Soul Mates by fussy711
Summary: A fan fiction where true love finds itself and neither Nick nor Jennifer believe in a soul mate.
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Chapter 18 by fussy711

chp 18

My date




After reading our letters, we went and started getting ready. Veronica wanted me to help her pick out an outfit. She had a green sequined halter top and a black mini skirt. "Oh my god, Jenn. I love it! Thanks for picked it out for me," she said. "No problem. Now I just have to go find me something," I said heading towards my closet. "What about this?" Veronica asked. She held up a black spaghetti strap dress. The straps were trimmed with rose pedals. "That dress is perfect," I said with excitement. We helped each other do our hair since I can't really curl mine and I really wanted to have curls tonight.

It was almost time for Veronica to meet AJ outside. She was finishing up the last minute touched. "Well I guess I better get down there," she said looking at the clock. "Ok, have fun tonight. Oh before you leave, here is a key for my place, just in case we aren't home yet," I said. "Oh ok thanks. And thanks, I'm sure I will. You have loads of fun tonight as well," she said as she walked out the door.

After she left, I went and finished putting on my make-up and then went and found some jewelry for the final look. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. When I opened the dorr I was greeted by a dozen roses and Nick in a black suit with a green dress shirt and matching tie. He looked absolutely heavenly. "Hey baby," I said as I leaned in and kissed him. "I missed you so much today," I added. "Awe I missed you too," he said as he kissed me back. "These are for you," he said as he laid them down and took me in his arms. "Thanks baby, I love them," I said with a smile. "Are you ready?" he asked. "Yep sure am," I said as I grabbed my purse. "Alright then, lets go," he said opening the door for me.

"You look absolutely gorgeous tonight," he said as we were walking outside. "Thank you baby. So do you," I said smiling at him. When we got outside there was a limo waiting for us. "What's on your mind tonight Nick? I can tell that you're thinking about something," I said as we headed towards the restaurant. "Nothing baby. I'm fine. Just thinking about how gorgeous you look tonight and how damn lucky I am to have you," he said looking down at me and smiling. "That's really sweet of you Nick. I consider myself very lucky to be with you. I love you, baby always," I said leaning in and kissing him deeply. I heard him moan during the kiss. "Save that thought for later tonight," I said winking at him. "You bet I will," he said smiling and winking back.

"What restaurant are we going to anyways?" I asked him. "The most secluded yet romantic five-star restaurant in town," he said. As soon as he finished saying that, we pulled up to the front. He stepped out of the limo and then held out his hand to help me out. We walked to and though the door in each other's arms.

"Ah yes, Mr. Carter. Right this way sir," said the waiter. We followed the waiter to a secluded booth that was lit with candles. Nick pulled out my chair for me to sit and then he went to sit down. "Would you like some champagne ma'am?" the waiter asked. "Yes please," I replied. We ordered our dinner and as we were waiting, I excused myself to run to the ladies room. I couldn't figure out why I was so nervous. This was just like any other dinner with Nick but, tonight felt different for some reason. After freshening up, I headed back towards our table.

"You got back just in time, the just did bring our dinner," Nick said smiling at me. "It looks fabulous," I said looking down at our plates. We both ate in silence, just catching glimpses of each other. I could tell Nick was nervous about something but, I couldn't figure out what and he was not about to tell me.

After we were finished eating Nick asked, "Are you ready to go? I have a suprise for you." "Yea sure," I said trying to contain my excitement. I loved his suprises that he always seemed to come up with.

We headed out towards the limo and Nick pulled out a blindfold. "Oh man, not again," I said laughing. "Trust me, you'll like what you'll see when we get there," Nick said laughing at me. He helped me into the limo and away we went.

It seemed like forever before we stopped. Nick helped me get out of the limo. We walked hand in hand while he was leading me. All of a sudden we stopped. "Ok now, take off your blindfold baby," he said. When I took it off, I looked around and noticed we were in Central Park. We stopped next to a little hill covered in grass. In the grass were seashells that spelled out: Jennifer, I love you and always will! I was speechless, I didn't know what to say or how to react so I just started crying. "No wait, don't cry yet. I've got something to tell you and I have something for you," Nick said cupping my face in his hands. He reached in and pulled out a little black box and opened it. "Baby, this is a promise to you from me. It's a promise from me that I will be with you always no matter what and that I will always love you. By you wearing this, you are promising me that no matter what, you will always be there for me. And it's also a promise that one day in the future, you will be my wife. I hope to someday to replace it with an engagment ring," he said looking at me with tears in his eyes. "Oh my god baby. I love it, it's beautiful but, you didn't have to get me anything," I said smiling at him."Yes I did. I wanted to show you how much I love you and that I will be by your side at all times," he said. "Well thank you baby. And yes, I will wear it always and never take it off. I love you Nick more than life itself. You know that don't you?" I said between sobs. He put the ring on my left ring finger. By this time, we were both crying. "I do know that and I wanted you t know that I feel the same way about you. That's another reason I got you the promise ring. Did you see on the inside? It's engraved," Nick asked. I took the ring off and looked inside. It read: To my soul mate forever. "Oh baby, I love it and I love you," I said as I leaned in to kiss him passionately. He returned the kiss but the longer the kiss grew, the more the passion behind it. When it was time to catch our breaths, we decided to continue to walk through Central Park.

"You have made me the happiest man alive tonight. Thank you," Nick said smiling. "Well you have made me very happy as well tonight baby," I said smiling back at him. "Is that why you were so nervous all evening?" I asked him. "Yea it was, stupid I know. But, I've never been through this before. It took me forever to think of something to say. Then I was afraid I was going to forget it or say something wrong," Nick said. "No, it's not stupid at all. To be honest, I was nervous tonight as well. Why I don't know but I was and I could tell you had something on your mind all evening. And even if you did forget to say something or say something wrong, I wouldn't care. I would still love you more than anything and I would still wear the ring you got me," I said trying to eas the tension in him. "Thanks baby, I feel a lot better now," he said smiling at me.

We continued to walk through the park in each other's arms. After a while, we headed back to the limo and headed home.

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