by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:
Hehe. Felt like updating tonight. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, baddies, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT! Thank-you!

Master Splinter's dark brown eyes roved over the mess in the living room. A few chairs had been turned over and quite a few objects were out of place. His sons must have returned home. He saw one of his daughters lying on the couch while there was an abundance of noise coming from the kitchen. Everyone but Marietta seemed to be partaking of pizza… A different scent caught his nose. Casey Jones, that big, bulky oaf, was in the lair. Master Splinter sighed; whenever that outspoken vigilante was around, his children always seemed to be in the most active of moods. He walked into the kitchen to find Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Casey playing a game of keep-away with Michelangelo. They were tossing a slice of pizza back and forth between themselves while the turtle in orange chased after it.

"Dudes, this is sooo unfair!" he shouted, trying to jump up and grab the pizza.

Leonardo reached over and snatched the pizza that was flying through the air.

Mikey lunged for it, but Leo tossed it over to Casey who immediately threw it to Donnie when Mikey came too close.

Catarina was sitting on the counter, munching on a slice of cheese pizza while watching the boys mess around. Occasionally she would have to lean out of the way as Mikey rushed by her, nearly knocking her off the counter every time.

"Piiizzzaaa!!" Mikey shouted as he made one last daring attempt to take the pizza by rushing Raphael.

Raphael ducked and Mikey ended up diving over the top of his shell, landing at Master Splinter's feet. The turtle in orange quickly scrambled to his feet while the other turtles snickered or laughed.

"Raphael, please give your brother his pizza," Master Splinter said.

Raphael gave an exaggerated eye roll before handing the pizza over to Mikey.

Mikey clasped the pizza to himself and retreated into the living room where he was less likely to be assaulted again. He sat down on the couch next to Marie's feet and nodded towards her, "Hey, Marie, turn the TV on."

"You do it," she replied, not looking at him.

"I'm eatiiiing," he whined and she reached for the remote.

She flipped the TV on then tossed the remote at Mikey, letting it hit him in the shoulder.

Mikey poked out his lower lip; what was it with everyone and hitting him that night? "Do I have a pick-on-me sign on my shell or something?" he asked and Marie giggled.

"No, Mikey, Leo took that off you way earlier," she reassured.

Mikey gave her a wry look and tickled the soles of her feet with his free hand.

Back in the kitchen, the boys were telling Master Splinter about the events of the night while the elderly rat had a slice of pizza and a cup of green tea. Rina didn't think that looked like a tasty mixture but whatever Sensei wanted.

"And then, get this Sensei, Casey leaps off my shoulders and gets the guy as he's going up the fire escape! Is that awesome or what?" asked Raphael, obviously excited.

Rina grinned into her glass of Coke; Raphael could make the most boring of fights sound exciting.

"It is very…interesting, my son," Master Splinter said, obviously not agreeing entirely with the unorthodox attack. However, it had worked, his sons were home safely, and that was all that mattered.

Raphael grinned, as he grabbed up another slice of pizza. "We oughta learn how to do that - it was awesome!" He stated. "Should call it, The Flying Man Grabbler! Yanno, fly offa someone's shoulders an' grab the thug!"

Master Splinter shook his head slightly. "Kids," he stated, sipping his tea.

Rina smiled at their father, loving how he was easy-going when they allowed him to be so, and strict when they did wrong and/or had scared him half to death.

"What are your plans for the rest of this evening?" Master Splinter wanted to know.

"We're just gonna chill around the lair and watch some videos or something," Raphael replied.

"Yeah, unless Raph here decides to sneak off with Casey again," Leonardo put in.

"Shaddup, Leo!" Raphael snapped.

Donatello rolled his eyes at the two - even after all these years, they still knew how to bicker like a couple of little kids.

Catarina giggled. "Just be glad it's only Raph sneaking out and not Marie," she commented, though it was a lie.

Her and her sister had snuck out a few times, her sister more so - Marie had even once followed Raphael and after much pleading been allowed to go off with him, against his better judgment. Raph was a sucker for his sisters, though he'd never admit it to anyone, nor let it show just how easily they suckered him into things - even if he was hard on them at times, namely Marietta who was too much like him for his own comfort.

"I say we watch Star Trek Nemesis," Donatello suggested.

"No way! No geek videos!" Casey exclaimed.

"Gone With The Wind!" Catarina suggested.

"No sissy girl movies either," Raphael snapped somewhat. "I say we watch The Ring 2!"

"No! No scary movies!" Catarina cried, as her and Marie still scared easily when it came to those, and usually wound up with nightmares.

Raph snorted. "Right, it's gotta be PG-13 so the rug-rats can watch it."

Rina scowled. "We can watch any movie we'd like, Raphael! We just don't like gory, scary movies!"

"What about a Bruce Lee flick?" Leonardo suggested.

"No way! They lip sync those things!" Casey stated.

Marie giggled and squirmed some, as her feet were tickled - her most ticklish spot ever. She brought her feet up to her chest as she rolled onto her side, in an attempt to evade Michaelangelo's tickling fingers. She wasn't feeling too well, though she was doing her best to hide that fact - and so far, so good.

"Hey, Raph, let's watch your favorite movie!" suggested Rina, a grin on her face.

Raphael knew that face and he knew to be suspicious of it. "An what's that?" he asked.

"Hmm, that My Little Ponies episode that you keep hid-"

Raphael was immediately tearing after his little sister, yanking his sai from his belt menacingly. "Come back here, ya smart-mouthed, pigtail-wearin' coward!" he shouted as he chased her into the living room.

"What? I'm just telling the truth!" screeched Rina, darting out of his reach. She was the faster of the two and could easily avoid him.

"Mikey, grab her!" Raphael shouted, asking for his brother's help.

Mikey held up his hands, "Hey, this is your fight, I'm not getting involved."

Raphael vaulted over the couch while Rina raced in the other direction. He put on an extra burst of adrenaline and nearly got her but she leapt out of the way. However, another step and he was able to catch the ends of her bandanna tails. With a quick tug, he pulled her backwards, making her yelp. He grabbed her and held her in a headlock, "What'd ya say? C'mon, Rina, what'd you say?"

"My Little Ponies…In your room…Favorite movie!!" she gasped as she struggled to get out of the headlock.

"Really? Cause I thought that's what you said," Raphael said.

"Raph, let her go before she goes blue in the face," Donnie said as he walked out of the kitchen.

"Yeah, Raph, don't kill her yet? What will we have to do later tonight?" asked Casey, grinning at Catarina. The young turtle girl glared at him while Raph let her go. She jumped away, narrowly missing a kick to the rear from Raphael. She stuck her tongue out at him before sitting down on the floor in front of the couch.

"So, what're we watching?" Leo asked as he took up his favorite chair.

"I don't know, it seems we can't come to a decision," said Donnie, glancing over at Raphael and Rina who were now throwing a couch pillow at each other.

Marie smiled over at Mikey and suggested, "The Goonies?"

"I LOVE that movie!" exclaimed Mikey, leaping up to go get the DVD.

"We know," said the rest of the family and Casey. Since they all agreed that they liked Goonies, they watched that movie whenever they couldn't decide on a different one. Marie curled up on the couch and idly played with her sister's bandanna tails as she watched the movie. She fell asleep early on in the film, not even getting to her favorite part with the monster in the basement.

Leonardo cast a glance at his already sleeping sister, deeming it odd, as he knew she didn't usually fall asleep until after her favourite part of the movie. He shrugged, but vowed to keep an eye on her just to be sure.

Soon enough, the movie ended and Casey decided to head on home. He said his goodbyes, then left the lair - it was early morning, so he'd have no problems on his way home; especially since he was leaving via the garage and they lived in a mostly deserted part of town.

"Whose gonna get the Runt to bed?" Raphael grunted, as he stood up from where he'd been sitting on the floor. "She's sleepin' like a sack o'potatoes."

"Potatoes don't sleep," Catarina mumbled tiredly, stumbling to get up and flashing Donatello a grateful smile when he steadied her.

"Why don't you carry her, Raph?" Leonardo suggested.

"I'm still mad at her," Raphael answered. "An' why the Hell should I always be the one to carry her, huh?"

"Then just leave her there," Leonardo shrugged. "She looks peaceful enough."

"Yeah, only in her sleep," Raphael muttered, as he watched Donatello scoop Rina up into his arms and carry her off down the hall.

Catarina protested playfully, really not minding the lift at all - besides, their brothers were super strong, and they could lift just about anything - so the girls figured.

"I'll get this lug off to bed," Raphael stated after Donnie and Rina had left the room, nodding towards Michaelangelo. "I know how he gets when asleep."

Leonardo sighed, but nodded his head. Figured he'd have to be the one to carry the girl he fought with most to bed. He scooped Marie up, noting she was a bit warm, but figured it was just the way she'd been lying on the couch, and carried her off to bed. Once his sisters were tucked in, him and Donatello headed off to their rooms to go to sleep as well.

The next morning, Catarina woke on her own and after brushing her hair and doing what she had to do in the bathroom, made her way into the kitchen for breakfast. It was Sunday and on Sunday's Mikey usually cooked them some pancakes so that they could have something different for a change, instead of their usual breakfast foods. Besides, they all loved pancakes - all different kinds too! And of course, Michaelangelo was the best at making them!

"Mornin'!" She chirped cheerfully, as she bounced into the kitchen, excited about the pancakes, like always.

"Hey Kiddo!" Mikey grinned at her, as he mixed the pancake batter. "What kinda pancakes do you want this morning? Donnie an' Leo are havin' apple and banana ones, and Raph is gonna have raspberry chocolate chip," he told her.

Catarina smiled, and checked out the ingredients her brother had. "Chocolate chips!" She decided. "And you know Marie'll have the same!"

Michaelangelo nodded, and went about making pancakes for everybody.

"Where is everyone?" Catarina asked finally, as usually everyone was in the kitchen early on Pancake Sundays.

"Leo's practicin' his katas just because, Raph's gone to fetch his sai form his room since he somehow forgot to put them on, and Donnie's in his lab - where else?" Mikey replied.

"And Master Splinter?" Rina began, only to be cut off.

"Is right behind you," Mikey snickered, as he'd seen their Sensei enter the kitchen.

Catarina turned and grinned at the elderly rat. "Mornin' Sensei!" She chirped.

"Good morning, my daughter," Master Splinter smiled softly, as he took his seat and accepted the tea his son in orange set before him.

A short while later, almost everyone had gathered in the kitchen to eat - only Marie was absent, which in itself was odd. They thought nothing of it though, as they all dug into their wonderful smelling, delicious tasting pancakes.

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